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World of Warcraft, I just do not get it...

Posted by t0nyd Sunday November 14 2010 at 8:12PM
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 Let's start by saying that I am an avid PvPer. I decided to pick up WoW again just to see how things have changed since I played. I originally quit playing just after the release of the burning crusade. I have heard a lot about the changes so I figured that I might  as well see what all the fuss was about.

 I began by creating a human paladin. I always liked perception, the activateable ability that can help you pop stealthers. Quicky I realized perception was made into a passive and that humans now have a new activatable that functions much like a trinket. Already, I have a concern about the game. In a game where tactics are necessary to win, I would think that an instant " I am out of your crowd control " ability just shouldnt exist unless its a very class specific function. I pushed on leveling at a rate I find kind of hard to believe. I was level 15 before I blinked and running random instances. The next blink i was level 19 in mostly green gear with some blues.

 I decided to PvP and call to arms for Warsong Gulch was up. Two wins was all it took for me to level out of the 10-19 bracket. I was shocked. I was also shocked by the total lack of class balance. Most of my BG's were usually full of rogues that would simply shadow step, ambush, dead caster. It was hard to believe a caster would even queue up. I moved on from the BG's and went back to instancing to build up a set up gear. That is when I noticed bind on account gear.

 Bind on account gear, I would have to say that in my opinion, is the worst idea that I have ever seen implemented into a game. When a new player comes into a game, they lack knowledge and experience. A new player lacks the information needed to succeed and over time, they obtain this information. So when an experienced player is in a BG with new players, there is an obvious advantage on the side of experience. Now lets take this experience advantage and also give that player better equipment than the new player can obtain until he reaches level cap, Blizzard, you have simply out done yourself. Bravo. Those elitiest players, they needed even more of an advantage...

 I do my best to ignore BoA gear and push on just for the hell of it. Before I know it, I am a level 46 Prot Pali in all blues. I am rocking 3200 health and feeling like some PvP. I enter WSG and see a few players with over 5000 health. The rewards for being an experienced player are simply far to great. I actually enjoyed myself in that BG until I decided to disect the new mechanics of the game.

 As a Protection Paladin, my damage output is simply absurd. If my talents refresh my avengers shield cooldown, the burst potential is rediculous. I was having avengers shield crits for over 2000 damage vs players with 2000 health. I just do not see why a healing class in plate armor should out burst a mage. Then I realized that you simply have to have a high damage output due to the fact that it doesnt seem that there is a such thing as defense in WoW.

 As I walk out of the WSG tunnel I am sapped, ambushed, and eviscerated for my total health. I begin to wonder, what does the 5200 armor statistic and a shield even do. I read it and it says 54% damage mitigation which makes me wonder if its even possible for a caster to survive combat with a rogue. I also start seeing huge damage output from most classes and it dawns on me, Blizzard has simply made everyone a dps class in PvP. In PvE, yes you will have tanks but at level 46 and below, I have seen almost every class tank with little to no problems. Almost all of the instances seem to be a complete joke. On one run I wasnt paying much attention due to the ease of the instance when I realized our healer left. I dont know when, but he bounced at some point and that entire time I was healing myself. Needless to say, we finished that instance without a dedicated healer.

I am not sure what the point of this blog is. Maybe it is to point out the absurdness that is WoW PvP at the moment. Maybe it is to point out the total lack of difficulty that is PvE. Maybe I am simply shocked at the new direction Blizzard is taking WoW.

pingo writes:

I am puzzled and preplexed over this post.


"A new player lacks the information needed to succeed and over time, they obtain this information. So when an experienced player is in a BG with new players, there is an obvious advantage on the side of experience. Now lets take this experience advantage and also give that player better equipment than the new player can obtain until he reaches level cap"


New players are supposed to figure this out and be inspired and motivated to become better. It's called progress, not giving out the carrot(motivation) to the newbies in the beginning.

There is, and have never been anything fair about the PvP, particularly at low levels. The game is not balanced around that, and should not be treated as some sort of balanced mechanic.



You assume a lot of things about the game, for a game that is balanced around lvl 80. What did you honestly think you knew being lvl 46?

Depending on gear, team, luck/lack of luck, class in those level brackets, it can go any way.

But WoW PvP has always been like this. WoW PvP will never be fixed. It is squirshy, and it always will be. Because it's a PvE game. There is nothing else to it.


And I am saying this as a person who enjoys PvPing in WoW.

Sun Nov 14 2010 9:23PM Report
t0nyd writes:

BoA items are simply taking the Elitist mentality to far. The mentality that " I have a level 80 so even my low level alts should own new players " is simply absurd.

A game is supposed to be enjoyable. Elitiests only want the game to enjoyable for them. BoA gear should be limited to twink BG's. New players deserve to experience the game and learn without being punished...

Sun Nov 14 2010 10:59PM Report
jvxmtg writes:

BoA items requires the same amount to time to aquire as with twink items. So if you want to be better in the BG, twink your toon.


Besides, at your level, I would be focusing more on dungeons and leveling up rather than going in BGs. Also, what do you intend to accomplish in the BGs other than overpowering those who are in level and gear deficient compare to you. If you're there for experience, why the gears matters? IMO, you get better exp running instances than BGs.

Mon Nov 15 2010 1:06PM Report
StoogeMonkey writes:

I can't believe you guys telling him that 'the game is balanced around 80' and that 'you should just be in dungeons leveling up', so the way to play this game is to now rush as fast as possible from 1 to 80 to rerun raids over and over for a gear grind?

In vanilla, there was endgame, and there was gear grind, but the journey was actually worth taking, and challenging, and not as in time consuming challenging, but the right balance between time, teamwork, and player knowledge. For example if you had a deadshit group running BRD ( the instance to attune for MC etc) you could have a shit team and spend 3 hours doing it and racking up a huge repair bill, or you have a good team and get it done in half the time, with some nice shit to sell and maybe a blue or two.

Theres an arguement that you cant control what deadshits your gonna get in your group, and people have reached to elitist tools like gearscore to overcome this rather than *gasp* using a friends list.

When you met a good player you friended him, and soon enough you would be running dungeons with people on your friends list/ youd get to know what kind of crafter they were and put it down as a note next to their name, and get them to enchant your breasplate of awesomeness for you when it finaly dropped.

The fact that they've made everyone dps to the point where you dont need teamwork, and that you can faceroll dungeons without communication (i.e. teamwork) is absurd, why bother playing this game if your not going to interact with each other besides checking gearscore.

Tue Nov 16 2010 5:26AM Report
Wobwka writes:

I'm going to point out, that you complain about BOA gear, but you can get blues at lvl 19,29, etc that are better than the boa's attained. I.e. the Tunic of Westfall gives more agility n stam, than the boa chest piece. and it's a quest reward for doing the VC chain. Honestly, it really does'nt matter. And you joined the game when it's inbalanced due to everything being redone stat wise, right before a new expansion release.  Examples, yea rogues own at the lvl 19 bracket. But the way they're set up they're going to be terrible at 85.  So comparing the low lvl pvp brackets and making a general assumption based off of that is kind of misguided. And if you have a well geared toon thats a mage or dps class at lvl 46, they'll hit a lot harder than just 2k.  My rogue n mage crit for over 2k+ at lvl 29 easily, just to give an example. 

Tue Nov 16 2010 8:00AM Report
sazabi writes:

a game that is half balanced at max lvl and absolutely imbalanced before that.....

when i played it was a common sight to be in a team of players like myself - newbies or not, players that have sense, but not the 'know-all' types. if by chance enemy had someone who knew the game well....

the outcome would be a hunter having atleast 2x hp than any player in our team. basically he could tank people all day, capture one flag after another with minimal help from his comrades.


while wow is exceptional at its atmosphere, loads of quests and fun with friends...  pvp is horrible.

guild wars 2... where are you...

Tue Nov 16 2010 9:21PM Report
letsjet writes:

#1 Come back Dec 7th. Cataclysm destroies the old world and makes levelling more interesting. It also bring rated bg's. I admit that the 1-79 game is not awesome, but it doesnt take forever to get there. (see #3 below).

#2 You should get level max in a month without BoA gear. If your good, much faster. As it is right now, the real hardcore great pvp is all in the arena. You need to be level max to expierence this. Sorry, butafter six years, as it is right now, most people are at end game.

#3 If you have a friend or buy 2 accounts and dualbox, you get x2 exp andcansummon to your friend/other characterswhich means you can get to max level within days not weeks of playtime.

#4 Right now, the real game starts at 80 and it is intense. At 80 it's time to gear up. Anything over a 2000 rated arena team is great pvp. Basically, you have to know all the abilities of all the classes and all their counters along with the twitch control and low latency to take advantage of that.  Guild Wars put in a cheap auto level for pvp. I like that you need to earn it in WoW.

#5 1-79 is just a long tutorial (well really not that long if you use Refer-a-Friend.)

Wed Nov 17 2010 10:46AM Report
kjempff writes:

It is very simple, you assume wow is a pvp game and its not.

WoW is mainly pve, with some pvp on the side.

Pvp in wow is not balanced that is true, but the pvp is more based on teamwork rather than 1 on 1 in my opinion.

Last, real pvp only starts at max level. The people you have met are probably hardcore pvp'ers who have equipped and specced a toon for optimal pvp at a certain level. You will find high level pvp much better but still ... its not a pvp based game, so maybe other games are better choice for you.

Wed Nov 17 2010 4:42PM Report
t0nyd writes:

It is very simple, I assume that WoW is a PvP game on the basis that Blizzard implimented PvP. If you are going to add something to a game, then support it. I believe that is a valid request.

For those of you who believe that games only begin at the end, I have a new blog for you to read...

Thu Nov 18 2010 6:33AM Report
Latella writes:

I miss the old no bg/arena WoW, back when we used to crash the servers by fighting out massive battles southshore vs tarren mill and astranaar vs ¿splinter tree?  forgot the name.

Oh and, Stranglethorn Vietnam

Sat Nov 20 2010 1:21AM Report
Yamota writes:

WoW was from the beginning casual garbage for people who dont know how to play and has become so even more. That is why it has so many subs because it appeals to the lowest denominator.

Sat Nov 20 2010 12:02PM Report writes:
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