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Community Spotlight: The Best Archer?

Posted by MikeB Sunday November 25 2012 at 8:08PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread, "The best Bow and Arrow class of any MMORPG?" by jeeshadow. Jeeshadow kicks things off with a couple of his own examples:

Of course I realize i'm just getting opinions.  But fire away!

I've always enjoyed two classes in MMO's more than any others.  The heavy armored tank.  And the range class using rifle, longbow, shortbow, etc.

My first experience with this class was with DAoC before Darkness Falls was added.  I loved the scout!  The range was intense, and when he crit'd, it was insane damage!  But that's not what I really enjoyed about him now that I think about it.  I enjoyed the complexity of the stats of the weapon and the arrows.  You would have to choose and equip the arrows you think could do the best armor penetration depending on who you had your sights set on.  And you could make these arrows and more advance bows.  In short, you felt like a true archer, not a machine gun shooter with narrow wooden bullets.

The vanilla version of the WoW hunter was also a lot of fun, and for me it had to do with the complexity of it.  There was now pet management (and it wasn't that easy to train a pet) and the crafting and choosing of the ammunition.  The introduction of the rifle was a favorite part of that.  Having a dwarf with a rifle just felt right, having a dwarf with a bow....seemed wrong!

There's ton more examples, so for all you fellow archers out there, which one is the best for you?

What were the community's picks? Read on to find out!

Wizardry picks FFXI:


Wide array of choices from xbows to long bow to guns.Big selection of ammo as well,albeit is pretty much level based.Crafting is also a very large part in the ranger class,but crafting goes a long way in all classes.No pet,i don't believe copying other games using the pet is a good choice.A ranger should be all about Ranged combat,not pet combat.That is why FFXI does classes really good,the pet class is the Beastmaster.

The Ranger can use status bolts,elem,ental arrows,debuff bolts,sleep bolts/arrows,health regain bolts,add to that abilities to bind and create very large damage and utilize several choices for a sub class,makes it versatile and fun.

Loktofeit favors Asheron's Call's arrow-slinging class:

Asheron's Call. In a game where speed and jump are actual skills and where damage types truly mean something, the bow character is really amazing to play. You have a slider with speed on one side and accuracy on the other, so you can control whether you want to rapid fire easy targets or ensure landing the shot on harder targets. There are just so many cool aspects to it that it is by far my favorite of all the ones I've played.

Gravarg is a fan of DAOC's Scout:

The original DAoC Scout was fun, and probably my favorite.  Most bow classes have to do some melee or kite or something.  The Scout was almost purely a bow class.  Other than the popular use of a shield to stun your enemy to escape, everything pretty much relies on your bow.  I say the Original, because the scout used to do insane amounts of damage with thier first shot.  They had access to fairly slow, but extremely high damage longbow.  Friends and myself used to sit on keep walls cooridinating attacks on attackers, pretty much killing them in 1 hit.  Another thing that was fun about the Scout was you could change your damage type by changing the arrows you used.  So you could theroetically have an advantage against any armor type, just switch out your arrows, like broadhead arrows did slashing damage.  I never had as much fun as I did with my Scout.

I tend to focus on Ranger or Archer classes the most in MMOs so this one is a bit tough for me. I enjoyed Warhammer Online's Shadow Warrior due to its versatility as either a on-the-move skirmisher or long-range sniper. I enjoyed the LOTRO Hunter as well, especially as a pet class. However, I think City of Heroes/Villains Archery/Trick Arrow combination just might take the cake. It's not as traditional as most other bow-and-arrow wielding classes, but the sheer variety in moves and arrow types really made things exciting. There was just something awesome about using an Oil Slick Arrow to create a pool of oil under your enemies (causing them to slip and fall) and then setting that same slick ablaze with Blazing Arrow.

What's your favorite MMO archer? Let us know in the comments below!

Po_gg writes:

I'm more like a healer, so rarely play ranged dps machines, but this sounds a bit strange to me:

"I enjoyed the LOTRO Hunter as well, especially as a pet class."

I have a hunter, true only in mid-50 level, but it's definitely not a pet class. LM is the only pet class in LotRO (and maybe cappy, if you count heralds as pets :) )

Mon Nov 26 2012 2:43AM Report
mcrippins writes: DaoC scout hands down.  Mon Nov 26 2012 4:40AM Report
DavisFlight writes:

DAoC scout was the first class I fell in love with in that game.

Much of what I like has already been said, but more... the game had an aspect almost impossible to describe. It just felt GOOD to shoot that bow. Unlike the majority of MMOs, the animations, sound, and damage all happened at the proper times so it really felt like you were hitting an enemy with your arrows. I managed to hold off 12 enemies from taking a tower with just my scout once. I got in the zone and jumped around, using stealth and misdirections to scatter the enemy, then surprise them, shooting their healer, then running again.


It was an amazing class, until Mythic changed it to essentially be a spell caster with a curved staff with a strong on it.


Aside from that, the ranger in Vanguard is probably the best ranger in MMO history.

Mon Nov 26 2012 6:41AM Report
skydiver12 writes:

Lineage2 pre c3, because unlike all other mentioned mmos Archer in L2 have RANGE and are not some 30 meter half melee hybrids. they don't have any melee skills at all.

Also, arrows keept stucking in targets :)


There was a chocie between fast light damage bows and heavy hitting bows. Actually hitting was hard too because of the accuracy penalty, skills have been few (L2 is used to be no skill smash game) and mp (which was drained fast) had to be wisely spend, just shooting arrows (autoattack) drained more mp than you regenerated.

No mana pots and refill either. No mana = no arrows.

So you always had to careful balance between actually using a skill or just regular hits and if you want to spend mp for activating a toggle for better acurracy.

Which also played a major role for which type of bow you will be using.


You could be the heav hitting guy with insane crits and mana for 20 shots or the never running dry 100 arrows guy.

Arrows have been expensive too, so you just couldn't take an old cheap bow and waste 50 arrows a monster so your mana doesn't run dry.



Mon Nov 26 2012 8:19AM Report
Footsore writes: No one remembers Everquest? Now that was real ranged DPS...To tell the truth nearly every class in Everquest was implemented better than any other mmo. The only exception being DAoC, they showed real imagination in class designs, til they got too fancy with all their button mashing, combos, and crap. Mon Nov 26 2012 12:31PM Report
MurlockDance writes:

The Vanilla hunter is my favorite because of its involved archery and pet system.

Number 2 is the Ranger from GW1. I loved all the different ways one could be set up with my favorite being an interrupter for random arenas back in the classic game. Much to my disappointment, the GW2 Ranger is not as fun.

I don't know if I can add this as an archer though it is definitely a ranged-only dps class and that is the Agent in AO. It was a difficult class to play, but insanely fun in a glass-cannon sort of way. Plus, you could learn other profession's nanos and basically you were all of the professions in one.

I personally didn't like scouts in DAoC that much because I was almost always Midgard and thus on the receiving end, and the hunter was not as good. The ranger was interesting though.

Mon Nov 26 2012 1:02PM Report
mindw0rk writes: Lol, its no contest actually. WoW's hunter is by far the most dynamic, varied and has the highest skill cap of any archer in MMORPG. Especially now, in Pandaria. Awesome all around class Mon Nov 26 2012 8:38PM Report
Shadow-Focus writes: ^ what he said Tue Nov 27 2012 3:55AM Report writes:
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