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The Chronicles of Spellborn Developer Blog

In The Chronicles of Spellborn players enter an impressive online game world containing scenic landscapes, majestic cities and the remnants of a shattered world.

Author: tcos

Contributor: TheHistorian

Patch — Paragraph of Timed Strike *hot fix*

Posted by TheHistorian Tuesday May 19 2009 at 12:59PM
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The patch is now in place on all of the Spellborn servers.

1. General
• Fixed an issue where players could no longer receive mails in-game
• The Free To Play Fame Level cap has been raised to 9.9! New players will now be able to complete more quests in Hawksmouth and Aldenvault
• The tutorial has been slightly extended to explain new players how to place newly acquired skills in their Skill Deck

2. World
• Added a detection mechanic toward the player, for Pooch and Tack in Citadel of Ail
• Added a timer so that the Demon Room event now ends at 0:00 (CEST)
• Removed Health Bars from Hoppies all over the world
• Adjusted the light maps for Demon Chamber stairs

3. Quests & Lore
• Fixed an issue with broken chat requirements for the quest "More Than One Helping Hand"
• Fixed an issue with the crystals being broken in the quest "The Crystal Theory"
• Changed the re-spawn rate of the Finks for the quest "The Hills have A Lot of Eyes"

4. Combat
• Absolute Bonus Damage is now scaled toward the Damage it modifies.

5. Sound & Music
• Added new ambience sounds and music for the Demon Chamber.

6. Economy
• Increased the drop rate chances for the Key of Cowardice
• Decreased the drop rate for the Urvhail key

7. Arena
• Several fixes has been made to the Arena:
- the matching rules have been improved
- when less players than required for the match team size are queued up in a skirmish match, the free spots are filled up with (free) random players
- skirmish: whenever a player leaves while waiting for a matching opposing team, the team goes back to the waiting list to fill up the empty spot with a random player
• Fixed an issue with the Arena, where choosing a "rematch" would previously start before the match was over

Enhancing features

Posted by Selachii Friday May 15 2009 at 7:27PM
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With patch 1.0.4 we launched two new features in The Chronicles of Spellborn, The Arena and the Demon Chest. These features are new to the game world, not merely extensions on existing features. For us developers it's very interesting to see how the players like it and how it turns out for them.

We really want these features to work and fit in, so we continue to work on them, based on the player feedback. We're not patching them in and saying "this is how we made it, have fun, we're moving on to something else". The features will be enhanced and adjusted to fit the gameworld and player experience just right.

To support this, we first keep track of the player activities through logging, but also through the forum and Webinar feedback. We already applied a hotfix with some minor changes for situations that didn't work out as intended for either players or developers.

Secondly, we are going to run a survey in the upcoming weeks. Not right now, we want players to get a good taste of the new features first. The survey will contain some basic questions and suggestions to poll the player experience. Next to these, it will pose some questions directly related to the core design of the feature. We'll confront the players with alternatives for currently implemented situations, to see which direction is the most popular. Most of these alternatives actually originate from the initial design process, but others might come forward based on player feedback.
The outcome of the survey will not only help us work on the existing features, but also improve features currently in development.

El Drijver
Lead Game Design

EU Patch and Server Merge!

Posted by TheHistorian Thursday May 14 2009 at 12:05PM
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Today we will deploy Patch on all live servers. Due to the new patch there will be a changed maintenance timeframe. We expect a 2 hour lasting downtime, from 10:00 am till 12:00 am (CEST).

This patch will contain, amongst other things, several skill fixes and fixes on the class balance at all. The level cap for F2P players will be raised to level 9.9. The patch also contains several other quest, graphics and overall fixing to the game. Another issue concerning the receiving of ingame mails was also fixed with this update. Not enough? We also extended to tutorial in some small parts, like the explanation on how to put skills on your skill deck.

The full patch notes can be found here.


Upcoming Server changes

As The Chronicles of Spellborn is now available nearly worldwide and so in many more countries in Europe we decided to change the server structure of the game. Due to that fact all characters from German and French servers will be moved onto the International servers that are bigger to provide common servers for all European players.

The current plan is that both the German and French PvP servers will be merged with the International server on Monday, the 18th of May 2009 and the German and French PvE servers on the next day, Tuesday, the 19th of May 2009.

We will send out a Newsletter with additional details about the latest patches for The Chronicles of Spellborn later today and publish a detailed FAQ about the server changes as well. So stay tuned for more news and our newsletter, which contains more details about the planning in detail.

Patch 1.0.4 - Scroll of Keys and Courage

Posted by TheHistorian Tuesday May 12 2009 at 2:50PM
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Greetings, citizens of the Enclave, welcome to the Scroll of Keys and Courage.

It's time to start putting your abilities to the test, whether you prefer hunting Menaces, dueling other players or ‘resolving issues’ with members of other High Houses!

House Maul has opened the Arena for organized matches. Players will be able to sign up in Hawksmouth or the Quarterstone Arena District. Skirmish matches are open to anyone at any time; House Maul will make sure the fairest setup of gladiators will be placed opposite of each other. (*)

For the gladiators seeking to prove themselves, they’ll be able to register a team. The team can enter the 2v2-League, 4v4-League or both! Points will be awarded on a weekly basis, based on the teams’ position, which can be used to purchase unique Arena rewards.

The Arena statistics and team window can be invoked via a new button in the Menu bar.

Also, unusual activity has been uncovered in the basement of the Palace in the Quarterstone Palace District. Scouting adventurers have reported sightings of a Treasure Chest, but a rather unusual one. Due to its surroundings it’s been dubbed the Demon Chest, but why it’s there and what it contains is still a mystery. It is yet to be opened as it requires three unique keys nobody in the Enclave has yet found. The locks indicate relationships with aspects of the world, but adventurers will have to be sent out to retrieve the keys.

Be sure you know who your friends and who your enemies are. PvP lootable player items enter the Chronicles of Spellborn. Currently this is only used for the keys of Treasure Chests! All keys in a player inventory will be looted by the player who is responsible for the killing blow! Be careful where you bring your keys and try not to attract too much attention when you carry them around.

Accompanying these great big features is a slew of Skill fixes, Quest fixes, Quest additions and feature additions. The Tales From The Vale carry on while /me and /roll have been added to improve interaction and well-balanced decision making.


* House Maul Administration does not guarantee placement of equally skilled gladiators in the Arena.

1. General
Fixed an issue where a spawned pets had the wrong HUD-tracker color
Fixed a rare problem where players reported getting stuck while watching the credits
Fixed an issue with the Profanity Filter settings not being saved correctly
Fixed an exploit where monsters would not run away from the player when the player was unreachable
Fixed an issue where NPC's were not proposing a specific conversation option
Fixed color of min and max price in marketplace history tool-tip
Fixed a severe issue with other applications taking priority over Spellborn, thus crashing the client with a critical error
Fixed an issue where accompanied NPCs sometimes stopped following the player while walking past a friendly NPC
Fixed an issue where closing the World Map would close all underlying windows
Fixed an issue where the High House chat tab was showing for new players while it shouldn't
Fixed stats re-and degeneration of wildlife NPC's while they were in combat
Fixed an issue where respawning while a player had a pet would cause the player to become invisible to other players
Added a new spawn temple after the Becks fight in Citadel of Ail
Added the emotes "/me" and "/roll" to improve interaction
Removed several empty Conversation Nodes
Set Health bars for all small, one-hit kill Critters, to invisible
Many fixes, changes and additions (besides the ones mentioned here) have been made to the Quests and Lore
Made resources all over the world less visible and harder to find
Changed market place history graph to extend average price from previous price if no items are on sale
Changed Wander algorithm to avoid NPC grouping
Disabled emotes while sitting (no longer possible to dance (or any other emote) while sitting down)
Windows that automatically reposition themselves now snap left & stack

2. World

Fixed an issue where guards in Wagonwood would end up standing in fires
Fixed a problem where the player could previously get stuck in the crater in Gravesbow
Fixed a problem with strange lights showing up around Raizha's Stall in Quarterstone Pit District
Fixed various glitches, holes and strange occurrences all over the world
Fixed the rocks not properly spawning around the Mercantile
Fixed several floating rocks, ferns, trees & fences in Brightvale
Fixed the priority of the Grand Walk in Green District, so that PvP doesn't switch on & off all the time
Fixed some tool tip issues in the Quarterstone Fountain District
Fixed several floating plants, rocks and lights in Stonedeep
Fixed several holes in the terrain throughout Stonedeep
Fixed a hole close to the edge around Scourpool
Fixed a small hole in the terrain in Hearth, near the drunken skeleton
Added a collision to the bridge that leads to High House Rune in Aldenvault (it is no longer be possible to get underneath it)
Added more boars and Shoaten around the docks in Hawksmouth
Added more Young Frayena's to the first and second plateau of the graveyard in Quarterstone Pit District
Added & tweaked the Quarterstone Mines to include more monsters and patrols (making the area harder and more alive)
Added additional lighting in the Howler Cave
Added a few tents and mine-props around Scourpool lake
Removed a crate in Garminholm which was mysteriously floating in the sky
Adjusted the World map indicator for Mount of Heroes South
Adjusted the World map indicator for Gravesbow
Adjusted the World map indicator for Garminholm
Changed the mini map on the Mercantile
Changed the collision of the docks at Quarterstone Fountain District
Changed the location of the Vhuul Relic in Hawksmouth (High House Shroud quest chain)
Changed the view distance for the Academy and Shops in Hawksmouth
Made the NPC in HoratusHope that says "We are all fortunate to have your skills at hand" say it far less often
Redistributed the wildlife in Quarterstone Pit District so it's easier to solo this area
Reduced number of particles in Quarterstone Pit District by 75% to increase performance
Reduced the amount of sheep, cows, cats and chicken in Gravesbow
Replaced the "slope" part in Brightvale with something a little more dangerous
Replaced the visual effect on the sword which stands guard over Balemeadow
The graphical glitches reported by players in the crypts in Grimbound Fields have now been adressed
Unusual activity has been uncovered in the basement of the Palace in the Quarterstone Palace District

3. Quests & Lore

Fixed a problem with the quest "Emergency Disaster Control". The book now has a purple glow, making it easier to locate
Fixed several typos in the quest chain "It's just Business"
Fixed several typos in the quest chain "Skinflints"
Fixed several typos in the quest chain "Dungorm... Check!"
Fixed several typos in the quest chain "East End Story"
Fixed an issue where the Speyrfolk in Hearth would previously attack Karaklos
Fixed an issue with the quest "Second Time's A Shift", it is now possible to receive the followup quest on completion
Fixed an issue with the quest "The Three Seals", the seals are now interactable
Fixed an issue with the altar in the quest "The Rebirth of a Shadow", the altar and the cave have also received a beautification
Fixed a critical issue with the quest "The Mindset to Decide", the mail sent to the player now appears correct
Fixed several typos in the quest "East End Story", the directions are now clearer
Fixed a problem with Mjirna Conall, who would not fight back when agitated. This has been corrected, and she is fierce now
Fixed several typos in the quest "The Rescue of the Mare"
Fixed several typos in the quest "Making Sense"
Fixed several typos in the quest "The Soil Of Our Nation"
Fixed an issue with monsters sometimes not spawning in The Chamber Of Order in Tomb of the Ancestors
Fixed an issue with not being able to break the crates in the quest "To Break Your Own Stuff"
Fixed an issue in the quest "Tale Of The Hidden Secrets", Riadan the Bandit is now attacking after spawning
Fixed an issue with the quest "Insurgent Gauntlets". It is now possible to turn in the quest again
Fixed an issue with the quest "Talk to Telnix Shardsong". It is now possible to pick up the followup quest
Fixed an issue with NPC Sennar Din who previously did not spawn for the quest "To Acsendancy and Beyond"
Fixed an issue where previously the mining pick axe did not show while mining a stone resource
Fixed an issue where Phasing Nettles previously did not disappear after being harvested
Fixed several typos in the quest "Gravely Camp"
Fixed typo in the quest objective for "The Caller Of Winds"
Fixed typo in flavour text for "Porous Wood Limbs"
Fixed typo in the quest "The Menacing Dummies"
Fixed typo in the quest "Audience With The Captain"
Fixed typo and beautified text in the quest "Welcome To Hawksmouth"
Fixed several typos in the quest "Price of Need", the directions are now clearer
Fixed several typos in the quest "For the Enclave!"
Fixed several typos in the chat "The Oracle..."
Fixed several typos in the quest "Message in a Bag"
Fixed an issue with Siltor Timebane in the Consanguineous Vaults
Fixed an issue with Lezu the Broken in the Consanguineous Vaults
Fixed an issue with the follow-up for the "Decisions" quest line, it now activates for House Torque members too
Fixed several typos in the quest "Urgarut Them Out"
Fixed an issue with the quest "The Mindset to Decide" where Tebron Hale didn't want to talk
Fixed Ansgur's forging abilities while on quest
Fixed an possible exploit for Longarm Mordaunt so that players can't take him out of the Skullpath Barrows and out for a walk through Hearth
Fixed an problem with the fires in Exarchyon not doing damage when standing in them
Fixed an issue in the quest "The One", it is once again possible to attack Highcaller Krish
Fixed an issue in the quest "Culture Beat". The Lord of Crimson Black now works as intended
Added extra text to the quest "Walk With Me"
Added additional re-spawn temples in Tomb of the Ancestors
Added an additional exit to Stonedeep at beginning and end of Tomb of the Ancestors
Removed the Rawskull Arionites in Ravensquay
Removed the extra chat option in the quest "The Rescue of the Mare", which accidentally broke the quest
Removed the extra chat option in the quest "To Oust Or Not To Oust", which accidentally broke the quest
All mentions of "Sentinel" have been changed to "Terrin Sword"
Changed the talk & finish objectives for the quest "Worship and Idolatry"
Changed the name "Brightvale" to "Homestead" or "Wallers Hill"
Clarified the summary of the quest "Captain's Logs"
Clarified the summary of the quest "Not So Little Nails"
Clarified the summary of the quest "A Strange Veteran"
Cullo and his little friend are no longer hiding in the bushes for the quest "Keep your enemies closer!"
Corrected the quest target NPC for the quest "Transporter Flammie Drum"
Corrected the quest objective for the quest "The Aftermath Shroud"
Moved Skerintha so that she is now further into the camp and harder to reach
Moved Soul Shop employee Lauline Numestra to a location in Boltfort which makes more sense
Overseer Metjak in Statue District is now less confused
Rotated a spirit in the Glaive graveyard so he's more likely to face players when summoned
Set correct Wanted poster for "WANTED: Gravis Werden"
Several fixes and tweaking has been added to Citadel of Ail
Testa Delorum is no longer meditating 3 feet above the ground
The quest log for the quest "The Shroud Challenge" has now had its hints tweaked
Tweaked Joust Mustagen's conversation further to give more information
Tweaked the lights in the Chamber Of Slaughter
The quest log for the quest "Wipe The Smug From Their Faces" has now had its directions tweaked
The quest log for the quest "Urgarut Them Out" has now had its directions tweaked
The quest log for the quest "The Great Classics" has now been tweaked
The quest log for the High House Silver initiation quest has now had its directions tweaked
Veridan Herald Kessel Lightliner has now been awarded a faction

4. Combat

Fixed an issue with where you could revenge yourself when you got damage through a reflect on your target
Fixed an issue where the cool-down started, even after the summoning of a pet failed
Fixed an exploit which made it possible to activate Bodyslots while drawing or sheathing weapon
Added the Arena system to the world. This includes Leagues, Teams and corresponding NPC's
PvP lootable player items have entered the Chronicles of Spellborn
Changed the mousewheel behaviour to select skills while drawing weapon, rather than zooming in/out
Spirit Bonds now only shares damage received by the spirit
Righteous Hunt in combination with Reflect, no longer heals the enemy
Vile Hunt in combination with Reflect, no longer heals the enemy
Stormstrike - fixed an issue where the chain effect wouldn't jump correctly
The Balance - fixed an issue where points were not correctly drained and added
Skinshifter Shapes - no longer freeze character when shifting
Gadget Storm - fixed an issue where the Gadget is not fired at the target
Flashfire Charge - corrected the debuff icons
Null Barrage - now correctly Heals divided heal based on 15% of the targets health. The heal is capped when the heal exceeds a certain value
Soul Cyclone — increased the buff duration from 4s to 6s, fixed the wrong description
Summoning (Pets) — updated the graphical casting effect
Spectral Shield — now gives Magic Resistance instead of Melee Resistance
Contra Blade — Backstab is calculated correctly
Spear — adjusted the values so it matches heavy calculated piercing damage
Spinal Tap — fixed a bug where Life Tap would use the wrong stack type
Magi Funnel — removed the delay from the Reflect that could be obtained by hitting someone behind the caster
Paragon Strike - slightly increased the range of the party buff
When pressing either "B" or "N" keys, or clicking on the Skill Book Icon, both the Skill Book and the Skill Deck will open as one

5. Sound & Music

Added new ambiences for the Deadspell Storm shardship quests with the lost ship
Added more variation and some musical elements to the Ringfell ambiances
Added more dynamic elements and some musical chords to Hearth night time ambiances
Added a sound for the defrosting of enemies in the first Consanguineous Vaults challenge
Added proper music for the attack on Init Xohael
Added new Weapon Hit sounds for melee combat and new Arrow Shoot sounds
Removed some of the very loud insects in and around Hearth
Changed several sound & music settings in Exarchyon to better fit the setting of this world
Changed several sound & music settings in Slywood to better fit the setting of this world
Changed several sound & music settings in Stonedeep to better fit the setting of this world
Changed the Default Audio Volumes so footsteps of others around you are more prominent
Changed so the skill effects of grouped players are slightly muted so it's easier to hear your own skills
Changed several sound & music settings in the Consanguineous Vaults to better fit the setting of the instance
Changed several sound & music settings in Quarterstone Fountain District to better fit the setting of world
Changed several sound & music settings in Quarterstone Statue District to better fit the setting of world
Changed several sound & music settings in Quarterstone Green District to better fit the setting of world
Made the ambiances in Citadel of Ail generally louder so it's easier to hear them
Tweaked the music in Quarterstone Pit District

6. Economy

Added new properties for the Scion Armor
Added new properties for the Scion Clothes
Changed the icon for "Large Pure Quarterquartz" into something fancy
Increased the drop-rate of Quarterquartz for the quest chain "Mining For Quarterquartz"

7. GUI
Reworked the Quest Conversation window
Accept and Decline options are now presented in a different manner
Topics and replies are more clearly separated
A new "Complete" button has been added to finish Quests

8. Menaces

Fixed a exploit where Daphne Bunscook in Hoggsridge kept attacking the wildlife rather than the player
Fixed a spawning issue with the menace Crulrain Cyradh, she appeared twice at times
Changed the name of the wanted poster for Perrefin Sadirn

Demon Chests

Posted by TheHistorian Tuesday May 12 2009 at 2:44PM
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A mysterious treasure of unknown origins has been uncovered!

Located in the basement of the Enclave Palace on the shard of Quarterstone, the Chamber of Cowardice awakens from its slumber. Champions entering the Chamber recognize fallen Maulites and a statue representing one of the Eight Demons.

The statue is lurched over a chest: a treasure chest - a Demon Chest! What kind of wealth and fortune is contained within a chest displayed in such a manner? Who placed it there and why? Should it be approached with caution, with greed or maybe a bit of both?

Its origin unknown, there should be details about the Chest somewhere. A book or scroll on a dusty forgotten shelf perhaps? Maybe in some of the ancient and warped stories passed down within the older bloodlines; deemed to be mere bedtime fairytales, they may be closer to the truth than anyone might expect.

The Chest’s build quality is clearly impeccable and its contents are sealed behind three unbreakable locks. They may look similar from a distance, but studying them up close might help in determining the origin or whereabouts of the appropriate keys.

The Demon Chest of Cowardice


This the first of the Demon Chests uncovered by the Enclave. It can be found in the basement of the Enclave Palace in the Oracle District of Quarterstone.

Every day, the Chamber to this chest will be accessible for a limited time only. The Chamber opens up in the evening (based on local Universe time) and remains available until the Universe restarts on the following day. The Chamber will also close after the chest has been looted; remaining players will be placed outside of it.

The hallways to the Chamber are not enabled for PvP and allow access to the Chamber from multiple sides. Inside the Chamber, however, High House PvP is activated after a 5 second timer.


The Demon Chest contains three locks, each with their own associated keys:

The Key of Cowardice

This one key is unique to the Demon Chest and can only drop from a limited selection of opponents in the game world. It will unlock one specific lock on the Demon Chest.

Faction Keys

The other two locks are bound to factions. For Demon Chest of Cowardice, Urvhail and Brotherhood of the Glaive have a chance of carrying these keys around. These faction-keys are not exclusive for use with the Demon Chest, but will be used to access faction related content in the near future.

Player looting


All keys can be looted from player inventories! This means that in a PvP situation, the player who deals the killing blow will receive all the keys currently in possession of the victim. Keys can be looted by other players for an infinite amount of times and can also be traded between players in a more civilized fashion.

Please note that there are no visual indicators to show whether a player carries a key or how many! Happy looting!

Underdogs Win By Changing The Rules

Posted by TheHistorian Monday May 11 2009 at 1:52PM
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In an interesting article in the New Yorker, entitled Annals of Innovation: How David Beats Goliath, Malcolm Gladwell explores just how underdogs topple giants. Gladwell recounts the story of a basketball team of preteen girls, coached by Vivek Ranadivè, as they encounter teams who are taller and more skillful than they are. Using a full-court press tactic for most of the game, they confuse and wear down teams used to more traditional play, and they soon started to win games. By adapting the way their play style to work to their own strengths the were not just winning games, they were dominating other teams.

Spellborn is a bit of an underdog in itself. It is changing thoughts on how an MMO should be run and the very nature of the Skilldeck and the quest based advancement in-game is a bold "Changing of the Rules". That Skilldeck is the unique aspect of Spellborn's combat that allows a player of lower level to potentially railroad players of much higher levels. The beauty is that we are just getting started with Spellborn and we are just now starting to explore the many combination of deck setups. Who knows what the combat will be like in the 6 months.

Read the article and take a look at Spellborn, then take a deeper look at the Skilldeck. You might be the underdog putting a total beat down on those other players.

Annals of Innovation: How David Beats Goliath: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

Spellborn Developer Webinar Thurs, May 14th, 2009 3:00 PM PT

Posted by TheHistorian Monday May 11 2009 at 11:18AM
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I don't think there is an way we can truely expess how important we think these webinars are except to start having them on a more consistant basis. To that end we’ve set up a recurring webinar for every Wednesday at 3pm PT, except this weeks which will be on thursday.

Here is your registration link for this week's Webinar:


Q & A and Audio from the Webinar 5/6

Posted by TheHistorian Friday May 8 2009 at 1:18PM
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We had Sven Ehrentraut, a Spellborn designer who worked on the Combat Systems along with El Drijver (Lead Designer Spellborn Int. Ltd.), David Perry (CCO Acclaim), Howard Marks (CEO Acclaim), Aaron Rose (Director of Marketing), David Jun (Director of Games) and myself. We talked about the upcoming Patch, with the new Arena system and answered player questions.

You can listen to it on my site, subscribe to my podcast, or download directly.

Audience Question:
Q: Patch 1.0.4 comes when?[Glenn Hill]
A: It's live in europe now, I'm not sure when Acclaim rolls out.
Hist: We got the files today. We will be testing them and will be announcing a patch date soon.

Audience Question:
Q: Is there anything in the works to keep players from abusing the environment to kill NPCs? (other than GM and Player policing)[Joseph Milne]
A: Some behaviour of the Mobs wasn't working as intended. This has been improved in 1.0.4, we'll gather feedback to see how it turns out now.

Audience Question:
Q: What happened to the tavern minigames and will they be added sometime in the future?[Joseph Pegg]
A: I have to check why these were turned off

Audience Question:
Q: When is the nerf to revenge coming? All I see in the patch notes about it is stopping revenge from hurting yourself...basically giving it even less risk.[Darren Flood]
A: we have an update on this that would work globally on all sorts of dots and similar effects. We test this at the moment and when it all looks as good as it does at the moment, we'll rolling this out with the hotfix

Audience Question:
Q: Is the Rune Mage's burn effect harming teammates an intended effect? If so, why is this? [Mike Bitton]
A: yes, there are two effects: Burn can set a melee attacker on fire, and works as a drawback. The attacker himself receives Flame, which cannot set others on fire

Audience Question:
Q: dont have question this coming patch wondering if they will be giving us more custamizing for interface mainly for text color and resize the chat windows[william kappe]
A: Eventually, but this won't arrive soon

Audience Question:
Q: YOU GUYS RULE[Nathan Van Dyne]
A: thanks

Audience Question:
Q: Will Their Be Equipment later on that Would give players more of a reason to change their Armor? I am Currently level 20 and still useing my level 1 armor cause I made it That Good Looking from Starting Creation =)[Adrian Wrzodak]
A: yeah, we have pieces that look alot better than the starter gear. But if you like the way your character looks, we won't force you to farm for something else.

Audience Question:
Q: Its most 46+ mobs they are buggy dmg sometimes perma healing , or like the posion dot mega[Joshua Smith]
A: We know issues from a couple of mobs, please report these issues or mail historian at, so we can fix it.

As DP mentioned at the end of the talk.. If there are certain subjects that you want us to cover in the webinars, please email me with them or comment on this post. I already have a few requests for the Lore writer to return for a second Webinar.

What makes Spellborn different from the rest of the MMOs out there?

Posted by TheHistorian Monday May 4 2009 at 2:42PM
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I often get asked, "What makes Spellborn different from the rest of the MMOs out there?". I tell them about the immersive story line, the distinctive graphical style, the unique twitch combat, the highly configurable skill deck and finally I drop the bombshell, the Weekly Webinars.

"So you mean that Acclaim’s Spellborn Team and the Developers have a one hour chat with the players every week?", they ask.

"Yes.", I say, "And it isn’t just the Devs and Acclaim talking. The players actually get to speak directly with us and will sometimes have to answer questions from us."

I ask you, what other Developer or Publisher is doing anything like this?

So while Spellborn has a lot going for it in-game, it is the unique ability for the players to not only make their voices heard, but to be able to do so in a way they guarantees that they will know they are heard that really makes Spellborn different from the rest. Just to prove my point, have a listen to last weeks webinar: Spellborn Webinar Apr 30th 2009

If you want to catch this weeks Webinar, just hit the "Chats with the Spellborn Team" post where David Perry gives the details on getting registered.

Chats with the Spellborn Team

Posted by tcos Saturday May 2 2009 at 2:09AM
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Come join us for the next Spellborn chat. Tell us what YOU think, we will challenge you to put your designer hat on, and tell us how to make the game better for you.

There are a bunch of community inspired changes already in the works, so this is a level of access that’s very rare in the game development world.

How? The lead designer is there on every call, so am I, so is the head of the community, the head of marketing, and even the CEO of Acclaim.

Together we can answer any question and the feedback has been great.

The next chat is going to be on May 6th at 3PM (PDT), and you are all very welcome to join us.

Just make sure you have a working microphone, so we can chat live!

Oh, and please watch the video on our homepage as we will be discussing that.

David Perry
USA Spellborn Director

2 Weeks Free Subscription Offer - Ends May 7

Posted by tcos Friday May 1 2009 at 3:49PM
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To commemorate the official release of The Chronicles of Spellborn, Acclaim Games is having a special launch promotion until May 7, 2009 offering a FREE 2 week premium subscription for all new and existing players giving everyone a chance to evaluate the game and experience the unique real-time combat system of Spellborn. New players must register before May 7 to get the free subscription.

Once players download and install the game for free at, they can choose between a PvE (Player vs Environment) server called “Dorzhan” and a PvP (Player vs Player) server called “Deiquonril” for a more intense combat experience.

New players are invited to join the fun in one of the most innovative MMORPG’s on the market featuring a unique real-time combat system that truly sets the game apart!


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Posted by tcos Friday May 1 2009 at 3:47PM
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Welcome to the new The Chronicles of Spellborn Developer Blog!

Posted by tcos Friday May 1 2009 at 3:46PM
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Welcome to our new developer blog on  We want to keep our dedicated player community up to date with the latest happenings for Spellborn. So we will be updating this developer blog regularly with developer articles, game background info, sneak peek previews, exclusive screenshots, community announcements, special promotions, and more!

So check back often for more updates on The Chronicles of Spellborn!