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Guild Wars 2 - Reinvention of MMORPG's

This blog is about Guild Wars 2. Mostly about praising it in various ways. While I am huge fan of the game I do understand it's not for everyone. This blog is da truth. About author: Author keeps avoiding the banhammer

Author: vee41

Guild Wars 2: Is it over already and other random ramblings

Posted by vee41 Monday September 10 2012 at 5:47AM
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There are few things I wanted to quickly ramble about today. First thing is Guild Wars 2 launch which was not the smoothest, second would be the people who've already hit level 80 and have nothing to do.

So, the launch.

Good game with a bad launch is still a good game. Lets take a look at what ArenaNet have done since day 0:

1. ) Fixed just about every issue that came with the launch

2. ) Added some requested features to the game

And to be honest launch wasn't even what I'd consider bad as I did not have many issues myself but reading commentary around the interwebs made it seem like there were many people that had problems. Those issues are now thing of the past though as ArenaNet rapidly fixed their capacity problems and other things. Somewhere along the way they also managed to sneak in couple of sweet features (hooray for crafting from the bank collection!)

The other thing I mentioned was the people hitting level cap. I wrote an entry about endgame a while ago and it summarizes my thoughts about it pretty well.

All out of coins..

Many people seem to be wondering about what they should do or is there anything to do at level 80?

Short answer: Yes, there are plenty of things to do at level 80. What they are you can easily find out with magic of the google, but there is plenty of goals you can set yourself at level 80.

Get a legendary weapon? That oughta take a while. Gather sweet dungeon set? Another while. Play the tradingpost market and buy fancy stuff from gemstore? You might manage to do it quickly, but for me that will be a while. (this short list is in no way complete representation of content that Guild Wars 2 offers at level cap)

I'll also throw this in: You can get max stat level 80 gear easily, I've read people getting full crafted level 80 exotic set with around 120 hours played. If your game ends when stats stop growing that would be the end of the road for you. But you don't want to stop. The game doesn't have endgame content for me and now I am angry! So I'll go post about it in the forums (which is ok, people should know about this stuff). Here is a tip for you:

Go play something else. If you feel there is nothing more to do why play the game?

For some reason MMORPG's are a genre that must be played for years and yeeears and yeeeeeears. I never really got that. Yes I understand the need for virtual worlds and virtual lives but I've approached Guild Wars 2 as a game, not as second life. I've been playing since headstart and I'm only level 39. I'll be playing for months, maybe even years.

I haven't enjoyed any game this much in a long time, or any MMO ever for that matter. But when I start feeling like I am not enjoying playing anymore I'll stop. No need to force yourself to play anymore just because it is an MMO, that is the beauty of B2P model.

The game itself offers those things that you can do at level 80, for example get that legendary weapon. That will take a nice chunk of time for anyone. But if any of those activities is not your thing there is no need to force yourself to play. Hopefully you had a good time, got your moneysworth and might return to check out some content updates later on!

Game over man, game over!

Last night I did Ascalonian Catacombs for the first time, that was awesome fun! Difficult and very different from any dungeon I've done before in other games. We managed to 4 man it and I only died a few times which was a pleasant surprise.

It was very rewarding in everyway except ingame loot way which was quite subpar although plentifull. Can't wait to check out other dungeons, perhaps even some explorable modes if I manage to grow some hair on my balls.

Guild Wars 2: ArenaNet is awesome but we are even better! + Review!

Posted by vee41 Thursday September 6 2012 at 2:39AM
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Communities in mainstream MMORPG's or games in general tend to be awfull. I'm pretty sure we can all agree that most communities in internet are pretty aggressive and usually degenerate into pre-school level name calling and arguing with zero respect for other peoples opinions. 

Biggest surprise to me in GW2 has been the community. Never-ever in MMO have I seen so friendly and trash free map chat with people helping each other left and right, lack of trolling and general positive attitude. Disclaimer: this might vary server by server.

I wasn't really expecting GW2 to be any different from any other random internet community so this one really took me by surprise and is actually turning out to be one of the greatest things about the whole game.

Here is a great example about what I am talking about:

The money experiment. A quote follows:

" I started going bigger doing trades with around 40s and every time I sent first they delivered, and sometimes they managed to send to me straight away. I then started experimenting, I sent 30s to random people, messaged them that I accidentally sent it to them and If they could return it. Every single one did. I then sent it back to them telling them It was a test for and they passed so I decided to send them the silver to keep.

But down to statistics I made 35 trades via the mail system. Every single one of those trades went down well. I gave 8 people 30s, and all those people gave the silver back.

Astonishing guys, this is by far, the best community I have ever been in."

There are few big reasons why community is this way:

1) Relaxed nature of PvE game. There really is no stress in anything you do in PvE or no competition so that creates a friendly atmosphere.

2) ArenaNets aggressive moderation.

Now this point 2 is what has been really controversial. With all the bannings and things going around lots of people are naturally annoyed. And that is ok. 

Bans incoming

I have no problem with ArenaNet banning people for various reasons: racial slurs, insults, botting or exploiting as they are all degrading experience of other players and deserve no mercy. People can yell "freedom of speech!" and "use language filter!" all they want but fact is they are part of community and have to obey the rules of that community. ArenaNet sets those rules. If you act like an ass you'll get thrown out, just like you'd get out of restaurant or bar if you don't respect their rules.

Another argument could be "I've paid for the game and ArenaNet took it away from me by banning me!". Tough luck, you didn't play by the rules.This isn't a singleplayer game where it is only you, your actions ingame can affect other people too. ArenaNet are responsible for delivering a pleasant experience to it's customers and that is why these rules are in there. Even if you pay for the game it doesn't give you permission to make it less enjoyable for rest of us.

The most thinline are exploits as there were quite a few people that were offended when they received a ban on exploiting too cheap karma item, buying bunch of them and forging them as endgame items. This was absolutely necessary as it destroys the economy and people that received bans were the ones that clearly exploited it and took over 50 items. They can't deny they did not know what they were doing and that it wasn't against the rules they had complied when playing the game.

What most people don't seem to understand is that ArenaNet has every right to decide who they want to form their community with. With their actions they've sent a strong message to everyone about what kind of people they want to be part of that community. There are not many MMO developers that are this aggressive to protect their product, but luckily ArenaNet is. I applaud them for that.

Oh the irony of this picture.

And last, my indepth review of GW2:

So far I've played about 45 hours and I am level 32. The game is just a killer for anyone that plays casually like me and still looks for that MMO fix. I've already had way more fun than my moneys worth.

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