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Warhammer: Engineer VS Magus

Posted by t0nyd Tuesday March 3 2009 at 2:46AM
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  Out of boredom, I began pondering the mirrored classes of Warhammer and how unbalanced they feel. My main is an engineer in T3. My engineer is spec'd for grenades, which I find quite effective. I was curious about how a Magus performs with a similar spec. Here are my conclusions.

Concern 1: Staff vs Rifle
 Right off I noticed a lack in dps due to not having auto shot. I am sure most people overlook auto attacks. In t3 my engi usually auto shots a squishie for around 300 damage. This is 300 free damage that my magus lacks. Using a dps meter, my auto attack damage in PvP hits around the 20% range of my total. This damage is especially important in 1v1 and small skirmishes. Actually, its important no matter how I look at it.

 I believe staves should have a ranged auto attack function or the disk itself should have a ranged attack. Rifles are physical damage, so obviously, they do more damage to lower armor classes. I believe ranged staff attacks should do less damage overall but more consistant. I believe that staves should have their own magical attack type, this way they fall under a resist. So in turn, a rifle might hit a squishie for 300 and a tank for 90, where as a staff would hit every for around 300 pre resist. So the staff attack would end up doing 90 vs a high resist character and around 200 vs a low resist character.

 If you believe that I am correct or completely off base with this concern, please post a response saying why.

Concern 2: Endless Pandemonium vs Throwing Arm
 With Throwing arm we take the grenade spec engi's range from 65 ft to 98 ft. When in open RvR, there is no better tactic than throwing arm. This allows you to hurl your best abilities off a keep wall. With my magus, i feel very constrained when sitting on top of a keep wall.

 In the open field, with my Engi, I usually pick a group of casters and toss some aoes thier way. This usually consists of aoe interupts and an aoe knockdown from 90 ft away. With my magus I have to get within 65ft, so if I decide to target a pocket of casters, which spell like "surge of insanity", are made for, i get DEAD pretty quickly.

 Endless Pandemonium seems like a valid tactics but I have my doubts. Yes, having your primary dot refresh itself is very nice, except for the fact that its in my rotation anyway. So yes, im going to be throwing it into a pile of order in a constant rotation to keep the pressure up. It has a 15 sec durations, so you can bet that I am going to cast it every 15 seconds. This ability might get you kills from people who flee out of range, if the dot refreshes itself. Otherwise, I am probably overwriting it 90% of the time when I re-apply.

  I also believe that Endless Pandemonium's application of the dot isnt even effected by INT or any ability that can boost spell damage. 

Concern 3: Mage Bolt vs Point-Blank
 This is a tactical concern. You have damage vs knockback with less damage. Personally I prefer point blank. I have already discussed throwing arm and how vital it is to have range. Now, lets give the Engi, which has the better range at 98ft, and lets give him another knockbock. Not just an ordinary knockback either, a knockback thats easily used at low levels. Lets also force similar spec Magus to maintain a very close range when compared to Engi, and lets not give them a knockback at low levels.

 I simply do not understand how they can force a similar spec Magus to fight at a much closer range and give them less options for keeping enemies out of melee range.

Concern 4: Siphon Power vs Unshakable Focus
 Siphon power seems to lack viable scaling in my opinion. Yes it can lower the intelligence of one target and drain 200 AP from them. As you gain in levels, losing 200 AP becomes less bothersome.

 Unshakable focus scales with your damage output. As you level, your damage output gets higher, and unshakable focus doubles it. The synergy of this ability is amazing. Normally I toss out an acid bomb for the aoe dot and corp debuff,  then a frag, click focus, then toss out a mine for the aoe KD, then a flash bang, and watch that entire area panic. 1200 damage tics on frag grenade is amazing at lvl 24. All the while locking them up with an aoe KD to nail them, and the flashbang to interrupt the pile after they get up. You can use incendiary shot in there as well and you just put some nasty aoes on an area as well as your primary target. The magus just can not put this much damage out this fast. Just to make sure that everyone is on the same page, Unshakable Focus works on every dot that you have in play, even the ones you used before you clicked Focus.


I appreciate any opinions and any info you can give regarding these concerns. Also, please take into consideration that I am speaking of the changing and grenadier mastery only. I am speaking about balance up to tier 3. I know some of you believe that balance is only a factor at max level. I do not believe that balance is only a factor at max level and neither does mythic. Mythic did remove aoe roots in teir 1 for balance reasons proving this.

tony d



merkels writes:

One of the many examples of where mythic has failed big time in the "mirror" classes.  Magus is FAR weaker than engineer.  An engineer can take out ANY target in the game if played well.  Unshakable focus + all their dots is 100% a killing blow to your target unless that player is SPAM healed by 3 healers.

Tue Mar 03 2009 3:12AM Report writes:
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