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How to Fix FFXIV's 1017 Error (Not Really)

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday August 27 2013 at 8:59PM
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Have you been experiencing the insane login woes with the recently released Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn? Chances are, if you're not logging in early in the morning or staying logged in all day, when you try to play Square Enix' wildly popular relaunched MMO... you're finding yourself unable to do more than stare at your character select screen. The 1017 error is the current result of  a login queue system that doesn't allow more than 100 people to queue to login to a server. In short, it's frustrating as all hell when you just want to play your new game.  

You could spend all night pressing zero on your num-pad (thank me later if you've not discovered this yet), or you could give up in frustration and go do something else. I'd suggest the latter, personally. Luckily, my son likes to wake up at 4am, drink a bottle and go back to bed, giving Dad enough time to get an hour or so in before work beckons.

But is that what we've come to? Waking up before dawn to play around in Eorzea?  I suppose it's a good sign that Yoshi-P and his team have done well by the re-imagining of FFXIV. Its only fault is that Square must not have expected this many people would want to play an old school and nostalgic MMORPG. 

In the next week or so, a data center expansion will be complete and these woeful early days of new life in Eorzea should be behind us all. Hell, this is actually an encouraging state of affairs for SE, as it means the game is very much in demand. It's also the only AAA MMO release for the rest of 2013, if I'm not mistaken, so it has months of potential spotlight ahead of it if they can get past these early hurdles. But until Square Enix can institute a real login queue system that doesn't require spamming the 0-key, I'd suggest they change the "1017 Error" window to give us a little vindication at least.


How are you coping with 1017? What have you been doing to pass the time until you can get back in and work on some Guildleves?

Falcomith writes: Took 1 hr 30 mins to get in today. Its a pain. Guess they are expanding the servers soon. Hopefully that will fix things. Tue Aug 27 2013 9:59PM Report
SBFord writes: I cope by simply not playing. It's not worth the urge to flip the table. Tue Aug 27 2013 10:09PM Report
thecapitaine writes: I've enjoyed every minute of my time in-game (well, except for one annoying series of quests) so I plan on sticking with the game.  Still, I've never wanted to flip tables as much at any launch as this one.  Forget waiting in a queue, forget random disconnects, and forget bugs and crashes of all stripes.  I've discovered that which trumps them all-- the utter inability to play and the dreaded 1017. Tue Aug 27 2013 10:13PM Report
Telondariel writes: I'm just going to wait until the end of next week.  Hopefully all the drama will have settled by then. If its still a mess, I'll just wait a bit more.  This isn't my first rodeo.  I have yet to see one game launch that hasn't gone through this or worse.  I have another game that is occupying me until the launch pains subside. Tue Aug 27 2013 11:31PM Report
Legendtrigger writes:

Only the weekend had some problems, yesterday it worked rly well.

Only small que's in the afternoon/evening.

Wed Aug 28 2013 2:04AM Report
Dengar writes: Not playing. The trouble with Beta alone kept me away. Shoulda listened to my friend who used to work out of their LA customer support center =/ Wed Aug 28 2013 2:20AM Report
abnesher writes: Been looking at that error for 3 days now. I got in one time and was kicked while zoning. I just think of it this way: FFXIV hasnt been released yet (Although they DID charge my credit card) Wed Aug 28 2013 3:32AM Report
Raveice writes:

if they had unlimited queue, how many hours to you think end up waiting ? 

anyway .

Wed Aug 28 2013 3:36AM Report
Destructhor writes:

All they need to do is put the queue back in, 1017 is simply the result of it being removed.


Also to actually fix the issue and not bandaid fix it, put an auto disconnect for afk players after 10 min of inactivity.


If you are a ps3 player, the wireless signal carries through walls, turn tv volume up and walking around jamming on X while you go about your day :-P


p.s. totally freaked the shit out of my girlfriend doing that last night lol

Wed Aug 28 2013 8:21AM Report
TheMaahes writes:

I've never been a fan of FF so I don't really feel any desire to try this game, but I do find this whole "debacle" amusing. I put debacle in air quotes because this really is just standard MMORPG launch now. If you're a veteran of the genre, you really should know by now that you should wait a week or two before playing. I find the number of refund posts in the forums here quite funny. D3 is an solid example of a game that should issue refunds for a failed launch (sequel to a game that could be played purely offline, but now has to because the company couldn't think of any other DRM options) as opposed to FFIV where is was to be expected to be online as an MMORPG (and with those expectations launch issues aren't merit-able).

From what you described here though, it is really odd that their server login Q would only be set at 100. That just seems ridiculously low. *shrugs*

Wed Aug 28 2013 9:04AM Report
Falcomith writes:


I am a veteran with +10 years in mmos and never seen anything like this where a queue system failed. Do I expect disconnects at launch? Yes. Do I expect overloading of servers at launch with possible crashes? Yes. What I dont expect and never had any issues with is that the queue system works when it wants too. (BTW, when queue is working, its over 100. Was in a 282 yesterday....then the 1017 error server full showed up). Yesterday I had two instances where I had to keep rotating through the menu to connect. (click start, select character, select log in, error 1017 and then rinse and repeat) until it finally after an hour and a half connected). The second time, another hour, and finally the queue system worked for me and only had to wait 15min more in queue before connecting. Its to the point that people  are afraid to logout, so they put themselves in an afk state for when they take breaks or get a bite to eat. I cant blame them. I have never seen anything like this. as I am typing this, its now 9:45am US east coast and the 1017 is plaguing us this early. Most of the west coast isnt even awake yet or is leaving to go to work. And there is no problem with the japan servers, so its not them logging on to NA servers.

Dont get me wrong, the game is fun. Lots to do. so now complaints in that department

But its easy to be amused from the sideline when you havent experienced the 1017 it in FFXIV and say "Veterans....should know...".

Wed Aug 28 2013 9:56AM Report
VerdicAysen writes:

15 Year MMO Vet here. Veteran's should know better! Sorry Falcomith, you had that one coming. Out of all the launches over a decade and a half i'm thrilled to be seeing this! The game is shattering Japanese records, which isn't just great for ARR but great for Square Enix as a company in its homeland.

I've had the 1017 error lots, and I viciously spam Num 0 to get in. When I do get in? It's totally worth it, and i'm anxious to see if they capitalize on this success. Hang in there fans!

Wed Aug 28 2013 10:17AM Report
BadSpock writes:

Took an hour and a half last night, frustrating, but not the end of the world.

The game is worth the wait IMO, hopefully by next week (as they say) they'll have increased the capacity to handle the load.

I'm just happy my CE codes took and applied to my account I got my 30 days!

Wed Aug 28 2013 10:58AM Report
Falcomith writes:


I Agree. Once we get over the NA/EU server clogs, all will be well. I was in beta for the FFXIV online. Glad I didnt purchase it at that time. 

But after reading what SE has done, it seems it is truly Reborn. I even purchased the digital CE. Having a blast now. I built a maurader, got him to level 10 and now learning the craft of fishing. Seems like they have lots to do and see in the game. I have never been a final fantasy fan, but I think, at least with this game, I have been converted.

Wed Aug 28 2013 10:59AM Report
Samhael writes:

I was only able to play one day of head start -- Saturday. It's not that I didn't want to play Sunday or Monday but just that I simply wasn't able to get IN to the game like so many others. Obviously, an AFK timer would have been nice. 

I spent time Monday afternoon canceling my pre-order. I thought the game looked great and had been enjoying my time in it. But since their circumstances aren't allowing me that time now, I'm certainly not going to give them money for it and wait for it to be fixed. (and no, it's not the money, it's the principle)

If the data center upgrade resolves the situation, I would happily revisit this decision and most likely purchase the game. I'm in a dry spot between MMOs right now and would like to spend some time learning something new-to-me.

Wed Aug 28 2013 11:55AM Report
Draeghor writes: I had some issues during the EA, but once launch hit, it has been impossible.  I finally gave up trying to log in to my existing characters and slumped off to a JP server last night.  Got right in, created a new char, and was virtually the only person in the Limsa Lominsa area (I think I saw around 12 people in the 3 hours I played).  I know it is not ideal, but instead of the frustration and backlash, I just decided it was more worth it to play, even though once the congestion lifts and I get back on my regular sever this character will wither and die. Wed Aug 28 2013 12:10PM Report
plutosams writes: Couldn't get in for more than 10 minutes over the weekend, but got in after 5 minutes yesterday.  Once in the game everything is running absolutely smooth.   Wed Aug 28 2013 12:39PM Report
describable writes:

i keep hoping i get an achievement for successfully logging in after a day at work.

heh... if it continues like this, it'll soon occur that the opposite will occur and servers may die a little...

once the rot sets in.... -munches popcorn- they'll be no third revival. They have had many many chances, and knew what they'd get... and have continually failed every step of the way.

if it wasn't for the guy leading the project... this would never have got this far.. all his hard work.... null n void.

Wed Aug 28 2013 1:07PM Report
describable writes:

least aion had 9 hour queues you could go away and leave.... 


this can't even manage queues over 100 ;) without crashing to the above message - fail.

Wed Aug 28 2013 1:08PM Report
Shauneepeak writes:

Biggest tip I can give you guys download motionjoy plug in a PS3/360 controller then customize the X/A button for turbo mode and set the turbo speed as high as possible then just do something else and wait to get in the queue you actually do have to watch because stupidly once you do get in the queue the default action is cancel instead of OK or whatever the second button is.

I found positioning a rubber just right around the right hand hold and over the X then between the Triangle and Circle buttons will keep the X button pressed down requiring you to do nothing.

Wed Aug 28 2013 6:35PM Report
DirgeZombie writes:  I've passed the time by going back to GW2 and asking SE for a refund on their unplayable product. Wed Aug 28 2013 6:50PM Report
Zhenocnra writes:

Ahahaha, ;D!







THIS was supposed to be the "revision"? LOL YEAH! IT'S EVEN WORSE OF NOW! LOL! The FFXIV ARR forums are HILARIOUS LOL!!!!

Wed Aug 28 2013 11:05PM Report
Wizardry writes:

MMORPG has the ability to get an interview with Yoshi and get some answers,i personally want to hear them.

I am pretty good at spotting BS,i will know if he is covering the ass of his boss and employees or if he is giving us the truth.

I want to know if he had the power to delay launch and if it was considered?They KNEW of server issues and errors for players login in the last Beta.They claimed all was fixed but without another Beta how could you possibly know it was fixed?

Thu Aug 29 2013 12:40AM Report
dizietsma writes: I'll try to log on 4 or 5 times every night, then go back to GW2. I am getting quite annoyed with it now though. Fri Aug 30 2013 5:21AM Report
trst664 writes: omg thank you for the tip, hitting 0 is so much easier! Fri Aug 30 2013 5:23PM Report
rojoArcueid writes: I can easily ignore Mr 1017 if they add underwater content. Or at least let me swim to take shortcuts. Tue Sep 03 2013 10:12PM Report writes:
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