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Warhammer Level 1-10 OB Thoughts

Posted by uidLuc1d Tuesday September 9 2008 at 2:51PM
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Now I don’t review like a lot of you, and I realize this is beta so a review is pretty much pointless. I worked under one other person ( it means they were lead developer, I was developer ) for the development of two niche MMOs ( One that still runs, and another that was ruined by Rapid Reality… god they were idiots. ), I know what I like, I know good programming, and I know good design. I played Warhammer, and Warhammer 40k on the table top, so I had VERY HIGH expectations for this game ( Warhammer Online), and this is what I have to say. OH… MY… GOD…

Let me start off with saying, I hated WoW. Not because it was a bad game, by all means Blizzard took the best aspects of most games, and put them all together, which is a good idea, they have made millions, it just wasn’t for me is all. This made me just a little bit afraid of Warhammer as the graphics are close… but that’s about it now that I’ve been in the beta.

Now I refuse to comment about graphics or audio, as neither of those make a game to me. So let’s move on to game play.

Combat: Combat is amazing, especially in RvR. It really doesn’t seem like gear makes THAT much of a difference, just like the table top game, it’s all about tactics. If you are going to run into battle without thinking, you are going to die, which I love, which is why Order seems to be getting their butts kicked on my server. Blitzkrieg doesn’t work people! If you button mash, you will die… SO! A tip for some of you, set up your action bar intelligently as to do the most damage ( or healing ) as you can… quickly.

RvR: This is the best PvP system I have ever used outside of real-time MMOFPS type games, which makes sense as everyone raves about PvP in DAoC ( I’ve never played it ). I am so impressed with this, words cannot describe my feelings for how much fun I have had smacking people up and down.

Public Quests: This is an awesome idea, like little raids, without having to spend 6 hours just to grab an item you didn’t need in the first place. I love the loot chests, and the damage basing. If you don’t do anything, you don’t get anything. Nice balance there.

Crafting: I still don’t understand it, as I have been making talismans and for some reason can’t use them. But that’s more than likely a problem between chair and keyboard on my end. But the crafting system does seem to be intentional, and planned… not just an idea they had and tacked on at the last second… so, me likey.

Lag/Crashing: For a beta, this is VERY stable. I do not experience lag, nor have I EVER crashed. I am very impressed with this beta so far and have high hopes for the release.

Community: The community is very mature as compared to most games, as well as fun to play with. I hate grouping as most groups I find in MMOs have either no intelligence, or no sense of humor… not true here on the destruction side.

That’s about what I have to say for now, more updates when the game goes gold… but I'm sure I will only have even better things to say about the game at that point.

P.S. Sorry to you EU players that are having such a bad time with GOA… please don’t blame Mythic… blame those morons at GOA for their inability to properly develop ANYTHING.



miagisan writes:

your last paragraph is so sad...and yet so funny :)

Tue Sep 09 2008 2:52PM Report
Bruticus_XI writes:


Good review, and I agree.

Tue Sep 09 2008 4:49PM Report
razienwolf writes:

Whats GoA?? o.o


Good review, I finally saw someone who doesnt flame WoW without reason hehe.

Man, i wanna play WAR,  but it sucks having to buy the game for then trying out.

Thats a terrible plan, I would never buy a game that its still in beta without even having a little taste of it =\

Althought (sorry if it's tipeed  wrong) the trailers and dev. videos say a lot about the game, I just can't trust  videos...

Tue Sep 09 2008 9:00PM Report
uidLuc1d writes:

 I understand the not wanting to play without a trial Razien, I myself feel the same way.  I pre-ordered because I am a player of the warhammer table top game and well... we are geeks and have been waiting for this for a long time lol.  I dont trust videos either, so reserve your own judgement until you feel you should try it.  Thank you for the kind comment and understanding that I wasnt bashing WoW as well, not alot of people will catch that I dont hate the game, it just doesnt tickle my fancy is all hehe.

Tue Sep 09 2008 10:06PM Report
kaylee writes:

yup, this is exactly my experience so far!  I thought it would be  a silly clone of another game, but so far they have taken good aspects and pieced together a fantastic game so far with almost no bugs (also from what I've seen).  I kept my expectations low  in going in and I was really amazed at what was presented. Trust me it is NOT a WOW clone, the graphics make look like it, but it is very much different!

Wed Sep 10 2008 2:51AM Report
Seyrcim writes:

A well summed up "review". It pretty much goes along what I have experienced so far. And as I have to go with GoA (>_>) and also had to put up with them in DAoC I can't say I'm surprised at all the problems we've faced on this side of the pond.

Apart from that, once in game I had a blast and haven't had problems with lag nor latency. Altho I haven't played very long I pretty much jumped into RvR the first chance I got (was level 2 at that time) and had a complete blast.

As you say, going into RvR and not thinking equals death. On the server I play I've yet to see Destruction lose ; )

I once promised myself never to have anything to do with GoA ever again, this game is too good to skip - even with GoA handling it.

Wed Sep 10 2008 4:45AM Report
streea writes:

Good review.

BTW, I believe that talismans can only be put on epic (purple) items. A little limiting I think, especially since you have to start early to make things you won't likely use, but once you're a little higher you'll see a huge demand for them.

Wed Sep 10 2008 7:52AM Report
Jetrpg writes:

GOA sucks i have told every EU player to get themselves a NA copy, to not do so would just bring them pain and suffering.


Thank you for this review i so sick of people being like well. it had something in common with another mmo so the entire game sucks , or just reviewing it with incorrect information (wonder if they played it at all).

I am not sure if the game will be good at all (end game over time), but it the most stable and polished mmo release ever.

Wed Sep 10 2008 9:38AM Report
AlienShirt writes:

"It really doesn’t seem like gear makes THAT much of a difference"

Too bad the truth is that it does make a difference.

Wed Sep 10 2008 11:37AM Report
raven350 writes:

Talismans can be put on any piece that has an empty slot, from regular white tiems all the way to purple.  However, salvaging is a pain.

Wed Sep 10 2008 2:31PM Report writes:
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