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Why I Won't Play the Asura

Posted by BillMurphy Friday July 20 2012 at 10:15AM
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At least not this weekend. Come August 25th, when I finally get to play “for real”, you can bet your giant ears and misshapen head I’ll be rolling an Asura Ranger right from the get go as my main.
And that’s the key right there. I’m glad ArenaNet and NCsoft have been slowly letting us taste Guild Wars 2. I don’t want to ruin the whole game before launch. But I’ve played the Norn, Human, Charr, and even the Sylvari starting areas extensively. I loved every minute. I want to savor that experience for the Asura come launch. 
I won’t even be watching the videos our own Mike Bitton takes of the little guys this weekend, in more than a quick glance to make sure it’s good to go on the site. I’ll proof-read his article on the topic, but hopefully without spoiling too much of the experience. I want to be untainted when it comes to the mice-like creatures so that when I log in on day one, I can experience them afresh and without much preconceived notion on how they play. 
How about you? Is there a race in GW2 you’re avoiding for this very reason? Has the beta spoiled your launch day at all, or is it just making you salivate more?
(Note, one funny thing about this? Mike Bitton hates the Asura, and we're forcing him to play them so I can keep them fresh for launch. Let's all point and laugh at his #firstworldproblems.)
Senadina writes: Your willpower may be better than mine. I WANT to avoid the asura this weekend to save them for launch, but we will see. My curiosity may win out. Fri Jul 20 2012 10:43AM Report
nyxxis writes: I have already failed at avoiding the races I wanted to play. I have managed to avoid WvW thus far but I already know this weekend will be the end of it. The only only thing that will ruin launch day for me is if they delay launch. Fri Jul 20 2012 10:53AM Report
WellzyC writes: I think im going to mix and match my spoiler. I will roll asura and play in the sylvari. If i run out of content i will play in the other zones (human charr ect). And save the Asura area for launch Fri Jul 20 2012 10:58AM Report
shalhassan writes: I've done the same with the Charr. Knew since all the races and classes were announced that I would roll a Charr engineer, so didn't want to spoil anything. Fri Jul 20 2012 11:16AM Report
stragen001 writes: I am going to be doing much the same thing. I will create an Asura so I can play with the character creator for them, and probably play through the intro.... then probably portal over to the sylvari area to freak the plant people out Fri Jul 20 2012 12:03PM Report
VanadromArda writes: I look at this weekend as "Launch Day Rehearsal", so I'm going to do exactly what I'd do on Launch Day. Fri Jul 20 2012 12:49PM Report
Digna writes: I saw the title and thought 'Who the hell cares why you won't...'. Of course the opening sentence changed my slight indignation. ^^ Fri Jul 20 2012 1:28PM Report
Mors-Subita writes:

Shalhassan: good choice. IMHO up till now the charr have the best area in the game.

Fri Jul 20 2012 5:04PM Report
Jonoku writes:

Your in the same position as me except that I won't want to play Sylvari for your same reason, I don't want to play sylvari because I don't want to ruin the experience. On a side note, GW2 is so big and beatiful that I can literally spend the whole day just looking at the landscape and the nice views of the grass and tree etc.

Fri Jul 20 2012 11:58PM Report
Drealgrin writes:

Strange fetish you have.


Anyways, I've tried em all. and Sylvan is definitely the best starting area hands down bar none.

Sat Jul 21 2012 3:37AM Report
acidblood writes:

Well then hopefully they improve the starting area, because out of all of them the Asura is by far the worst. Also the Asura weren't quite what I was expecting as a race... not saying they are bad, they just didn't appeal to me much.

Sat Jul 21 2012 5:25AM Report
solarine writes:

Really, the Asura are a good laugh. My favorite race as of now.

The question is: Mesmer or Engineer?

I was thinking Thief, but surprisingly I liked Sylvari better as Thief.

Sat Jul 21 2012 9:07AM Report
Moogiefluff writes:

Unfortunately I have to agree with acidblood. I've been looking forward to playing Asura for months. Rolled 'er up today, and... well, that was a very short, unengaging, and uninteresting intro. How disappointing... But the race itself is still fine, and their city is interesting. I'm a little miffed at how terrible the Asuran female hairstyles are, though-- Only 3 halfway decent ones to pick from, the rest are ugly.

Sat Jul 21 2012 11:18AM Report
Asbo writes: I was not going to play it either, guess what I'll just see what it looks like to make a character then I'll delete it...I lied to myself and now I'm lvl 15 ffs the little Golem voice in my head so NOOO do not delete it just try the first few levels. Sun Jul 22 2012 8:09AM Report
Newmoon writes:

I know I'll be rolling a psychonaut, I mean Asura, engineer. I've played engineers of other races for a good 20 levels in other betas, and loved them. I've tried the others, but couldn't get into it.


I nearly spoiled it for me, by rolling one and getting through the into. Then I stopped. Thing is, every race has a different trait path, and you can only see it at level 11. Norns got the Wurm, and it looks like humans get conditions. Race matters as well as class:(

Sun Jul 22 2012 3:44PM Report
Paragus1 writes:

I got to play them this weekend with my girlfriend.  Bill....they are indeed the master race.  They way they jump and /laugh will make you seriously laugh out loud.

Sun Jul 22 2012 7:21PM Report
Drakolus writes:

Sadly I think I may have already ruined a bit of the content I intended to play.  Originally when I first got into beta and started reading about it, the Norn seemed rather "cookie cutter" to me so I figured I'd play a character as a Norn for a bit and see what the game is about. 

Strangely enough I found the Norn grew on me after a while.  I love the spirituality and brutality of their story and yet there is something more meaningful to them other than just empty boasting and chest beating.  I think Anet did a good job with the various races "feel." 

I just hope the bugs and balance and gameplay settle down into something workable, fun and challenging by release time.  I found myself conciously not playing over this last weekend to leave me some conent to explore as well as because the mechanics and playstyle seemed markedly different this weekend vice the last one, and not in a good way imo.

Mon Jul 23 2012 4:00AM Report
Jeleena writes:

I absolutely had a blast with my asura necro. I had planned not playing too much but in the end I couldn't  resist and made it to lvl15. The asura starting area is so much more fun then the human area that I played in BWE2.....

Asura necro is gonna be my main for sure and I don't mind doing Rata Sum and Metrica again at all, it's so much fun.

Mon Jul 23 2012 5:50AM Report
jdlamson75 writes:

I tried 'em all out, and enjoyed every bit of it.  I've been through the human starting area three or four times, and still love the experience.  I'm not concerned about any areas becoming least not yet.  Maybe aftree the 15th time...


Mon Jul 23 2012 7:55AM Report writes:
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