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Rift: A PvPers perspective...

Posted by t0nyd Monday March 28 2011 at 10:04PM
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As the title states, PvP is what I enjoy doing and that isnt to say that I dislike PvE. I do enjoy a bit of PvE now and then to break up the chaotic mess that PvP usually is in most games. With that said...


War Fronts

 In my humble opinion, War Fronts are mostly a waste of time. I do enjoy a bit of scenario based PvP but the first few War Fronts that you are presented with, offer little to no interesting mechanics. Grab this and hold it to win or hold these points on the map to win. I hate to say it but I miss the simplicity of the old DAoC Battlegrounds. Even though the Battlegrounds in DAoC were instances, it still gave you the feeling of accomplishing something when you conquer and defend the keep that sits in the middle of the map. It is also nice to have an area to PvE and Quest as well as PvP. I do not mind capture the flag, I just do not believe that should be the primary and only option for early to mid level PvP. Warfronts are simply not enough.



 With the lower levels, equipment does not matter that much and in my opinion, this is a good thing. As you level, gear becomes an important factor when determining your PvP viability. With early to mid level PvP being based solely on War Fronts and War Fronts offering little to no viable equipment rewards, this leaves you in an awkard position, forcing you to either quest, craft, or run rifts for gear. I am not totally opposed to gaining gear through PvE but the gear obtainable in PvP is simply not incentive enough nor will it keep you competitive with PvErs. In the 1st bracket of PvP you can expect to get maybe two items, a helmet being one of them, thus leaving most item slots open for craftable or farmed gear. I am not a raider nor do I want to be forced to run raids to be competitive in PvP as I dont expect PvErs to be forced into PvP to be competitive in PvE.



 For the most part I am at a complete loss when it comes to the mentallity of the developers concerning the Soul system. In low level PvP, if you cant self heal, dont participate. In late level PvP, if you have mana, do not participate. These two things seem to be the general ruls of PvP.

 In low level PvP it is very simple to excel. Create a cleric and combine some offensive aspect of inquisitor with some healing aspects of warden and a shield. You are damn near unkillable while spreading dots and hots accross the battlefield. Depending how far you go into inquisitor or Warden will determine if you focus on healing or dpsing. Funny enough, I almost always end up in the top 5 on healing and damage output. With healing and damage output being so readily available in one spec, why spec anything else. There is but one reason to spec anything but a cleric, most clerics simply cant kill other clerics unless you have half an hour to waste. This leads to most victorious teams consisting of 75% cleric and 25% cleric killers. Cleric killers being mana drainers and this leads to higher level PvP problems.

 WIth High level PvP, you better not have mana or expect to be useless by the time you have read this sentence. When Mages and Void Knight can empty your mana pool in a couple seconds, why play a character with mana.  To be fair, Mages have very little choice in how to spec for PvP. Either a mage goes the Pyro route to gain crowd control immunities or he goes the dominator route to deplete your mana pool. Warrior on the other hand has several viable specs that deal significant damage in later levels even at range. A ranged Rogue vs a ranged Warrior has a reality check very fast when after losing he realizes the warrior is probably not even near half health and the kicker is that the ranged Warrior is far more mobile than the rogue. A Riftblade will constantly be hopping around while spamming instant casts and keeping you perma snared. When you add in the ability to permanently slow a target you take out tactics and simply develop an arcade style of game play. A Riftblade can be successful limiting himself to 4 hot keys and most good ones use macros to where they can simply have 2 hot keys.



 As I said at the begining of this post, I am a PvPer and this is a take on Rift as a possible PvP MMO. What I have experienced of the two instances that I have participated in and the thousands of rifts that I have closed gives me the sense that PvE is above average and somewhat enjoyable. Now as a PvP game I have seen more depth in combat and tactical play in a MOBA style game, a game consisting of 4 buttons...

zonzai writes:

Yeah the game is terribly unbalanced right now.  I'm sure it will get better later on but Trion doesn't seem to be in any hurry to fix PvP.  I think that they don't really see it as a PvP game so they put the lack of viable man-users in PvP very low on the to do list.

This is a game I might come back to in a few years if they've updated the PvP content and released a couple of expansions. As it stands now though, PvP is just too bland and too unbalanced.

Tue Mar 29 2011 1:28AM Report
stayontarget writes:

The bad thing about this is they are going to launch it in Russia and I don't think this game is going to fly over there.  Russians are hard core pvp fans (ala L2 style) and Rift is just not going to float their boat.

Tue Mar 29 2011 7:30PM Report
lokiboard writes:

Good, rift is a pve game first. Pvp second.  You'll get your love or nerf later.  Your impatience says alot.  Mages/clerics  should be support roles anyways.

Sun Apr 03 2011 1:58PM Report writes:
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