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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: Most Discussed = Skyrim?

Posted by MikeB Sunday November 20 2011 at 9:05PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuse on the thread "Most discussed MMO on MMORPG.COM- Skyrim" by Picklebeast. Picklebeast has noticed (as I'm sure many of you all have) that Skyrim is quite the topic of discussion here at lately and is offering his thoughts on why:

Isnt it interesting that the most discussed thing on is... A single player game made (essentially) with Console Gaming in mind?

I do not want to discuss Skyrim here, its flaws or merits- Rather I want to discuss why a single player game is currently the best "MMORPG" out right now... Or at the very least- Its the most interesting.

Is the genre that bad, that stale? Is Skyim that good??? Seriously, this is probably the biggest MMO site out there and the hottest topic for the last week (or longer) is Skyrim- Or at least it seems that way. And its notjust here- Every other MMO forum I frequent sems to have Skyrim as its hot topic.

Personally, I think this says a whole lot ablut what us MMORPG lovers have to choose from in terms of solid games. How many of you still play an MMORPG? I havnt in probably a year...Still...Waiting...

-AND right now we are on the heels of a Star Wars MMO which (not wanting to discuss this either) I feel is a WoW clone and isnt going to hold gamers attention very long... But at least we currently have a game worth hype. What  if it fails to deliver, what then???


Read on to find out what the community is saying about the subject!

Teala's short but sweet post appears to sum up the reasoning behind the Skyrim enthusiasm succinctly:

I think we're all so excited because Skyrim is delivering whart so many MMORPG's fail to give us players - a living breathing virtual world.

Meridion is just an out and out Elder Scrolls fan:

It's because I've been an Elder Scrolls Fan since Arena and was critizising TES games for their lack of engaging animations, in-world events and clunky skill system (Morrowind acrobatics anyone) for 15 years; Praising their unique and uber-epic open-world approach, free questing, extremely well implemented lore...

These games were among the best stuff I had the pleasure of playing through in the past 20 years; And Skyrim has actually, while other sequels tend to deteriorate into laughable shadows of their original selves, IMPROVED everything people were complaining about in the prequels (except the UI, which was honestly never Bethesdas strength)...

So well, it's probably the best game I've laid my hands on for years, it is what no MMORPG in the last 8 years could deliver for me and presumably, telling by the 3.2 million copies sold during the first 2 days, this strikes true for a whole lot of people.

Bethesda is the last company, even Bioware slipped and twisted, on the planet to commit to their style of games no matter where the market goes. And I love them for this.

I even bought the collectors edition; My first collectors edition ever, not because of the stuff that's in it, but to support this one last true "western open world no shit just gritty epicness"-RPG company. Cheers.


solarine takes Teala's thoughts a bit further, explaining that Skyrim is where MMO fans 10 years ago hoped the genre would be today:

It's probably because Skyrim is just what most MMO players ten years ago was hoping the genre would be like in the future. Fun, freedom, impact, character; and epic adventures in an interesting world. 

A poster in this thread said Skyrim killed the MMOs for him/her. That's probably because, after all the disappointments and the actual effort of still trying to keep the faith, now playing Skyrim you realize why we're not seeing - and perhaps will not see - just this kind of awesome in MMOs. And you become aware of how the genre has strayed further and further from this initial vision. So Skyrim is like both a wake-up call and comfort food at the same time! 


fus ro dah, mahfaeraak. fus ro dah. ;)

I'm going to have to agree with the growing consensus that is everyone here is excited about Skyrim because it's mostly what they want to see from an MMO. This comes to no surprise to me as we've got quite a vocal sandbox-loving community here and Skyrim offers some great sandbox gameplay. I'd really love to see the Elder Scrolls as an MMO. It's got me thinking about Star Wars: The Old Republic and how I love BioWare's storytelling in the game, yet I'd probably love the Elder Scrolls' storytelling even more were it in an MMO. The world itself tells a story. The whole game world simply feels alive. You run into people just traveling, maybe they want your help with something, maybe they don't, but they really add to the believability of the world. Things just..happen in Skyrim, and I think this sort of approach may be the real future for the genre if it were done right.

What are your thoughts on all the Skyrim excitement? Share 'em in the comments below!

MadnessRealm writes:

I wonder how the developers at Bethesda Game Studio are looking at the whole thing. I'm sure they thought that they made an awesome game, but I wonder if they expected the impact this game would have.

It's really telling how one of the most discussed subject on MMORPG forums, is a single-player game.  Not only that, but people are also comparing Skyrim with MMORPGs (or the state of MMORPGs to be more accurate).  Solarine pretty much nailed it in his first paragraph, Skyrim is where players 10 years ago expected the genre to be at.

The fact that MMORPGs are not even close to reaching that point, let alone the fact that they've even regressed compared to older MMOs is...saddening to say the least.  However, there may still be hope, else there wouldn't be so much excitement around Skyrim now, would there?



At least I to stay positive!

Sun Nov 20 2011 10:44PM Report
EzraSteel writes:

I haven't sat down and played any games for an extended period of time now, but over the last few days, I've found myself loading Skyrim, time and time again!  I'm hooked to say the least.  Can anyone say, "Game of the Year?"


Sun Nov 20 2011 10:51PM Report
sanman7890 writes:

I'm gonna write an unofficial review.

It'll take me a year or two of playing the game, but I'm gonna write it.

Sun Nov 20 2011 11:47PM Report
Shinami writes:

The problem with people is that they are not "united" and they "mess" each other up. Every forum I've been to. Every community I've been part of has had MMORPG demands and arguments within their own communities, never delivered to the developers. 


Skyrim gives you something MMORPGs do not give you, they give a story where you are the main character. MMORPGs tend to make you a secondary character or throw you into a world where more player characters exist than monsters.


On top of that MMORPGs give you the same three quests in 1000 different ways. You either are: 

~Slaying X amount of monsters in a field or targetting a boss.

~Attempting to find an item or deliver an item to a target point or character.

~Go from waypoint to waypoint as a quest. This ranges from going from one map to the next or to a special thing like  "trying the cash shop" or "finding a PvP arena" 

These quests are rewritten 1000 different ways and they feel monotonous and tedius after a while. 

Skyrim itself is a game that doesn't have you grind 1000 - 10000 hours per character and has a story which unfolds around a character you create. 

STORY is the reason why role playing exists. The point is to DELIVER a story. Professional Roleplayers are called "actors and actresses" and go to school for theater arts degrees. They focus on wanting a story and when its good and nice, it gets ratings, when it fails it disappears...


MMORPGs are Massive Games, but are not Role Playing Games anymore. These days they are incomplete games that lack a lot of what singleplayer RPGs have. Graphically they are stellar, but leave much to be desired at every other point. 


Skyrim I can go through the game and choose where to go and what to do, without being lead to a million fields that if I enter some high level enemy will slay me and end my day. 


MMORPGs feel like a second job where you start at the lowest chain, bust your ass towards raising a character, just so your promotion takes you to a new area where you repeat everything all over again, all while some company takes your money by subscription fees or Cash Shops...


I decided a while back I would wait for Guild Wars II, and chance F2Ps but do what I could to play with a friend or two to prevent us from using cash shops and when bored, move on to a different game.


I have tried within a group over 60 MMORPGs in the last 2 years...We concluded that while the games are cute, we always return to some titles we like, but for the most part....of 60 MMORPGs out there....there are like 4 - 5 that we like and are obscure that this site doesn't cover or gives it a low rating because people dont know a good game when it hits them or are just inexperienced. 


I hope Skyrim teaches MMO developers a thing or two, that is prior to GW 2 schooling these companies that are out to make their own MMO to hook people to it like a drug and have a money generation system. 


Why make a good game when I can make an MMO, then unbalance certain parts to appeal a crowd, enter a cash shop and hook them to their own greed and have them give me their money so they can enhance their weapon so they can prove they are worth something in their lives...


....Because truth be told, if you had 10 - 20 friends in the real world you loved to do things together with, you wouldn't be in an MMORPG or an MMORPG forum posting things...You would be out doing things with your friends and treasure those moments proving that online games went from being games to being communities where people institutionalize themselves until they can find the courage to actually speak out and move on to the next phase in their lives. 

Mon Nov 21 2011 1:07AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Well Bethesda has already come out and said they have no intention whatsoever of making an Elder Scrolls MMO. Ever. Things do change over time, true, but their single-player games do exceedingly well and they have a Fallout MMO in the works, so I don't see an ES MMO happening.


Also while, yes, I would love for an MMO to incorporate a lot of these elements, it's not actually possible. Elder Scrolls games are living and breathing because it's only you playing them, you are allowed to change everything about them because it's YOUR world. In an MMO setting, you don't have that luxury. People claim they wouldn't mind this, until they realize some feat/achievement/weapon/something they're permanently denied simply because they didn't make it there in time, or weren't playing at that time. People only don't mind others missing out on gameplay when it is, in fact, ~others~ missing out. If you need proof, look at the PVP ganker mentality.


And on that note, there are plenty of sandboxes out these days and they remain very low on the totem poll in video game popularity. Even one of the larger successes, EVE, has its struggles and has only ever maintained a niche audience. It's not that these mechanics don't exist in MMOs, it's that people don't want to play them in an MMO setting. They think they do, but really what they want is a single-player sandbox with Co-op.

Mon Nov 21 2011 1:28AM Report
PukeBucket writes:

I'd like to see something even more sandboxy than Elder Scrolls honestly. Not just a  living world, but a world that can be changed and dynamics mostly lead by massive multiplayer actions while online. (ya know MMO) 

But a MMO with half of Skyrim's boons - I'd buy it.

Mon Nov 21 2011 1:31AM Report
Terranah writes:

I keep writing a bunch of stuff and then erasing it.  (sigh) I hate it when I do that.


Suffice it to say, the mmo genre is in a sorry state.  I see no immediate turn around ahead.  The future looks abysmal for the genre. 


And Skyrim is a great game.  It's already on the short list of my favorite games of all times.  You don't get a game this good very often, so you have to enjoy it, savor it.


Mon Nov 21 2011 4:00AM Report
Classicstar writes:

What do most players want when entering a game?

Adventure, exploring a world full of secrets.

Entering world where you still have freedom whatever you wanne do no hold hands.

On top of that beautiful graphics in a realistic midevil world.

Skyrim have what most MMOs lack these days is give player a Adeventurisch feeling and stepping into a mysterious world full of secrets to find and explore.

But Skyrim have its flawes alot of them to be honest but its still a great game to play.

As many posters above me saying its a greate game and also for me ive played so far 80+houres but i still see alot of FLAWES and bugs that im not pleased with:(

AI and txt npcs is still TERIBLE and not much better then Oblivion gameworld is way to empty and to many unrealistic things like every town have same looking children or people walk almost naked in deep freeze winterlands or npc always standing on same spot 24/7 or always empty or almost empty INNs or trading places. Game still need alot of work. By biggest discontent is that game is made for console bah:(

Dragon fights are awesome, but way to easy to kill and bit silly they constantly pop up every where you go to frequently.

Master lvl is also far to easy. Game is even more symplified then Oblivion and i srill see scaling mobs not alot different then in oblivion.

Still i enjoy it alot but thats maybe becouse nothing close is avaible on market.

Mon Nov 21 2011 5:06AM Report
DarkPony writes:

Must say that despite Skyrim's awesome, "living and breathing" world, I already end up feeling a bit bored with it in some regards. There's only so much a game without players can offer or throw at you. Eventually things like the bad AI and limited challenge ends up drying my interest.

Even if it looks much better and improves on many points, it's essentially the same experience I had in other FO and TES games it seems: I play it intensively for a few weeks but then the fun wanes and withers after which I'll pick it up again a few months later for another bout, etc.

Hoping that the creation kit gets released soon because player mods are very much needed in some aspects.

Mon Nov 21 2011 5:06AM Report
Classicstar writes:

I forgot to mention dungeon crawling is improve TEN FOLD is one best implementations in game there so MUCH better then in Morrowind or oblvion and they all different and beautifull.

I give DUNGEONS  10 OUT 10.

Openworld and graphics 9 OUT 10.

Rest of game 8.5.

But with some serious flawes and bugs i still give the game a max 9 OUT 10 becouse there is no comepetion out there that give similar experience.

Mon Nov 21 2011 5:12AM Report
Classicstar writes:

Btw this similar experience as Skyrim now give with open world and dragons and secrets, plus exploring was already superbly made and released in 2006 by game Two worlds from reality pump, even with multi player. But becouse of terible voice overs and only a male character and difficulty game was hated by most:(

Mon Nov 21 2011 5:19AM Report
Teala writes:

Skyrim is a lot like playing an MMROPG.   Here is why.   When you are out knocking about you'll have random encounters with NPC's out of the blue.   For instance.  I had taken my character out to get some pelts to turn into leather for crafting.   On my way to the forst an NPC comes running out of thew woods toward me.  Not know what I was about to encounter I of course had my character prepare for a fight.   She drew her axe and waited.  As the NPC approached she slowed to a walk and held up her hands.   Then said, "Please help..I've been biten by a vampire and do not know what to do...can you help me."     I, as a  player thought, wait I thought I was playing  this game alone.   LOL!  I almost mistook it as another player.    When I didn't have an answer for this NPC she warned me about not going into this one area of the forest and off she went.   Very cool.  Very unpredictable - very D&D-esq - yeah, the kind of thing a DM might throw at you while playing.  

In another encounter I was crossing a river when I saw a body flowing down it.  I examine it.   Then a guy and girl come walking out of the woods and approached.  The guy said, "Good glad he is dead...we chased the thief into the woods and lost him.  Guess he must have drowned in the river."  This encounter ended with me getting info on what lays down the road.  It was as if I had encountered two players out adventuring.

Another instance I came across a one of those cat people stadning on the side of the road.  I stopped what I was doing and walked over to him.   As we started to talk, three thieves jumped from the woods and attacked us.   Felt like I was playing an MMORPG on a PvP server.  LOL!

Would Skyrim make a good MMORPG?  Not as is.   But could many aspects of Skyrim be incorperated into MMORPG's - oh hell yes - with out a doubt!   Why isn't it being done?  I guess because the game designers of these current MMO's of today have never actually played a pen and paper RPG.    After playing Skyrim, I can say without any doubt that the guys that designed and made this game are pen and paper gamers and given the opportunity I think they could ,make a great MMORPG.   THey have all ready made a masterpiece with the single player game Skyrim.

Mon Nov 21 2011 11:41AM Report
WSIMike writes:

I encountered a ethereal-looking headless horseman the other night whom I followed all the way up to some tomb-looking area. A chest was there with a master-level lock on it. Quickly broke a few pick-locks on it giving it an obligatory attempt... and then marked it down as somewhere I'd have to return to later.

I haven't seen the horseman before or since.

There are so many one-off, random encounters in this game just while you're out and about that it's amazing.

I can't see how two runs through can ever be even remotely identical (core storyline notwithstanding).



Mon Nov 21 2011 6:02PM Report
anothername writes:

Replace the NPC with the world-lore fitting name warning you about something in the woods with a player called y0urm0m1337 eloquently explaining you that "RP suxx, l0l" and you have your MMORPG feeling :)

In most cases its not really the MMORPG and its gamemechanics that makes the difference between itself and an Elderscrolls game (besides insane modding options).

Tue Nov 22 2011 6:43AM Report
BigCountry writes:

"I'd really love to see the Elder Scrolls as an MMO"

Myself as well. Or heck even a co-op/multiplayer option similar to Neverwinter Nights/Diablo.

Does not have to be a full blown mmorpg, although that would be epic.

I would pay whatever it takes. I hope Bethesda is readin this blog..........

Wed Nov 23 2011 3:50PM Report
Spike_S writes:


"And on that note, there are plenty of sandboxes out these days and they remain very low on the totem poll in video game popularity. Even one of the larger successes, EVE, has its struggles and has only ever maintained a niche audience. It's not that these mechanics don't exist in MMOs, it's that people don't want to play them in an MMO setting. They think they do, but really what they want is a single-player sandbox with Co-op."

Here's hoping someone comes up with a mod for Skyrim that allows this.

Wed Nov 23 2011 11:41PM Report
Tutu2 writes:

I'm kind of happy Bethesda will not be making the next Elder Scrolls an MMO. It's one of the few single player franchises worth anybody's time anymore. 

Fri Nov 25 2011 2:58AM Report writes:
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