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ETC, Levels, etc in EVE Online

Posted by vajuras Tuesday April 8 2008 at 6:26PM
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As many of you know I have been playing EVE Online hardcore again. I have some points I want to cover about this title so I'll merge them into one blog:

1) Even when you have no Levels, there are still Levels.....

EVE Online is very sandboxy. Technically there is no end to character development (maybe after 40+ years someone computed?). Anyway, a funny thing happened to my avatar. I originally registered to play the game a long time ago but I quit for a bit to play other games being the explorer I am. Anyway now that I have returned players think I have years of experience and tons of skill points. The interesting thing, all players see in your bio is when you started so they try to guess from there. Everyone thinks I'm this uber vet that can fly any ship....

EVE Online is a very vertical game actually. Sure, newbies in frigates can gang up on a vet but there is still a vertical progression factor

2) ETC. For the first time I've been engaged into RMT (correction its not really RMT per se). Most gamers dont know this- but in EVE Online you can buy a timecode. After you purchase this timecode you can then go to the forums and 'trade' it for ingame money legally. I was kinda low on ingame funds and really wanted to buy some implants for my character so with my new found wealth I was now able to..... The person that pays you ingame money for your timecode gets subscription time for free... Nice. One could almost say EVE Online has no grind at all if your pockets are deep.

3) But with ETC.... Since EVE Online has pretty harsh death penalty I dread the thought of taking my new implants into 0.0 (pvp zones). Now I make liberal use of jump clones so that I can protect my investment. Think about it- if a PKer takes me out I've just lost some RL money.....

4) Time based training. I really really really dont like Time Based Training. I like the benefits that I can do whatever I want and still progress but waiting on skills to train requires a lot of patience... This is one area where other MMOs sort of shine. You have the freedom to grind up to cap. Not so here. Sometimes I get itch to play a level grinder to get that nice feeling of "instant gratification" which can feel so gooooodd sometimes.....

5) Defining EVE Online is Tricky. It's tricky to call it a grind when you see Vets jump into their fancy recon ships, explore new areas, and find priceless blueprints that sell for almost a billion. It's tricky to call it a grind when you see a newbie hop into a Destroyer, get lucky and showup at the conclusion of a fleet battle, and come back with a huge haul worth a fortune.

6) Risk versus Reward can be stressful. I thought I was a hardcore PVPer but the thought of losing my ship in EVE Online makes me sweat. Maybe I feel more alive then ever, searching my local chat for reports of hostiles. It can be stressful. I might be too old for this.

7) Taxes. I hate paying Guild taxes. My corp taxes us over 10% which means 10% is gone everytime I kill a rat and collect a bounty or decide to run an agent mission. Its not fun at all paying taxes in RL so I hate it when games have this. However I must admit my corp puts my funds to really great use. But what if I had the misfortune to join a crooked Chinese run farmer corp I would be screwed outta 10%. Anyway, I'm just selfish and stingy with my ingame money. For a guy that promotes selfless game goals I can be really stingy :(

8) Pvpers seem really broke. It might be possible to make a living from all PVP but that seems tricky. Never seen so many pvpers so happy to engage in PVE. I guess this is what it all boils down too. We're not 100% killers here. PVE'ers are needed for any Corp.

9) Players can build anything... This is what I love about this game players can build Stations, ships, weapons, etc just anything... Other night I flew to our player owned structure and was amazed by the majesty of it all! The devs didnt make this- WE DID. It's great to see my taxes getting put to good use yo

10) PVP here is not Casual. Other night we had a MANDATORY Fleet OP. As soon as I logged in I was told I would get disciplined if I didnt participate in the fleet op to defend our space. What made it worse I just got home from work and felt sort of sick. It was days like this I could appreciate Battlegrounds and the fun Casual Random Arenas from Guild Wars. I really think this sort of avenue that EVE Online provides is needed though. But I also think games like World of Warcraft can be GOOD too for those that have no time to put up with the demands of a Guild that threatens to shoot ya down if they catch ya killing NPCs during a fleet op :(

sm0kingk1lls writes:

The whole point of eve is to make shit loads of RL money. RA, AAA, BOB their all at it. Recruit gimps who think they're playing internet spaceships and make them work for you to syphon off the isk so you can ebay it and go on holiday/ buy car etc etc

You think I jest? lol welcome to the pvp game you didnt even realize you were playing. I like to call it "sweatshop online"


Tue Apr 08 2008 8:02PM Report
vajuras writes:

 I thought Ebay made selling virtual items illegal though. The devs monitor huge ISK transactions and invesigate it. I had a friend that did an illegal RMT and logged in to find his character with negative finances. What made it worse he was a newbie too so he had no way to come back up the honest way...

Tue Apr 08 2008 9:25PM Report
Thaliost writes:

If you find it that stressful to lose a ship, maybe Eve isn't for you :)


There are ways to maintain a good level of income, if you can't do that; ofc you will be more scared of losing your stuff.

Also corporations are meant to be fun. If you're not having fun in yours, nor any benefits, you should leave it :/


I guess the "problem" is one you start looking at what others have and not at what you can realisticaly get (and start evolving from that point).

Wed Apr 09 2008 5:25AM Report
vajuras writes:

Yeah the thought of mining minerals to replace my ships is not a fun one. Having a hard time raising ISK lately.

Training to fly some cheaper t2 ships so we'll see how it goes. Yeah I dont bring my expensive ratters to fleet ops or anyuthing anymore



Wed Apr 09 2008 1:23PM Report
vajuras writes:

btw the stressful thing isnt losing my ship- its the thought of losing 50 mil in implants. You cant just take those off when you go on a fleet op.... And when I JC that's many hours of lost skillpoints.

Unlike a ship that can be switched out of- implants get destroyed utterly when you die.

other PK games are much different because you can take off the gear you dont want to lose and store at a bank. In EVE, its a bit more complicated

Wed Apr 09 2008 1:37PM Report
Korgak writes:

"its the thought of losing 50 mil in implants."

And thats about the price of one decent implant anymore, if you want high end implants your looking at half a billion isk.  Just imagine that getting blown out of your clone's skull at the next "MANDATORY Fleet" blob.

Wed Apr 09 2008 7:55PM Report
oramio writes:

Some notes:

- Guess why you sweat of loosing a battle: It is different in Eve, you loose some time, you loose your ship and implants. In most of the MMO's there's not any serious penalty. And no, I am not an old school punish the noobs type of player

- It is possible to kill a vet in a battleship with two frigates (to make it more clear, consider a battleship as an elephant and a frigate as a mosqueto), and it is possible to kill a Battleship with a frigate even! It is the equivalent of killin a lvl40 player with 2 lvl 5 players

-You can deffinitely solo Eve if you do not want to pay, you can solo PvP, solo mission, solo mine etc. But when you join a corp, then there comes lots of more different options to play and earn more money. That's why you are paying in basic terms. And lots of corps use those money to build POS'es etc to earn more money

-I am sorry if I sound a bit aggressive, it's not my intention, just trying to point out different options you can have in Eve, may be in a way not to be the most elegant one

Wed Apr 09 2008 8:14PM Report
vajuras writes:

Just reread my bloggy here it does sound negative.... I've just been having a hard time lately but trust me I love this game I've gotten 5 of my friends to try it. I'm debatining on spending another $15 on a timecode....

Was trying to post an unbiased viewpoint on it since I praise it so much in my blogs...

And I re-read yes I did whine bout losing my little Battlecruiser you guys got me... Thanks I do adore this MMO...

Wed Apr 09 2008 8:36PM Report
vajuras writes:

BTW renamed this blog entry since CCP says ETC trading and RMT are totally spearate according to latest dev blog:

Thu Apr 10 2008 12:30AM Report
theguru22 writes:

on your...

2) There is no grind in EVE, and it sorta prides its self on that. This is one of the big draws of the game. Sure there is a grind for ISK, but if you're smart enough ISK will never be an issue to you.

3) Another big draw of EVE, though a deterant for some people. Why do you think all the corp chat in EVE craps all over WoW and WoW players? Because WoW is way too easy, and has essentially no consequences for anything ever. Some people play EVE because of how serious it is, they demand a more serious, emersive rpg.

4) You hit it right on the head. EVE is not in any way a grind fest for high levels and gear, and this is part of what makes it great. Remember, you're playing an MMORPG. It's far easier to roleplay in a game where you don't have to spend hours using the same set of skills on the same set of enemies until you ding. People don't even realize that they're roleplaying in EVE, because it's the universe they live in.

5) Makes it more realistic.

6) see 3.

7) Corp taxes are completely understandable and completely worthwhile. You'll not get to really play until you're part of a decent corporation, and you'll be making 20x the cash in 0.0 as you were in empire space. Also, if you're in a chinese gold farming corp, leave...

8) If you're smart, you'll make money, and loads of it.

10) EVE is all about finding what you like about the game, and doing it. If you like to PvP, make a soldier and expect to be called on when needed. If you're in a corp that punishes you for not responding and you can't take it, find a different one. There are plenty out there and now just about all of 0.0 space is fully inhabited. Find something you like, and stick with it or quit the game, it may not be for you.


Thu Apr 10 2008 2:14AM Report writes:
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