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Living a Virtual Life With Guildmates...

Posted by vajuras Tuesday April 29 2008 at 2:05PM
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One thing I want to make clear right fast- I am a bonified EVE Online fanboi. No mmorpg has won my heart like this one. I hate it intensely sometimes when disaster strikes but I love it for what they have created. Make no mistake they created this mmorpg for me.

I vote EVE Online the Ultimate Team MMO. Perhaps, its the only real mmorpg out there (I mean this literally we all exist on one server for English speakers)

When you join a player run corporation out there in 0.0 they become family. You live together, rat together (kill NPCs), mine together, fight together, cry together when tragedy strikes (like losing a POS), and you lick your wounds and work hard to rebuild your empire. You do everything together. You build equipment for each other and you work hard to achieve goals for your Corporation. Can you guys that dont play EVE Online even imagine? We can build the best equipment for each other given we have the blueprints. Can you imagine not even having access to a local trade hub unless you defend it?

I have never felt a bond like this before. I recall in other games you would occasionally see a guildmate out in a town or maybe do a scheduled event together (like raid). But in EVE Online everything you do you do with your brothers and sisters in your guild. Even the defense of your space - you depend on each other. It's that hardcore. You might not even be able to acquire an item or make a trip to a local trade hub without assistance

So I am sorry if I come across biased but EVE Online is the only real MMO out there for me for the time being. I have some hope for Age of Conan because they focusing on Guilds as well if I understand but they understand what "living out a virtual life together with a Clan means"? Do they?

In eVE Online the very defense of your space relies on your fellow man. Everyone posts Intel in local fleet channels so you know when a hostile is nearing your space. This is serious stuff and I adore it

Sometimes hostiles can totally screw you over and disable operations for that day. You have to work hard together as a team to overcome all challenges.

Anyway I know players that have never made it into 0.0 (EVE's endgame) can no doubt never comprehend what I'm blogging on but I just want to give fair warning to all when you see me post in forums or blog on different topics rest assure this sandbox gamer has found true love....


Quraq writes:

Well.. this sounds very... touching, hehe. I played EVE Online as well, oké, it was just the trial and I didn't get far but  I must admit that it is an awesome game to buy, unfortunately my heart is sold to World of Warcraft but if I'd ever play another MMORPG it would definitly be EVE Online. It is, really special. On the other hand, you have the like the Sci-Fi genre and everything connected to it and if you don't well, then you probably won't ever like it. But the gameplay that you describe sounds very cool but also... very time consuming XD You're even more needed then you would be on WoW... It sounds a bit like Starport GE. This is a very ugly Sci-Fi game but very cool and is a bit like what you describe. The defending your space an all. Anyway... before I post to much useless information,  nice blog :P 

Tue Apr 29 2008 6:05PM Report
Tatum writes:

Seriously, if EVE was in a more conventional setting (ie. walking on the ground =D) I wouldve already tried it out.  Well, that and a different type of skill system.  Im not really a fan of skill systems with no cap and offline training.

Anyway, I have a lot of respect for what theyve done with that game and Im pretty confident that EVE inspired MMOs will start popping up within the next few years.  Once the technology has caught up, its not hard to imagine a land based version of EVE with a massive game world...

Tue Apr 29 2008 10:03PM Report
vajuras writes:

Tatum you are in luck the next patch will introduce ambulation which will enable you to get out your ship and walk around. For those with light time schedules the next free expansion will also introduce NPC alliances players can ally themselves with

I feel ya Tatum I agree fully on the skill system. Yep, yep no game is perfect and EVE Online's Time Training is somethng I'm still not used to after all these months. I cant even make it sound glossy.

But the good thing is time based training does:

1) Contributes to unique builds. Truly unique builds you will never find your exact twin like in other games

2) Invokes a STRONG player dependency like Ive never seen. You might only have 1 UBER craftsman that specializes in one specific type of activity. For instance, maybe you need a Specialized Transport hauler


anyway I'm not going to make Time based training sound awesome I kinda hate it. And I wish combat could be more interactive. But everything they do makes sense too me at least. Its worth a try at least I know CCP will invest my money towards more unique IP like World of Darkness MMO which will at least be skill based

Anyway, I hoped to explain how teamwork works in EVE but players wont see this unless they get out to 0.0. But maybe they can join an Alliance out in Empire that has a POS out there (player owned station where you all live together)


Wed Apr 30 2008 1:45AM Report
vajuras writes:

Greetz quraq-

"But the gameplay that you describe sounds very cool but also... very time consuming XD You're even more needed then you would be on WoW... It sounds a bit like Starport GE. This is a very ugly Sci-Fi game but very cool and is a bit like what you describe. The defending your space an all. Anyway... before I post to much useless information,  nice blog :P "

I loved Starport GE salute a fellow starport gamer. Yes EVE Online and Starport I suspect are influenced by "Trade Wars" so they both are very similar. If you havent checkout my blog I wrote on Starport a few weeks ago its another gem.

Yeah World of Warcraft has come along way since I've played. Its gotten a lot better as it ages. You probably cant go wrong playing it but if you ever leave EVE Online should appeal if you can adjust to the slower pace

And yeah 0.0 is pretty time consuming I think my guild needs everyone online regularly. I feel bad ive been playing GTA 4 now wont be on too much for a few days :(


Wed Apr 30 2008 1:49AM Report
Melf_Himself writes:

I did the 14 day trial. It took like.... a long time to fly places, no?

Fri May 02 2008 1:37AM Report
vajuras writes:

Yeah it has some pretty serious travel times which can be jarring at first if you never played a game with that. I gotta run but I will try to elaborate later

Fri May 02 2008 10:21AM Report
vajuras writes:

Well I wrote some blogs on how travel times can contribute to localized economies etc. But yeah they are a lot of boring parts in eve online and I suppose you can arrive at some of the benefits of travel times with longer jumps or something.

Well Jumpgate Evolution is very pretty hopefully it will do very well

Fri May 02 2008 2:14PM Report writes:
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