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What makes other games better than Ultima Online?

Posted by uoplayer123 Saturday February 9 2008 at 9:10PM
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Yes I am a UO fan ,  But I would like to know what other games are out there , and why they are better.

The 2 games I am looking to use as a replacement are AOC and WAR , but even then ( taken into account they are in beta still , no NDA Voilations please) do they give you the depth UO has or what other do have the large amount of content ,community , skillset?


Souvec writes:


Simply put.  In my opinion, being that both are level-based games they will never be able to compete to UO's skill-based, open formed gameplay.  It may look nice and shiny at first, but soon you'll be left with a sour taste in your mouth.  The forced linear paths, the focus on gear and raids.... just nothing that can come close to the spirit of UO.

The only thing I see you getting will be content, but as far as community or skillset, neither I can say you will receive.  Now you may have large communities, some of which may be nice, but nothing in comparison to what I had experienced in UO almost a decade ago.

I'm not sure you'll find another like UO ever again, Ryzom was so close to being that replacement.... but if your familiar with that game at all you know where it stands today.

Sun Feb 10 2008 1:10AM Report
Dameonk writes:

UO pre-trammel has not been matched to this day.

AoC is an updated version of EQ (or WoW for a more current game) with a watered down city building system similar to Shadowbane.  It is going to be a very raid/gear centric in both PvP and PvE.  Large guilds will prosper while small guilds will have a hard time experiencing everything.

WAR is an updated version of DAOC.  If you have played DAOC then you should have a pretty good idea of how WAR is going to be.

Sun Feb 10 2008 1:13AM Report
Kordesh writes:

Oldschool UO (pre-split) still holds the title as one of the best MMOs to date sadly. It's current state is a complete abomination however. The split killed it, all the crap with the graphical client and samurai warriors and shit that EA threw in was just dressing up the corpse and then pissing on it a few times. Honestly, I don't think we'll ever really see anything like it again, because sadly the majority of the MMO market is used to a "safer" game. The concept of the cities being the only moderately safe zone is unheard of. The world isn't worth going out and exploring because it's just a series of camps and loot drops with no real life to it. You'd never wonder out into the middle of nowhere in a game like WoW and suddenly encounter an ettin roaming the woods. Remember the rune system? Have we ever seen anything remotely like it since then? It was amazing, and yet, UO is where it began and ended. Another thing thats gone is the skill system, in favor of pretty talent trees and level grinding.

Honestly, the old school is dead. Nobody would take the risk involved in starting a game like that again. City building, skill based combat, advanced travel systems, living worlds, all too risky. Nowdays its "lets add a bunch of "epic" loot and let them grind endlessly for it" and people pay hand over fist. It's sad, and its annoying, but thats how it is. I would kill to see a game like Shadowbane only done correctly and without the developmental issues. I don't think we'll ever see another UO though.

Sun Feb 10 2008 1:35AM Report
ruvoka writes:

No game is better than UO period.  Being able to do whatever you wanted to do at any time is the best feeling.  The thrill of PvP with actual risk is something current MMORPGs just do not understand.  I think they fear people won't like it but trust me they WILL!  Current games don't even require you to be at the keyboard or paying attention to play and that disgusts me.  Unfortunately, "bindable" Epic Loot killed the MMO star.

Sun Feb 10 2008 1:52AM Report
Apocamentus writes:

I've played the more modern MMOs, and I bought Ultima online to see what it was like, it seemed really deep.  But I just found it too hard to get into, mainly because everyone who played it had played it for about 6 years, and I knew nothing so no one was at my level.

Sun Feb 10 2008 6:34AM Report
MrBum21 writes:

i agree with UO beting th greaest gme pre-split.  now with all the gear bonuses, and being able to insure items so you don't lose them it has sold out.  NEVER has another game made me walk away because my heart was beating so fast due to excitment.  Every time you saw some one walk onto your screen you tensed up becaues you never knew if they were friend or foe, it was great. 


and apocamentus, yeah the game is tough to get into, it was even worse when it came out.  but if you REALY want to see the glory of UO you need to find an alternate way to play it then their basic servers ;)

Sun Feb 10 2008 8:11AM Report
Ravens0ul writes: StarWars Galaxies Pre-CU is the closes you will ever get to Ultima Online, sorry to disappoint you but there is NOT ONE mmo out there that is even close to it. Sun Feb 10 2008 1:09PM Report
Munkyman1 writes:

Pre-Split, wow that was fun, when anything and everything could be lost with the blow of an axe, or the burn of an energy bolt.  Or stealing from that notorious killer, and getting away with it.  The blend of skills, where some skills enhanced others, but at the expense of what? When killing a dragon was an amazing feat, when being a GM anything took a psychotic obssession.  No there isnt another game that has what UO used to have (in its current state its unplayable). I dont know how well that would go with alot of new players, all that freedom to just do...they are used to running in the rat race...they would all stand around waiting for a guy with a glowy exclamation point over his head telling him to kill 10 rats and quit before they realised all they need to do is walk out of town and do...whatever you wanted.

Sun Feb 10 2008 2:08PM Report
uoplayer123 writes:

The parts I miss most is the massive training ntes : Deceit Bone Knight room , Demon ( resist training) , the hunts for the Supreme Accurate Silver Vanq weapon..Now that was solid fun.

Thieves of the old days were great fun.

Sun Feb 10 2008 6:08PM Report
ruvoka writes:

Oh man, who else hated the death moan!  That sound haunted my dreams... first the e-bolt sound, next the sound of all your bags closing and simultaneously the death wail uuuuhhhhuhhhh.

Sun Feb 10 2008 11:01PM Report
Evilsam writes:

I loved UO back in the day.I also HATED pvp,one reason was that I really sucked at it..Some people just aren't cut out for pvp.UO got me hooked on skill based mmo's and a real crafting system,it also got me to where when checking out a new game I would not even consider one with ffa pvp.

 I have nothing against people that like pvp,if you enjoy it,great.If UO had an option to not be flaged for pvp I would have probably played it for many years.I only actually got to go into a dungeon once without getting killed by other players.If you didn't pvp and were in a group you couldn't really explore without getting least that was my experence you the year that I played..

Left UO for AC and then SWG untill the NGE gutted it.

Mon Feb 11 2008 4:15AM Report
uoplayer123 writes:

As a current player , it seems we as players have a great and energetic Development team , but they seem really choked , when it comes to a staff size or a budget.

Wed Feb 20 2008 8:13PM Report
Barrakketh writes:

I've read a lot of these "UO was the greatest" post and I'm puzzled why so ? Having played UO off and on for the last eight years as well as several other mmo's I dont feel UO was the best. number say it was not the most popular as it was dwarfed by EQ.

The one thing I see in most of the "UO was great" post is mentioning PvP being great. SO it seems to me that most of the players that thought "UO was great" are also the player that favored a free pvp enviroment which according to mmo charts is less than 10% of those that play mmo's.

Tue Jul 15 2008 12:04AM Report
sfly2000 writes:

For me personally I don't like the graphics and the GUI in UO at all. It looks seriously blocky and the animations are non existant.

I'll stick to Neverwinter Nights 1.

Tue Jun 08 2010 4:02AM Report writes:
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