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Is EQ: Next Really Necessary?

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday August 10 2010 at 4:19PM
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Let me preface this brief post by saying that I’m actually pretty excited at the thought of a new Everquest.  I also apologize for the fact that this blog is going to be more questions than answers.  I like the mythos SOE has created, there’s a soft spot in my heart for both EQ and EQII, and I feel that both titles have aged rather poorly (despite the throng of people who would contest otherwise).  But is it really time for a new EQ?  Is there going to be room for it?  More so, is it necessary?

The fantasy MMORPG space is rather crowded these days.  Will the Everquest brand be enough to make EQ:Next rise above the crowd and attract more players than the current juggernauts and those games which are on the horizon or will it suffer from the problem of merely cannibalizing Everquest’s own audience?  I suppose that’s part of the idea though: SOE knows that in many gamer’s eyes Everquest is still a classic intellectual property.  Maybe all it needs to rise to the top once more is a new take on the old formula.  But if that’s the case, why are the early art and details promoting a game that’s very similar to the fantasy MMOs we already have in the field vying for gamers’ attention?

But with all of the other competition already out there, I’ll be curious to see if EQ:Next actually makes a real splash.  It will take, as we’ve seen time and again, a special breed of game to really draw the attention of MMO gamers.  EQ was the game that started the craze, but World of Warcraft took that ball and ran with it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many WoW players didn’t even know that Everquest was still up and operating, much less expecting another expansion.

Still, we know very little about what this next incarnation of Everquest will offer.  All we have is basically an announcement that more news will come and some art to tease us of a more stylized Norrath.  Maybe I’ll feel less skeptic when we know more, see more, and play more of what SOE has up their sleeve for EQ:Next.

bobfish writes:

I think you miss one key thing from their comments so far...

"Built from the ground up with PvP in mind"


Both existing EQ games are heavily biased towards PvE, this new one could touch a market they've seriously neglected to date. I also think though that the EQ brand isn't big enough to do anything, it needs to be a solid game to actually sell as very few people have ever played or even heard about EQ.

Wed Aug 11 2010 2:29PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

It's still SOE and Smedley. Negative reputation, especially in the gaming industry, is a hard thing to shake.

Wed Aug 11 2010 2:47PM Report
alkarionlog writes:

well it will depend on the death penalty, everquest was never know for have a forgiving DP (one reason i Never really liked everquest), it also will depend on what we will have on the market on that time.


I still will do like always will no hype any game till is out then see it with my eyes, before that is the same as a politician promises (its a lie till he proves me otherwise XD)

Wed Aug 11 2010 2:49PM Report
ITPalg writes:


The EQ1 DP is so different than what it originally was. You have NPCs that will summon your corpse for you so there is no running to get it out of somewhere you can't.

It has been like this for years.

Wed Aug 11 2010 3:52PM Report
Errandf writes:

I'm still an EQ1 player, I had an EQ2 trial membership for a very short time but only played till I died the 1st time. I might of had a chance to look into an EQ3 at last month's SOE block party but didn't take the opportunity. And still haven't got any feeling for the the Underfoot  expansion, stuck at lvl 85 I guess for a while.

Wed Aug 11 2010 4:30PM Report
echiya writes:

If SOE can capture the emotional power of EQ1 again....oh I am all over this x2.

   I want a game that is hard (keeps immature peeps away)

   I wanna sweat item decay and food...its a bitch and it keeps stuff real

   I wanna make deals in a tunnel and have my buyer NOT know he's paying too damn much for this sword LOL

   I want a game that I can get lost in (sometimes not knowing is a good thing in a game)

   I want a game that gives a penalty for dying because death is serious and you play much differently when there is alot at stake

   I want a game that gives me options to be unique in a world so far removed from my RL

   I want a game that brings players together not just in a PUG but because you will NEED each other to get where ya wanna go and who ya wanna be

  EQ2 gave a good craft system.... but not much else. EQ1 gave me characters I still miss, pets whose name still makes me smile, gear I am still proud to have aquired.

  I can only hope NEXT is all of what EQ 1 delivered but just more modern. I dont care if the pvp is upped or not.... I just yearn to be a Sarnak again or to purchase food in Kelethin with my last copper cuz survival in this game is planning. plotting and power.  No ez wow raid nonsense for me...

    I cannot wait and SOE dammit... get it right I beg you and I will but a lifetime sub.

Wed Aug 11 2010 8:11PM Report
rivethead23 writes:

Lol I'm with you echiya.... some of my best memories from EQ were the stuff they got rid of-

haggling in the east commons tunnel

corpse runs - I remember falling in lava in Sol A (?) and how friends and guildies escorted my naked self down to get my stuff. oh and guk.. need I say more?

Ah and who can forget blackburrows trains... how many I got killed by then i remember coming back in my 30's just to derail them.

I spend so much time in EQ just doing stuff other than leveling and raiding and I enjoyed it. I used to run druid ports for donations just to get good gear. i was "on call" for evacs and ports for my guild and other people i liked. 

The only time I ever skipped work for a game was when I camped a guy in highpass  who was on a 24hour timer and i knew he would pop at 10am. I stayed up like 36 hours for my chance. I can't remember what it was for sadly.

I only met 1 person who played EQ in person and he wasn't on my server- Emarr. I think not knowing any of the people I played with outside the game kept the immersion.

I quit after LDON because the game was a raid fest and I got tired of it - my guild disbanded too 

Wed Aug 11 2010 9:02PM Report
sacredcow4 writes:

Honestly, I won't buy a game with $OE's name on it.  One of my buddies who is graduating with bach of science in video game animation turned down an internship with them.  Gamers are fickle, myself included.  Once a company screws us over it is hard to regain that trust.

Wed Aug 11 2010 11:17PM Report
rutaq writes:

Wow.  Echiya.  If a game like that existed I would pay $ 50.00 a month to play it.   At the moment I have gone back to play WoW with some friends and although the game runs well it seems empty and souless.    Everyone is 80th level no matter how bad a player they are, everyone has top tier gear they can earn by losing Battle grounds.   The game is designed around ease of play and ease of success what you describe would be great,  finally a game where you aren't forced to succeed in.  


Imagine how cool a game would be where hard work, intelligent game play and actually having to build a group of supportive players/friends is how you succeed.

Thu Aug 12 2010 6:51AM Report
Gravarg writes:

SOE is the worst gaming company ever.  I loved EQ, but SOE ruins everything it touches or gets near.  I can't help to restate from the article, but ALL SOE games age badly. Why? SOE doesn't take care of thier games, and they don't care about thier players.

Thu Aug 12 2010 1:37PM Report
exhell writes:

I don't get what all you trolls are talking about, seriously. I have never had a problem with customer service once in 10 years, I have found MAYBE one bug in the game in that whole time..Really, what's the problem? RMT? Because every other game has done it, you're really going to bash SoE for following what makes them money? God, some people are retarded...It's going to happen. They may also support the raiders moreso, because that's what a majority of the players are! BUT there is still tonnes of group content to be had (16 expax worth).. The only problem I can see, is them catering to whiners and taking away some of the difficulty (ie: corpse runs, looking for a porter)...But really, if you wanted to make those corpse runs, you can still do it, as well as finding a druid just like the old days. You don't have to take the easy way...There are options, that's what makes everquest great. It still is in my eyes..It's players who bad mouth because they don't get their way, we don't need. (Future WoW fanboiz)

Thu Aug 12 2010 11:06PM Report
teakbois writes: The most ironic quote in this thread: 'Once a company screws us over it is hard to regain that trust.' Yet SWTOR is so anticipated. Lucasarts screwed over SWGs player base with NGE. The biggest problem SoE has is human stupidity. They hurt themselves for sure, but just the fact that some people actually think the eq2 f2p experiment is a greedier model than any other one in place just proves this point. Fri Aug 13 2010 1:52AM Report
Vyeth writes:

This game could do for Everquest, what the Dark Knight did for Batman...

They just need to return to their roots..

Fri Aug 13 2010 11:16AM Report
Morrak writes:

I love the idea of an eq built with pvp in mind, i also love the fact that when people talk about fond memories related to eq they almost always bring up things that really ARE missing from current games...

corpse runs...nothin like a CR in plane of fear at 2 in the morning...

trains, person to person bartering, loss of exp and even levels when you die, spending 10-20 minutes on the boat from BB to FP really made you feel small in comparison to the world you played in.

this is the stuff that drives people insane in game, but it also keeps them coming back for more, people love a challenge and eq delivered back in the day. SoE could have done some amazing things with the progression servers but sadly they didnt, those servers brought hundreds of people back to EQ.

I just hope that they actually put some effort into this. The name Everquest holds a special place in the hearts of thousands of gamers, and even though SOE does have a negative rep most of those gamers will still dish out the $50 to try it.

One of the biggest issues SOE has is their complete lack of marketing, i dont know if they just dont know how or if they dont care, but they really need to push this, big time.

Sat Aug 14 2010 10:48PM Report
LordofGimps writes:

is it just me or does every  RPG/MMORPG i've ever played i end up comparing it to EQ and consequently the game feels to have lack of depth (in every which format that makes a solid mmo) and/or feels very short lived... i've waited/searched for a few years now for a substitute that could maybe waltz into the same sentence as EQ but i've heard/seen nothing, and my patience has grown beyond weary...

if any of you know of an alternative MMO/RPG for the PC or the 360 i could maybe look into/keep an eye out for, that'd be greatly appreciated... and since u all have such taste in the best game ever made i figured i'd put my faith in all of you , by  telling me what EQ look/feel alike game is out therte that i could get my distempered greedy little fingers on!!  please save me.

Mon Aug 16 2010 5:01AM Report
Dmyankee writes:

Everquest was a shot in the arm for the MMO Community as it was the first generation now we have a plethora of options and fawn for the past. Tragically Everquest 1 is long gone the version fo eq we have now is not the game many of us bought in 1999. If you think about the new games yes quite a few do not have depth well the story telling is gone its now race to raid content. The journey is gone. its just fluff want great story telling single player rpgs are where it is at. Evequest 1 i felt like i was doing something. I and hoping EQ Next will do the same ... and return us to the good times.

Wed Aug 18 2010 11:45AM Report
Kendakon writes: it won't Dmyankee. The market wouldn't 'support' a game like the original EQ. according to the suits if a game doesn't have a Mil+ subs it's failing to make them enough money. Mostly greed on their parts, but the budgets of these games is rather large these days so they do have a point. Tue Dec 06 2011 1:13PM Report
fewcool writes:

Just google project1999 and play that. Nostalgia up the rear.

Fri Dec 30 2011 11:42AM Report writes:
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