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Why Age of Conan does not break the MMORPG mold...

Posted by t0nyd Tuesday June 10 2008 at 10:41PM
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 More random thoughts on Age of Conan and mmorpgs in general...

 Leveling and Questing

 Leveling is simply monotonous. Leveling is similar to every other mmorpg ever made. You can choose between two methods of leveling, grind mobs OR quest. The quests are similar to to every other mmorpg ever made, Kill 50 blahs or gather 10 blahs. There is absolutely nothing innovative about the questing or leveling system.

 I would like to see more options for leveling in mmorpgs. I would like to see...

         Leveling through pvp

            This can be accomplished in several ways. Leveling through pvp mini games, world pvp, sieges, etc... I would like to see pvp/pve quest as well as other pve/pvp goals. PvP should not simply be an end game event.

         Leveling through world events

             I would like to see rare events take place that force the players that simply happen to be in the right/wrong location to band together and fight. Like having an army of pirates attacking tortage or some such thing.


             The melee system is a decent add on to the standard mmorpg. It spices things up a bit. I decided to play a caster to see what new and unique things they bring to the table. To my disappointment, casters for the most part seem lame as hell. Here are some reasons why...


            Why are casters simply clones of each other or basically any other caster in any mmorpg ever made. Hmm. lets make a caster that relies on dots and pets, then lets make another caster that focuses on direct damage spells. Lets give these casters some mes (roots/fears). Lets give every caster in the game protection buffs to make up for their lack of armor (why give every damn caster the same spells with different names). Lets give every caster a damage buff that they can use on themself.

              We really need a new caster based system. One with a logical method of gaining spells. Not the normal method which is completely random. Woo I got an ice spell, i got good with this ice spell, woo i got a fire spell thats better. If I practiced an ice spell over and over why would i instantly get a better fire spell. Wouldnt it be logical if I got a better ice spells.

               I will give the game credit for its healing classes. The healing classes in this game are far more fun to play than most mmorpg for several reasons.

Munkyman1 writes:

Everyone knows apart from the xtra buttons to push that AoC is a carbon copy of every other MMO out there, only with more instances.  Sorry, but it is true! They did nothing new but make nice graphics and more buttons to push when ure egrossing. Peace

Tue Jun 10 2008 11:43PM Report
MacroPlanet writes:

It's going to have to be time to realize that MMO's will always, at least the 3rd generation, be the same.  We have been playing EQ's and DAoC for years now and that's how it looks to be in the near future with WAR and now AoC.


We've had a few stray from the rest, Tabula Rasa to name one.  But in the end IT even became a EQ clone just with guns.


To everyone that says "[insert game] will be so amazing, it's going to be great."  Just ask yourself.  Is it doing what a previous game has already done?  It so, then realize your probably getting overhyped for the game and should settle down.  I don't care if it's AoC, WAR, or Aion...they all are doing what has been done in the past. 


Once a company finds out a way to create a MMO for the price of a actual normal game (non mmo) then we'll start to see experimentation.  The problem with MMO genre is there is too much risk.  Why risk everything your company has when you know what worked in the past?  Well unfortuntly  people are getting bored of this. 


Maybe Blizzard will be the savior in this genre, maybe with the money they have, they can create the next real generation of MMO gaming.

Wed Jun 11 2008 12:16AM Report
Relentless02 writes: Now im not a WAR fanboy but WAR sounds like your kind of game. Wed Jun 11 2008 12:59AM Report
Vors writes:

WAR has the solution to all those problems. AOC is Guild Wars copy with better graphics and nothing further.

Wed Jun 11 2008 1:18AM Report
craynlon writes:

actually i wonder why some people that psoted here play mmos..

if you buy a book today the black on white letters, the fabric of the paper, the direction that u read from left to right (in western contries) all that was never reinvented and its basicly the same as it was 100 years ago.

if you loo at movies they add some better special effects over the years but the process of sitting down and watching the film as flickering pictures telling a story is the same.

i wish people would judge mmos not only by their technical invotations but on how much you enjoy the content. id say take a deep breath and look beyond how innovative conan is in terms of "i can jump, climb destroy everything" or "i can craft customized weapons"

conan for me is content.
a story, an atmospheric world, quests that fit into the big picture.

did it break the mold in terms of content ?
i dont know, i dont even have that high expectations. im just extremely happy and thrilled i see bevore me a mature content settings without cartoony, stereotyped elves and dwarfs.
a world that oozes with details both graphicly and story wise that i never regretted a minute i was playing wich for me is quite different then hitting spawning mobs for hours in lineage2 for the past 4 years.

Wed Jun 11 2008 2:06AM Report
spielmeister writes:

Bought it last Tuesday, cancelled account today. 'Nuff said.

Wed Jun 11 2008 11:04AM Report
Player_420 writes:

Hey bud, maybe try leveling up and doing spellweaving, 4-5 direction/chain combos with melee attacks, building up a CITY, siegeing......but yet you think your some kind of game reviewer?

Wed Jun 11 2008 12:29PM Report
LuckyCurse writes:


You call yourself some kind of reader? T0nyd writes about leveling through PvP and world events.  You fire back with...what? Things that he doesn't even address?

He wrote that the melee is new and 'spicy'.  He admits that much.  So, your knock on melee is invalid. Why did you even bring it up?

Spellweaving? You mean that thing you do that locks you into place and takes a while to do? That thing that makes you an instant target in PvP?  T0nyd's criticism of magic has nothing to do with spellweaving.  It is about the 'sameness' of the classes.  The lack of innovation in spell progression.  You know, real problems.  But you what, throw out spellweaving as the solution to all of his problems?

As of this time, city building isn't fully implemented, and as an aside that means that sieging isn't as well. 

Seriously, read what people write and don't just read into it what you want it to say.  He makes valid points and you sidestep every single one of them.   The melee comments show that you don't even care what he has to say, you just want to slam his posts without reading them. 

- LC

Wed Jun 11 2008 1:35PM Report
Norem writes:

I don't buy into innovation for the sake of innovation.  Innovation should be for the sake of improvement.  I agree with TOnyd for the most part, but I also agree with cranylon.  If something works well, leave it alone and concentrate on the content.  If something isn't fun then by all means change it, but make sure your actually improving it and not just changing it for the sake of change. 

Thu Jun 12 2008 12:27PM Report writes:
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