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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

istaria news!

Posted by velveeta Wednesday January 20 2016 at 10:59PM
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check out this little news blurb about the new game stuff!!!  i have already played it, it is pretty shiny!

go here to read it.........


lov's 2015 holiday party, part 2 - the maze

Posted by velveeta Monday January 18 2016 at 7:35PM
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using the bristugo to trandalar port, most of us arrived almost on the doorstep of the maze at acul.  we all gathered up before running thru, trying to find the exit.  on the way, we found many dead ends and blind alleys - not to mention the ice walls made judging distances and openings hard to see!  eventually, lovwyrm had to send some help to get a lot of participants  out of the bewilderment!

finally, tho, we all made it thru the maze and out into the area in front of the holiday plot.  thru the modest entrance, one is taken to a wonderous realm, full of interesting things to see and mysterious hidden corners to discover.  the scope of the project is vast, and the amount of work mindboggling.   the tavern area was where all the events began and ended, except for the fashion show.  that took place at the special 'stage' area.  lov and company kept us all moving, playing hide and seek and search and find  - complete with prizes for the winners.

among the prizes were: items of high hoard value, like amulets, relics, and weapons; fireworx, both large and larger; snowballs; presents; and very large stockings - red, green, and striped.


join me again soon, when we will talk about the feast foods, the skating party, and the fashion show.  i wish i could convey how much fun these events are!!  also, a brief report concerning loyalty points will be coming after the party report and before we explore the last few adventure trainers.

lov's 2015 holiday party, part 1 - meeting up

Posted by velveeta Sunday January 10 2016 at 7:29PM
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sorry it has taken so long to start these, but the holiday seasn and all.  i know you understand, if not forgive.


lovwyrm's holiday parties are the stuff of legend.  not wanting to miss out on the fun, vel sent derexx defromage the satyr as her diplomat.  since he was still dressed in his last party duds (satyrs have a long hangover recovery time....), he had to change into his formal gear.


then, it was time to port from brist to genevia island, then on to new koraelia - winter season.  the meeting area was the frozen pond just outside of the town proper.  this is an easy journey up the hill from the port pad, and thru the gate.  i was a little early, but was soon joined by a much larger crowd of dragons and bipeds (lov's parties are always very well attended!).

we started with an ice breaker (all puns intended) of finding luna, somewhere within the winter town.  then we all ported to acul to continue the party at this year's party plot.  first, the magnificient maze!!  more on that next post!

awesome stuff for the 12th anniversary of istaria!!

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 27 2015 at 11:46AM
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the gods have been generous to istarians this birthday!!!  personally, i can't wait to get a bot pet - you can be sure i will post screenies!!

short but visual summary of the new stuff here

detailed overview of the goodies here

the prestige adventure skewls - sorcerer

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 20 2015 at 3:22PM
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In istaria, sorcerers are experts at controlling the minds -  and therefore the actions – of their opponents.  Because of this, would-be sorcerers need a level 20 in an adventurer skewl and 160 skill in mind – which is actually pretty convenient, when you realize that the mage skewl is the only other that gives points in mind, and only 8 per level – therefore, leveling to 20 in mage will admirably fulfill both requirements.

Because it is so powerful a skewl, there is only one trainer for sorcerers, asfendhia of kirasanct.  As you see when you speak to her, the female fiend has quests for all who join the sorcerer brotherhood.  To do so, head down the ramp from the port pad, go past the shrine and thru the arch wall, and find the trainer opposite the doorway, against the eastern wall.

I am glad we got to meet asfendhia.  Not too many more skewls to cover, but I am processing about 130 screenies for the winter party.  Will prolly have to split those up into at least 2 blogs.  It was lots of fun, as you will soon see!!

the prestige adventure skewls - shaman

Posted by velveeta Sunday December 13 2015 at 6:19PM
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just finished up with the winter party, and will be posting a blog or two about it soon.  until i get that ready, tho, let's learn about the shaman prestige skewl, shall we?

just like druids, shamans use the forces of nature to power spells.  unlike the defensive options of the druids, however, shamans are pure offense in outlook - calling storms down on their enemies, entangling and strangling foes, and turning almost beastly in rage.  therefore, shamans need to be experienced (any adventure skewl at level 20) - preferably in a skewl that provides nature skill (200 needed, best gained via the druid skewl, which requires at least a level 10 in cleric) or 200 skill level in blight, best gotten thru the hybrid skewl of spiritist, an offshoot  of mage.

there are 2 shaman trainers, one in sslanis and one in mahagra.  first, let's meet gissel in sslanis.  from the port pad, run the main road thru the gate, and head for the second hut on your right.  inside, you will find the sslik trainer, ready to tell you about becoming a shaman.

in mahagra, the shaman trainer is the half giant strug.  he is located on the very top of the northeast tower of the main fort.  head past the right side of the shrine to the entrance to the ramp up.   just keep heading up the ramp until you come to the top, then turn left.  go up the second ramp, across the walkway to the second towerette, and you will find strug inside.  speak to him to join the ranks of shaman as well as receive some quests.


not really sure what's on the menu for next time, either another skewl or a start on the winter party.  it all depends on what i get processed first!!  come back soon and we both will know the answer to this mystery!

the prestige adventure skewls - reaver

Posted by velveeta Monday December 7 2015 at 6:23PM
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unlike the firefly universe's reavers, the ones in istaria are warriors who can manipulate the life force of their opponents and wound their very spirit.  as fighters, they need a two handed slash skill of 200 (as well as an adventure skewl level of 20, so both these requirements are nicely satisfied by leveling the warrior skewl); the magic using side requires a spirit skill of 150 - difficult, as you need to level a prestige skewl based on the mage skewl to get this skill.  easiest is leveling spirit disciple (which we will be exploring soon), as joining it is the easiest of the available skewls to get spirit points.

once you are ready to join the brotherhood of reavers, seek out the only trainer.  vasilion the fiend resides in the lower level of the kirasanct fort.  from the port pad, head down the ramp and past the shrine.  turn to the left as you pass under the arch wall, and vasilion the reaver is near the corner, against the wall.  the male fiend didn't have much to say to me, but he has quests for reavers, as well as entering peeps on the reaver rolls.


i much prefer istarian reavers, don't you?  join me again soon, to explore another interesting prestige skewl.  see you soon!

the prestige adventure skewls - ranger

Posted by velveeta Friday November 27 2015 at 9:57PM
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time to explore the ranger prestige skewl.  rangers are a little more difficult to join, due to the dual requirements of 200 bow skill (level 20 or thereabouts in the basic adventure skewl of scout) and 150 in the nature skill, easiest gained by leveling to at least 15 in druid - a hybrid skewl that itself requires a level 10 or better in cleric.  the only other skewls that give points in nature are prestige skewls themselves.  so you really have to be commited to the befits to want to join.  those bennies are awesome power with long range missile weapons combined with the use of magic to enhance that power.  with the right player, it can be a wonderfully effective skewl to specialize in.

with that in mind, let's meet the 2 trainers who will usher you into the ranks of rangers.  first, we travel to feladan to meet calimir.  the male elf is directly west of the port pad, thru the arched wall, and like most of the elven nature based trainers, found near a large tree.  he has connections to the chief ranger, as well as introducing you to band of brothers, when you speak to him.

by the time you are ready to become a ranger, you will, no doubt, be way beyond kion, skillwise, but it has to be admitted that rialtos is an easy trainer to get to.  head to the fort from the port pad and turn left just inside the gate.  rialtos is inside the gatehouse.  the saris is happy to welcome you.


come back soon, when we will meet a skewl that is feared by the withered aegis and browncoats alike.  

the prestige adventure skewls - paladin

Posted by velveeta Friday November 20 2015 at 9:40PM
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i hate extremes and absolutes.  they just aren't realistic in any universe, even fantasy ones.  that's why i have always hated paladins.  too goody goody.  nevertheless, there are paladins in istaria.  to become a paladin (which i did, accidently, and i couldn't wait to change....), you need 200 in two hand slash (at least level 20 in warrior is the easiest way) to cover the combat side.  paladins are also spellcasters, using the life type; anyone seeking to become a paladin must also have a skill level of 150, usually gained via cleric leveling to 15, altho healers gain 11 points per level in life, if you go that route first.

there is only one trainer for paladins (thanx to the gods, they are rare) - a human male named geriad, visiting the 'temple' in dalimond, looking for recruits.  you may remember from our cleric meetings that the temple building the the western most one, right next to the western gate.  run down the western road from the port pad, behind the vault building, and enter the temple.  past beccan the cleris, in the meeting area against the far wall, you will find geriad the paladin.  speak to him to become a fighter for the good of istaria.


well, my children, it is that season again!!  i haven't heard of the gnomekindle being held this year, but players on all shards have holiday parties anyway.  that means it is time to dust of my other shard alts and file a queen's report or two.  something to look forward to, eh?  talk to you again soon!

the prestige adventure skewls - knight of creation

Posted by velveeta Friday November 13 2015 at 9:04PM
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knight of creation.  just the name is a draw, don't you think?  koc is the elite of the elite - it requires both a two hand slash skill of 200 (at least 20th level in warrior at minimum, which also fulfills the requirement of at least level 20 in a combat skewl) and 160 in summoning.  this is also a level 20 in mage, the only basic skewl that gives experience in that skill - but you only gain 8 xp for summoning per mage level.  160 divided by 8 equals 20.......  but the trade off is, you get to cast spells and fight like a madman in the sun.  kocs can cast combat related - along with augmentations, like gifts and other buffs - spells with the elemental descriptor, such as: flame (immolate), ice (ice bomb), energy (energy strike) - even blight (lessen health), spirit (spirit bolt), and up to and including true summoning (ice hammer).  now, i am not usually one for playing magic users.  too much (paper)work for me.  but fighting magic users (priests rule!!) i can get into, and all of the spells a koc uses are truly awesome at middle levels, and outstandingly so at high levels (as in, the various forms of the 'bomb' spell), especially when teched to the max.

anyhoo, enough of my babbling, you are here for trainers!  first, let's meet demonte in dalimond.  the male human can be found in the barracks area south, and slightly west, of the port pad, just next to the main gate.  demonte likes to talk, and he will tell you his life story, as well as filling you in on how to begin your knightly training.  i like him.

the other knight of creation trainer is galean of tazoon.  no need to take a swim, the trainer is located in the big blue domed building, not far from the port pad.  take the right archway, go down the street to the next archway, go up the ramp, turn right and head for the next doorway.  galean is standing opposite the outside doorway, next to the entrance to the central dome room.  galean is not as talkative as demonte, but he does have a quest or 2 for real knights to undertake.

so, i am really looking forward to taking up koc.  next time, we will meet a skewl that i have never liked to play, even back in the pencils and dice days.  see you soon!

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