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Vaakoh's Gamer Blog

Just my space to rant, rave, and blast my opinion on any game I want. I play a lot, so I tend to write a lot about games, too. This will be my gamer blog for MMOs.

Author: vaakoh

WildStar Stalker Guide - Complete Guide to the Stalker Class

Posted by vaakoh Wednesday August 6 2014 at 9:28AM
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The Stalker class in WildStar is the equivalent of a stealth-based DPS class found in other MMORPGs. It can, however, also be used as a Tank with the right build. Their primary weapon type are claws. The primary attributes that players should focus on for the Stalker are Brutality (if you wish to play a melee DPS role) or Technology (if you want to use the class as a tank).

Wildstar Stalker


Wildstar Stalker Class

Stalkers utilize claws, various gadgets, and nano-skin to deal damage and open up a world of assassination opportunities. The secondary attributes that players will need to focus on with this class are Moxie and Finesse (for players going after a strong DPS build) or Insight and Grit (for players looking to form a solid tank build using the Stalker).

Looking to hit the level cap in the fastest way possible? Be sure to check out this detailed WildStar leveling guide to learn how to reach level 50 with any class in any faction extremely quickly.


Available Races

Just like pretty much all of the classes in Wildstar the Stalker has a few limitations when it comes to racial selection. The game identifies the reasoning for this as being that not all races are equipped to handle stealth or evolve these capabilities. Don’t worry, though, all but 2 of the game’s races can take on the Stalker class.

Here are the races you can pick from:







As you can clearly see the only races excluded from this list are the Granok (the large, rock guys) and the Chua (the tiny rat creatures).


Stalker Skills


The majority of the abilities that the Stalker has access to focus on dealing technology and physical damage but a few do provide buffs either for your own character or your allies’ characters. There are a couple skills that also throw debuffs such as snares on enemies but, for the most part, the skills are centered around DPS. Below we go into further detail about the abilities you’ll have access to using this class.


Innate Abilities

The Innate ability of the Stalker is Nano Skin. Upon activation this will put your character into Stealth which makes you temporarily invisible to enemies until you are detected. It also cuts your movement speed down by 20%, increases your damage output by 18%, and reduces every resistance by 15%.


If you perform a successful Stealth attack while the nano suit is active you will have a 100% crit hit chance as well. This is a very powerful ability when used correctly. You can earn suit power using some of the assault / support abilities, too.


Assault Abilities

As mentioned above, the primary result of most of the Stalker skills is pure DPS. The majority of the DPS abilities are found in the assault skills. These are capable of dealing heavy melee-based physical damage, stealth damage, and even tech damage.


Wildstar Stalker Assault Abilities


Here are the assault abilities of the Stalker:


Shred (Level 1)

Impale (Level 2)

Analyze Weakness (Level 4)

Ruin (Level 6)

Cripple (Level 11)

Neutralize (Level 13)

Punish (Level 15)

Phlebotomize (Level 18)

Clone (Level 18. Also requires associated AMP unlock.)

Concussive Kicks (Level 24)


If you’re looking to create a strong DPS build using the Stalker you’ll definitely want to stack on the assault skills.


Support Abilities


The support skill line for the Stalker is quite interesting. The abilities within it not only deal damage but they can also provide healing for yourself, buffs for your allies, generate Threat, and even debuffs against enemies. It’s an interesting mix of very useful skills.


Wildstar Stalker Support Abilities


Here are the abilities:


Nano Field (Level 6)

Whiplash (Level 9)

Razor Disk (Level 11)

Nano Virus (Level 15)

Amplification Spike (Level 18. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Decimate (Level 18)

Frenzy (Level 21)

Razor Storm (Level 27)

Steadfast (Level 27)

Nano Dart (Level 31)


A lot of these support skills serve different purposes whether it be casting buffs or tossing out crowd control abilities. Either way, they’re great to throw into your rotation to maximize your efforts.


Utility Abilities

If you’re looking to buff yourself or drop some serious crowd control moves on your enemies the utility skill line of the Stalker is loaded with great abilities. From self heals to snares and taunts this line has it all.


Wildstar Stalker Utility Abilities


Here are the utility skills:


Stagger (Level 3)

False Retreat (Level 6)

Reaver (Level 9)

Pounce (Level 9)

Tether Mine (Level 13)

Tactical Retreat (Level 15)

Bloodthirst (Level 18. Also requires associated AMP unlock.)

Preparation (Level 21)

Collapse (Level 24)

Stim Drone (Level 31)


There are even moves such as Preparation that grant Empower and Defense which increase your crit hit chances and deflect chances by 3% for a few seconds.


Available AMPs


Every class has access to a unique set of AMPs which are extensions of abilities. AMPs are either discovered in the world or purchased via a vendor. These are extremely useful so its a must that you get them.

Here are the non-default AMPs for the Stalker:



Avoidance Mastery


Battle Mastery

Blood Rush


Brutality Mastery

Can’t Stop This


Dash for Heals!


Don’t Call it a Comeback

Empowered Attack Mastery


Fatal Wounds

Follow Up


Heavy Impact

Iron Man

Keep Up

Killer Instinct

Last Stand

Left in the Dust

Make it Rain

My Turn



Quick Reboot



Stay Afloat

Stealth Mastery

Stealth Regen


Tech Mastery

That’s All You Got?

Trail of Cinders

Unfair Advantage

Who’s Next?


We are currently working on a full guide to the Stalker AMP locations to help players get them all.


Stalker Leveling Guide

As with pretty much every class in the game if you’re looking to level up fast with your Stalker you’re going to want to focus on running a strong DPS build. To do this you’ll want to contribute most of your points toward the Assault and Hybrid A/S sections. Need a good DPS leveling build for your Stalker?


Wildstar Stalker Guide

Try equipping these skills as you get them:



Concussive Kicks




False Retreat

Tactical Retreat

This is a decent set to go with for DPS. Make sure you’re upping your Assault Power the most as you level and also contribute a bit to Brutality and Moxie.


Here’s a decent rotation to use:









If you get into a tight spot during this where your health is a bit too low you can use Tactical Retreat to evade and get back on track.

Skip the BS and hit the level cap with your Stalker quickly by checking out this detailed WildStar leveling guide - it provides step-by-step strategies for leveling up fast with all classes in either faction.


Stalker Builds

We are currently working up building up a collection of builds for each class. Once these are ready we’ll be posting links to them here. These will include a variety of leveling builds, PvP builds, and more for the Stalker as well as all other classes in Wildstar. writes:
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