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Dragon Age!

Posted by garrett Monday November 2 2009 at 8:31PM
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Yep kids, it is Dragon Age time!

So with the latest RPG from Bioware finally launching what impact will it have on the MMO community?

I personally think it will have a huge impact. Games like Dragon Age, Torchlight, and the upcoming Diablo 3 all have an impact on MMOs.

1. They are fantasy games.

2. They are RPGs

3. They may contain game design elements that will be used in future MMOs.

These are just three of the reasons to watch Dragon Age.

I know Star Wars is being done in a separate Bioware Studio far to the south of Vancouver, but there might be some elements of Dragon Age that make it into SW:TOR. Just a guess, but TOR is already being heralded as an all talking MMO.

So I pose this question to the commumity, how many of you will buy and play Dragon Age? 

Will the game be permanently good enough to take you away from your MMO?

Not for me, but for now it will be a nice break until 3.3 comes out :) 


AmazingAvery writes:

Got the game installed (digital download) awaiting activation within 24hrs for release. I forsee it looks like it will have a big impact on my regular schedule. IGN AU has already put a review out. It won't take me away from my favourite mmorpg's for ever. It will mean I will play them less over the next couple of weeks.

Mon Nov 02 2009 11:18PM Report
mrcalhou writes:

I don't think I'll get Dragon Age anytime soon. I preordered F3:GOTY from target for $39.99 a few weeks ago and will play through the DLC stuff when my copy ever arrives, but for now i'm playing Red Faction: Guerilla, and trying to pass my Cell Molec. class, write lab reports, make overly elaborate lesson plans and other "pre-service" teacher bull. So I couldn't take having another game that would inevitably take what little bit of attention span I have left. Winter break looks like a promising time-frame.

Mon Nov 02 2009 11:18PM Report
cornedp writes:

Pre-ordered and awaiting my copy. It might not take me away permanently from my MMO habit, but it will be a welcome break for a week or 2 :)

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:14AM Report
nate1980 writes:

Picked up my copy at 8:20am from Wal-Mart. It's downloading now.

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:24AM Report
nate1980 writes:

Oh, and I'm not playing any MMO's right now. Everything current is pretty much mindless crap overrun with rude kids, so yeah. I'll wait until a new MMO releases before returning.

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:26AM Report
neonwire writes:

Yeah I plan on getting this game and I'm expecting it to be a breath of fresh air from playing MMOs. To be honest most MMOs are badly made, far from being complete when they release and are certainly not worth a monthly fee. To put it bluntly they're all just really shitty games. The only reason I keep playing them is because they are addictive. Most of these MMOs also appear to be determined to provide a story driven single player focused experience just like a single player game......which is why I'm looking forward to Dragon Age. It will have all the good graphics, gameplay and involving characters and story that are completely lacking in craptastic MMOs that put quantity before quality. There also wont be thousands of other irritating idiots jumping around on my screen and ruining immersion. In other words why should I pay extra money to play a low quality online single player game that has been dumped on a server with co-op mode turned on (because thats all most MMOs are) when I can pay a one-off fee with no extra monthly charge and get a really good quality game instead?

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:34AM Report
SignusM writes:

I lost interest in the game after they delayed it for 8 months just so the 360 port could launch at the same time, yet PC users had to wait a year for a Mass Effect port. DLC on launch day? Bad bad Bioware. Between the horrible post launch support for PC Mass Effect, the horrible kotor singleplayer "MMO" they're hyping using CGI movies, and DLC on launch day after an 8 month delay, for a game that was PC exclusive for 5 years? There's a reason PC gaming isn't as profitable, because PC gamers aren't that stupid

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:44AM Report
FatGamer writes:

 Last night I was playing Dragon Age (EB let me pick up my copy early) on one monitor and aion / fallen earth split screen on my 2nd monitor. ADHD gaming f-t-w!

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:45AM Report
Harabeck writes:

4. EA/Bioware is paying us to plug their game.

Tue Nov 03 2009 9:57AM Report
Sovrath writes:

Installing it now. My guess is that it will impact my mmo playing for the very reason that single player games tend to be about something different than mmo's. MMo's seem to mostly be about the social aspect and player interaction. That's all find and good but story elements and gameplay as well as the feeling of being in a world really tend to suffer. Seeing players running around and all downing the same content, slaying the same dragons, wearing he same armor, tend to take away from that feeling that I got when I first played a rpg.

Tue Nov 03 2009 3:00PM Report
neilh73 writes:

I will definately be getting this game on Friday and without a doubt it will seriously cut down on my MMO time, so much so that I will only be logging into EVE to change skills and I will probably fall way behind the curve in Aion and end up getting kicked from my Legion. 

I love BioWare RPG's and Mass Effect 2 will be another one to take me away from MMO's for a while.  To be totally honest I'm pretty much about to give up on MMO's altogether.  Like Nate1980 says above, they seem to be full of nothing but rude, annoying kids these days.  The communities in MMO's have really went down the toilet in the past few years, and yes I blame WoW.  It seems that a lot of the people that WoW brought to the genre are people that the genre could well have done without.  I'll keep my Aion and EVE subs going, but both rather half-heartedly.  SW:TOR will probably be the last MMO that I subscribe to even though Earthrise and The Secret World look interesting.  The reason:  MMO communities just aren't what they used to be, nothing but talk about WoW, Chuck Norris Leroy Jenkins and over 9000 in general chat on any MMO these days and thats when chat isn't full of racism, sexism and other outrageous comments.

At least in SW:TOR when the human garbage that amounts to a 'community' starts to get to me I'll be able to play it like a single-player RPG, turn off chat and just go about my business...

Tue Nov 03 2009 5:49PM Report
Skuz writes:

Holy crap they must have shoved a lot of money into your grubby little hands, the Dragon Age adverts are plastered over everything on this site now, now I appreciate that you need the income but those ads on the sliding pics of the main article windows is taking it a step too far, hell you could have just reskinned the whole site & been less annoying, bad design layout frankly.

What's next, a Dragon Age origin ad popup on every link?...crap, now I only made it worse by giving you another idea.

Tue Nov 03 2009 7:40PM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

Loving the game so far!

Tue Nov 03 2009 10:44PM Report
Deien writes:

I just got it I can say it is a fun game so far but really they could of done more with it.

Tue Nov 03 2009 11:49PM Report
Wingclip writes:

Been playing for a few hrs, great story but so so controls and rails, did i say rails they are everywhere.  Risen is a much better RPG.

Sorry I bought it. Back to Borderlands...

Wed Nov 04 2009 12:44AM Report
Sabiancym writes:

 Good so far, dislike the controls.  

Wed Nov 04 2009 12:56AM Report
Badem writes:

I love BioWare games so when I heard about this I got the pre-order with some goodies, just waiting for it to be delivered, got a week off coming up so plan on hammering it then


what do you mean by Rails?

Wed Nov 04 2009 8:21AM Report
Wingclip writes:

By rails I mean it has invisible walls to the point where you feel you are being steered to you destination. You cant get near water or walk up a rock even if its not a steep . If the land raises up 2ft off the ground you can not fall off it to continue but rather have to find away around it. I understand the need to have some invisible walls to prevent you from crossing over or jumping off mountains and such, but this game abuses it to the point where I lose immersion and any feeling of exploration.

Wed Nov 04 2009 11:23AM Report
Admin writes:

LOL, to those that think this was a plug it was not.  Garrett posted this on his own.  Honestly I don't think I could sell a staff blog post with a whopping 1000 views to an advertising client for more than $5 ;-)  (no offense Garrett!) 

Dragon Age is a huge release for the RPG gaming world, and that is half of what we do here at  I agree with Garrett that this is relevant discussion for our community as I think things from this and other single player RPGs will effect *our* games.

Make no mistake we have launched a massive ad campaign for Dragon Age here, and that is good for the site.  I don't think this company/site is "money grubbing" - but if you like using this website and seeing it stay online then it does need to sell advertising =)

Thu Nov 05 2009 4:04PM Report
AlienShirt writes:

I was really looking forward to this game but the talk about rails alone turns me off. So tired of RPGs that offer next to no freedom to do and go where you want.

Thu Nov 05 2009 7:58PM Report
AmazingAvery writes:

The rails are as bad I think. Sure they are there but with everything else going on doesn't really bother me.

Thu Nov 05 2009 10:25PM Report
Apham writes:

We are now post release... Since Tuesday Dragon Age has dominated my online time sharing only with Team Fortress 2 when I am  in between classes and do not have the amount of time needed to clear a good chunk of story line.

I have started as a common dwarf, and now am having a 2nd through as a prince and I must say I had as much fun as I did my 2nd time around as I did my first.

If the storyline can continue to be as enticing as those in the first 5 hours and the DLC content provide the same quality of experience I am sold. Combat is awesome btw, story top notch.

Fri Nov 06 2009 8:26AM Report
Likeaboss writes:

This is an Epic Adventure that no MMO can provide. The immersion factor is insane as you are attached to your character and thier plight from minute you generate your first toon.

Fri Nov 06 2009 6:51PM Report
Roseblood writes:

I'm hooked on Dragon Age, great world, great graphics, and an excellent story line.  I have a common dwarf and a human noble right now, i'm actually having more fun with my human atm.  But what a world, i can't wait to play each char type.

Sat Nov 07 2009 9:05AM Report
nohseyako2 writes:

I am loving DA:O right now. I'm playing through as an Elf, on Hard, and I am loving the story! It's so intricate and twisting. Just love how one thought can change a character's opinion of my MC. It's just so addicting!

Wed Jan 13 2010 1:00AM Report writes:
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