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MMO Buffett

Posted by garrett Monday November 8 2010 at 7:27PM
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Nom Nom Nom! Actually this article is more about the current MMO market than anything else. The MMO Buffett is something I just thought of as a phrase to define the current MMO game space.
Your Meat and Potatoes – Fantasy Genre
Every meal has some form of meat and carbs. So for the hardcore players we look at the meat and potatoes of MMOs as the Fantasy games. There are a lot of varieties, but only one real formula. The meat, yet it can be served a bunch of different ways. At this point, it seems like the fantasy genre has run its course. Is there any area left to explore in this genre? Yes, but no one is willing to take the risks and try it. My wish for a giant Hamburger MMO of awesome is a very Savage style barbaric game that looks like it jumped out of a Frazetta painting. This does not mean Conan, just something way more nasty and dark.
Veggies – Sci Fi Games
Few have succeeded and the ones that have are awesome. EVE is like spinach, it makes ya strong and with some butter and salt it’s great fun. Other Sci-Fi games however are avoided by players like five year olds looking at a giant plate of vegetables. Players just kind of make a face and … grab something else.
Dessert – Super Hero Games
This genre continues to grow. With two games out now and more on the way the super hero genre remains a fun place to live out your childhood fantasy. Its cake and you can eat it too. There are definitely hardcore players and City of Heroes has proven to be an MMO that stands the test of time.
So while this blog is quick and easy and fun, it is kind of like a real buffet. You’ll stuff your brain thinking of what area your games fit in or what genre matches which food best. Still, like any buffet in 3 or 4 hours you’ll be hungry for something more solid….
Point being, we need new gourmet MMOs!
Aristides writes:

Was the word you were looking for possibly "buffet"?    I came expecting an article about MMO investment  a la Warren Buffett or maybe some Margaritaville humor related to Jimmy.

Tue Nov 09 2010 2:04PM Report
battleaxe writes:

The Mint you get with the Check - Everything else

Tue Nov 09 2010 3:37PM Report
battleaxe writes:

The Mint you get with the Check - Everything else

Tue Nov 09 2010 3:40PM Report
erictlewis writes:

Frofl eve as a spinach lol thats why so many folk don't play it. I got to say that comment is funny. I hate spininach now a good salid with some crutons, bacon bits, and thousand Island I can eat, minish the spinach leaves, that equates to swg space missions.

Now I guess  I am a meat and potato feller myself.  However DC got my attention, that could be the cheezecake.


Tue Nov 09 2010 4:08PM Report
happydan20 writes:

this is the most pointless article ive ever read on this site, mmos are like something we need something else also... whats the point?

Tue Nov 09 2010 5:22PM Report
semajin writes:

This does seem a bit... useless. I get the feeling this was one of those ideas that sounded great in the author's head, and got worse as he began to write it out. Obviously it was done in a rush, as the title is incorrectly spelled.

Tue Nov 09 2010 6:17PM Report
japo writes:

I just wasted 2 minutes of my life reading this garbage.

Seriously...who allowed this?

Tue Nov 09 2010 9:42PM Report
Ithi writes:

Seriously--did you have writer's block this week?

Wed Nov 10 2010 5:20AM Report
Tarsidous writes:

They need to make a an awesome steampunk game!

Thu Nov 11 2010 9:04AM Report
thomasrobert writes:

The Mint you get with the Check - Everything else.


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Thu Dec 16 2010 3:30AM Report
thomasrobert writes:


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Thu Dec 16 2010 3:31AM Report
thomasrobert writes:


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Thu Dec 16 2010 3:32AM Report writes:
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