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Waiting Can Be Good

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday November 2 2010 at 5:14PM
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Sometimes there are games that are just achingly painful to wait for.  One such game from my past was The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  I remember my obsession with every little detail I could scrounge up about that game leading up to its launch.  I’m also young enough that I didn’t have a job and had to wait for the Holidays to come in order to get my hands on it (if I was lucky).  The wait for that game seemed unbearable then, and in hindsight I still remember it taking for-e-ver (thanks, Squints).  But man, what I remember more than the wait was the day I finally unwrapped that Christmas present to see the golden box beneath. 

In Ocarina of Time’s case, the wait was more than worth the end result.  That game is still cemented in gamers’ collective consciousness as one of the best ever created.  The way playing that game felt after waiting so long for it without access to any “beta” or head-start programs is exactly why I decided to write this post.  As “press” (I put that in quotes, because I’m pretty sure I’m just a fan who gets paid to ramble incoherently) I get to/have to view a lot of games before they’re released.  There are precious few that I can sit back and wait for. 

As hoity-toity as that might sound, from my side of the fence it’s a luxury.  Nowadays with MMOs too, you can pretty much get into any game’s beta at some point just by dropping $5 on a pre-order.  I’m looking forward to a lot of games on the horizon.  I’m probably going to cover most of them here on this site.  When launch day for DCUO, TERA, Rift, JGE, Guild Wars 2, The Old Republic, etc. comes I’ll be right there with all of you playing for the real “first time”.  But I have to contend that part of me misses those days when I had to just wait.  When Christmas seemed like forever from now, and it felt like I was never going to play that brand new awesome game which just came out. 

As I was reading some posts in the DCUO forum about players waiting to get into the Pre-Order beta, this whole topic occurred to me.  Savor that waiting period.  Don’t be too hurried to get into the beta.  It is after all, just a beta.  And when launch comes, if you’ve spent hours and hours in the testing phases, you’re not going to be as anxious to log in and join the rest of the population on those first real steps into the game’s life.

Okay, this just got way too serious for a blog about games.  My point is: sometimes having to wait can be a good thing.  In games, and in life.  And just to be sure I bring the seriousness back down to a more tolerable level.  


There, that about does it.

MadnessRealm writes:

Ocarina Of Time was a great game, but what would've happened if it had been a bad game after you waited all this time?

Waiting doesn't always lead to good things in my experience.

Wed Nov 03 2010 1:00AM Report
dirtyjoe78 writes:

" And just to be sure I bring the seriousness back down to a more tolerable level.  


There, that about does it."

Fantastic ending

Wed Nov 03 2010 10:01AM Report
theartist writes:

I wish one of you press had said "FFXIV is pretty, but there's not much to actually do." Sometimes you guys getting this information early and relaying it efficently is beneficial to those of us who look forward to your insight.  I'm sure it's a terrible burden and all, but if had that opprotunity I'd approch it with a certain feeling of responsiblity.

Wed Nov 03 2010 10:09AM Report
AmadeuszRex writes:

Maybe you should have got a job? A paper round? Obviously I dont no how old you were but I had a round at 13 and had no problems buying games...

If your trying to tell me your exited about christmas then thats greate.. me too... 52 sleeps to go lol


Wed Nov 03 2010 11:29AM Report
erictlewis writes:

Anybody remember "Duke Nukem Forver",  lol I think were still waiting for that one lol.

I am happy to wait for Rift, and for Star wars. 

I am signed up for the beta for all 3 of those, and I am still waiting, who knows maybee I will get lucky.

However I will say this after buying several pre orders over the years it just is not happening for me any more.  These game companies are going to have to show me what they are made of no more blind faith.

Wed Nov 03 2010 11:32AM Report
peacekraft writes:

Waiting... makes the heart grow fonder?

+ nice ending xD

Wed Nov 03 2010 11:50AM Report
alkarionlog writes:

I still thin its bad you compare a single player with a MMO, even more on the time when you have to make a good game to almost the perfection and without the most bug possible, not now like toss a half assed game and put the other things in to download if you pay extra for it, saying they make it after the game (sure I still belive in santa too), but good time was the old times, when games was really something you could hope for and it would pay out after you have to wait or trade cartridges with friends so you could play a new game.

now is just sad....

Wed Nov 03 2010 1:00PM Report
thamighty213 writes:

"It is after all, just a beta.  And when launch comes, if you’ve spent hours and hours in the testing phases, you’re not going to be as anxious to log in and join the rest of the population on those first real steps into the game’s life."


The problem is so many MMO's are shaped by those who hit top level and major money first that beta is a must for many to get all the info on how to get there the fastest.


I for one am really looking forward to TOR and haven't applied for beta nor will want to expereince it beforehand I have self ruined every MMO in recent history by being in beta and bored to death of certain content before the game is even close t launch.

Wed Nov 03 2010 1:13PM Report
madsdafe writes:

i guess we hurry to beta to c if its in our taste or even worth playing during launch (tho beta-launch alot in game can change). but ye some games are worth the wait.


btw the ending gets 5/5 stars xD

Wed Nov 03 2010 3:39PM Report
Benthon writes:

Great ending.

Wed Nov 03 2010 4:13PM Report
Rockgod99 writes:

Betas ruin the experience and playing a new game. By the time the damn game releases im already tired and pissed that i have to start my character over lol

Wed Nov 03 2010 7:12PM Report
semajin writes:

The problem isn't that betas ruin the full release for you, it's that recently games haven't had enough depth to keep anyone involved for much longer than a period of time in the beta. Saving yourself for release won't make a turd shine any brighter.

Thu Nov 04 2010 1:36AM Report
Gikku writes:

Beta testing is IMO not really fun for the most part. It is for finding and hopefully fixing problems before launch. Problem is many of those problems continue to exsist in the beta so until you play the live version you don't really know how much your reports have been useful or even aknowledged.

I go into beta expecting things to be broken or lag and dc's to be an issue. Sometimes there are so many issues you really can't get a solid feel for the game and how it should be. This I am sure has stopped many from even purchasing the game.

I have beta tested a number of different games and I think one of the worst has been WoW. So many things broken in quest lines you couldn't complete the quest and advance not to mention the constant dc's. Some of the stuff is live now and from beta to live many things have been changed (nerfed) and the class isn't what it was. 

This holds true in many from beta to live. So until you log into the live you really don't know what has been implemented and what hasn't. Nor do you know how it is effecting on live compared to beta.

I continue to beta because I like being one of those that finds and reports and hopefully makes a difference in the live version.

Thu Nov 04 2010 8:11AM Report
mmorpglotro writes:

Brings back some good ole memories :)

Thu Nov 04 2010 9:13AM Report writes:
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