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welcome to my home

a sunny girl's home ^^

Author: sunnyna

History of Haran --Serializ

Posted by sunnyna Saturday February 28 2009 at 8:59PM
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Helion, high voice of The Old Ones, was the first to sense it – a breach, a footstep of darkness on the soil of light. Those responsible for creating a door between Haran and The Abyss were already dead, consumed by the
power they sought to wield. The Old Ones sealed the gap between the two worlds, but the damage was done. Abaddon, Lord of The Abyss, had seen the world of light. Had seen it and hated it as his black heart
had hated no other thing in existence. All The Abyss was under his dominion, and now that he’d seen there was more – more beings to devour and dominate, more souls to corrupt – he would stop at nothing to have it. And so it began, what Trieste called The Unending War.

Pitborn, the denizens of The Abyss, came to Haran by way of dark magics. Such arts had been honed in The Abyss for countless unhallowed centuries and now that the creatures who wielded such power were aware
of fresh blood and tender flesh just beyond the veil of their world, they turned their sorcery to the task. The people of Haran were strong then, schooled by The Old Ones in the ways of magic and battle. Despite their knowledge and skill, the numbers of Pitborn soon grew beyond their capacity to cope with. Though they would teach, The Old Ones would not use their power to kill the creatures swarming over Haran. Only Trieste, daughter of Helion, protested The Old Ones’ indifference. But she was bound by the will of her people and there was naught she could do.

In Haihaff, there opened a gateway to The Abyss higher and wider than the walls of the ancient cities, and beyond there came an army twisted and dark, of forms vast and vile… and leading them, Abaddon, destroyer of worlds.
This would have been the end of Haran, but there are other forces in the universe besides light and darkness. As Abaddon stepped through the rift, a shimmer wall of energy appeared, stopping him and his army. It was then
that The Augur revealed themselves. They are the keepers of The Balance and have no allegiance to light or darkness, good or evil – their only duty is to maintain The Balance. So many portals between the two realms had been opened that the fabric of reality itself was in danger. And this new and largest tear in space was more than
The Augur could allow. They closed all gateways between the two worlds and sent Abaddon and his minions back to The Abyss.

History of Haran --Serializ

Posted by sunnyna Friday February 27 2009 at 10:41PM
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Of the birth of Haran, many things are said. The Bagi say
it was Barak, God of Battle who created the world so that he might populate it with creatures to war with one another and so honor him. The Incar say it was Karenas, The World-Bearer who thought Haran into being. This even though Trieste herself did not know how the world came to be. It did not matter, she said. What mattered was that there was Haran and there was The Abyss.
One was a world of light, and the other, a dimension of darkness.

Always it is this way. In all realities, in all universes, in all
beings there is that which devours and that which grows. When the world was young and unstable, wracked with earthquakes, pocked with volcanoes spewing ash and lava into the sky, drowned with constant floods, there was still life. There was no creature then to name them,
but those who came after called them dragons. They ruled the water, the land, the sky ?no beast could stand against them. And it was this that proved to be their downfall. The dragons multiplied unimpeded for countless centuries, each breed at war with the others until the conflict built to a war that encompassed the globe. A hundred years passed that saw the face of Haran scorched, the soil befouled, the water tainted with the blood the countless dead until only a scarce few remained.

Association of the leaders of the United States of Warcraft Wrold Oscar Awards

Posted by sunnyna Tuesday February 24 2009 at 11:45AM
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 Ended last night's Academy Awards Awards settled. Although the award is a movie, there is a winner with the Games have inextricably linked, rather, is with the "World of Warcraft" has relations.

Steve Preeg visual effects division has been involved in "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and "Robot" the effects produced. Yesterday, because in him, "Benjamin Button Wonders" contribution in a xiaojinensis people. But this is not his only achievements, he is also a leader of the Association of Warcraft.

The announcement was a member of Association of him leaked. He was allegedly in the role of Warcraft is a Stalker with a master-class Enchantment (Enchanting) and inscriptions skills (Inscription). Association led by him can be described as occupational level, and they have been cleared of people Obsidian Temple -10 mode 3 long Sartharion (referred to as: Sarth 3D) outside all copies. He never missed any of the activities of a server and has received a frozen waste soil Warriors (Champion of the Frozen Wastes) of the title.

Different Types of Gaming

Posted by sunnyna Monday February 23 2009 at 3:02PM
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 What kind of games do you play? I'm not talking about   ffxi online or  2moons online   game, I'm talking about the types of games. As you know, the gaming industry is quickly transforming. From a well written Role-Playing Game (RPG) to mind boggling Real-Time Strategy (RTS), the gaming industry has many types of games to offer. I'm going to tell you about the many choices we have when choosing a game to play.

 Well, heres a term that I'm sure almost everyone is familiar with, Online Gaming. What online gaming means is that people are able to play their games online with people across the globe. Pretty amazing huh? At this day and age, online gaming is very common. Pretty soon, offline gaming will be a thing of the past.


the choice of techniques to Hunting game animals in FFXI

Posted by sunnyna Sunday February 22 2009 at 3:10PM
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 The techniques in the game to hunt is  very improtent ,there ia my litter know  in  FFXI game ,hope it can be have useful to you ^^

Basic strategies are small degrees => with strong Let Die Tinto holding 100EXP
Ding degrees => strong or strong => strong pet alive, then dead 89-140 Helena 120-200EXP
Small degree, or with strong strong play also depends on the type and level of blame poor, because 30 previously strong hierarchy has +4
+4 LV strong hit will be very hard
Ideal hunting field first initiative are not too many strange that in the hierarchy are the best pets are in the plus or minus two of
Kano market or have two or more can grasp the strange hierarchy are themselves +3 rating
This will not happen it would be more full of strange looks are, the situation
In addition the level of prey are the best +0 ~ +3 would not find strange play, and will SELF-De Jia XD
And this level of distribution can also be no qualms about playing the strong level of strange
Since when pets die, or can have dangerous side continued efforts can only blame one

Monster also has the gap between strength and experience to the current
Octopus blood burn strong attack many, Ding degrees and have the opportunity to be a strong rival
Mushrooms aggressive high, with strong and powerful can not fight, too thin
Super slime, Ding degrees can play strong but very difficult to grasp +4 (probability 1 / 5 or so)


Silkroad Online -a good game now

Posted by sunnyna Saturday February 21 2009 at 1:57PM
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 Silkroad is a famous commerce way to do business with foreign merchant in the ancient which improve the Tang dynasty to become the most developed country. The people nowadays lack of the chance to do as ones in tang dynasty.

 many people in game ^^

new player john now

Posted by sunnyna Friday February 20 2009 at 6:19PM
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  hello,everyone, i am glad become a mumber here,i am a new,hoping get help here ^^

   i am a player in  skil road game. it is a fun game,i like,anyone play it ?

   see you in game ^^

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