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The Official Guild Wars 2 Guild

Posted by MikeB Wednesday August 22 2012 at 10:31PM
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Earlier this year the community came together around the idea of having an official guild for community members to use in playing together during Guild Wars 2's various beta weekend events and stress tests. Here at, we love nothing more than when the community comes together around something like this, so we threw all our weight behind it, and with our combined efforts the guild turned out to be a success!

Given the guild's success and interest level, we've decided to carry the guild into launch, and today we're making it official!

So, what do you need to know about the official Guild Wars 2 guild? Well, first of all, this guild is about YOU, the community, and that includes your leadership. While we (the staff) will be forming the guild and putting on events here and there, most of us on staff will mainly be here to support whatever it is you're doing with the guild. For example, if you're looking to put on some cool in-game event with the guild and want help promoting it all you need to do is get in touch with me and I'll be glad to lend a helping hand.

With that out of the way, we'd like to introduce you to star, who will officially be leading the guild. Star, along with DeaconX were instrumental in leading the charge on the beta weekend guild and we're glad to have her back for launch. Star is but one person though, and she'll need all the help she can gets, so if you're interested in helping out in an official capacity please shoot her a PM!

The guild will be a PvX guild, this means we welcome all members who are interested in any activity Guild Wars 2 offers. Again, if you're particularly passionate about a certain activity type, I would encourage you to get in touch with star. Ex. Maybe you want to be our official WvW officer because you have a ton of experience with RvR/WvW and know how to lead a group.

As far as rules go, we're going to keep it simple. Basically, if you don't think you'd get away with it on our forums, it's probably not going to fly in the guild. Simply put, treat each other with civility and respect, even when you disagree. Just have fun and keep a cool head! Guild Wars 2 is an extremely social game, so we hope that drama will be minimized here. Disruptive, abusive, or disrespectful members will be removed from the guild.

Let's get down to the nitty gritty now.


Tags: MMO

Server: Jade Quarry

'Holding' Server: Ferguson's Crossing

-What is a holding server? We expect Jade Quarry to be a highly populated server, so there is a good chance that at the beginning of head start access, many users may not be able to actually set Jade Quarry as their home server and create a character right away. If you find yourself in this position, please create your character on Ferguson's Crossing (a new server we expect to be low pop) and check back on the World Selection list periodically until Jade Quarry is no longer listed as Full. At this point, you'll be able to transfer to Jade Quarry, as server transfers will be free for the first couple of weeks.

Mumble (Voice) Server:

Port: 54748

-If you need to install Mumble, go here.

-Also, go here for an awesome Guild Wars 2 Mumble skin and Overlay.

Forums: We've put together a set of forums here in the GW2 section to give official guild members a place to hold relevant discussions. We're looking into creating permissions restricting posting in this section to guild members only, but in the meanwhile, we ask that you please do not post in the guild forums unless you are an active member of the guild. Disciplinary action will be taken against accounts causing disruption in these forums.

Joining the Guild:

If you've read up to this point and you'd like to actually join up, the process is fairly simple. PM either myself, star, or BadSpock, and we'll get you added to the official on-site roster.  Be sure to include your Guild Wars 2 account display name, this is basically your global name in Guild Wars 2 and what is used in the game's Contacts list. Your display name will be set as your Handle on the on-site roster so that we can all add each other and know who is who on the forums and in game.

Once you've been added to the on-site roster, simply get in touch with any of us in-game so we can add you to the in-game roster.

IMPORTANT: If you were part of the beta weekend event guild, we've wiped all users except for officers from the roster. You will need to get in touch with us again in order to rejoin the guild. Consider this a roll call of sorts. ;)

UPDATE: Added Mumble Info!

gaeanprayer writes: GW2 is srs bzns. Wed Aug 22 2012 10:42PM Report
evolver1972 writes: Evolver says, "Pick me!" Wed Aug 22 2012 10:51PM Report
MindTrigger writes: I'm down.  Pm sent to Badspock! Wed Aug 22 2012 10:53PM Report
Thanosxp writes: AWESOME! Wed Aug 22 2012 11:09PM Report
ionxeel writes: BillMurphy's link is messed up and it links to BadSpock. Thu Aug 23 2012 1:21AM Report
MikeB writes:

Thanks I'll fix that!

Thu Aug 23 2012 1:38AM Report
Dragnog writes: I will not be joining up with the guild this time, but good luck to you all and enjoy your adventures through Tyria! Thu Aug 23 2012 5:41AM Report
BadSpock writes: PM me folks! Thu Aug 23 2012 8:22AM Report
Paragus1 writes: Looking forward to playing along-side the staff and community with Inquisition.  See you guys out there! Thu Aug 23 2012 8:33AM Report
star writes: Moar PMs! Keep 'em coming folks :) Thu Aug 23 2012 11:49AM Report
Rupskul writes: Very cool idea.  Thanks! Fri Aug 24 2012 2:29PM Report
agardner791 writes: So um, do I PM star on here or on GW2 cus I can't figure out how to do it on mmorpg lol Sat Aug 25 2012 1:46PM Report
Omnifish writes:

Sounds like a grand idea!

I'd love to be a part of it but I'm on the EU so for lag reaons it's probably not best, lagging on my dodging is unacceptable :P

But best of luck BadSpock and Mike B, I'm sure you'll do well :)

Sun Aug 26 2012 7:42AM Report
Coman writes:

PMed star and waiting for a reply. Sound like a fun idea and guild. 


@Omnifish: Do what I do and just give it a try. So far I have no problems with lag (I do however have a pretty good connection) or anything and I am from the EU myself. Population is good around the clock as well and even saw a French guild recruiting over there :P. If you dislike it after a few days then just use the free transfer. 

Sun Aug 26 2012 3:28PM Report
Dren_Utogi writes: when I can get the game I will join your guildz for war Sun Aug 26 2012 3:36PM Report
Valentina writes: pm'd as well. I wanna join!!! Thu Aug 30 2012 2:34AM Report
Calemon writes: I want in I will send pm when I See server is not full Thu Aug 30 2012 11:11AM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

Almost ended up on Jade Quarry, would have joined you all there.  Instead ended up on Yak's Bend, so will see you on the battlefield sometime :)

Good luck, good game!

Thu Sep 06 2012 2:07AM Report
JFive writes: I Ended up on Stormisle bluff GL its a great Game! Sun Sep 09 2012 12:18PM Report
OG_Zorvan writes: Where are the "official guilds" for all the other mmos? Tue Sep 11 2012 3:21PM Report
sk8chalif writes:

The server should have been fort aspenwood , the number2  choice, jade quarry is a joke , specialy in queues, and facerolling other server, lol


Sat Sep 22 2012 8:41PM Report writes:
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