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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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WildStar Online Looks Simply Gorgeous

Posted by BillMurphy Wednesday August 17 2011 at 4:50AM
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I wasn't sure what to think when I woke up to publish our GW2 PvP Feature, and caught the unveiling of Carbine's WildStar Online.

Really, my gut reaction was "Oh man, this is like Firefly meets Titan A.E."  The game is simply beautiful in its rendering of the world and characters, and the trailer is the kind of cinematic genius that's usually reserved for Pixar films... a really violent Pixar film where a giant monster gets a hole blown in its head. 

It's that good though.  I smiled the whole time.  If the game is half as fun as the trailer, we're all in for a treat.

As the week rolls on I'm sure we'll learn more about WildStar's features and gameplay.  Our own John Milburn of is in Cologne and getting some time with the developers (probably as I write this at 4:45am).  Unless he gets trampled by a few thousand angry gamers, we should have his impressions for you today or tomorrow.

For now I'm going to just watch that trailer again and again, and stare at the screenshots for a while.  NCsoft... you're making some moves, aren't you?

Keep an eye on the official site for more info as it becomes available.

Artaryl writes:

And you probably missed the whole Live gameplay they did after the press conf that lasted 30 min. They said if I heard right that it was Alpha, but it was really polished and impressive.

Lots of feature were shown on it and they didn't stop to just a scripted zone. A solid MMO and a solid debut for it. Everyone should expect a lot of great things for that game and I wouldn't be surprised that the HYPE build quite fast.

For all of those who missed it, look out on the web during the week to see if someone somewhere release that live gameplay they did so you can also see and hear all the explanation that went on while they were showing out the game. Footage expected from late beta not a game in Alpha!

Wed Aug 17 2011 5:32AM Report
futnatus writes:

Yeah, cool.

Except for that apparent gender/race lock on those characters.

Wed Aug 17 2011 5:33AM Report
Artaryl writes:

Nah they mentioned in the live feed it was only for the live footage, that will be unlocked.

Wed Aug 17 2011 6:09AM Report
CRB_Atreid writes:

Glad you guys liked it!

You bet these gender/race/class lock will be unlocked. We created premades just for the sake of the demos. But of course, you'll be able to make different combos!

Wed Aug 17 2011 6:24AM Report
seraphol writes:

The trailer was fun to watch. The in-game art style reminds me a lot of WoW actually.

Wed Aug 17 2011 6:56AM Report
Elsabolts writes:

Very impressed and im an old fart !

Wed Aug 17 2011 7:12AM Report
UsulDaNeriak writes:

the trailer is nice: "Shut up and kill something"

this made my day ;) 

Wed Aug 17 2011 8:42AM Report
Padre-Adamo writes:

'80s cartoon style visuals, extensive cross-genre platform elements meets the MMO...enter WILDSTART. I can't wait. I have been following Carbine Studios for quite some time now and they lived up to what I was expecting. Well done! I cannot wait to see more.

Wed Aug 17 2011 9:16AM Report
Padre-Adamo writes:

WILDSTAR... I apologize for the typo. I guess I'm too excited :-) that I wanted to start to play right now.

Wed Aug 17 2011 9:20AM Report
astoria writes:

If the game looks like the vid i'll be impressed.

Wed Aug 17 2011 10:26AM Report
Vayrish writes:

This game looks great. I'm in love with the art direction!

Wed Aug 17 2011 10:33AM Report
Yalexy writes:

Looks good. I'm digging the art-style actually.

If the game features this kind of humor seen in the trailer then it's even more fantastic. Something like Borderlands ^^

Not alot of information about this game so far tho.

Wed Aug 17 2011 1:38PM Report
Skuz writes:

I'm liking this on a first-impressions basis, if the humour & visuals in-game match up to the trailer this could be a hit

Wed Aug 17 2011 2:09PM Report
Yavin_Prime writes:

It looks great I can't wait to hear more about the game.

Wed Aug 17 2011 3:51PM Report
Vesavius writes:

I hadnt even heard about this before today and I got an email about trhe beta.... Looks like it could be fun. More fun then SWtoR anyhow.

Wed Aug 17 2011 4:06PM Report
Szabtom writes:

"Nobody touch anything!"


Wed Aug 17 2011 4:10PM Report
calburi writes:

Just signed up for the beta... :)

Wed Aug 17 2011 4:47PM Report
OMGKrag writes:

(finally signed up: had to use IE)

Wed Aug 17 2011 8:08PM Report
firefly2003 writes:

Signed up for the beta , this definetely looks promising for once....

Wed Aug 17 2011 9:01PM Report
WhiteLantern writes:

Nice visuals, bit of humor, possible non-standard classes.....sounds cool.


Oh yeah, and furries. Nice.

Wed Aug 17 2011 11:09PM Report
Rinna writes:

It was very nice and surprising.  I always think I'm on the 'up and up' for what's coming and this was just... out of left field.  A nice surprise, I registered on the website and looke forward to see more.

Wed Aug 17 2011 11:55PM Report
Drekker17 writes:

Looks good, I love the cartoony graphics. I hope it's good because I've been waiting for a decent cartoony more chillax MMO.

Thu Aug 18 2011 12:54AM Report
holifeet writes:

Wow some dev team has been watching and enjoying Firefly. That couldn't be more Firefly if it tried, from the coat to the guns and the mercenary on a space ship.

Not that it's a bad thing that it looks all Firefly. I've wanted a Firefly MMO, or something that resembles it, since I first saw the show.

I'll be watching this one very intently. This genre is definitely improving after a nasty lull for the last few years. Maybe it's not just people like me that are tired of the same old same old, but dev teams too.

Thu Aug 18 2011 3:09AM Report
haplo602 writes:

hmm the site contains actualy nothing usefull ... client requirememnts ? supported platforms ? ANY game information ?


I mean why put up a site if all you link are a few pictures and a video ?? can't even decide if I should register for beta since there are no client requirements published.

Thu Aug 18 2011 5:26AM Report
Deivos writes:

Because they just launched the site and are just getting media and such put in place?


You can click into the beta signup and one of the steps will list minumum system requirements.

Thu Aug 18 2011 6:45AM Report
Deivos writes:

minimum* oi


Pixar styled Sci-Fi adventure ahoy!

Thu Aug 18 2011 6:47AM Report
Aussie77 writes:

This game looks awesome and it's barely been revealed!

Thu Aug 18 2011 10:13AM Report
Mayadeva writes:

really looks like a solid mmo with humor.

what else? :)

Thu Aug 18 2011 8:08PM Report
RedFanny writes:

This game looks awesome!

I just don't know where I'll find the time to play it when it comes out. I'll have to find a way to squeeze it in between SW:TOR and GW2.

Fri Aug 19 2011 4:18AM Report
haplo602 writes:

Deivos: and why did they put up an UNFINISHED SITE at all ??? That does not show much developer/management consideration.


Also showing system requirements AFTER you supplied your personal information to them is realy nice !!!


Are you serious about your post ? I mean they can't manage a website, how do you expect them to manage an MMO ???

Fri Aug 19 2011 6:55AM Report
odinfish writes:

Some may be impressed, but having cartoony chars doesn't impress me at all. I'll pass...

Sat Aug 20 2011 1:04PM Report
frostsmith writes:

Allods clone.

Mon Aug 22 2011 12:44AM Report
getty2 writes:

Looks good guys but dont forget about richard garriot's Tabula rasa which he abandoned and I was left feeling very jipped. Hope this is as awesome as it seems to be.

Tue Aug 23 2011 10:20AM Report
Cacophanist writes:

You really think this looks gorgeous? Seriously?

It looks like a badly drawn cartoon. Fine if you are into comic book looks but for me - no thanks.

The whole game looks and sounds like complete garbage. 

Sun Sep 25 2011 4:39AM Report writes:
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