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MMORPG Methodone

First post explains the reason :)

Author: tupodawg999

Class or skills

Posted by tupodawg999 Tuesday December 30 2008 at 2:59PM
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Of all the games I've tried the best part of leveling up has always been the AA points, talent points, perk points type bit. Having a choice how to grow your char is just more fun than the stuff you get automatically from your class. It's partly wanting to have an avatar that's exactly how you want them plus also it adds a strategy game element in trying to judge what will work best. So my perfect game would have to be skill based however levels are such a simple and straightforward mechanic I'd have a hybrid system. There'd be levels but when you levelled you got a skill point to use in one of the skill trees.

Currently i'm thinking along the lines of something like max level 50 with therefore each character having 50 skill points and the proportions being something roughly like:

Warrior tree, 30-40 skills, some of these being simple improvements e.g dodge1, dodge2 etc set out in in tiers.
Scout tree, 20ish, outdoorsy stuff
Rogue tree, 20ish, indoorsy theifly stuff
Priest trees, 12-20ish, different trees for different Gods
Wizards, lots of different magic schools with 6-12 spells/skills each
General tree, unknown number of odds and ends like first aid
Crafting, multiple trees, 6-12 skills for each craft

Specializing would have benefits as the skills would be in tiers and you'd need to have
spent a lot of points in a tree to unlock some of the most powerful skills but being a
jack of all trades would be an interesting and tempting option and certain hybrids
would be natural e.g ranger would be a mixture of the scout and warrior trees. You'd
want it so every time a player levelled up it took them ages to decide what to train in
because there were so many possibilities.

I also like the idea of class being more like faction i.e if you joined a particular temple as a guard then that would be your temporary class / faction in a way because as you levelled you'd pick your skills from the ones available from your faction's trainers. If it was a dwarf blacksmithing type temple/God for example that favoured heavy armour, hammers and shields then those would be the sort of skills you could learn there. If it was the Royal Scouts then the list of available skills would include things like bows, tracking and light axes.

Also you'd have elite sub-factions so I wouldn't have a Paladin class I'd have a
particular temple that had Paladins. You could join the faction as a guard but could
only join the Paladin sub-faction of the temple if you met their requirements e.g 20
warrior skills and a big quest showing dedication to that temple. Joining the Paladins
of that temple would unlock the option of choosing certain elite skills and spells when
you next levelled up. Ranger would be an elite sub-faction of the Royal Scouts faction
with some elite options to choose from but require maybe 12 skill points spent on the
scout tree and 12 points in the warrior tree plus a big quest. Apart from the unlocked
skill and quest options becoming a Ranger or Paladin would be more like a title change
as you went from "Stormhammer Temple Guard" to "Stormhammer Paladin".

I'd want crafting skills to use up some of your total skills so it would be a hard choice that would only appeal to crafter type players. On the other hand not so many skill points that you couldn't be a master blacksmith who was still a decent fighter or an jeweller-enchanter who knew a enough magic to go and fight stuff when they were in the mood. They could never be as tough as players that specialized completely in fighting / magic but they'd be ok.

Xuljester writes:

Yeah, or you could stick with something more along the lines of the skill system in Ultima Online--you know, without the whole overly-forced level system.

Tue Dec 30 2008 8:44PM Report
Balkin31 writes:

I'll take skills over forced classes anyday....

Tue Dec 30 2008 10:21PM Report
Abrahmm writes:

Why keep the levels? Levels introduce a slew of problems like spreading out the playerbase, not allowing friends to play together, constricting people to a small amount of content at a time that they will never look at again, among other things. Levels are a really stupid(and lazy) way for devs to add content.

Wed Dec 31 2008 1:34AM Report
tupodawg999 writes:

I was thinking levels mostly for simplicity really. I didn't want to have to keep track of every time a player used every skill, so one skill choice per level, the list of options decided by faction(s) you were linked with at the time, seemed like a simple compromise. I agree it would be better and more realistic if the game just kept track of everything you did and your skills reflected that. I just don't want to code it :)

Wed Dec 31 2008 2:13PM Report
Venger writes:

I'd love to have a skill system like UO again.

Wed Dec 31 2008 4:00PM Report
tupodawg999 writes:

The other option I was toying with that be might even be simpler to code is to make it so you *bought* skills from your faction. Each quest would give some points with that faction and when you had enough you'd use them to buy faction rank, skills or gear.

Wed Dec 31 2008 5:11PM Report
PMW12 writes:

I'd look into Darkfall online if you'd want to play a game that has the skill system like UO did. No lvl's or classes, skill based.

Wed Dec 31 2008 11:25PM Report
Jamkull writes:

i'm big on skills myself, a system like the Elder Scrolls system from oblivion/morrowind type would be great.  The system from Mass Effect is pretty good also.  If you could mix a system like Asheron's Call with the system like Mass Effect or the Elder Scrolls games i think that would be something to the perfect skill system for myself.

with any luck the game that bioware austin is making would hopefully use something similar to Mass Effect.  Which of course if it turns out to be KoToR online, then that would be great too.

But i'm usually partial to the "pure skill" systems, like Asheron's Call.  It's just sad that games these days have to ride the shirt tale of games that have sold multple millions rather than try and be innovative.  but at least we have bioware and bethesda as possible companies to do just that in the mmo market.

Thu Jan 01 2009 1:29AM Report writes:
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