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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

the first four, part 8 - new rachival

Posted by velveeta Friday July 3 2015 at 9:11PM
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now comes the time to meet the last set of the basic 4 trainers, those residing in the racial city of the gnomes, new rachival.

in new rach, the magic users are in the same room, above the room where the scout and warrior trainers wait.   go thru the entrance and turn left.  

on the lower level, enter the room with the scout trainer, fetch, and the warrior trainer, feela.  fetch is next to the archery target, and he is happy to talk about scouting with you.  not far from the scout stands the female warrior, feela.  speak to her about becoming a warrior for the gifted.

head up the ramp immediately to the left of the fort entrance to the room directly above the fighters' room.  it is here you will find pumtne, the cleric trainer, along with generia the mage.  the female cleric is to the left of the room, near the back, prepared to welcome you into the priesthood.  nearby, generia stands, ready to provide basic equipment and spells to those interested in arcane magic.


and so, we have explored the 4 basic adventure trainers.  when next we meet, we will learn about the hybrid adventure skewls and meet their trainers.  hope to see you soon!

the first four, part 7 - mahagra

Posted by velveeta Friday June 26 2015 at 8:37PM
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only 2 more cities to explore for the basic 4 trainers!  so, penultimately, we will meet the trainers in mahagra, the home of the half-giants.

the basic 4 are located in two rooms on the lower level, left side of the main fort area.  the first room, upon entering the fort, holds the scout and mage trainers, the room to the right of it (as you are facing the room, of course) contains the warrior and cleric trainers.

let's first meet juris griendt, the scout trainer.  the male half-giant is standing against the wall opposite the entrance in the first room.  speak to him to become part of the spy network of istaria.

next to juris in the room is nell multu the mage trainer.  she is standing to the right of the scout trainer, and is ready to impart the basic mysteries of magic to those worthy, as well as having quests for anyone to try.

in the room to the right of the scout and mage room, you will find louisah traadi the cleric and lars zantus the warrior.

louisah stands in the left side 'corner' of this vaguely oval room.  she is pleased at your interest in the clerichood and is ready to provide some basic equipment, if you need it.

in the opposite 'corner' stands mighty lars, the warrior trainer.  if you enjoy the smell of napalm in the morning, or afternoon, or any time, really - he would love to give you a cause to fight for.


that's it for mahagra.  one more city to explore, then we will start meeting the hybrid and prestige adventurers skewls.  some of those posts will be very short - some skewls only have 1 trainer - and most will take us out of the cities proper and into some real exploration of istaria.  i am looking forward to visiting old friendly spots and exploring new areas i haven't had reason to go to before.  finally, a learning experience for us all!!  hope to see you soon.

the first four, part 6 - kirasanct

Posted by velveeta Tuesday June 16 2015 at 9:40PM
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kirasanct is the home of the fiends, a seculsionary race with a flashy sense of style.  when they build, they build big, as is much in evidence in the main fort.  

to get to the basic four trainers, you need to head down the ramps near the port pads.  near the vault, you will see a series of archways.  you will find the trainers in large rooms behind these archways.

entering the left side room will bring you to the mage trainer and the warrior trainer.  first up is androgos, the mage trainer.  this male fiend is located near the back wall of the room, and will interrupt his studies to help you become a magicuser.

in the corner near the understairs area, zakrios the warrior trainer stands ready to make a warrior out of you.  speak to him to get your training equipment and quests.

the last 2 trainers are in the right hand room behind the archways, and are similarly placed in that room.  as with androgos, kamila the cleric trainer is near the back wall.  the female fiend is ready to welcome you to the priesthood serving istaria.

lastly, in the corner under the stairs opposite to where zakrios is standing, the scout trainer kannari can be found.  he is waiting to speak to you about the stealthy ways of the gifted's spies.


chances are pretty good that the fiends are happy to see the back of you!  next time, we will journey to a friendlier city.  see you soon!

the first four, part 5 - aughundell

Posted by velveeta Sunday June 14 2015 at 11:21PM
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today, let's visit the expert level city of the dwarves, aughundell. all of the basic trainers are found in the main mine area, so head there once you reach the city gate.

once inside the mine 'hall', turn to your left to find the cleric trainer, hesia.  the female dwarf is in the corner near knut, the maker of dwarven beverages.  as you already know all too well, speak to her to join the cleric skewl, get training equipment, and/or level appropriate quests.

also in the main entrance area, near the entrance to the crafting halls, slightly to the right, is the scout trainer, arghur.  in addition to joining the scouts and getting scout quests, arghur is also a key part of attuning to the epic dungeon of dralnak's doom.

in the crafthall directly behind arghur the brown, one can find granok the warrior trainer.  this burly dwarf is in the corner of the room, ill at ease at being among all the nerdy stuff.  he is happy to tell you some war stories as well as recruit you into the warrior brotherhood.

the last basic trainer to meet is arghal, the mage trainer.  even nerd dwarves are heavily armored!  find arghal in the crafthall opposite the one granok inhabits, on the right side of the hall.  the mage trainer also has some war stories in addition to quests and equipment.

that's covers the basic 4 trainers in aughundell.  join me again soon when we cover another racial city and the basic adventure trainers there.

we interrupt our regularly scheduled programming

Posted by velveeta Wednesday June 3 2015 at 6:52PM
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as expected, the seasonal developer's desk email popped up today!!  included was the annoucement of the departure of the great goddess velea.  she was a good and awesome god, and will be missed sorely.

the good news is that some long awaited fixes and tweaks to the game tech are in the worx!!  altho i am more than happy with the game as it is currently, any new improvements are to be devoutly wished!

anyhoo, here is the email for you to read:

Developers Desk Summer 2015


It's 2015 and almost (already!) summer. It seems like it was New Years just yesterday. We started off the year with the great content release "City Under Siege". This was followed by many new Imperial Projects that provided machines around the world to help with crafting and construction. Along with those changes, we also introduced additional storage to many public and private structures. With any update, there are countless other small fixes, features and changes that are included with the overall content release.

With these two design projects completed, the team began looking at the schedule for the remainder of the year. A decision was reached to focus on fixes for technology, art assets and content for the remaining months of 2015. While there might be a few small features introduced, and certainly changes that could be considered upgrades, the primary focus will be on fixes.

Already this year there have been some updates to the client that boosted overall performance, as well as some fixes to long-standing issues, such as the monster moonwalk problem during combat. Since the primary focus will be on technology and art, Velea will no longer be part of the team. Amon will be re-focusing on long term tech development. Thank you Velea for all your hard work and effort with Istaria over the years.

As part of our long term commitment to Istaria, we can start preparing for an eventual overall upgrade to the core Istaria technology. This covers aspects of both the client and server. While much of this work has longer time frames, we'll also be able to release updates to textures and models incrementally, as well as many upgrades to the server technology. For example, earlier in the year, the developers did a review of all staff weapon textures and released a texture upgrade pack. Throughout 2015, the developers will be doing similar updates to shields, swords, world object and other art. While these are existing items, the updates will certainly make them look a lot better and provide a new feel in game.

As always, you can check out what's coming "down the pipe" by watching the community site for updates to the test shard Blight, as well as the forums.

Visit us at

Take care and see you Istaria!

Istaria Development Team

the first four, part 4 - feladan

Posted by velveeta Friday May 29 2015 at 9:13PM
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(not to put a downer on the post, but i wanted to apologise for not posting sooner.  my dad, who had been ill with cancer for the last 2.5 years, died last thursday night.  that was the reason i haven't posted sooner.  but i am back in the saddle now!)

today, we will visit feladan, the racial home of the elves of istaria.  as with most cities, the basic 4 trainers are all together in one room.

follow the road from the port pad to the gate to the inner fort area.  the trainers are located in the lower level room immediately to your right when you pass thru the archway.

the trainers are arranged in a circle around the room.  the first trainer, just next to the doorway, is cuadan the mage trainer.  as usual, you need to speak to him to join the mage skewl and get any quests he may offer you to advance your scholarly pursuits. 

in the corner closest to cuadan, you will find mallwen the scout.  the trainer will happily endorse your entry into the society of scouts once you indicate your interest.

next in the circle is the cleric trainer, adulura.  find her against the wall, where she is waiting with her large warhammer to bring you into the clerical fold.

and that just leaves the last trainer we will meet today, galemir the warrior trainer.  the grizzled old elf is standing in the corner across from the entry to the room, waiting patiently for you to ask him about the way of the warrior.

we will be returning to feladan to meet some of the prestige trainers, but that enough for right now.  see you soon with a new city to explore!

the first four, part 3 - dalimond

Posted by velveeta Friday May 15 2015 at 7:49PM
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once you are ready to get off the low level island, your first stop is likely to be the human city of dalimond (after you reach bristugo, of course).  this is usually the first mainland city bipeds get to know.

unlike most of the cities we will visit, the four basic skewl trainers are wide spread.  you will be running all over the city, and even outside the city walls, to find the trainers we will meet today.

so, let's start with the cleric trainer, beccan.  this godly woman can be found in the westernmost house, right next to the west gate.  she is standing next to the altar in the middle of the room, near the door, waiting to speak to you about joining the skewl and to offer some quests to help you level.

maester larson, the mage trainer, has his scholar's room on the other side of town, in the northeast walled academy next to the archive building.  enter the courtyard and go into the last building on the left hand side.  the maester is in his lab room, and is not so happy to speak to you about the mage brotherhood.  be quick, so he can get back to his research......

jyrris wind is the dalimond scout trainer.  like most outdoorsy peeps, she doesn't care for towns much, so you will find her just outside the main gate, near the archery practice field.  she is always looking for more scouts to help control the critter population that infests the lands around the town.

lithe sergeant grace addlier looks more like a dancer than a fighter, as she well knows.  look for her in the walled manor closest to the main gate.  she is more than happy to talk to you about joining the brotherhood of warriors, and to send you out on quests of great importance.

no matter what skewl you choose to explore, dalimond will offer you many chances to level up and do some good.  it makes an almost perfect place to start your adventures in the wide world of istaria!


that's it for dalimond.  next time, we will explore another mid level city to meet and greet the basic trainers.  come back soon!!

the first four, part 2b - sslanis

Posted by velveeta Tuesday May 12 2015 at 4:56PM
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the other city on teh island of lesser aradoth is sslanis, sister to kion and home of the lizardfolk sslik.  it is a jungle fortress, and you will need to be attuned to it to port.  i covered the attunement tour a while back, so feel free to read that post to find the easiest way to get there without porting.

much like kion, all the basic trainers are located close to each other.  take the road from teh port pad thru the 'gate' - the doorway to the trainers will be on your left, up the steps, of the main fort area.  go thru the first arch and then go to the right.  you will enter a courtyard, and the first set of trainers will be thru the arch on your right.

the first room holds the warrior and scout trainers.  closest to the arch is the warrior trainer, ralsh.  it stands near the door into the room.  speak to it (sslik have no gender) to join the brotherhood and get your appropriate quests.

sharing the same room with ralsh is gralash, the scout trainer.  it stands next to the archway leading to the other 2 trainers, in the opposite corner from ralsh.  a brief conversation gains you entry to the family of scouts and the associated quests.

thru the arch next to gralash is the room with the mage and cleric trainers.  you will find the cleric trainer, trask, first - seeing as it is right next to the archway.  it is happy to enter you into the cleric skewl, once you speak to it.

that leaves only the mage trainer to meet.  its name is shabada, and it is standing next to its friend, trask.  speak to it to join the mages and get some advancement quests.


and that covers the trainers for the low level cities.  next, we will start the meet and greet of the mid level cities and the first four adventure trainers therein.  hope to see you soon!

the first four, part 2a - kion

Posted by velveeta Friday May 8 2015 at 8:20PM
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once you are ready to leave the training islands, your first stop is most likely to be kion, the home city of the catfolk saris.  once you pop up in the pad, turn to the southeast and head for the fort area.

inside the fort, you will find all the basic trainers on the first floor of the large, L shaped building.  facing the building, you will find the cleric and mage trainers thru the doorway on your left, and the warrior and scout trainers thru the doorway in front of you.

let's go left for now.  you will find mera the cleric trainer and rennis the mage trainer standing right next to each other.  this makes it very easy to speak to both her and him without moving!

to reach the warrior and scout trainers, you can go thru the cleric/mage room - you don't have to go outside again.  if you do go thru the outside doorway, you will find geela the scout trainer first.  she is closest to the doorway.  speak to her to join the scout skewl and get some appropriate quests.

a few steps away, mattias the warrior trainer is waiting.  speak to him to gain entry to the brotherhood and to get your level quests.

and there we have the trainers in kion.  when next we talk, i will introduce you to the trainers in the other city on the island of lesser aradoth, sslanis.  hope to see you soon!!

the first four, part 1 - spirit isle and new trismus

Posted by velveeta Friday May 1 2015 at 4:46PM
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so, here we are at the beginning of our meet and greet tour of biped adventure trainers.  there are 3 'types' of skewls, much like the crafting skewls.  we will first explore the basic adventuring skewls of mage, scout, warrior, and cleric.  every racial city has a set of these trainers, usually in close proximity to each other, so i will be doing them by city - when we get to the hybrid and prestige skewls, i will go back to doing them as a set, as i did with the crafting trainers.

with that in mind, let's get started at the beginning, shall we?

bipeds start their tutorial adventures on the spirit isle.  the adventure trainer for all the basic skewls on the island is cellardus the adventurer.  he can be found in the 'temple' area - located in the center of the island on a rise - to the right of the stairs.  of course, if you are a newbie and speak to him, he will offer you quests for the skewl you are interested in.  he even had a quest for me!


after spirit isle, a newbie's next stop is new trismus.  much has changed on the beginner's island, but the adventure trainers are still in bizniz.  the cleric and warrior trainers are in the tavern area, next to each other, and the mage and scout trainers are in the main fort area.

in the burned out tavern, acolyte miry is the beginner cleric trainer.  she stands next to the right hand wall, next to the warrior trainer, gaedin.  speaking to her grants you entry into the clerical order, and a nice bunch of quests.

just steps away from the acolyte, you can speak to the sergeant acting as the warrior trainer for the newly arrived.  gaedin is very willing to give you quests to train you for battle against the withered aegis that has infected the home he loves.

across the square from the tavern is the main fort, where you will find the mage trainer, ulaven.  he is located in the burned out scholar's room, to the left of the entrance.  he, too, offers training quests - i haven't don't much with the mage skewl, so he doesn't have much to say to me, but if you have completed your time on spirit isle, he will put you to work to serve the mage intentions.

sadie the saris is the scout trainer for new tris.  she is to be found just inside the fort, to the right of the entrance.  she, of course, has a myriad of quests to prepare new scouts to face the larger world and its dangers - all you have to do is speak to her!

now that you have met the beginner trainers, we will enter the larger world of istaria, and visit the racial cities to meet the trainers there.  come back soon to discover the kion trainers.  see you then!

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