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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Posted by Stradden Friday November 5 2010 at 1:48PM
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As you may have noticed with today’s Starcraft II interview, is getting ready to welcome another sister site into our network. is going to follow more closely in the footsteps of our flagship site than does, concentrating on a single genre of games, across platforms.

We’re really excited about getting this site up and running and hope that some of you who might be RTS fans as well as MMO fans might come with us and help us to build our community.

In that spirit, I’d love to hear your opinion on what we should include on the site. Any input would be greatly appreciated, but as we move closer and closer to launching, I'd be most interested to hear your opinions on our front page.

Would you prefer our traditional MMORPG-style layout, or would you prefer a hybrid of our style and the more modern “blog style”. you can see what that might look like by just popping over to GameOnMac and looking at that homepage.

Thanks folks, I really appreciate any input you can give to me.

Jon Wood
Managing Editor,,

marmoto writes:

any release date for the site?

Fri Nov 05 2010 2:13PM Report
DevilXaphan writes:

I prefer the MMORPG style, but hey that's me. Besides the articales, what else do you guys plan to layout on the site. Is it reviews of team battles, Player vs. player battles, mods for the RTS or achievments in the games.

Fri Nov 05 2010 2:34PM Report
kylekbb writes:

Im a rts lover i love shipping troops here and there and then blowing someone to hell! Well a good list of who hte heck has RTS mmos cause frankly ive looked and i cant find one that dont get boring after ten minteus.

Fri Nov 05 2010 4:25PM Report
Comnitus writes:

I like the MMORPG style overall, but perhaps without the sliding main stories/articles. Keep them stationary and let us select what looks most interesting by the little icons running along the bottom.

Fri Nov 05 2010 9:37PM Report
bisurge writes:

Where would Savage 2 go? It's both an instanced PvP MMORPG and an MMORTS.

Fri Nov 05 2010 10:17PM Report
therez0 writes:

MMORPG style is far superior to the poser page-layout that just scalded my retinas at the Mac site--seriously a warning would be nice when jumping from the dark mmorpg page to a bright white page. 

For the layout, ditch the combined flash-feed, and instead streamline the News box (add flash if you have to) and do a 60/40 split with the columnist articles box.  That would put all the content up front without accidentally confusing people with an opinion article when we thought (via bad title) that it would be a news article.

For the background, I'm thinking a hunter green shade, then a darker green (near black) for the content div.


Also, if you are going to go to trouble making a new page, HTML5 standards would be nice--you also would get to use the new media embedding options and font tools in CSS3.


As for actual content, I would hope to see some sort of map sharing system where users could upload custom maps, and then rate them.  Then you could do a weekly map spolight feature where you discuss with the creator and cover some strategy on that map.

Since replays are huge now, there must be a way to upload, view, and count trending videos.  A most popular replay box is a must for the front page; probably more important than a popular/recent threads box. Of course, there would also need to be a way to comment on videos.

You could also do articles on specific units of an upcoming rts.

There are a ton of tallented cartoonists of the RTS genre, you could hire one to do a weekly strip.

If you plan to do a polls featurette on the main page, actually support it with new polls occasionally.

Sat Nov 06 2010 5:53AM Report
Scot writes:

Hopefully any RTS online will make an appearance here, is getting somewhat limited in focus when so many other times of online gaming are starting to appear. I think anything which is more than a lobby online should be on here. So not LFD, but anything more persistent than that style should be up for this sites t o grab.

I prefer the look, purely on ease of use. I think it is case of nice graphics over utility on your sister sites. You have to scroll down loads of pages for the news? That’s a step back not a step forward.
Sun Nov 07 2010 2:46AM Report
Shinami writes:

I don't like the entire Hype Meter thing...It just welcomes every troll on the internet to show up and start bashing every other game in favor of their own. 


There are several Linux projects in Development for RTS games that are pretty decent. The thing to the RTS genre is that each game branches out...


I will explain from one RTS gamer to another :) 


Everytime an RTS game is released, it has a community for its core game. Over time people release modifications and then start working on conversion projects. These occur in practically every major RTS series, like TIberian Dawn being created under the Command and Conquer 3 Engine..


If you are going to keep a focus on the genre, its important to cover the core games, but seperately cover the Mod Projects too associated with the games. Some of the best work the industry has to offer has come out of modding and due to how much work is out there....A few RTS games (like 10 - 20) can really surprise people in content..


I mean look at old FPS games....One of the games i play from 2000 has literally an unknown multiplayer, small community and over 400+ multiplayer maps and many singleplayer spinoffs...

Tue Nov 09 2010 3:30AM Report writes:
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