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The Mists of Pandaria & Guild Wars 2 Battle

Posted by BillMurphy Wednesday July 25 2012 at 8:52AM
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So, as you've probably heard a thousand times across the internet already, World of Warcraft's Mists of Pandaria is launching everywhere on September 25th of 2012. Click the link for details. Immediately apparent is the fact that this is exactly a month after the pre-purchase access for ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2

Surprise! Game Company B bases its release schedule on Game Company A! 

We've seen this before, and we'll keep seeing it after. It's the same thing Hollywood does with movie releases. You don't want to compete directly if you can avoid it, and Blizzard obviously knows that people will buy GW2, and don't want to risk losing potential day-one adopters by launching too close to that game. But will MoP's launch a month later do any damage to ArenaNet's new game?

That's a "remains to be seen" sort of thing, but here are my thoughts.

  • GW2 doesn't require a subscription.
  • GW2 does hope to earn from the RMT shop.
  • WoW's expansion might hurt the RMT sales for a time.
  • But any "dent" it makes, won't be permanent in GW2's revenue.
  • Just as any dent GW2 makes in WoW's subscriptions won't be permanent.
And in case I haven't stated enough of the obvious, many people will buy both, and many will buy just one. In short, folks. There is no battle between GW2 and WoW. At least not yet. The two games will both live harmoniously alongside each other because of divergent revenue models, just as the original GW lived quite healthily alongside WoW (and still does).
Me? Well, I'll be buying both. But that's only because I really want to catch 'em all and be the very best. 
MsGamerlady writes:

Good for you :) I too like to "catch 'em all" in mmoland. I find the us vs them mindset people have regarding games to be an easy way for folk to stair at the finger pointing at the moon. 

Anyhoo, enjoy yourself, I certainly will be enjoying as many games as I can and finding things to love in them :)

Wed Jul 25 2012 9:07AM Report
dimasok writes:

I dont see a reason to play WOW anymore when GW2 is so much better and its free.

If anything, I hope it forces Blizzard to make WoW F2P

Wed Jul 25 2012 9:41AM Report
Yaevindusk writes:

I very much reciprocate the feelings expressed in this post.

It's a very bright future for MMOs for me when there are two great games, one with subscription, and the other without, to fill my free time.

There is no doubt that I'm looking forward to delve into Guild Wars 2 and play each of the races -- perhaps twice -- just to experience the different stories and ways it could have branched out.  Not to mention making a few of my mains look incredibly powerful with all those cosmetic items to acquire and the legendary items to grind.

Looking forward to siege some castles with my guild, and then switching over to WoW to raid together as well.

Some pretty interesting days ahead for sure.  Especially with other games either going F2P or the ones that soon will release as such.  I'm looking at you Neverwinter / Planetside / End of Nations / Defiance / and all others that release with such ambition!

Wed Jul 25 2012 9:46AM Report
Raventree writes:

After playing Aion's FTP model I had a very hard time going back to a subscription.  Just being able to play a good MMO without that monthly payment made it seem more fun.  Eventually the call back to Rift became too strong though and I had to check out Conquest and the PVP changes in general.  I only have room in my wallet for one MMO subscription, but a B2P game doesn't hurt much at all, so I am highly likely to play both Rift and GW2. 

Wed Jul 25 2012 10:06AM Report
Raventree writes:

Loved the Sylvans in GW2, though.  I will definitely be playing a Sylvan not only because it reminds me of DAoC, but I loved the childlike innocence of the race when they first emerge from the dream.  "I wonder what this is.  Do you think it will be our friend?"

Wed Jul 25 2012 10:08AM Report
Raventree writes:

*cough* Sylvari *cough*

Wed Jul 25 2012 10:09AM Report
Isturi writes:

WoW is the reining champion. While ironically the Devs For GW2 worked for blizz on Vanilla WoW so now this is like a Hatfield and McCoy type contest were the victor goes the spoil.

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:03AM Report
dageeza writes:

I dont really see a conflict here, what i see are apples and oranges in the same stand..

Some will buy only apples and some will only buy oranges but some will grab both...

Wed Jul 25 2012 12:54PM Report
necrostein writes:


and now i want a smoothie

Wed Jul 25 2012 1:48PM Report
stragen001 writes:

I have never, and will never by WoW or any of its expansions. The 14 day free trial was enough for me to know that I dont want to play a game like that

GW2 on the other hand.....already purchased. Countind down til the 25th :)

Wed Jul 25 2012 1:58PM Report
Svarcanum writes:

This is the perfect scenario for me. Gives me a whole month in GW2. Well enough time to get a char to max level and to do all the pve content. Then WoW launches and I can finally raid again, all the while casually pvp:ing in GW2.

Wed Jul 25 2012 1:59PM Report
OldManFunk writes:

Standing on a mailbox while you wait for your raid locks to reset isn't very fun for me so at least as far as I'm concerned it makes no difference. The games aren't really competing for the same kind of players.

Wed Jul 25 2012 2:15PM Report
RAVIAH writes:

i will definitely play both.  i always loved playing guild wars the original for the epic story and when I needed a break from wow it was a very fun game to play.  i see a similiar  way of playing these two games for myself.  guild wars 2 is a great game and quite fun. the downside of  gw2 is when i have a group of friends like 10 or more and they want to do something together at same time and through questing or pvp doesn't seem like gw2 will provide that.   this isn't really a bad thing and kind of shows how the two games are different.  so i will most likely play warcraft will the primary goal of raiding and doing things with rl friends.  then when i'm not doing that i will probably be playing gw2 enjoying the story and pvping.

Wed Jul 25 2012 2:48PM Report
teakbois writes:

I honestly dont think Blizzard has cared at all when GW2's release is.  They just want to get MoP out as soon as possible without jeopardizing its quality.  Why this takes them so damn long to do is anyone's guess, but I think its completely unrelated to GW2.

Wed Jul 25 2012 4:47PM Report
Clerigo writes:

Bill Murphy, come on,  how can you even put those 2 games in the same basket? I do NOT understand how can one game be related to the other, they are not even of the same genre...

WoW is a "do the same thing over again role playing game" nad GW2 is a mmorpg....and you even have to pay to play the 1st one....with pandas...geeezzz

Wed Jul 25 2012 5:14PM Report
newbinator writes:

I tried GW2 beta, found it to be "meh". My WoW subscription has been cancelled for awhile. I've been keeping up with MoP beta and watching live streams, and it looks fantastic. So I've already placed my order, and will be returning to WoW on MoP launch day.

Wed Jul 25 2012 5:17PM Report
xalvi writes:

No competition or battle? Correct

WoW playerbase lurking and hating on GW2 forums? Indeed. While there is no competition, we see WoW players posting saying "HaHa this expansion lets gw2 live for a month, blah blah". 


Wed Jul 25 2012 5:32PM Report
Thupli writes: The competition is for player time. Lets be honest, you cant play wow full time and gw2 full time as well. Furthermore, usually one game draws you in more at the expense of the other. I wouldnt be surprised to see wows subscriber rate drop below 10m, both due to gw2 as well as fluffy mop that is proving controversial. iMO, that is. Wed Jul 25 2012 8:15PM Report
maplestone writes:

I think it would be a mistake to believe there is an infinite pool of money for gaming.  It's also not a static pool either - people can probably be convinced to dig deep if there are two games they want to try.  On some level there is going to be competition. 

But when you get open sniping between fans of different games, I feel it devalues the whole genre.

Wed Jul 25 2012 9:36PM Report
Finit writes:

I actually disagree, and I may get some flak for saying so, but I think a war is coming.

Will there be a winner and loser?  Eh, I'd describe it more as an equalization of playing field.  I don't think WoW will die, or Guild Wars 2 will perish (like some recent MMOs), but I do believe WoW's market share will take a large dip.  

I'm not saying it will be immediate, and I am not even sure if I would place the responsibility solely on Guild Wars 2.  However, I think with time people will see the quality of a Buy 2 play game is no less than that of a pay to play game.  When the masses start realizing this, WoW will be forced to adapt (or just jump ship to Titan). Knowing Blizzard they can be a little slow at adapting, however, they do eventually change.  

GW2 vs. Wow, is the first of the many great MMO battles to come.  The previous conflicts we thought we might see (SWTOR or Rift or DCUO or TERA vs. Wow) pale in comparison to the competition this time around because of their similarity to existing conventions.

This war is less about the games involved, and more about the the philosphies of both sides (and is probably why we haven't seen a true War between two games.)  No main stream B2P game has come out with the quality of WoW.  And no, Guild Wars 1 was/is not on the same level as WoW, and I'm sorry to say that.  

Time will tell who wins (or if you are indeed correct, both will compete equally), but for now I have my money on ArenaNet. (But let's be honest, both companies are about to make a ton of money no matter how you split it).  On a side note, I suspect the entire field will change when Titan is released though.

Wed Jul 25 2012 11:24PM Report
badgerer writes:

Have played every WoW xpack but I've definately had enough of it. GW2 is a better game and doesn't have a sub


Thu Jul 26 2012 1:24AM Report
dogmanstaruk writes:

I don't think it is Arenanet that should be too concerned, but instead Funcom.

It is early days for The Secret World and it now faces not just GW2, but MoP within the first 3 months of release.

Thu Jul 26 2012 5:48AM Report writes:
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