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Skyrim: Why a good mmo it wouldnt make...

Posted by t0nyd Sunday December 4 2011 at 2:04AM
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 I simply do not understand why Skyrim is getting all this recognition. Skyrim is obviously a pretty game, which never translates well into an mmo due to the average user not being able to play it at max settings and due to obvious performance issues with 20 people on the screen let alone 100. in my opinion, Skyrim wouldnt make a viable mmo and here is why I believe this...

[Simplistic Combat]

I would say that the biggest bane of the elder scrolls games has been its combat. I simply do not see how people enjoy the combat in this game. Swing, Block, Swing, Swing, block, does combat ever get any more complicated than this, no. Simplistic combat seems to be the common denominator of skill based roleplaying games. This type of combat brings to mind Darkfall and do we need another Darkfall?


Can you imagine 9000 dragonborn running around. This being an mmo pretty much destroys the theme of Sklyrim, that being dragonborn are rare. The same problems occured in SW Galaxies with Jedi. For me atleast, it destroyed the theme of galaxies when I first noticed a screen full of lightsabers. Skyrim is a world built for one and it should stay that way.


When you play an mmo like WoW, its obvious that it is crafted in such a way as to do what it does and do it well. A game like Skyrim is crafted in such a way that there are a myriad of frustrating glitches. Physics glitches alone are numerous. I have a friend with a pretty much identical system and like clockwork, every hour upon the hour his game crashes. I simply can not see Bethesda creating a stable enough engine that would support an mmo.


 I find it odd that people even compare single playing rpg's and mmo's. People like to go on and on about story and cut scenes but they simply do not realize how a single player game vs a massive multiplayer game do not compare even in the slightest. What is beloved in a single player game can be disruptive and unfun on a massive scale. When crafting a single player experience, balance isnt much of a thought and story becomes the prime focus. When you are in your own univierse you care not what levels the fastest, what the best gear is, or if you get to endgame content in a reasonable time. Its your world and thats entertaining all on its own. The moment you throw others players into the world is the moment all the tiny holes that you noticed playing solo become massive chasms that ruin your enjoyment of the game.

djhellsinki writes:

Simplistic Combat-if you plan to use magic eighter 1 handed or both hands combat becomes a lot more strategic.Even if you choose to go full meele or ranged there is always positioning and timing regarding your power attacks,blocks or changing your weapons to say some magic(without wich you have a pretty hard time).Add to that hundreds of spells,item effects and an actual AI to your enemy and combat is not in the least simplistic.More simplistic than pressing a combination of keys over and over it definetly isn't.

Roleplay-i can pretty much understand this.If there are dragons there have to be dragonborns in the game but it's a matter of lore wich can be changed.

Engine-yep i guess it's number 1 reason it never gonna happen.The game looks good and asks a lot of resources then add all those other players throwing fireballs and whatnot=lag.

Conclusion-i agree with you that there is no comparison between a single player game such as Skyrim and an mmo.But that is what people wish,so that in the future they can compare a MMO with such a great game as Skyrim.And from upcoming games you can distinguish a trend.And why?Because money speaks and that's a reason The Elder Scrools sells so good and has such a fanatic fanbase:)

Sun Dec 04 2011 2:34PM Report
mrcalhou writes:

I don't see how the combat in Skyrim is any more simplistic than pressing tab, pressing a number key, and then auto-running into range. I do think that Skyrim's movement speed is a bit too fast for the type of melee combat it has, but I don't think it's any less strategic than tab-targetting.

Now, in terms of being "the chosen one" or some analogue of that, then I'm all with you there. I'd rather be just another cog in the machine than the hero.


Sun Dec 04 2011 11:56PM Report writes:
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