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Relax, Breathe, Persevere - Guild Wars 2 Will Be Back

Posted by BillMurphy Saturday August 25 2012 at 9:04AM
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Hey guys, just a bit of a PSA while we all wait for ArenaNet to resuscitate the hamsters. I know we've been waiting for five years. I know we're all tired, stayed up late, paid money and so forth and so on. I know there's absolutely nothing we wanted to do, planned for this weekend, and rested our hopes on other than traipsing about Tyria this weekend. But remember...

We can wish and hope and pray that the servers for a major MMO launch are ready, but so few seldom are. Guild Wars 2 has been topping Amazon's charts for weeks, and there are likely close to as many people trying to play GW2 as there were logging into Diablo 3 when it launched. 

I want in too. My Asura needs to blow more stuff up. But for now, I'll wait and I hope you guys can take a moment, breathe, and remember that ArenaNet wants us all to stop screaming at them via Facebook, forums, and Twitter more than we want to start playing.

The servers will be back up. Until then... I'll go eat breakfast. LOTS OF BREAKFAST.

EDIT: And watch the Official Twitter of GW2 for updates. 

mcrippins writes: I was actually pleased with the initial launch. It said it was launching at midnight pst and it actually launched at midnight EST. So I got in like 3 hours early. No lag, and a few minor issues that were easily bypassed.  Sat Aug 25 2012 9:11AM Report
tordurbar writes: I just hope that MMORPG stays up. I am having lag issues trying to get to the forums. Nerd rage is un-believable! Sat Aug 25 2012 9:11AM Report
BillMurphy writes:

@Afro: I stayed up late just for that and got some solid time in myself.  :)

@tordurbar: Me too!

Sat Aug 25 2012 9:14AM Report
BartDaCat writes: I managed to get a decent amount of playtime in before the hamsters went on strike for the shitty kibble they were being fed. Sat Aug 25 2012 9:19AM Report
Naral writes: Yep, glad I played a bit last night! Was planning on playing some more this morning, but not the end of the world. I can maybe get some crap knocked off the honeydo list. =) Sat Aug 25 2012 9:19AM Report
Digna writes:

I think should do some artificial stress testing. Bottleneck  logons and make forums take 10 minutes to load for those who are already here.

Then let's see the blood pressure rise.

As far as GW2, I was enjoying the game for 6 hours. I'd like to be playing now but since I can't...I'll wait and play when the fix goes in.

Sat Aug 25 2012 9:20AM Report
fascism writes: wow thats a prett awful usage of the "10 guy" meme, you should be ashamed. Sat Aug 25 2012 9:23AM Report
AZSolii writes:

That's a somewhat inappropriate meme picture to use.


Here, take this Bill:



Sat Aug 25 2012 9:24AM Report
Harbinger1975 writes: Well, we could always go back and play Guild Wars 1 while we wait.  It's still Tyria!  Just 200 years earlier......semantics...right? Sat Aug 25 2012 9:34AM Report
deamian writes: Passed by another forum when I googled what the error meant, this can only do great things for getting rid of the element most of us don't want to play with anyway.. man those kids are pissed off. Sat Aug 25 2012 9:40AM Report
Tyroki writes:

6 hours of romping through the Asura starting area. I was spending my final hour messing around in Rata Sum, trying to see if I could slide down the side of the city and actually hit the bottom (numerous attempts, always juuuuust off missing the obstacles on the way down), trying to jump down the actual inside, and just having a great time exploring and messing about) before the hamsters fainted.


Honestly, it was a great 7 hours. Pity the servers couldn't take the strain, but hey. Outside of some latency issues early on, it ran a damn sight more smoothly than beta from what I could tell, so I'm happy.


But bored. So very bored T-T

Sat Aug 25 2012 9:46AM Report
Reas43 writes: EL-Oh-EL It's a unique and special snowflake. Till it hits some very expected, very mundane snag. Sat Aug 25 2012 9:47AM Report
NomadMorlock writes:

My whole guild had a great experience last night..very little or no issues.  I am however impressed with the incredible volume of people playing this.  Seems like millions are tring to get in at once.  How can you really prepare for that lol.

Hope the Anet people got a chance to get a few hours sleep.  This one's worth the wait for me, so when the servers are up..i'll log in.  Until then..  it's time for bacon!

Sat Aug 25 2012 9:50AM Report
Vyrian writes: ScorpionOne GW1 is down too, I tried. Wanted to get some HoM stuff done while waiting for the GW2 servers. Sat Aug 25 2012 10:04AM Report
Grakulen writes: Bill: Take this opportunity to go out and get some sun.  You are starting to look a little pastey. Sat Aug 25 2012 10:11AM Report
VikingGamer writes: I suppose all those stress tests in the last two weeks failed to catch what ever it is that caused this little glitch. Sat Aug 25 2012 10:12AM Report
Naevius writes: Everything was actually pretty smooth for me for 6 hours; I was surprised to see the servers down this morning. I think they just got far more people than expected - every server was full in no time. Sat Aug 25 2012 10:17AM Report
zero462usa writes:

I got in at Midnight exactly and played up until around 3am when I couldn't stay awake any longer. I had no issues except the fact that most of my character names were taken (WTF).

I think all those dumb threads about the launch being fail need to be closed, locked, and deleted. Those threads serve no real purpose except to give people a place to troll and complain. This certainly isn't the WORST launch of the year....Diablo 3 was a shame and failed at launch and didn't even ship as a whole game.

Sat Aug 25 2012 10:19AM Report
firithnorm writes:

This is what I get for deciding to skip the initial rush, get a good night's sleep and log on later in the morning.  Conjecture is that EU woke up and flooded the svrs.  Ah, well.   Hopefully they'll get everything fixed so when we all flood in, they'll be no more problems.


Right... I know. At least I can still dream.

Sat Aug 25 2012 10:25AM Report
xenogias writes:

I'm NOT complaining so dont take it that way. I just find it funny that I played for 5 hours last night with only one lag hickup and no other problems. Go to bed because the good friend I am is Driving a bunch of drunks tonight only to wake up and see everything has gone wrong.

I think the part that suprises me the most is how few people actually waited up last night. I got started about an hour late and only one of the servers I saw had medium population lol.

Sat Aug 25 2012 10:33AM Report
MMObro writes:

so because it happened before should be the logic that allows Anet to make the same mistakes as others and for us to accept it?




back to wow, where I can log in and play

Sat Aug 25 2012 10:35AM Report
dimasok writes: The game is awesome but ArenaNet really blew the launch just like any other mmo developer. You had your beta tests and stress tests, wtf went wrong this time?! geez Sat Aug 25 2012 10:43AM Report
Ghavrigg writes:


It's not about having the logic of "it happened before, so it's ok now" as an excuse, it's the fact that people should have prepared for it and should not have been caught off guard when it happened.

It's happened so many times, yet so many people are ALWAYS caught off guard when it happens. I'm beginning to think the community are incapable to learning from past experiences.

Sat Aug 25 2012 11:09AM Report
Rohn writes: Jacked up launches like this have been provided as "evidence" for "bad" games for years.  Why should GW2 be any different, or get a pass when it has so many of the exact same problems other games got hammered for? Sat Aug 25 2012 3:28PM Report
Blindchance writes: It's like mindless crowd of sheep storming a shopping center on a sale day. No innicial turn over will justify to any company rolling out too many servers to handle this spike in traffic. Stop whining as it will change nothing. In a week time the game is going to be a smooth experience for anyone with a reasonable PC. Sat Aug 25 2012 3:47PM Report
nate1980 writes:

It's hard not to get upset and dissappointed over this. Some of us grown adults with demanding full-time jobs only have the weekends to really dedicate any time to a MMO, so if we're unable to play this weekend, it'll be another week before we get any real chance.

I'd also like to point out that Arenanet knew the demand, have had multiple BWE's, and still decided not to release enough servers for launch the way SWTOR any many other MMO's did. I'd also like to point out that aside from TSW's buggy launch, I haven't had a bad MMO launch in many years.

Luckily, GW2 has no sub fee, so it won't suffer for a bad launch like other MMORPG's.

Sat Aug 25 2012 5:32PM Report
Arglebargle writes:

MMOBro, you would never have played wow had you been around for their release.  It was...offal.


In the chain of technology, only one part has to go wrong to screw up the experiance.  And there are many, many parts to an MMO.


Not going in til Tuesday myself, so good luck to all, and have fun storming the castle...

Sat Aug 25 2012 6:09PM Report
TheSedated writes:


TSW's buggy launch? Huh?  It was probably the smoothest launch in the last years. No lags, no crashes and the buggy part was a semi-functional chat and some quest bugs, but nothing game-breaking. I've seen a lot worse launches in the last years.

Sat Aug 25 2012 11:16PM Report
karmath writes: Sorry but crashes, bugs, lag, disconects, downtime = launch fail. Sun Aug 26 2012 6:20AM Report
clumsytoes44 writes:

Perfect launch of a massively popular title is a myth....

Sun Aug 26 2012 10:39AM Report
Solturno writes: Merciful Mary, that meme is horrible. Sun Aug 26 2012 4:56PM Report
Volmok writes:

Except for the fact that on a low populated server in EU I am sent to Overflow I think that GW2 launch was smooth and better than others.

The number 1 smoothest MMO launch I have seen has to be RIFT, but GW2 is close.

So, enjoy free time while you have it, because when GW2 servers will not crash anymore you will not have "free time" anymore :)

Mon Aug 27 2012 5:35AM Report writes:
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