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Lich King 3.3

Posted by garrett Tuesday December 8 2009 at 9:31AM
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In today's MMO news there are only two numbers that can make a headline.


WoW is giving us the last major game patch for Wrath of the Lich King. More importantly it is the last major game patch before Cataclysm.

The new Looking for Group/ Dungeon Search Feature will push more players through raid content than ever before. WoW still has its hardcore roots with Heroic and Hard Modes. However, the game is now becoming the very friendly to casual players. Everyone will have a crack at the Lich King it seems like, a fitting end to one of the best MMO Expansions I can think of.

I say that because I was a hardcore WoW player for two straight years. However when Burning Crusade came out, something was lost for me. I was a huge fan of the new zones and thought the game added the expansion without really studying what players wanted. It was simply more of the standard MMO advancement.

I know WoW has copied many other games, but if you take a look at Lich King as an expansion it really did make the game faster and more fun. The quest hubs were positioned better so you could do 4-5 quests at a time rather than just one 1-2 at a time. The zones had character and lets face it, frozen undead vikings are cool. The realm of the Lich King was Mordor in Ice and it was fun. The instances were faster and easy to access and players from hardcore to casual ate it up.

3.3 arrives today adding even more options for players to see all the content in the game. As the MMO landscape changes, WoW is lucky enough to change with it. The question is what will Cataclysm do next year? Will it be a huge mistake liek the NGE was for Star Wars? If there is one thing I know about Blizzard, they test the heck out of stuff before they put it out there. 

For now, I know I am looking forward to fighting the Lich King and getting some of the best looking Shaman gear in the game that I have seen for a while. Emblems of Frost are in my future now and I'll have to put the work in like everyone else.

Let's hope the last big patch for WoW before Cataclysm changes the game can deliver, I think it will.

Thenarius writes:

I don't get it why so many people say that BC was a bad expansion.
It introduced so many good things in WoW and Karazahan was much harder as a starter raid than MC.

Tue Dec 08 2009 9:38AM Report
Frostbite05 writes:

BC made the game casual but the raids were still just as hard at vanilla. WOTLK kinda went overboard but made questing fun again. Cata should amend the issues that lich had. If it doesn't I'm done.

Tue Dec 08 2009 10:00AM Report
Player_420 writes:

its the "In today's MMO news there are only two numbers that can make a headline." thought process that makes WoW #1

Tue Dec 08 2009 10:36AM Report
Xandathrii writes:

Yay more Zerg and emblem farming.... Emblems of frost...cmon Blizz, how bout more "fun" into getting new gear rather than repeting the same dailies 100 times?

Tue Dec 08 2009 10:41AM Report
phlay writes:

 omg, more emblems, more gear resets, it is worse then the fashion frenzy in high school.  Give out some items that enhance your current gear, don't obsolete what you have already worked to achieve.

Tue Dec 08 2009 10:51AM Report
htiger23 writes:

For all those that don't want "gear resets", please provide some insight as to how you want to balance new content versus old content.

Comments like, "Give out some items that enhance your current gear" add nothing to the conversation since that is essentially a gear reset as well.  If X was the old gear, then X + Y is the new gear.  How is this any different than just removing X and keeping Y?  Both methods force you to obtain the new thing, whether that is a new enchant, item enhancement of some sort, or an actual piece of armor. 

To make a long story short, both methods provide the exact same results.

Tue Dec 08 2009 11:00AM Report
Palebane writes:

I'm not complaining, but it makes more sense to me that if you are going to do crossrealm LFGs or BGs, that a lobby or type interface would be much better than the archaic queue system we've had to put up with for the past 3 years.

Tue Dec 08 2009 11:28AM Report
protoroc writes:

Ok Im not being the usual WOW hater, but your comment on LK making questing better was complete horseshit. Questing in LK is weak and you grab 2-3 quests at a time and spend a majority of your time going back and forth to pick up the next part of chain. BC questing consisted of going to town picking 20 quests and completing most of them before going back.

Travel downtime in WOW is just as bad as EQ's mana regen ever was.

Tue Dec 08 2009 1:32PM Report
Dracondis writes:

Patch is loaded!  And... has crashed!

Patch Day Fail!  GO GO GO !

Tue Dec 08 2009 4:07PM Report
Emhster writes:

"Questing in LK is weak and you grab 2-3 quests at a time and spend a majority of your time going back and forth to pick up the next part of chain. "

I disagree. In vanilla you had around 1 quest hub per zone, and those zones were gigantic. BC and WotLK had many more quest hubs, all closer to the action. While WotLK offers the weakest content for its raiding community, they really fine-tuned quest zones to their best.

Tue Dec 08 2009 4:25PM Report
daltanious writes:

Loved Wow, loved BC, loved WOTLK. I did not like every single chage, especially i hate DK nerfing (now is not even close to "hero" class). Overall ... all other games i have played, and have played or tried nearly all, does not make up for single wow. Period.

Wed Dec 09 2009 8:43AM Report
Chr1sc writes:

 everyone that is posting about 3.3 like this topic never played the game or played it long enuff to know the pros and cons gg

Fri Dec 11 2009 2:38PM Report writes:
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