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Warhammer Online: Wrath of Heroes

Posted by garrett Tuesday August 16 2011 at 2:24PM
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Our first peek at Warhammer Online’s lightning fast PvP style format Wrath of Heroes came from GamesCom today. The trailer moves quickly, but shows a clear MOBA PvP style that continues to grow in popularity. For fans of Warhammer this new update can be seen as a very strong addition to the franchise. The main reason, you can play and grow with your character and faction without having to take the time to level in the MMO.
For players who want or need a more casual approach Wrath of Heroes seems to be the perfect niche. Quick game play and exciting matches really help players with limited time. The MMO model continues to evolve into various service style gaming and while Warhammer Online was released as an in depth game, Wrath of Heroes brings the faster approach for players to enjoy PvP combat.
6v6v6 combat, you have to love that. I have always said that the eight man groups of DAOC were some of the best PvP I have ever played. It looks like Bioware Mythic is finally taking a close look at their old style and bringing it into the fold for gaming in 2011. The 3 faction system is really great and for anyone who had played it back in the day, it is fun to remember. The problem came about when WoW and its two factions crushed the hopes of any games using a multi-faction system ever again. Now with the smaller style games and faster play style it looks like we will have games adding in a lot of options for players to fight it out.
Check out the trailer and beta sign ups here.  
Coman writes:

I like the 6v6v6, but I might have seen it wrong, but can you pick any hero, meaning humans, elf and orcs working together. While it would not keep me away from a game I would find it a shame as Warhammer offers more then enough to make 3 good working factions/group with individual races that might work together.

Tue Aug 16 2011 2:44PM Report
Sulaa writes:

3 factions is good , but other than that this game looks bad, really bad

Tue Aug 16 2011 3:11PM Report
holifeet writes:

Is this nothing to do with the Mythic Warhammer Online game? Appears to be different developers but I wonder how they get away with using the name Warhammer Online.

Tue Aug 16 2011 3:40PM Report
Galthon writes:

Well, it's by EA who owns Mythic, so I guess they're good on that. It looks almost like they took WAR, cel-shaded it, and took out everything except the BGs.

Tue Aug 16 2011 6:51PM Report
TheCrow2k writes:

Too little too late. Fail game is fail.

Any new MMO that intends to have factional combat should be launching with 3 factions I think that much has been clear for quite some time.

On a related note why the hell they are planning WH 40k with only 2 factions when they could easily have 3 is beyond me.

Tue Aug 16 2011 11:36PM Report
headen writes:

hmm... interesting.  Very interesting.

Tue Aug 16 2011 11:51PM Report
gorgogorn writes:

How come us skaven fans never get any love from the warhammer games?

On a side note it seems like it might be a fun way to spend small amounts of time with like the survival mode (forgot what they called it) in dawn of war 2.

Wed Aug 17 2011 1:57AM Report
kosac writes:

omg why this graphic? omg omg.. why another title.. omg omg..

Wed Aug 17 2011 4:00AM Report
Coman writes:

Because Skaven are weak and cowardly, only preform decent in masses or when the threat in there back is worse then the threat infront of them :P.

A game mode where there are 50-100 of skaven players and only 5-10 other players could be fun :P

Wed Aug 17 2011 4:05AM Report
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Wed Aug 17 2011 11:39AM Report
Yavin_Prime writes:

I agree... why a new game? Why not fix the old one they have?

Wed Aug 17 2011 3:50PM Report
TheCrow2k writes:

@ Yavin_Prime Its a spinoff DOTA Clone not a new MMO, I am fairly certain WAR is no longer profitable (based on the numbers they gave 6 months after launch of how many subs they needed to retain) but is breaking even for now.

They are recycling the art assets (from the screenies they havent even changed anything its just the exact WAR models complete with craptastic textures with cell shading thrown on top) to try and make a bit more money off that investment.

Bioware have probably fixed WAR quite well since they took over but I think Mythic screwed up bad enough that even the hardcore Warhammer fans who left will never go back.

I wont even go back if it goes F2P such is my disgust.

Wed Aug 17 2011 8:47PM Report
azmundai writes:

This is a separate game? One epic failure wasn't enough? I was really hoping the people at Bioware might actually be able to add something to WAR which should have been an unbelievable game .. but this is just ridiculous.

Wed Aug 17 2011 9:24PM Report writes:
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