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Age of Conan, might as well give it a re-try...

Posted by t0nyd Monday February 16 2009 at 9:31AM
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 I played the game for a couple months upon release and left due to lack of promised options. I figured that its been a while since launch, so possibly the game is on track now. Personally, I am looking for an interesting PvP game, and this is one of the few options available.

Game Performance

 Im running it on a 9950 black edition, 2 gig of 1066, and 2 3870. The game runs very good. I am running at max settings at 1680x1050. Im getting no hitching and no artifacts. Im running at a conistent 80-70 fps with the rare low of 56 fps which happens occasionally when I am around water.

Class Balance

 I have 4 characters in the 22-30 range (dark templar, necro, ranger, xotli). I have to say, balance is skewed horribly in favor of my ranger. After level 20, you can not expect to solo ever again unless your a stealth class. For days, I tried to level my necro past 22 and every quest area was camped by several rangers. As a cloth class you can expect to die to an even level ranger in 5-8 seconds. With my necro, my fear ability never worked once in an open world PvP setting. I did however, get it to work a couple times in a mini-game. My swarm of undead hit for 5-15 damage vs an even level low armored opponent, while I was being hit back for over a 100 an arrow.

 Pretty much the same things happened to my herald of xotli, due to them being low armored and requireing melee. My dark templar, in supposedly decent armor, felt like he was in cloth armor. I dont really understand how the armor scales in this game. I died just as fast as my cloth characters, to arrows, when playing this so called tank.

When playing my 23 ranger, I could pick people off with impunity. Id simply hide, find a target and kill it or leave it alone. The only things that I avoided where characters with significant level diferences. I died twice with my ranger, both times were to other rangers, hehe.


  The game looks great. I dont believe there is an MMORPG out there that can touch the character models of Conan.


  Only two bugs that I witnessed on a common basis. One was my necro's fear. For some reason, that spell just did not want to work in PvP. I would cast it, one of my pets would die, and the player would continue shooting at me as if nothing happened.

  The other bug was LoS related. Most rangers, when the swarm of pets made it to them, would simply sprint and jump on top of a building or inside a crack between structures. The pets would then simply stand there and not attack, while the ranger could shoot at me with impunity. Also, id lose LoS with my necro pretty easily, but as my ranger, my arrows would tend to still go off through structures.

PvP Mini-games

 I was really dissapointed with the mini-game set up. I first entered one with my necro at lvl 22. I did not realize that the mini-game bracket for that level is 20-40. With differing levels mattering as much as they do, I would have thought that the bracket would be 20-30 then 31-40. Such as it is, there is no reason to ever enter a mini game at the level of 22. It would be more beneficial for you and your team to wait until your level 30+. This set up just doesnt make much sense to me.

  Mini-games are simply horrible for necro's. After every death you have to waste 30 seconds resummoning your horde of undead. Speced for those undead, I didnt have any choice. Then I realized, even speced for them, they hit about as hard as smacking yourself in the face with a twizzler.

Final Thoughts

 If your going to play this game with PvP in mind. Then expect to play with a group and do not expect any sort of balancing when it comes to classes. This far into the game, balancing should  be the primary focus. Ive read that Funcom is focusing on statistic changes before they go back to the balancing of the classes. In all honesty, if you make 2 str = +1 melee damage, how does this fix class balance or change the power structure of the game in any way. If a dark templar is weak when compared to other tanks, and you change the way strength effects tanks, the dark templar is still going to be weak when compared to other tanks. It makes more sense to tweak some things and make every class viable.

 As a solo player that groups occasionally, i just can not justify spending 15$ a month on this game.

Sargoth writes:

Good read.  I liked the game for a little and then just lost all interest at lvl 42.  We I was grouped and our party leader recommended changing instances so that we could get a few things that were being camped, I said screw it.

Mon Feb 16 2009 1:59PM Report
Conza writes:

Good read and I agree on your comments on Ranger for level 20-40. Ranger is pretty strong in the lower levels, but he quickly gets back to the normal above 45 to 55. With regards to the Minigame though, it is getting an update in Patch 1.04 as well as Necro also are getting some changes.

Last comment on your Tank experience, to take out a Ranger, is not that hard, but you have to use defencive stance and pots. All you need to do is to sprint up to the Ranger use knockback and Crush his head. I would also switch from defencive to frenzy stance when following up on the Knock back. This is the way to take the Ranger down. Rangers are easy to play but can be punished if you play it right.

Mon Feb 16 2009 2:57PM Report
odinfish writes:

I agree... But I won't be coming back to AoC for at least another year for the above listed reasons as well as the lack of content. In the course of several months of playing with a few high level characters on both PVE and PVP servers, I've found absolutely nothing to do... raids get boring, etc. So unless you enjoy RP'ing this game just goes by too fast, unlike Warcraft or Warhammer. Don't get me wrong-- AoC has spoiled me as far as a game's combat system as well as it's stunning graphics when compared to many MMORPG's available.

Tue Feb 17 2009 7:30AM Report writes:
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