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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: "Pokemon" Style MMOs

Posted by MikeB Saturday October 29 2011 at 3:44PM
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This week's Community Spotlight focuses on the thread "Why no Pokemon-Esque MMOs" by robert4818. Like most of our spotlights, this one is fairly straightforward:

Seriously, I have to wonder why nobody has taken the Pokemon concept, and actually made it into an MMO.

First, before anyone jumps into it, let me say that we do not need the same stylistic graphics approach that we see with the official Pokemon.  I'm talking about the CONCEPT of Pokemon.

So, lets get this concept out of your head:

No Pikachu

And for the time being we can replace it with this:

FF11 Ifrit


If you like the Pokemon games as is, then ignore that last part.  Point is that the "pokemon" themselves are unimportant to the idea.


The core of the idea is as follows:

Capture monsters.

Train Monsters. (Level monsters)

Compete with Monsters. (Pve, PVP, etc.)


Design a world around this concept, and possibly use the monsters for more than simply fighting.  And you have an MMO ready to go.

What's the have to say about this idea? Read on to find out!

Dvalon thinks its a great idea:

It's got legs, for sure, just needs a good developer, if they made it as you say yourself but matured up the art and pokemon designs a bit to make them less of a cartoon then it would deff get people playing it.

I'm bearly 35 and I love pokemon kinda grew up watching it with the kids and playing it on my DS, its a good concept no its a brilliant concept and if people just got over their hangups on it they would realize its a stunning game.

Where it would really shine is the combat, there are a number of things they could do, like.....

1. super smash bro's style combat or street fighter style, throw out your pokeball and then you control you pokemon as you try and kick the other guys ass.

2. use the DS style of turn based combat

3. standard mmo style, when you throw the ball, you take control of the pokemon and fight the enemy pokemon like your mind controlling it so normal mmo combat.

To be honest any one of these combat options would be really cool, and the game would essentially be a full PVP game after all its all about getting those pokemon and collecting those badges so you can take on other players.

StormwindX suggests something similar, based on the Shin Megami Tensei series:

Shin Megami Tensei IMAGINE seems to be somewhat similar in concept to what the OP suggested, as in... convince demons to join you, train them, summon whichever one suits your present needs, do battle with them. 

Yeah, yeah, it's a Korean game based on a Japanese universe (Which is amazing, by the way. SMT has, along with Final Fantasy, historically helped define the way console RPGs work. If you've never heard of Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne and Digital Devil Saga, you should, as they're easily two of the best RPGs of the last decade), but still... 'capture' demons, train them, summon them, use them. Kinda like Pokémon in hell.

precious328 doesn't feel a Pokemon MMO would reach a broad enough audience:

Pokemon fans, the ones that have grown up, are around 21 years old.

The Pokemon series, IMO, isn't broad enough to become a MMO.


Star Wars has been around for years. It has fans both young and old. Pokemon, however, doesn't really have that many "older fans. It's too kiddy.

So, I've actually mentioned something like this in previous spotlights. I'm not actually a huge fan of the Pokemon series itself, having only played some of the earlier games, but the appeal as an MMO is pretty clear to me. The concept is pretty much tailor made for a massively multiplayer game. A huge world to explore, capture monsters, train them, fight other monsters with your own, fight each other at gyms or other tournaments, etc. Heck, you can even fit crafting in there. Players could craft consumables and even upgrades for creatures. As the first poster I quoted mentioned, the concept has "legs" to be sure!

Now, I wouldn't expect Nintendo to get into the game by doing their own Pokemon MMO, they just aren't really savvy on creating robust online experiences, but there is definitely room for an original IP to come in and run with it.

What are your thoughts on a Pokemon-style MMO? Share 'em in the comments below!

Zeus.CM writes:

yea. this is a good idea! Even though I would rather play official pokemon mmo, but this is good too.

Sat Oct 29 2011 4:51PM Report
camil82 writes:

there is already a mmo that has that all almost its named Rappelz but its only a bad thing about is its run by a catastrophic company Galalab, that conpany sucks they only care to take your cash, they have many hacks and they dont help players out and dont restore your spent cash items backs.

Sat Oct 29 2011 5:29PM Report
maplestone writes:

Ultima Online tamers

Sat Oct 29 2011 6:49PM Report
Kalafax writes:

Digimon Masters is doing this pretty damn well for a free to play game


Sat Oct 29 2011 7:34PM Report
quostin writes:

There was a game called "Monster Forest" That was hosted in Singapore, but was completely in English. I just did a quick look and the company sadly took it down.

It had the pokemon concept to it. You could catch basically any pet (monster) in the game and train it and teach it skills, and was Turn Based. If anything, that was the closest game to being similar to a pokemon style gameplay.

Sun Oct 30 2011 12:13AM Report
skamper writes:

If they took the basic Pokemon world (level up, catch, pokedex, gym leaders, elite 4, etc) and allowed multiple people to connect and explore the world together, it would work great. Basically just take pokemon red for example, and be able to explore and interact with hundreds of people.


But sadly, there is a reason they have not done this. Is it because they make enough selling new games every 2 years with updated graphics? Is it because the target audience might be too young? We won't know unless they try.


I honestly think it has potential to be awesome, if gamefreak or whoever made a large, colorful, cell shaded 3D world based off the first pokemon series. Nintendo needs something big to stay in the game, or they will become what happened to sega.

Sun Oct 30 2011 2:36AM Report
MangaMaiden writes:

I've been wanting to play a pokemon mmo for ages XD The idea should be considered, for the mean time I will check out the new digimon mmo :D

Sun Oct 30 2011 5:50AM Report
Failtrain writes:

They already made one. I think it's called Mists of Pandaria or something like that ;]

Sun Oct 30 2011 8:04AM Report
zellmer writes:

Shin Megami Tensei:Online says "Hello my BLIND friends!"

Every time I read a staff blog I'm usually left saying "WTF..." for good reason..



Sun Oct 30 2011 8:39AM Report
Athcear writes:

An actual pokemon MMO would be awesome

Sun Oct 30 2011 9:57AM Report
Dengar writes:

I'm sure a pokemon type MMO would do well, but I probably wouldn't play it, even though I love pokemon as a concept: word and image play to create fantasy animals that you go out and catch. The problem for me is all the leveling. That's probably why I stopped playing them.

Sun Oct 30 2011 12:35PM Report
Mufflo writes:

None of you thought of ggogling it?

Sun Oct 30 2011 12:37PM Report
Shallak writes:

@Mufflo : What part of "Pokemon type" didnt you understand? OP didnt ask if a "pokemon" mmo was out, he said that a pokemon type mmo, figuring actual graphic of monsters would appeal to more people.

Sun Oct 30 2011 1:34PM Report
futnatus writes:

I think it's fair to say there are Pokemon MMOs.  They're mostly online browser based games, but getting better and better from the initial ideas.  Been following their progress since their start, just a few years ago.

A pokemon MMO, even pokemon-like, 3D graphics and all, awesome massive world.  That'd be great.  : D

..Whats this about a pokemon game?  GOOGLE AWAY!

Sun Oct 30 2011 2:39PM Report
quostin writes:

I'm surprised Pokemon MMOs like that exist. I would have thought nintendo would have found them and force them to shut down.


Would evolving "monsters" be needed? It would be cool to "catch" any monster in the game, but doesn't evolve... but evolving would be good too, or cross breeding for new monsters like Monster Rancher had. Mixing Monster Rancher and Pokemon would be a nice concept. :)

Sun Oct 30 2011 8:26PM Report
aRtFuLThinG writes:

The thing that I don't get the most about the whole "Pokemon" MMO concept is that's what essentially MMORPG is anyways:

1. We create a character

2. We train up the character to a certain level

3. We fight using the character in pve or pvp

So the whole "Pokemon" thing in MMO will be like... game within a game?? What's the point of that??

Aren't we already playing a game when we play MMO lol?

This whole line of thought reminds me of a weird comment long time ago in SWG where someone ask me can you get a TV to furnish the house and watch it... like you try to turn your toon into couch potato too in MMO? lol

Sun Oct 30 2011 10:28PM Report
ShadowMajere writes:

Theres Been a pokemon esque game out for a while now, Made By Software company Turned P.O.S TQ Digital. It's called Eudemons.

Tue Nov 01 2011 9:29AM Report
MonsterMMORPG writes:
Well there is actually being developed on . Totally Pokemon style but all trademarks are belong to it. No trademark or copyright infringement on Nintendo.
A new incoming monster to monstermmorpg
Dracby dragon : [Image: 007dracby.png] , Seagon dragon / water : [Image: 008seagon.png] , Bermudrac dragon / water : [Image: 009bermudrac.png]
Wed Dec 21 2011 10:22PM Report writes:
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