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Better outfits for Males?

Posted by vajuras Monday August 11 2008 at 10:10PM
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Maybe its the little artist inside of me but I always find the armor pieces for females more appealing. Anyone with me? In most games I find myself making a female character. Not because I want to get free gifts when ever asked I always tell them I'm a guy.

Take City of Heroes. That was okay even though I still thought the female avatars got more costume options. So I made both sexes


In saga of ryzom I face a serious dilemma. I want to play the male but looking at most of the costume pieces the female options appear more cool too me. Grr, but I rather roleplay a guy


And look at WAR and/or World of Warcraft. This is the clincher. If you play a Shaman / Mage / Clothie they make you wear a dress. If I'm gonna have to wear a dress I'd rather make a female. I guess maybe World of Warcraft finally added on Mail armor for characters but grrrr why are you forcing Men to wear dresses?

EQ2 did this too to my L18 Wizard. So I rerolled as a Male Scout


I look at Spellborn and other titles where they let ya wear anything you want I think that's cool. I guess I prefer this vastly but I know Achiever types love to show off their armor so very few games will give us this freedom my guess. Sigh.....

VirgoThree writes:

I agree, I tend to create female characters just because they look a lot cooler to me. The male characters don't seem to be as bad ass in my opinion.

Mon Aug 11 2008 11:11PM Report
Eluwien writes:

Don't worry, as you're guy its normal to like females bit more. =)

Now seriously. Lets ignore armors completely, as they're quite well done in most games, plate is plate and leather looks like leather in most of the cases. Clothing. When you actually take a serious look to Warcraft, you end up forced to confess that there is a shirt slot ceparately specially for "clothing" purposes. Shirts are abundant in colors and shapes, there is tons and tons of armor skins for shirt like cloth, and even couple complete suits straight out from Dressman. I dont know what you mean by looking at WAR and mentioning shamans and mages =) but the case is, there aswell options other than dresses exist, even tho because IP some of them are more like dresses just cut half with ornamented belts (whats wrong with that?)

Okay, I agree some of the armors there are for male characters in games look absolutely horrific and sometimes make me wonder if the game is really "Teen Rating" if ya catch my drift. But when you go for looks, by far in all games (see list bellow) I've been able to dress up my male toons in something that doesn't look like Blue Oyster costume. Clearly tho, imagination is missing and the graficdesigners are clearly not the most pop-aware men or women with design eye =)

And I would also like to point out, because as most of this kind of stuff is somewhat copied from reality, where the hell you get decent looking male clothing to copy from? =) Hennes&MauriZ?

Tue Aug 12 2008 2:55AM Report
Eluwien writes:

Oh, theres no list as there is no sigs in blog comments. But anyway, been in few


Tue Aug 12 2008 2:57AM Report
Azmaria writes:

I'm in the same boat, vajuras.  Every time I end up making a male character, I am inevitably disappointed by the lack of quality and imagination in their armor.  Thus, most of my characters are female, simply for the aethestic value of having neat looking armor.

Tue Aug 12 2008 7:21AM Report
BlackWatch writes:

As for the 'dress' comment... I don't mind my characters wearing a kilt or something like that.  Robes for the caster types seems somewhat fitting, imho.  Then again, if you don't like them... you should have an OPTION to wear something else.

Each item should have at least 2 appearance options to help 'personalize' and customize a players appearance.  WoW is more of a Clone War than SWG/NGE could ever wish to be, imho.

But some of the crap we have to wear in these games in early levels... pretty craptastic.  Dye kits would make them more tolerable, imho.  What if they made leg items that could have the appearnace of kilt or pants?  You choose... same stats and armor type, just diff appearance?  I mean, I'd go for that. 

I think it really does boil down to options, or lack thereof.  Sure, you can go get another piece of armor/clothing, but what if you have the the item with the best stats, but hate the appearance?  You should be able to fix that... you should have the OPTION to fix it.

Example:  Druid... Season 2/RAID 5 shoulders.  The ones with the 'blossoms' that animate on them.  I'm glad I can shift into a cat/bear and nobody see's them.  Pretty friggin ugly, imho.  I realize it's about nature, but I would've liked an option or 2 there... maybe some thorns instead of blossoms/flowers? 

Anyway, I agree overall... but I won't ever roll fem toons.  That is a whole diff story. 

Tue Aug 12 2008 8:31AM Report
Reianor writes:

Here's an armor from AoC

I dunno how that would look on a female (btw that wasn't my pic)...

Also appealing females just seem to be a better way to attract attention to the game... so I guess male wizards aren't getting a change of clothes... Well atleast mele chars don't look that bad...

Tue Aug 12 2008 12:50PM Report
rsreston writes:

If this blog and posts were done 10 years ago, I would not have had the fear to doubt the sexual orientation of the men writing them....

Tue Aug 12 2008 5:34PM Report writes:
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