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Crafting in EVE Online

Posted by vajuras Sunday June 1 2008 at 1:32PM
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One thing that shocked me about EVE Online is how expertly they have integrated young crafters into the metagame. In most MMO, items produced by a low level crafter is beyond worthless for high levels. These items are often of no value to veteran players. So, without an influx of new players this part of the economy fails utterly.

EVE Online/CCP created a system that thrives regardless. A few weeks ago I discovered Tech II items (items employed by vets) require their Tech I equivalents. So, let's say you are crafting a Tech II Helios covert ops ship. This tech 2 item requires the Hull of a Mavalas Tech I item. This means that the Tech II crafter will have to rely on products produced by low level crafters to create their item

Additionally, CCP seems to have applied this in all other areas of gameplay. For instance, even when you use your faction (loyalty points) to upgrade ammo to Faction quality you must buy the item from the market first. Then you hand this over to the NPC to upgrade for you.

I really thought this was a pretty interesting feature. I never realized this before but I guess I have always been a crafter. But because most MMO are so funneled I never really had the opportunity to fully explore my industrial side. I admit, it can be a bit boring if you have to hop in a hauler and jump a lot of gates to bring an item to a trade hub. But I enjoy the satisfaction of turning on my computer, log in to EVEMon, and seeing how much ISK I made through my efforts :)

I've been playing the game for awhile now but it pleased me greatly when I decided to drastically change my focus and start crafting that my items found a rich market to enjoy. I had to overcome some hurdles to get here though. I used to do a lot of my crafting in Empire and even though I now have a low quality Level 4 agent I found gathering all the resources somewhat tedious. It could take almost an hour to salvage all those little ships alone and I rarely came across Megacyte

So after growing frustrated with Empire I decided to pack my bags and move my operation to nullsec. So now I spend a little time killing Sansha rats and get consistent loot from those guys that reprocesses down to a wealth of ores. I've found it quite easy to stay alive in 0.0 through the careful use of my Local and Intel chat windows. So I make sure I watch out for pirates. And when they do come, I quickly POS up (safespot) and then grab my Recon ship and help provide Intel.

I usually accumulate over 5,000m3 of loot in bout a day or so. I then grab my Hauler and take this to a local station where I get great yield from reprocessing

My dilemma is that there are so many fun routes to explore: Trading, PVP, Hauling, Ratting. Right there we are looking at months of training time if I want to become the best. I've also started Exploration as well.

I only wish this time-based training could be sped up more but I guess they did what they had to do. I'm having a lot of fun though and everyday is a new experience where something new happens. Everyday is a struggle to survive out here- one wrong move and you can lose a lot of ISK. But that's what keeps my heart pumping and keeps everything dynamic and fun for me

Majinash writes:

I'm glad you enjoy it, I found EVE to have the best in game market I've ever played in.  I don't play EVE anymore, but to this day I think it is the best made MMO... ever.  its just so well polished and deep.

Sun Jun 01 2008 1:44PM Report
KaltesHerz writes:

I played Eve for a month a good while back, the only reason I stayed that long was the community was great. But I wasn't paying for a pretty chat room, I was paying for a game.

I found it to be the most boring game on the market.

Sun Jun 01 2008 3:39PM Report
deugemiet writes:

Since you recide a lot in empire (and if you are avoiding pvp'ing) why dont you buy a nice set of high lvl implants? Will boost your training a lot...


Mon Jun 02 2008 2:43AM Report
vajuras writes:

I live in nullsec. Getting a high lvl of implants is always recommended I would say. Even if you get popped, if you had a long skill training, like Battleship V or Cruiser V, then the effect of the implants will still sustain as long as you dont switch skills

Mon Jun 02 2008 7:53AM Report writes:
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