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Dreams for Fallout Online

Posted by BillMurphy Wednesday October 27 2010 at 5:40PM
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So I’ve been doing a lot of Fallout: New Vegas dabbling.  No, this was not the game that caused me so much trouble recently, and no I’m still not going to say what that game was.  But in any case, I’ve not yet experienced the multitude of bugs and glitches that so many folks are reporting on in Obsidian’s sequel to Bethesda’s Fallout 3.  By and large the Gamebryo engine is starting to really show its age, but the nuances and little touches that give a Fallout game its character are still here.  Especially considering that a lot of the staff from Fallout 1 and 2 are currently housed at Obsidian.  It’s not perfect, but the exploration and interaction with New Vegas’ world is mesmerizing.  It’s the kind of immersion I dream about when I ponder what MMOs could be.

For some time now there have been rumblings that Bethesda is hard at work on an Elder Scroll MMO.  I’ll believe it when I see it, but considering how quiet that massively successful series has been of late, I’m sure these rumblings aren’t far off.  Additionally it seems that Interplay, a company pretty much on the brink, is putting all of its last remaining eggs into the basket of making a Fallout MMO for themselves through some creative licensing agreement loopholes.  And recently one of the Interplay developers has stated that they hope to make the Fallout MMO have just as much irreverence as the first two titles were known for.  Some of which can also be seen by taking the “Wild Wasteland” perk in New Vegas. 

I look at a game like Fallen Earth, which is sort of a PvE sandbox with a lot of inspiration from the Fallout or Wasteland games of old, and I say to myself that there’s just something missing.  I love Fallen Earth, as my review here will attest.  But I have trouble putting a finger on why I fell out of playing the game.  Admittedly, few MMOs keep me interested these days for more than a few weeks at a time.  In my recent years, I’ve become a game hopper, dipping in and out and resubscribing as often as I please to my favorites to keep tabs on their development.  It works best for me.  But then there was Fallout 3.  A single-player experience that had me catalog well over one hundred hours on one save file. 

Why did I do that?  I can surmise that it was because, like the Elder Scrolls games before it, the world has so much to offer.  The main quest drives a specific narrative, but there’s so much little minutia to take part in that you can spend hour after hour never advancing the mains story.  So when a Fallout MMO comes, while I’m no developer, I hope that the powers that be do their best to back away from the usual “quest hub with exclamation marks” routine.  Instead, I hope they give us a massive world to explore and find quests on our own.  I want a quest-driven game that’s somehow less obvious about where to go and what to do.  I want a general direction given to me, and then just let me do the rest.  The hard part will be giving thousands of players moral choices that affect the direction of the world the way FO3 and New Vegas do.  But if ArenaNet can figure it out, and the FO MMO is still a couple years away, here’s hoping they’re paying attention.

What else do you want your ideal Fallout MMO to be?  Or has Fallen Earth pretty much cornered that market for you?

JimMoreno writes:


Wed Oct 27 2010 5:52PM Report
Thalarius writes:

I never did like Fallen Earth, granted they had a good idea but when they included sandbox pvp things went to hell in a hurry with dishonest players engaging in outright cheating to exploiting game mechanics and CSR's doing nothing about it caused me to cancel account 2 months after launch of Fallen Earth.


As for Fallout Online, not sure if that is capable, granted they have a good story to tell, but if you went by the lore and by the storyline of New Vegas, NCR is heavy handed socialist nation similiar to Nazi Germany, the Legion are nothing more then slavers.  In the general theme of Fallout, China was wiped out, USNA (after USA annexed Canada it became the USNA) is somewhat still around thanks to the vaults, have no idea of the conditions of Europe, Asia, Pacific, Middle East. All we were showend was what was happening inside the USNA.

IMHO I think Fallout Online will end up being a Epic Failure.

Wed Oct 27 2010 9:41PM Report
brostyn writes:

Once I saw Obsidian developed it I knew right then I wouldn't be getting New Vegas. NWN2 is the last Obsidian product I will ever buy. Horrible.

Also, while I am a fan of Elder Scrolls, I've lost some respect for Bethseda. Their games seem to be all the same. I saw no difference in Morrowwind and Oblivion. Heck, even Fallout 3 felt like Obilivion with rifles. I will give it to them they are great at creating a worlds. I just wish the gameplay was different for different games.

Wed Oct 27 2010 9:50PM Report
stamps79 writes:

After playing about 28hours so far into Fallout " New Vegas" I can tell you this much, it's so much better then Fallout 3, Obsidian Entertainment which a big part of there staff was from Black Isle Studios, ppl behind Fallout 1 and 2....I knew right there, I was getting something better then Bethesda's try at the game. 


Fallout Online is working with Mashead Studios, the ppl behind Earthrise, which I think looks pretty solid and hopefully a great title....  All I can hope is that Interplay knows what there doing with this title, I know they were thinking of selling the MMO off to Bethesda for 50million...only to get rejected due to price.  I'm glad it didn't go through, Interplay needs a huge come back , I really hope they do a great job with this title, because it's something I've been wanting to play in a MMO world for at least a decade.  Here's to 2012!

Thu Oct 28 2010 2:15AM Report
Radar11x writes:

Well here's hoping

Thu Oct 28 2010 3:16AM Report
Ruinal writes:

Done right it could be pretty damn epic. Trouble is, I've been disappointed so many times with mmo releases I seriously doubt Fallout Online will be one to deliver the goods.


Been playing New Vegas a lot, on very hard hardcore mode. Where the eff are the schematics???? Although I've left off hitting the strip, I've a character at level 24 and visited 75% of everything outside the strip, and found the sum total of 1 recipe for cook-cooks stew. ARGGGG!

Thu Oct 28 2010 4:44AM Report
Hellfyre420 writes:

I've got this game charted as "vaporware" myself.. Interplay barley has any money to sink into this game, and last time i heard they wernt able to get any fundings either.. Not only that Mashead studios is helping them and lets face it, Earthrise is considered by many to be vaporware right now too.. I hope that it's (FOO & ER) a good game and that it sees the light of day but i'am not holding my breath..


As for Fallen Earth its a awsome PvE game just seriously lacking in the pvp department.. Especially since factions are meaningless because you can switch and bounce around without any consequences (you actually get rewarded for it.)


And New Vegas is just plain AWSOME! It's been my saving grace latley as all the MMO's ive been playing (with exception of Heroes Of Three Kingdoms) have gotten extremley boring for me latley.. But New Vegas is great and really has an oldschool fallout tribute goin for it.. Better then FO3 IMO.

Thu Oct 28 2010 6:08AM Report
erictlewis writes:

I have yet to try Fallout new Vegas, as Fallout 3 just killed me so bad, but since its is not bethusda I should give it a go.

Now to the OP's comments about fallen earth.  I was in the alfa for that game and the beta, and had a years paid sub.  I had devoted many hours of playtime to that game.

I can tell you what happened.  It was called patch 1.4.   The famous lets nerf combat patch.  This was the patch that was released 6 months ago. I nerfed riflemen so bad that if any melle character got near one it was nom nom time.  Melle also took a hit, my medic can not take on more than 1 mob at a time of any sort.    While there are not man group missions the ones that exist are imposible now unless you have a good group. Try that without a clan.  Patch 1.4 changed the game also in the way you could stack buffs, or not stack them as the case was.  Crafting XP was a nerf.   Fallen earth is a former shadow of itsself, and they reciently had 1.7 patch its changed the way factions are working,and several clans have decided to go one faction only and declare war on any other faction, so much for the faction wheel.  I can say that my years sub ended on 10/22. Im done with fallen earth as I was only playing 1 or 2 a month.  The new combat patches coming are going to nerf meele right out of the game. So it will be pistols and rifles only meele will be a thing of the past.  Oh and about 70% of the folks playing quit with patch 1.4  I except the game to tank in the next 6 months.  They just dont have the resources.

Thu Oct 28 2010 7:44AM Report
shakermaker0 writes:

Done right a Fallout MMO could be amazing. Everyone always says that Bethesda makes MMOs without the people. There is potential.

In regards to New Vegas, just lost my saved files after twenty hours so I've re-rolled and am now playing as a pyschopath. Really enjoying the game and proud of Obsidian for being such little tinkers. And in regards to an above poster, NWN2 horrible? How dare you!

Thu Oct 28 2010 8:14AM Report
Fishmitts writes:

I would love to see a fallout mmo, but after some of the crap that's been released, It's only natural to be skeptical. And if yer one of those avoiding New Vegas because of Obsidian, then the jokes on you. It's been a while since I played a game and got so engrossed, that I lost all track of time. Two thumbs way up on this one. heh..

Sat Oct 30 2010 12:29AM Report writes:
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