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Community Spotlight: Games You Come Back To

Posted by MikeB Sunday October 28 2012 at 8:29PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Games you keep returning to" by guldurkhand. Guldurkhand offers his own examples to kick things off:

I kept returning to World of Warcraft, but now I am a bit outplayed with World of Warcraft(played it for 7 years). I think the best games are the ones that you keep returning to. What is the game you keep returning to?

What games does the rest of the community often return to? Let's highlight a couple of examples.

jdlamson75 finds himself returning to Darkfall:

Despite its flaws, after every disappointing new MMO I've played over the past 3 years, I've continually gone back to Darkfall.  It's a combination of the rush I get when fighting other players and the camaraderie I feel with those in my clan/alliance.  Had a lot of good times and made a lot of good friends in Darkfall.

Trudge34 often returns to the original EverQuest:

The first EverQuest (or at least some version of the original ;) still sucks me back in time after time. I've played many games and MMOs between quitting live back in 04 to now but I keep going back. Nothing yet sucks me in like EQ* does still... Was trying Vanguard and desperately hoped it would, but the lag the server was experiencing when it went F2P made it unplayable to me at the time. Maybe I'll give it another go along with EQ2, but probably will still go back to EQ*.

For wanderica, its LOTRO:

Definitely LotRO for me.  Used to return to WoW as well, but it finally lost the magic when the last of my RL friends stopped playing.  LotRO, on the other hand, never seems to lose that magic.  I always manage to return at the tail end of an expansion. Luckily this time I got in at the beginning.  I agree with a previous poster though.  It just feels so . . . refined?  It's mostly text based quests with little VO, but I just lose myself in it.  Enough sandbox to keep me busy, and enough PvE to placate me.  Usually lasts about 6 months and I move on, but I love rediscovering it on the return trip.

I've always returned to City of Heroes. Obviously, I won't be able to continue doing that pretty soon here since the game is ceasing service, but over the years, City of Heroes has always been my "home" MMO. I've played the game on and off for over five years now probably and it's just always been great for its variety of power combinations and awesome moment-to-moment combat. There's always some character concept waiting to be explored and City of Heroes gave me the tools to bring those fantasies to life. There simply is no other game like it.

What MMOs do you find yourself often returning to? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

bliss14 writes:

I haven't returned to one in a while but for a couple years I did re-up WoW every few months for nostalgia.  Once all the people I had know well had quit though that ended.

small voice....quake, i still go back every now and then for  a reunion tour :)

Sun Oct 28 2012 9:37PM Report
JC-Smith writes:

EQ 1 got me several times, but none in a long while (it's just too dated at this point). It's the only MMO that I have ever gone back to and had extended stints though. I've often gone back to games after an expansion and played for a week or two to explore the new content. But never really stuck.

In EQ 1 I played most of the beta, played hardcore in launch. Left due to not having enough content for level 50s. Came back when the Planes opened and played hardcore for a few months. Left until Kunark, played hardcore for a couple months after launch. Rinsed and repeated that process for several years. Each stint back was 2-3 months, and it was a joy each time before eventually burning out and moving on.

Sun Oct 28 2012 10:00PM Report
mylin1 writes:

I try and return to EQ2 every few months but in the end their poor FTP drives me away again.


Sun Oct 28 2012 10:18PM Report
nate1980 writes:

I just recently returned to WoW for the new expansion. So I guess I return to WoW occassionally


Sun Oct 28 2012 10:21PM Report
Freezzo writes: I've had that with RIFT, even though RIFT isn't that old of a game (1,5 years, getting close to 2). After SWTOR and GW2 I kept returning there, so that's definately something... Mon Oct 29 2012 4:29AM Report
logan400k writes: EQ, SWG, WoW, LoTRO, Age of Conan, CoH, EVE... SWTOR will be in that list once I find a game that I want to spend my money on more. I tend to do it for most games I like.  Free to play options help that a lot. Mon Oct 29 2012 8:20AM Report
Jaedor writes: LOTRO and WoW. I thought I was done with WoW but I caved. LOL Mon Oct 29 2012 11:36AM Report
Raventree writes: I kept going back to WoW for a long time, but after playing Rift and then wandering away, I found myself returning to Rift again.  WoW became so tedious and dated that I just didn't enjoy it anymore.  Rift on the other hand seems polished, new, and still overflowing with potential. Mon Oct 29 2012 1:05PM Report
Akais writes:

City of Heroes.

I tended to re-sub every year around Halloween I always loved the trick or treating events and the costumes more than the offerings in other games.

The nice thing about that game specifically was that it reminded me of that show "Cheers"... I'd log in and people I've played with in the past would still be there and would often greet me as if I'd never left.

Groups ( whether pug or not) tended to know their jobs and do them well.

WoW is another game that I would tend to gravitate back to but less and less as years have gone by .


I think the reason why lies less with what we commonly think of as  "content" (quests and etc)  and more so with the quality of the community in question. and with the quality of changes that has occurred in the game in the preceding year. The ability to explore differing classes, powerset combos, crafting, etc made COH an awesome experience to stumble into periodically.

Not to mention that Zombie Invasions in Atlas Park just rock.

If there is one thing I wish every game had it would be random, but relatively frequest invasions of hordes of enemies wreaking havoc in a main city.

WoW had a similar flavor for a number of years but it centered around quest content and as that content became more generic my interest in logging in dropped.

Mon Oct 29 2012 3:50PM Report
Jaedor writes: I should qualify that the only reason I'd return to a game I burnt out on would be the people/friends. It's why I caved and returned to WoW even if it's only once a week. Mon Oct 29 2012 5:31PM Report writes:
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