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Community Spotlight: Favorite Class?

Posted by MikeB Sunday November 4 2012 at 9:17PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What's your favorite class in all MMORPG games?" by AndyLee. Andy kicks things off witih a couple of his own picks:

What's your favorite class in all MMORPG games? Please tell me...please. 

I know the following classes in all MMORPG games. 

Vamprie: lust for blood,blood-sucking skill

Warrior: equiped with big sword or blade. nice damage

Paladin: good class with nice-looking appreance

Mage: powerful magic damage

Necromancer: still don't know much about this. Its' said that he is good. = =

Do you know the others? If you do, please let me know it. Thank you everybody!

Kazuhiro enjoyed wrangling pets in Champions Online:

It's not so much a "class" as you can make any class you want in this case, But it was as a pure summoning/pet class in Champions online. I could have 12 "permanent" pets out and feel like a 1 man raiding party. It was the most fun I've had as any class in any game to date. Sadly, the gameplay and art style of the game was just abysmal, which offset the fact it had the greatest class ever.

If I could have the exact same class but in a "real" game, I'd be happy as can be.

BadSpock offers a couple of his own picks:

Sneak/Stealth/Fencer in UO was super awesome fun.

Elemental Shaman in WoW is still fun.

Blackguard in Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning was a lot of awesome.

I've always been the biggest fan of the Sword and Shield archetype - Knights, Warriors, Paladins, etc. and I'd really, really love one day if an MMO made a Guardian/Defender type class like this that had options to be an offensive powerhouse instead of just always a "tank" type defensive character.

Some MMO just needs to make a Spartan class and I'll never play anything else again.

There was a very brief period in WoW where a Protection Warrior could dish out good damage in PvP and it was THE most fun I've had PvP'ing in a long, long time. Taking people out with massive Shield Slam crits after a plethora of stuns (Conc blow, Shockwave, etc.) was... fantastic.

NLights sings praises for World of Warcraft's Warlock and Asheron Call's 2 Hivekeeper:

WoW Warlock was a great class to me, and perhaps the most versitile damage dealer I've ever played.  You had the option of dishing out massive single target damage, or spread DoTs around, you could fous on crowd control or dps, you could invest in a powerful pet, or make the pet a parenthisis.  It was rarely the best at anything, but you could always customize it to suit whatever playstyle you felt like at the time without severely compromizing usefulness.

My all time favorite class in any game however was probably the AC2 Hivekeeper.  Terrible game, but great classes over all.  Very inventive.  The hive keeper was a bout as much of a glass cannon as any class I've ever played, and to make matters worse it did damage through DoTs, but conceptually it was fantastic (you swung a bee-hive around your head unleaching swarms of bees at your foes) and so much fun to play.  Once and if you managed to land all your DoTs on someone or something it was game over.  Took a lot of skill and a bit of luck to do so though, and constantly kept you on your toes.

Two MMO classes stand out the most to me: City of Villains' Dominator and Warhammer Online's Swordmaster. 

The Dominator was a perfect combination of damage and control with a Jekyll-and-Hyde mechanic of Domination. In clutch moments, the Dominator could tap into his reserves and become an insane force of control and damage, powering a couple of minutes of complete unbridled destruction.

Say what you want about Warhammer Online, but tanks had a significant role to play in PvP combat and there are few better examples of this than the Swordmaster. Not only did the Swordmaster present itself with serious cool factor as far as its Japanese samurai style aesthetic, but combat as a Swordmaster followed a rhythmic pattern that was just fun to execute in combat. In PvP, the Swordmaster was able to control the battlefield and really protect the squishier targets in the back line. Some will remember charges of Orcs and Chaos coming towards the backline of a skirmish only to be cast aside and knocked away by a deft strike from a vigilant Swordmaster. Of course, the Swordmaster was equally deadly from an offensive standpoint, with the ability to disrupt the main force and hold his own in a one-on-one fight.

I could probably go on forever about both of these classes, but I'd rather hear about your favorites! Share 'em with us in the comments below!

JC-Smith writes: EQ 1 Shadowknights for me. They could do a bit of everything. They were capable of soloing, unlike other melee classes, and had plenty to offer a group as well. Great in PvP. Sun Nov 04 2012 9:53PM Report
JaggaSpikes writes: i love hybrids. WOW's feral/resto druid (pre-Pandaria). another one would be WAR's Disciple ("first, do some damage..."). so, anything jack-of-all-trades master-of-none. Mon Nov 05 2012 3:28AM Report
Intrinsic writes:

Melee: Monk in EQ1, perfect melee for me. Little to no armour but nice fast attacks. Loved everything about it apart from the carrying capacity penalties which meant i was always broke ;p

Caster type: Monk in GW1, heal/prot heaven the perfect class.

Notable mentions: Theurgist in DAoC, Runepriest in WAR.

Mon Nov 05 2012 6:32AM Report
fenistil writes: Warden in Lotro.  No idea how it is now as I don't play anymore (damn cash shop...) but it was great and very unique class. Mon Nov 05 2012 7:26AM Report
Jaedor writes:

Most fun was probably the vanilla WoW hunter. You had to find a beast, look up the skills it had, tame it, feed it, heal it and check its happiness level in order to get more damage out of it. It didn't take long to get quite attached to this virtual companion you cared for so assiduously.


I was very sad when Blizz took away all those little details. :(

Mon Nov 05 2012 10:06AM Report
ZagavaVonn writes:

Star Wars Galaxies combination Teras Kasai Master with Master Brawler for /warcry and defensive lines from Pikeman and Fencer.

You could literally beat Jedi into a pulp with that template, it was a hoot like nothing else I've ever played. :)

Mon Nov 05 2012 2:18PM Report
Blackrayn writes:  The Tactician from AC2! To me pretty much hands down one of the most innovative and fun class's I've played in any game! Set your turrets and walls down and let the let the pounding begin! /sigh games that could've and should've been.... Tue Nov 06 2012 6:53AM Report writes:
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