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the adventures of reine du fromage de blight

this is my blog of the mostest awesome mmo currently available! go to for more information!

Author: velveeta

daily quests, part 3 - delivery to bristugo

Posted by velveeta Tuesday April 26 2016 at 4:21PM
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lumberjack narvis' other quest (and i do recommend you do them in this order, altho you are not required to do so - but it does save a run back to sable shores......) is a delivery of elm construction timbers to bristugo's master builder, builder tirrish.  don't worry - you don't have to make the timbers, you just have to carry them to bristugo (if you haven't attuned to bristugo or made it your home shrine).

if you aren't already at the wws, get to it and approach narvis (notice the ! above his head, as you know indicating an available quest).  when you greet him,  if you have already done the 'behind' quest, you will notice that it is not available.  listen to his tale and check your quest journal for details - and check your inventory for the goods!  sometimes, there is a lag before the goods getting loaded to your inventory, and if you take off for bristugo before that, the quest malfunctions and you lose it for the day.

once you are sure you are ready, head to brist.  i can recall, but if you can't, you can just retrace your path back on the roads you used to get to sable shores.  anyway, once there (assuming you recalled - if you have to, start at the shrine), you will find builder tirrish down the right (west) fork of the main road leading to the portal pads., at the foot of the hill where the fort sits.  if you don't see the ? over his head, the quest is borked.  greet him to deliver the timbers and get your reward (obviously, since there is no real work required on your part, the reward is substantially less than narvis' crafting quest).


when next we meet, we will explore an example of an adventure quest, as a start to an exploration of a subset of such types of quest.  more about that soon!

daily quests, part 2 - behind on my quota

Posted by velveeta Friday April 22 2016 at 6:59PM
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as you can see from greeting master tan, he has two quests to offer.  today, we will look at 'behind on my quota', an easy crafting quest.  you need to harvest 200 elm logs from the forest behind (north) of the wws.  after receiving the quest, head for the nearest elm tree and start whacking away.  remember narvis' warning about the beetles and skulks - they won't be much of a problem to mid or high levels, but 20s and under would benefit from bodyguards or co-questers.  

once you get the notification that you have enough logs to satisfy narvis, return to the wws and give your bounty to the grateful lumberjack.  he will reward you with 15 silver (nothing to sneeze at!) and 2000 xp for your current crafting skewl (for example, i didn't change out of the fitter construction skewl before taking the quest, so that is the skewl that received the xp reward).


there we have the first tan/daily quest.  simple, right?  next time, we will check out narvis' other quest (an example of a delivery type quest) and then take a look at an adventure type daily quest.  see you again very soon!

daily quests, part 1 - getting to tan

Posted by velveeta Saturday April 16 2016 at 3:25PM
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as with most games, istaria has a variety of quest types - adventure, crafting, npc 'favors', etc.  the following posts will show you an example of daily quests; obviously, quests that can be repeated every day, if so inclined.  there are quite a few such quests, and two i have chosen to start with are easy and available to most everyone, even low levels.  if you are under 20th advent level, it is advisable to team up with another player - you may run into some baddies while getting to and completing these quests.  also, you will need the skill and tools to harvest elm logs - 2nd tier wood resources.

both the quests are given by the same npc - lumberjack navis tan, brother to barvos tan and half of the team that runs the sable shores' woodworking station.  sable shores is on the coast northwest of bristugo, and it is there that i started this adventure.

take the road at the southwestern end of the port pads.  stay on it until just past the guard shack, and you want to start looking for a dirt road on your right (north).  if you make it to the broken down wagon at the crossroads, you have gone too far south.  

take the dirt road until you hit pavement again, and turn west (your left).  you will be heading into territory that may be tricky for the lowest levels, so if you aren't using the buddy system, stay on the road (the bonus really helps) and don't stop running, even if you get hit.

stay on the paved road and you will soon see the wws ahead - you have to run right by it to get to the bridge, so you can't miss it.  naris is the brother closest to the water - both brothers give quests, and we may be exploring barvos' offerings at a later time - so approach him and greet him as normal.  he will offer you 2 quests, which we shall be exploring soon.  meet me here again soon to find out about them!

next up, player quests

Posted by velveeta Saturday April 9 2016 at 1:40PM
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for the past few years, the gods of istaria have been making changes - including revamping old, and adding new, quests.  since i have never really done quests not needed to complete the task at hand, it should be an education for us both if i explored some of the quests my beloved game has to offer.  i will, by no means, be doing them all, but i hope to cover enough to give you readers a taste of the wide and varied things and places to explore in my dear world.

as usual, i will be following info found at the istaria wiki, in particular, the complete (okay, that's a misnomer, but a hopeful one) quest list.  the old quartermaster quests have been revamped into (mostly) daily, (a few) hourly, and at least one weekly, quests, and we will be exploring them first.  i will be focusing on quests that are, or should be thru the use of dragon ingenuity, available to any player alt.  i will not be doing all available quests - not only am i not really interested in that, but i don't have the time!  but i will try to select a variety of types, along with considerations given to exploration and functionality (will the quest gain useful items/skills, etc).

come back soon, for a quick and easy couple of quests to kick the series off!

the prestige adventure skewls - the last one!

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 27 2016 at 10:11AM
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here we are at last!!  after a couple years and a lot of changes, we are at the very last trainer!

no fantasy game is complete without a wizard class, and so it is with istaria.  istarian wizards concentrate on the areas of flame and energy to the exclusion of all other magics, sacrificing versatility for power.  therefore, it is natural that you will need an energy skill of 200 (gotten thru leveling mage to at least 20th).

in all stories, wizards are rare creatures, and so it is in istaria.  there is only one wizard trainer, a gnome in new rachival names kodess.  she can be found on the second floor of the fort, to the left of the gate.  kodess is to the right of the doorway, against the wall, when you are ready to speak to her.  she also has quests for those worthy, which i, of course, am not........


and there we have the wizard trainer, and all trainers currently available in game.  i hope you have enjoyed our exploration.  the next series will cover as many quests as i can access, in the hopes they encourage you to get in game and do some discovering of your own!  see you soon!

off the current topic because i am excited!

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 20 2016 at 3:36PM
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sorry for the interruption (not really, but aren't you supposed to say stuff like that?), but it's totes worth it!!


thanks to the massive dev raid last night, racktor was able to finish the fan fic movie that has been in the worx for a while.  here it is, hot off the processor!  i'm sure you will enjoy!

go here for the awesome sauce!


go here for the forum thread

the prestige adventure skewls - storm disciple

Posted by velveeta Sunday March 20 2016 at 10:31AM
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almost done!  today, we meet the penultimate trainer, the storm disciple.  like all disciples, it requires an unarmed skill of 200 and completion of the monk quest 'learn the disciplines'.  like its brother skewls, a storm disciple manuipulates a force - in this case, the force of weather itself - in the service of defense and offense.  storm disciples can call down thunder and lightning to strike at foes, or armor themselves in tornadoes that heal.

and again, like all disciples, there is but a single trainer - master essiel in sslanis.  you can find the sslik under a large tree just about center of the north wall - no stuffy hut for the this trainer!  from the port pad, follow the road thru the town, past the second hut on your right.  turn right, and head for the big tree on top of a hill.  you will find the trainer next to the wall near the tower directly behind the tree.  if you meet the requirements, which i don't (never took the quest, yet anyway.  i should.), you can speak to it about becoming one of the elite.

one more down, only one more to go.  see you very soon to explore istaria's version of the classic roleplaying character everyone thinks of first, when fantasy based media is being discussed!

the prestige adventure skewls - spirit disciple

Posted by velveeta Monday March 7 2016 at 5:09PM
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only 3 more trainers to go!!  seems not that long ago i began this exploration of the world, which is what it has turned out to be.  since i started this series, the whole worlds - real and game - have been altered and changed almost beyond recognition!  but enough of all that.  to the bizniz at hand, shall we?

we have met some disciple trainers before, so you know the basic concept - a disciple is a monk who specializes in a particular istarian 'element'.  they are very rare, as most peeps don't fancy spending the time needed to specialize.  but spirit disciples, like all their sibling specialists, can be quite powerful - using the strength of their minds and bodies to steal life force from their foes, using spells (the spirit descriptor, of course, like the ethereal line) and special class abilities.  these include goodies like syphon, vampiric touch, and pillage spirit.  i find that last one particularly tasty, and am thinking of taking up spirit disciple just for it.

all disciples have the same requirements before joining - unarmed skill of at least 200 (only obtainable outside of the disciple skewls from leveling monk to at least level 20), and having already taken the monk quest, 'learn the disciplines'.

because they are so rare, most - if not all - of the disciple trainers are solitary souls.  only one trainer for each specialty usually exists.  such is the case with spirit disciple.  yserah of kirasanct does not fear to be found.  when you port into the city, do an 180 degree turn to face the outgoing port, and simply go around it.  the female fiend is standing right there, ready to kiss you off if you are not worth her time, as i wasn't.


well, that is one down and 2 to go!  join me next time for the penultimate trainer introduction.  see you then.

the prestige adventure skewls - spearman

Posted by velveeta Friday February 26 2016 at 10:44PM
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wow, it's been so long, i think i forgot the format of these things!  let's see if i can get back in the swing of things.

spearmen are experts at the use of spear and shield.  i am kinda surprised it is considered a prestige class, but it isn't a hybrid and is most def not a basic skewl, so where else is it gonna go, i suppose.  they require a skill level of 200 in one hand pierce skill, most easily gained by leveling warrior to 20th.

when you want to become a spearman, head to feladan to meet tareviel.   he's real easy to find - directly west of the port pad and under the weird elven tree.  he is quite proud of his profession, as you will learn while speaking to him.

if you would rather, you can go to dalimond instead, to meet with wei garant,  he is located in the building closest to the gate, west of the pad.  in thru the gateway, then to your right, is where you will find the human male.  however, he didn't have much to say to me.


well, only 3 more trainers to go!!  join me again soon to meet a couple disciples and istaria's version of the most iconic fantasy profession.  see you  then.

loyalty points

Posted by velveeta Friday February 19 2016 at 6:56PM
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my dear beloved game has been thru a lot over the years.  no need to bore you with the sordid details.  but with that - as well as other considerations that niche games have -  in mind, the gods created the loyalty rewards program.  basically, your account receives an amount of tokens based on how long you subscribe.  in turn, you can use the tokens to buy exclusive things, like pets and upgrades to your vault.

want to know how it worx?  i am happy to tell you, and i want you to know i had to do some work to pull off the first part, because you can't take screenies of the login screens.  i had to print screen them to word docs, then save them as jpgs, so that is why you will see some strange backgrounds.......

anyhoo, when you login to your account, you will see the token section under your alt list.  the first icon is your 'delieverables' - each delieverable is worth an amount of tokens (in my case, since i have a yearly reoccurring subscript, is 20.  also, since i have been such a customer since well before 2007, i have a lot of deliverables).  under that is the icon for the actual tokens you have ready to be assigned to an alt.  choose which alt you want to have the tokens from your alt list, then click the delieverable icon.  it is here that you will be able to redeem however many delieverables you want.  keep in mind that the tokens become bound to that alt, and cannot be taken away or traded.  click okay when ready and the deed is done.  notice that the second, token icon's number has increased by 20 (1 delieverable for me is worth 20 tokens, remember).

now you have to apply tokens to the alt (you can change the alt, if you wish - i think.  i haven't tried it myself).  click on the token icon to bring up the apply screen, choose how many tokens you want to apply to the alt (i applied 16 out of 33) and click yes, and finish by clicking okay.  

now we switch over to velveeta, who went on a shopping spree.  when you login to your alt, your tokens should be in your inventory or your vault (the more i think about it, the more i think it's the vault.  i should go check.  hold on.  yeap, it's the vault).  okay, your vault.  you then need to move them from your vault to your inventory, and head for bristugo.  just outside the fort stands the lovely anarie the loyalty rewards vendor.  open the trade window with her and take a look at what she has for sale.  i bought the phoenix shoulder pet; the black widow, beetle, and combatbot pets; all the tech kits, even the dragon ones; and all the patterns.

of course, once you have your pets, you want to personalize them.  no one wants to be followed around by black widow.  so, right click on the icon in your inventory and choose the customize option.  you can do what you like as you can in the customize screen, but i usually just change names, in this case, from black widow to provolone (i changed it later, so no comments).  after provolone, i changed the bot to robocheez, and the beetle to cotswold.  i decided to keep cotswold around, because i think he looks good as an accessory.  speaking of accessory, i renamed the phoenix 'illy reborn' and put him on my other shoulder as a match for illy, jr.


and there you have the loyalty rewards program in a nutshell.  i love the game and don't foresee me leaving it until the lights go out, but i hope those who like a little extra will find the tokens a great idea.

see you soon for more adventure trainers!


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