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Vaakoh's Gamer Blog

Just my space to rant, rave, and blast my opinion on any game I want. I play a lot, so I tend to write a lot about games, too. This will be my gamer blog for MMOs.

Author: vaakoh

WildStar Spellslinger Guide - Complete Guide to the Spellslinger Class

Posted by vaakoh Tuesday August 5 2014 at 6:18PM
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The Spellslinger class in WildStar is a DPS-based, dual pistol-wielding class capable of dealing tons of damage or, alternatively, acting as an effective healer. For DPS ‘slingers will want to focus on Finesse for their primary stat. If you plan to use this class to cover healing you’ll want to focus on Insight for your primary statistic.


WildStar Spellslinger Class


Spellslingers make for awesome characters when playing a ranged-DPS role. Their combination of magic and firepower is incredibly powerful. They are capable of using magic sigils as well which improve their accuracy and increase their damage output by buffing their ammunition. Spellslingers wear light armor types and are quick on their feet, too.


Skip the BS and learn how to hit the level cap with a Spellslinger the fastest way possible by checking out this detailed WildStar leveling guide - tips & tricks for leveling with all classes in both the Exile and Dominion factions.


Available Races


As with most other classes in this game, the races that you can pick from when you choose the Spellslinger class are a little limited. Don’t worry, though. Out of the 8 different races you can use, only 2 are unable to be played with the ‘slinger. Here are the available races you can use:







As you can see, the only races that are excluded from this list are the Granok and the Mechari.


Spellslinger Skills

The Spellslinger has a slew of abilities that dish out decent DPS, provide great mobility, and have great range. For DPS this class is best used for dealing moderate single-target damage. For healing, on the other hand, it’s great for throwing out heals to small groups of allies. This is a very popular class but in order to play it correctly you’ll have to be kiting enemies almost all the time and be quick to avoid dying quick as this class is rather squishy.


Innate Abilities

The Spellslinger has just one innate ability – Spell Surge. This ability takes 25 Spell Power to activate and while it’s active both your Assault and Support skills will gain a Surge Bonus.


Assault Abilities


WildStar Spellslinger Assault Abilities

As the Spellslinger does mostly rely on pistols for DPS the assault skills of this class primarily focus around various shot types but some also make use of your magic to deal damage, too. Here are the assault abilities:


Quick Draw (Level 1)

Charged Shot (Level 2)

Ignite (Level 4)

Wild Barrage (Level 6)

Chill (Level 9)

Rapid Fire (Level 11)

Flame Burst (Level 15)

Assassinate (Level 18. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

True Shot (Level 21)

Arcane Missiles (Level 31)


The majority of these skills deal either magic or physical damage to enemies. Most of the damage abilities will hit 3 to 5 different foes.


Support Abilities


WildStar Spellslinger Support Abilities


The support skill line of the Spellslinger is loaded with various healing abilities that can restore health on yourself or your party members. As you upgrade some of the heals they will increase in range and start to target allies with the lowest health which can be very useful.

Here are the support skills:


Runic Healing (Level 6)

Runes of Protection (Level 6)

Vitality Burst (Level 9)

Astral Infusion (Level 11)

Healing Salve (Level 13)

Dual Fire (Level 15)

Healing Torrent (Level 18. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Voidspring (Level 21)

Regenerative Pulse (Level 24)

Sustain (Level 27)


If you’re looking to make a decent healer with this class this is a great skill line to progress.


Utility Abilities


WildStar Spellslinger Utility Abilities


The utility skills that the Spellslinger has access to are an interesting mix of stuns, friendly buffs, and debuff removals for yourself and allies. Using these abilities you can cast boons on yourself and your party or hinder the enemies.

Here are the skills:


Gate (Level 3)

Flash Freeze (Level 9)

Void Slip (Level 13)

Arcane Shock (Level 15)

Purify (Level 18)

Gather Focus (Level 18)

Void Pact (Level 20. Also requires related AMP unlock.)

Spatial Shift (Level 24)

Phase Shift (Level 27)

Affinity (Level 31)


Overall, these are useful abilities for crowd control and for assisting yourself and your allies in battle.


Available AMPs

AMPs are important for buffing your skills and unlocking new abilities. Most of these are scattered throughout the world or can be purchased from various merchants within the zones of the different factions. Either way, they are a necessity to get. The Spellslinger has several useful AMPs to collect.

Here is a list of all the non-default AMPs for this class:

Augmented Armor

Burst Power


Critical Surge

Danger Danger

Deadly Chain


Enhanced Shields

Evasive Maneuvers

Final Salvo

Flame Armor

Focus Stone

Frost Armor

Frost Snap




Healing Aura

Holy Roller

Homeward Bound

Hyper Shield



Penetrating Rounds




Shock & Awe

Speed of the Void

Spell Armor

Surge Damage

The One

Trigger Fingers

True Sight



Withering Magic


We’ll be posting a complete guide of our own to the locations of each of these AMPs later.


Spellslinger Leveling Guide


WildStar Spellslinger

While the Spellslinger can be used as a viable healer it is definitely best used for DPS. And if you really want to level up your class quickly you’ll definitely want to focus on DPS so you can wipe out mobs easily to earn experience. For this you’ll need a good Spellslinger leveling build.

Wanna hit the level cap with your Spellslinger as quickly as possible? Be sure to check out this detailed WildStar leveling guide for a step-by-step strategy.

We suggest using the following skills as you progress:

Quick Draw

Charged Shot


Wild Barrage

Flame Burst


True Shot

Arcane Missiles

To maximize your damage output you’ll want to be working on upgrading the tiers of certain abilities while keeping others at their base. Quick Draw, Wild Barrage, Assassinate, True Shot, and Arcane Missiles should all be kept on the base tier. Charged Shot, Ignite, and Flame Burst, on the other hand, should be gradually upgraded to tier 8 as you level.

The best rotation to use with these skills is this: Quick Draw x5, Charge Shot, Ignite, Ignite, Wild Barrage, True Shot, Arcane Missiles.

This rotation will help to maximize your DPS and take out enemies pretty quickly.

As far as AMPs go, you should be contributing pretty much all of these points toward Assault and Hybrid A/S while throwing just a bit of points into Utility as well. This will greatly increase your assault power, strikethrough chances, and crit hits while still giving you the ability to get buffs and reduced cooldown times, too.


Spellslinger Builds

In the near future we will be releasing several more builds for the Spellslinger class including more leveling builds, PvP builds, raid builds, and more. Once these are available we will link to them from this page. writes:
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