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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: The Meanest Thing

Posted by MikeB Sunday December 9 2012 at 5:19PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What's the meanest thing you've ever done in an MMORPG?" by mmoDAD. MmoDAD offers his own 'confession' to kick things off:

I've been a pretty good player. I don't cause too much trouble.  The only thing that came to mind is the following:

In EverQuest II, when you lost your Internet connection while in game, your character would remain in the world for a few minutes with a title stating "Link Dead" above the name.

I played on the World PvP server. Depending on the zone, the lowest level player I could attack could only be one that is 2-3 levels under me (unless a player attacks me first - then it doesn't matter). I created a guild called "Link Dead" and sat my character in the oppoising faction's n00bie zone. n00bs thought I was afk; they thought they could get a free kill. The second they touched me....   BOOOYAAAH! 1-SHOT!

What other mean things have we done? Read on for some highlights!

Betaguy lived up to the whole Dark Jedi thing with his evil deed:

I was a high ranking officer in a guild for over 4 years and one day, spent all night and day (during the holidays cuz' I knew it would be scarace) cleaning out all thier houses and guild hall of items. I had twelve accounts (<

kadepsyson offers an example from EVE Online:

In EVE there was this one person whose character was new, and they were asking for money to replace a ship they lost when their ore was stolen and they didn't know they were being can flipped.

I sent them a contract saying it was a gift of money.  The contract was labelled by the game as a gift, but the way that it worked was it took 100 million ISK from that player and gave it to me.  I contracted them to give me money.

They were very confused, followed by saying something along the lines of "you took my last everything"

Another time in EVE i happened across a POS owned by a corporation consisting of one person.  There were no defenses, and it was a small tower so relatively low HP.  I declared war on the corp of one man, and he didn't log on the entire two days I spent burning it to the ground.  It took two days because of the reinforcement thing.  Anywyas, I stole the labs, and repackaged them in a station.  Turns out he had been researching some BPOs, including an Obelisk (freighter) original blueprint, and several for capital ship components.  I came out 6 billion isk ahead.

A day or two later he logged in, but this was after the war had already been retracted and concluded by me.  He stayed on for about 15 minutes.  He's still on my watchlist, but I've never seen him log in again in the couple years since then.

Aralith has quite a few classic EverQuest examples:

Back in EQ there were so many ways to do mean things.

Money had weight. You could convert platinum into a ton of copper pieces. Hop on your mount so that it didn't weigh you down, then go give it to a begger. The begger could not move and if they did move, it was very slowly. And if they hit even a slight drop in terrain, they died from falling damage.

You would go get higher level weapons and give them to low level orcs in the noobie area. The orcs would actually equip the weapons. Then watch low level characters get one shotted.

There was a chest piece you could get in later levels that you could use to give to low level players. It really was a decent piece of twink gear but it had something like -50 or someting hitpoints. You give that to an orc. A new character kills and loots the chest piece. If they equipped it, they would die because new characters didnt have that many hit points. The best part was that  when you looted your body, it would automatically equip the chest piece back.

Ah, and now it is my turn! This is incredibly juvenile and I'm ashamed to admit it, but back in Star Wars Galaxies, I was bored running around the Krayt Dragon graveyard while wearing one of these silly headdresses you could find in the game and some poor fellow happened upon me. This fellow asked me what I was doing all the way out here alone, so I explained to him that I was doing a ritual required to unlock the Jedi class (this was before Jedi were ever unlocked for anyone).

That ritual?

Run around and through the Krayt Dragon skeletons while wearing this silly hat and then fight the Krayt Dragon as a Teras Kasi Master and use one of the moves to "dropkick it in the throat and cut off its air supply".  According to my ridiculous explanation, this would kill it instantly. If performed exactly like this, he too would unlock the fabled Jedi class.

He believed me.

Yeah, I was a bit of a troll back then.

Random SWG guy, if you're reading this: I'm sorry!

What's the meanest thing you've ever done in an MMO? Share your tales with us in the comments below!

gaeanprayer writes:

Many moons ago I seduced a married man with my female character. He paid for my sub for the next 6 months and spoiled my priestess rotten. As a married man trolling for cyber I can't say I have much pity even now for him, but it's still not something I consider appropriate nor something I would do again (or have since then). Needless to say I was quite a bit more apathetic back then

Sun Dec 09 2012 7:04PM Report
logan400k writes: In EQ I once trained Blackburrow on a group of noobies who were annoying the crap out of me asking for money. I am sure I have done other mean things but cannot think of them. Sun Dec 09 2012 8:20PM Report
Drakaden writes: In city of heroes and SWTOR, i would see a player of the opposite faction battling an ally NPC in a PvE server, without the guy noticing, i would heal the NPC he's battling, ending up in his own demise or in SWTOR's case, his companion demise and give a small fright to the player. Sun Dec 09 2012 10:08PM Report
Kalafax writes:

Well, back in the days of Star Wars Galaxies when Jedi's had become unlocked and were still very hard to become and had perma death involved with them, I played a Master Smuggler, people paid me to unlock lock box's by the droves for them, trusting that I would not open them and give them right back, well I was extremly quick about it and I'd check every box taking any Force crystals that would be in them and then giving the box's back.

Then I would go through the right channels and contact Jedi's who were in hiding to sell them the force crystals for large amounts of money, after the transactions I would then contact my Master Bounty Hunter friend and tell them their locations so he could hunt and kill them splitting the large proceeds with me.

Considered pretty mean by most, but I was all about the profit.


And then of course in the early days of World of Warcraft I played a warlock back when you could summon Infernals in noob areas and once the timer ran out they would run wild one shotting new players, also you could use curse of doom on neutral creatures and when they died from the curse damage there was a chance of a Doomguard being summon who would then go on rampage killing all the new players nearby.

Sun Dec 09 2012 10:33PM Report
Freezzo writes: I played a game where kill-stealing was possible by doing more damage than the other people. Sometimes I'd just run around and pull everything to kill it, and when people complained because I didn't leave them any mobs. Then again I was 14 :P Mon Dec 10 2012 6:03AM Report
ZombieKen writes: Jedi ritual.  That's funny :-) Tue Dec 11 2012 1:50AM Report writes:
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