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DAOC...come on...

Posted by garrett Thursday August 5 2010 at 7:13PM
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You know....Torchlight is getting a sequel...Torchlight which is awesome by the way, is run by a small studio. They can make those decisions on the drop of a hat. Hey, we're developing a Torchlight MMO, but wait, we're gonna do a sequel first to enhance game play, we'll add co-op and customization and fun new dungeons with a new story...AMAZING! I am truly excited for this.

The dark side of the above news, which is really not dark at all, is why cannot one of the best MMOs ever do a sequel....DARK AGE OF CAMELOT.

I have said it before and I will say it again....WHY NOT!!!  I just sat down tonight to do some work and maybe log into one of the MMOs....yet I sit here recalling the day when, I could jump on DAOC, check the gate and see who was there and run an 8 man group for an hour or so with friends. I suppose I could go into WoW and run BGs...meh....where is the goal in that? Sure I am Horde and Orcs are awesome and all, but does my realm really need me? Even if they didn't at least DAOC made you feel like they did.

So in almost 9 years and all the MMOs that have come out, no one has created a 3 faction PvP system with an open zone environment.....dear god what do we need to do to get this simple game design made?

3 Factions, 4 Factions, 5 Factions.....give us choice. Here is an idea, don't build an endless game world with crazy huge zones that take weeks to explore and force us to grind levels up to 80 because, well, that is the norm you think we like that as players??

No, trim down the leveling and the zones. Write content that has a point....and leads you into PvP for your realm. Have open battlefields with say maybe ruins or something, but no keep sieges...they suck for melee players....they really do...

Oh and here is a concept, create a rewards system for helping other players...with epic loot....

TADA! A fun MMO which mixes the days of old with some new fast paced game win...Okay maybe you won't pull the WoW fanboys out of their endless raids for scraps of code shaped like a cartoon axe from Thundarr...but at last you will get some honest to goodness hardcore MMO players.

In the end it doesn't even have to be DAOC, it just has to be a solid game with choice, and a strong PvP system that makes players feel like there is a point.

spookydom writes:

Do you think it may be a similar thing to the  S.O.E Vangard/Everquest II theory  i.e with war? I would be happy with a graphics and U.I update for the original.

Thu Aug 05 2010 7:31PM Report
Sovrath writes:

Hey I'm there. I still like much of DAoC. Update it a bit and they have a sub.

Thu Aug 05 2010 9:22PM Report
BabyJesus writes:

DAOC Origins. They need to hurry their asses with it.  Keep sieges are awesome. Melee have their use.

Thu Aug 05 2010 9:37PM Report
karat76 writes:

Really my only fault with the game was the common practice of buffbots find a way to limit that and its a gold mine.

Thu Aug 05 2010 9:44PM Report
karat76 writes:

Really my only fault with the game was the common practice of buffbots find a way to limit that and its a gold mine.

Thu Aug 05 2010 9:44PM Report
xFailx writes:

I would give up my left nut if they came out this a DAoC 2 and it was worth playing. Srsly, my left nut.

Thu Aug 05 2010 9:55PM Report
Quicksand writes:

Keep it just like DAoC with updated graphics and I'll buy it!!

Thu Aug 05 2010 10:09PM Report
Esper21 writes:

Give me DAoC 2 NOW!!

Thu Aug 05 2010 10:22PM Report
Tatercake writes:

i stillthink of the days i played daoc  and to this day it is and was  my fave mmo now i played a lot but not one has ever had thefeal that daoc nowit did need inprooving its a mmo  they all do  but ya i agree take  and make a daoc2 would bethe bomb but ya what do we know were just the players  they never listen to us do they there mind is concumed with the $ and thats teh bottom line its a shame

Thu Aug 05 2010 10:34PM Report
toria writes:

I still play Daoc and would be all for a other game has caught my eye to play.

Thu Aug 05 2010 10:52PM Report
Mandalore writes:

I liked keep sieges - but you need stormladders, siegetowers and maybe a system to dig tunnels, than melees can play with the rest ;) - Ah and the inner keep must be destructable ^^

And you made a mistake - dont ask for 4 factions! you need a uneven number of factions! 3 or 5. 7 is to much i think.

The world has to be huge enough - one of the problems in WAR is, that you cant evade the zerg because there is no space. In DAoC you could choose what style of gameplay you want - 1on1, smallscale, grp vs. grp or zerg battles.

And a 2nd DAoC have to have norse mythology - i love it. ^^

Thu Aug 05 2010 10:58PM Report
yyiri writes: Count me in. Original DAoC is still hands down most engaging MMO I've played in all these years. Stop the WoW-nization of the game by adding "!" above NPCs or introducing instances. Instancing weakens the bond of the community, and it's the presence of a closely-knit community that keeps people playing (and paying). P.S. Melee do have a purpose in keep sieges ;) Fri Aug 06 2010 12:44AM Report
mjkittredge writes:

It's like Field Of Dreams - "If you build it, they will come"

Heck I wasn't in love with DAOC, but I had some fun playing it and would definitely support a sequel.

My main complaint about the original is the imbalance in PVP - too many IWIN button skills, uber classes, ultra-twinks. AOE stun that lasts 10+ seconds? Seriously? The problem in too many situations is that you have no chance of winning. You can't pull off an amazing display of swordsmanship skills and survive against 2 or more opponents. You just die and die and die again. You can't even turn the tide of a battle. One side starts out with an advantage, gets the jump on another group, and it's all over before it even begins - then spend 10 minutes rezzing and running back to where you were before - maybe you'll get stealth killed on the long walk back towards the action! Woohoo, what fun! So other than for a very small group of elite players, PVP sucks.

PVP in WOW is better because sometimes you have a chance of fighting off multiple attackers, sometimes you get jumped and still win. Everyone gets a CC stopping item with a short cooldown. You can be outgeared and outleveled and still have a chance if you play your cards right. There's more room for skill and more variety.

It's a lot more than PVP, but that's one of the reasons DAOC is dying and WOW is stronger than ever. I'm not a fanboy, but they did PVP right and way more balanced from the beginning.

Fri Aug 06 2010 1:00AM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

I vote yes for DaoC 2

Fri Aug 06 2010 1:23AM Report
xentex writes:

JGE when it comes out has already declared it will be 3 factions and all open world pvp. Now given who knows when and if it will come out. And yes it's a completely different style of game but...I think it has the potential to be a good.

Fri Aug 06 2010 1:55AM Report
hogscraper writes:

I guess mjkittredge was one of those players who thought 'Purge? Charge? What a stupid waste of points'. Those abilities were easily gotten before you even step foot in ORVR. Oh, and every single player in the game had access to one or both of them... 

It also amazes me at how common your logic seemed to be among players in that game. In one line you say that overpowered elite classes ruined the game for you then complain that your chosen class was not overpowered enough to beat two players at once. Which way do you want it? In a 'balanced' game that situation would never happen.

You claim to not be a fanboy of wow but most of what you say is exactly what a fanboy would say. Things that don't make sense that simply support your cause. Wow is a gear dependant game where a higher level player with higher level gear has to be near brain dead to lose to an inferior opponent. Before I quit wow I gave up on trying to fight guys in bgs with legacy gear. I could have had it on my toons and chose not to. It made the game so unbalanced for lower level players. The one toon I did use it simply rolled over everyone in his path until I hit someone else with the same bonus.

 Maybe you're not a fanboy. Maybe you just insisted on taking your painworking necro out solo and unbuffed and never bothered to spend any of your realm points in anything useful. 

I would love for another DAOC as I still log into the first one. But in a time where big devs only want a game that has millions of subs, a game that takes more team work than most people are willing to work at is never gonna happen the way most of us want. We may find things that are close, but sadly it seems like more and more companies are going the route of catering to weakness and dumbness amongst their player base. People think wow is vanilla but Zynga has them beat hands down and still has more people playing. 

Fri Aug 06 2010 3:52AM Report
Lureei writes:

Well i heared from a RL friend thats working on a certain company that a certain game will be revamped and re-released.

Fri Aug 06 2010 4:22AM Report
alakram writes:

Make a huge terrain, i mean a small continent or a big island, then make guilds be able of capturing territories and build cities with houses, shops, tradeskill zones, Walls, torres and working gates, even the posibility of building keeps on their own borders, make a War system, tada!.

Fri Aug 06 2010 5:36AM Report
scuubeedoo writes:

Face of Mankind - 8 Factions, completely player driven sandbox PvP (Faction(s) vs Faction(s)) game with politics and roleplaying. No levels, no grind, level playing field.

Fri Aug 06 2010 6:56AM Report
ShadowenGrey writes:

Daoc was a really nice game, before they went completely nerfhappy, and destroyed several classes, because those classes managed to one-shot kill other toons, which were  10 levels below them selves.    The innate hate for archers expressed by the game designers, and the complete catering to making casters extremely overpowered, and self dependent.

The original game design, where classes depended upon another was brilliant, a caster alone, was cannon fodder, dangerous, but  easily dispatched, tanks had the tools to protect, and guard casters, but it required skill - then blade turns, uninterrupatbility was added to casters, and they became dangerous, unkillable war machines - I know I played both caster, and stealther (sniper).  

They lost control of the game, then with the concentration buffs, which have the advantage of not requiring recasting every x minutes, they really cause the game, to REQUIRE the use of a minium of 2 accounts, 3, if you wanted to be fully buffed, as the buffs were split amonst mulitiple classes.  

In several cases they made mistakes with the support classes, because some of the support classes could do nothing BUT support, if they were to do support ok.

The original game, which many people asked to be reactivated, before all the massive nerfing, was brilliant, it required that players know their roles, and work together..

So the fact that you needed 3 accounts, and about 2 computers, if you don't want lag,  and that if you were unlucky to choose one of the "disliked" classes you could risk your toon being completely useless (like hunters, scouts, and rangers were for nearly 3 years in the game - with the invention of see all hidden archers).  That made me leave DaoC - oh and incomptent support, that can't even solve a login/character management problem without you having to make an international call, in the middle of the night.

However, I'd like to see the game revived in it's original form (and anohter company running it), as that really was a fun game to play, you needed to be on your toes, before all the I-WIN buttons were added to the game.

Fri Aug 06 2010 7:06AM Report
peacekraft writes:

I second this article.

Fri Aug 06 2010 7:48AM Report
brett7018 writes:

Been saying this for a few years myself.  Apparently they (EA) could care less what the customer thinks....they are still set on trying to milk every last scrap of War.  Let War die in peace and begin work on EXACTLY what Garrett said.  Please.

Fri Aug 06 2010 7:54AM Report
Nkat writes:

I have always said 2 factions in any MMO is a waste of time. Three or even four or five would be awsome. The problem is the MMO community is starved for a Good MMO.

So many of our MMO group is going back to older games just to pass the time to the "Next best thing" comes out, problem is there is no next best thing.

I think if DAOC 2 would come out with 3 or more factions, a balanced PVP system,Good crafting system it would be a place where the MMO community would flock to.

Take the best out of every MMO, build it and we will join it.

Fri Aug 06 2010 8:04AM Report
Kyleran writes:

DAOC2 is really the only sort of game I'd like to see made at this  point, and sadly, I see nothing like it on the horizon.

Fri Aug 06 2010 8:47AM Report
ericbelser writes:

Speaking as someone who hated the 8-man circle-jerks and absolutely loved keep sieges (and yes I mostly played melee) your opinions are way off!

Fri Aug 06 2010 11:21AM Report
Drezd1n writes:

I would be really, really interested in DAoC2 or any game that implemented the 3 pvp realms and did it well

Fri Aug 06 2010 11:22AM Report
Halamur writes:

I'd pay up to 50 bucks a month for DAoC2! Yup I loved that game that much.

I enjoyed the leveling in that game because you were not spoonfeed quest chains to cap. You could actually hang out with a few freinds in a group and hunt wheverever you all felt like it rather than worrying who was on what step of what quest yadayada....The guy who first designed the quest chains and icons overy npc's in WoW should be banished from ever having input into any design again. He has divided guilds and communities ever since...wtg!

The 3 faction rvr system rocked. Why another dev hasn't attempted this type of design since really baffles me. Only thing I can think of is that they don't want to risk making a truely epic and fun game for folks looking for a challenge. Watered down, quest chaining, instance festivals are more the flavor of  the past seven plus years.

I do hope one day some little company hits the jackpot with this formula of 3 faction, frontier pvp and open world, questless(for the most part) awesome game. Yup its a shot in the dark but I keep my fingers crossed just hoping!

Fri Aug 06 2010 11:23AM Report
Spiritraiser writes:

Everyone wants a new daoc game. 3 realms instead of 2 worked so much better!

Maybe if EA Mythic keeps not deciding to make daoc 2, some other company should try the more than 2 realms and maybe make something similar in different setup. Like, don't know, medieval or napoleonic europe? Ancient times? Anything.

And instead of going multiple sides we have IPs like Warhammer and Warhammer 40k simplifying lore into 2 sides. Silly, totally silly...

Fri Aug 06 2010 11:50AM Report
Palebane writes:

It won't matter. Unless they magically come up with some game mechanic that makes players give a shit about each other, it will be just like WoW.

Fri Aug 06 2010 12:21PM Report
alkarionlog writes:

its a good idea, but keep just 3 factions anymore or less wouldn't keep things right

Fri Aug 06 2010 1:08PM Report
Tanemund writes:

Ok, on what data would EA, MythicK or anyone with a shred of business sense base the conslusion that if they were to make a DAoC 2 tomorrow that it would be any kind of a success?  Player base data from 2004 - 2005?  Testimonials by the same 30 people on a random message board that they know 20 people apiece who would "subscribe instantly"?  How about those stellar server populations (actually that should be singular as there is ONLY ONE SERVER!) that they are currently showing?

The reason DAoC 2 doesn't get made is because it's an economic disaster waiting to happen.  It's the same reason they don't put out an Origins server.  It will split the playerbase and make the game economically unsound.

And, by the way, what evidence can the players cite that shows EA/MythicK is capable of producing a DAoC 2 that people would enjoy?  A success that is now a decade old?  They had a chance with Warhammer, but they dropped the ball and kicked it out of play with that one.  The people at MythicK that brought you DAoC 2001 are long gone.

Why won't anyone else do it?  See above.  It's an economic sinkhole besides the fact that they'd be sued into bankruptcy by a company with deep pockets and a penchant for punishing or devouring the competition.

Do you seriously believe that this option hasn't been explored by the company?  Don't you think for one moment that if they thought they could make a few bucks they'd have done it already?  No, my friend, this has been weighed, tested and measured and found wanting or it would have been done by now.

So please for the sake of your own dignity quit pining and move on.  It's just not going to happen, no matter how many inches of webpage you waste asking for it.  It was great in it's time, but now it's a living fossile; a charicature of it's former greatness.  It's not meant for today's gaming community and it never will be, just as the community that supported it in it's heyday is gone and won't come back.

Fri Aug 06 2010 2:13PM Report
helthros writes:

You just make yourself sound like such a retard with the WoW bashing and the whole "Maybe wow kids won't come, but real hardcore MMOers will". Get off your high horse chump.

Fri Aug 06 2010 2:57PM Report
Artymus77 writes:

DAOC2 hell yea bring it on lets get it going

Fri Aug 06 2010 7:13PM Report
Thedrizzle writes:

Tanemund, i'm sure you're pretty much right, but why would DAOC2 be an economic disaster? The game was in its prime what? 2001-2003?  At the time the MMO market was clearly not what it was today and although it may not have had the same amount of subs that eq and uo had prior it still did ok during the age of that market.


Now why would another one be a financial disaster? Aside from these forums and many other gaming forums who have vets from DAOC who would die for a sequal, there are many people i speak to in life who had played and would love to be immersed in such a game again. 

I think gaming companies need to realize that they will never live up to that juggernaut called WoW. All in all it really was/is an MMO fluke, released at the right place in the right time with the proper advertising. Just because a game can't draw a billion subs, doesn't mean it cannot sustain a great community and still pull in more than enough revenue. IDK maybe i'm wrong, i'm not stating that my word is gospel, its just an idea..

Thank you for your sinicism though.

Sat Aug 07 2010 3:26AM Report
semajin writes:

Tanemund, any company out there that wanted to make a game base on Arthurian legend like DAoC did, could freely do so without fear of reprisal. You incorrectly assumed that Camelot was a trademarked IP of some sort, when in fact it's public domain. The only thing specifically owned by EA/Mythic is the title "Dark Age of Camelot", which could be easily worked around.


As far as the economic disaster, you posted absolutely nothing of any value as "proof" of that statement. What most of these people want is simply a game that combines a 3+ realm scenario without a questing system built on rails. Toss in a few well built PvP areas, both open and perhaps some battleground, and you've got yourself a perfect DAoC 2 without ever having to touch the IP.

Sat Aug 07 2010 5:46AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

DAoC is one of my favorite MMOs ever. I would definitely say yes to a sequal or a game that was similar.

This blog post gets my vote.

Sat Aug 07 2010 8:42AM Report
cirdane writes:

Daoc  was a great game in it's day. but it's story could be a text book on how to ruin a mmo in 10 easy steps. DAOC was one of the most mismanaged games in the history off mmos and warhammer shows the mismanagemant/development was not just bad luck. the team that built daoc is GONE.  The premise that people just wanted a fair fight and no grind quickly became lost on DAOC  as mythic thought to milk it for all the short term gain they could get till they could launch togas in space .

people wanted to slap on some armor load up some spells and mix it up not spend 300 hours /played loading up on master levels for I win buttons in TOA (many people like to play in toa, but the rewards made it a must and refusal to go made you cannon fodder on the field)

I would love DAOC 2 but in my opion it can't be made. no one would make it simple enough and then trust the players to make it interesting like we did with old daoc ( who would have thought that a gate in the middle of a field would cause 100's of people to spend dozens of hours trying to get through to the other side? )

DAOC had such solid roots that it took mythic years to bring it to low. I shudder to think what would be the grinds and I win buttons that would be tossed out in the name of profit.

Sat Aug 07 2010 9:41AM Report
Gravarg writes:

I've said it for years, they should make a sequel that is basically the original with just major graphics and GUI updates.  That's all the game lacks.  I still play it off and on, and most games are lucky if I'm still playing after the first month.  DAoC and FFXI are the only 2 games I've been able to play for more than a year.

Sat Aug 07 2010 10:55AM Report
Thedrizzle writes: Maybe a few people are right here. The RvR system was hands down the best I have encountered in PvP. But..... What really made DAOC great was the community. It was small and personal on each realm. Everyone knew everyone and often it became like a soap opera. I will never forget the great times I had on Percival. This hasn't been replicated in any of the handfuls of Mmo's I've played since then. Now community extends only to your guild and most of the time that family unit sucks. I've just figured out why mmo's suck now. The community blows. Sat Aug 07 2010 12:16PM Report
Gilcroix writes:

Buffbots are what keep me away. No reason you should be forced to pay for 2 accounts just to be able to compete. Also they need to tone down the CC. This was a problem with War as well as Daoc. Just instead of being mezzed or stunned you were snared 100% of the time cause every class has it not to mention knockdown,knockback, silienced, disarmed. A little more freedom of play would be nice.

Sat Aug 07 2010 3:58PM Report
Tanemund writes:


RvR, the part of the game that is what makes everyone go all googly eye is patented and trademarked by MythicK and that patent is now owned by EA.  Look it up.  Arthurian legends might be public domain, but the game mechanics are the intellectual property of EA.  Anyone trying to use the RvR concept will get sued by EA so fast it will make their head spin.  No one else makes RvR games because if they do EA will send an army of lawyers to eat their lunch.

Second the "proof" that it's an ecomomic disaster waiting to happen is the current state of DAoC.  Any bank or lending institution will look at the current state of DAoC before loaning anyone any money.  By the way they'll also look at Warhammer and say, "Oh  yeah.  No thanks."

The game was rife with problems, but all that is besides the point.  DAoC 2 is a complete non-starter.  As someone noted above it's a case study in how to destroy an MMO in a slow systematic way.  If you want to do it all in one sudden blow you have to follow the SWG example, but if you want to flame out over time, DAoC is the perfect model to follow. 

DAoC WAS good.  DAoC IS NOT good now.  Never will be because the players that made it good have all moved on.  Games are different now because the target audience is different now.  That' s not good or bad.  It's just a fact and failure to face that fact is the surest way to go broke in the MMO world.

If you want to pull the blankets over your head and fantasize about Fribolgs and Trolls and Highlanders chasing each other over golf courses to see who gets off the first mezz so they don't have to go back to their border keeps and rebuff with their buff bots, go right ahead.  That's your perogative, but this article is just whistling in the dark while we pass the MMO graveyard and see the tombstone of DAoC looming out of the shadows.

Sat Aug 07 2010 5:11PM Report
brostyn writes:

The people who made DAoC are long gone. There will never be a DAoC 2.

Even if by some miracle EA decides to make it the game will be pure crap like WAR.

Sat Aug 07 2010 5:34PM Report
Shinami writes:

Newsflash...If the DAoC Creators didn't care about you years ago, they don't care about you now. All they care is about making money. Welcome to the world of gaming.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news..even if they did a sequal or another stand alone game...It still means giving up the old game for the new one...either way, you lose something.

Sat Aug 07 2010 10:22PM Report
Zinzan writes:

No-one has done the three faction thing in 9 years?

1 word for you, Planetside, and despite being a really fun game, it failed miserably.

People want PvP as an option these days, not the main focus of a game, WAR was the same, pvp centric, died a quick death.

I'll guarantee you almost all of those who want to see DAoC2 would never play it as it can only be a disappointment compared to the original, the game which defined mmorpg pvp and to my mind is STILL the benchmark others should aim at.

Sun Aug 08 2010 3:08AM Report
tke180 writes:

The 1 thing that I can add to this is that for me, the gameplay in DAoC was actually more fun than anything I see in todays games.

It was just plain fun to watch your character in action.

I mean I could get into the feel of the character, the visual and auditory components.  melee combat was awesome with blocks and parries and to be able to react to them, casting was simple and still visually pleasing,  graphics weren't top class, but better than most, and I loved the use of shadows and lighting that came with Catacombs.

Sun Aug 08 2010 3:22AM Report
Malsoz writes:

I would love to see daoc reborn  and I would let every other  subs to other mmos go .

I soo miss the old daoc days..

Sun Aug 08 2010 6:00AM Report
Wicoa writes:

I just resubbed to daoc recently wow has become a very stale environment.

Sun Aug 08 2010 7:42AM Report
Adewulf writes: This is what we are waiting for.. perhaps need to create it on our own.. anyone up for it? Sun Aug 08 2010 8:02AM Report
xRafynx writes:

DAoC 2 is a must! I really hope they get it together soon!

Sun Aug 08 2010 8:36AM Report
Likeaboss writes:

3 faction RvR was the best thing ever. Capturing Caer Benowyc in Old frontiers and holding it a week from the Albs was priceless. Nothing in an MMO has even come close to that feeling of ownage.

Camelot is a free IP that anyone can use, perfect for an indy company like Mythic once was. 

Sun Aug 08 2010 10:43AM Report
vack writes:

We can all agree DAOC had it's problems, and I think some nay sayers are missing the point.  DAOC 2 or the idea of it, is players, wanting the feel that DAOC brought to the individual while playing that game in it's high point.  Which IMO was DOAC/Shrouded Isles.  This was the height of the community, which is what was so great about DAOC.  And that community, with it's realm pride, greated a sense of purpose to play that game.  Alarm clock raids, Stealther Gank Squads, the Kia-Zerg tm.  EMAIN for God's sake.  I mean the best experience in an online game for so many people. 


The mechanics of the game, sure they need a big overhaul, not one person here that played it can tell me they weren't ever Jazzed not even once that they got WTF Mezz, Stunned, Nuked, Dead.  It happened to all of us, yet.......we came back for more.  In the SI X-pack, you went to the cities or the outlying towns, where there was a real LIVE market place going on, crafters of all kinds offering services, 24/7, customizable gear, via spellcrafting and alchemy.  Find that now, and I'll bet you'll have a very hard time coming up with titles,and Auction Houses are not the same.  Being able to barter with a live crafter online was really a great thing.  Toon names became realm heros.  The game as a whole just felt right, it fit like your favorite pair of sneakers.


Esentially, I've said this to many people.  If I had money to have a studio, I would take, the AION Engine and the style of interface, and build DAOC 2 with it.  Not change a damn thing about the story, or the setting, just use the AION Engine and streamline the classes.  There is a bit too much going on there to have good balance.  Oh and the factions must be an odd number.  As even numbers will just eventually blend into the same two faction model.  Odd numbers are the way to go.  And it's my opinion that 3 is the best.

Sun Aug 08 2010 12:33PM Report
shantideva writes:

They need to make Meridian 60.


For all you neophytes that missed 59, best mmorpg eeever made.

BD 107! =)

Sun Aug 08 2010 4:13PM Report
N2stinct writes:

I havn't played DAOC, but i've heard nothing but good tings about it.  If they would make a sequel I would defenitly buy a copy, cause really, it couldn't be anything less than awesome! :)

Sun Aug 08 2010 7:19PM Report
MumboJumbo writes:

Yes and yes: DAOC was one of the best mmo's and yes it's damn perplexing why no-one has seriously scooped up the niche it created with players (WAR aside for a moment).

However, this space is being invaded: A couple of F2P games have taken on this realm model eg fantasy earth online and rag/reg-xxxx online or something that is decidly similar looking to daoc.

As for AAA titles, GW2 has a World PvP option so yes there's hope on the horizon.

Still it baffles me why eg WH40K seems to think 2 factions is going to work... or put the other way, have they not looked at DAOC at all?

Mon Aug 09 2010 2:51AM Report
Yamota writes:

I agree with most of this article except one sentance:

"Here is an idea, don't build an endless game world with crazy huge zones that take weeks to explore"

Excuse me? One of the biggest complaints about themepark games is that the world is tiny and not really a "world". So please, LARGER zones please.

Mon Aug 09 2010 7:43AM Report
Duvand writes:

DAOC 2 would be fantastic...

from my perspective, I'd like to see implemented aspects I enjoy in other games, but with the excellent Historical/Mythological theme of DAOC,

1.  Timed group quests like WAR

2.  Balanced PVP like WOW

3.  Siege warfare DAOC original.

There is one aspect I have not seen done properly in an MMO, but Wintergrasp in WOW is the concept I am thinking of.  If a town or castle could be stormed for a reward, and if there is unequal sides, spawn equal guards or buffs to even the sides, now I could spend hours playing that.  This could be a regular timed event, where you can quest etc in safety, but once the timer runs down, everyone is a target.

I suppose you can gather that I like the mechanics of WOW, but don't relate to the Lore at all, where as DAOC I was totally immersed, and prayed the mechanics would inprove, but at this stage I think it needs a complete rebuild, but hold onto the concepts that made it the best RVR/MMORPG for it's time.

Mon Aug 09 2010 11:02AM Report
Mordeath writes:


I wanted to know if you would clarify your "patent" statement, EA has "trademarked" the term RvR, which means you cant call your pvp system that but I dont see anything regarding the 3 faction system which is the key part of the DAOC pvp system that people enjoy. Is there something specific they had done to prevent another game from doing a 3 faction system? Otherwise it is a very dynamic part of the game that makes it fun to this day. Just curious.

Mon Aug 09 2010 12:46PM Report
Threnody writes:

Allow me to hop onto this bandwagon- I'd love an updated DAoC or DAoC2.

Wed Aug 11 2010 7:30PM Report
Gravarg writes:

It just boggles the mind that no other game developers have caught onto the beauty of 3 faction wars like DAoC had.  I've noticed a few lately that are finally getting the picture, but nothing like DAoC

Thu Aug 12 2010 1:44PM Report
hildace writes:

I support this!!! Give us DAoC 2!!!! I'll pay double the current MMO rates for DAoC 2!!! I want a good pvp game!!!! (I loved pre-toa daoc)


I get depressed when I realize I've gone from one mmo to teh next without ever recreating the magic and pvp fun that I had in pre-toa DAoC (as a diehard pvper).  I've played WoW, WAR, and Aion, and they're all garbage in comparison to pre-toa DAoC.

Tue Aug 17 2010 1:56AM Report
BowbowDAoC writes:

DAoC 2, revamp DAoC 1, whatever works, i play on a free shard atm, with classic DAoC (pre toa and SI, and of course OF ) and man i really enjoy it as much as i did with live one in its early days.

So would i buy it, of course i would, as long as they dont try to do another WoW like they did with WAR. But its true, a part of the success with DAoC was the community. If i were to make DAoC 2 myself, i d make a few servers only for old daoc players. Easy enuff since they got the database still. So they would attract all the old players that made DAoC what it was back then, and let new players discover the true magic of Camelot.

I doubt it will ever come out, but one is allowed to hope and pray :)


Mon Aug 23 2010 7:47PM Report writes:
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