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Community Spotlight: Screw Dailies!

Posted by MikeB Sunday July 15 2012 at 6:26PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight we focus on the thread, "I will punch a baby kitten if dallies aren't killed in mmorpgs!!!" by antshock35. Clearly, antshock35 isn't a fan of daily quests:

I am serious when I say this dallies are horrible .....imagine thinking of it this way you are going to do something maybe 300times everyday in a year for the love of baby jesus......

In this new genre of co-rpgs and leveling to cap in a weekend the developers had to have something to keep ppl from leaving there game hence the dailys. I think it was started by wow to hold the commuinity until there next expansion at the time , another reason to hate up on wow maybe so...

Can't they come up with somethign at least fun if this is the norm now ,doesn't Tera have like a never ending spawn fest of beast for there dallies . I just think there has to be something else the commiunity can come up with other then making us all go to the same places foreva to the point you can do dallies in your sleep litteraly.

Please save kittens and end the dallies in every mmo known to man now..noone likes them if they do then go play a solo game like angry birds . Of course I am going to get that person now posting who loves to play mmos but by them self which in itself makes no sense. If you like to solo then why not stick to skyrim or something else..

It is of cousre a mmo not a co-op rpg....or go shoot squirrels of fences but don't dare defend dallies.

save a kitten developers come up with something else.

Does the community agree? Read on to find out!

centkin explains the reasoning behind the use of dailies in today's MMOs:

Dailies are essentially a crutch.

It enables a game to have a small area that changes that they can put multiple quests in without doing a whole lot of work or dedicating a whole lot of game area for.  Plus if they have say 7 or 14 different types then people are less likely to gripe about there being no content.

It also meters the content.  You want someone to get a reward 45 or 100 days after they reach level 60?  This is a way to do it.

Plus it is a use it or lose it mechanic.  You get the person to log in every day for their 45 minutes or 2 hours and if they miss a day they miss the quests thus reinforcing the addiction.  The main way people leave a game is by not logging in for a week and then saying oh I dont need that anymore.  This stops that.


It is a win/win for the devs even if it is a loss in the long run for the players.

Axehilt notes that in The Secret World, just about everything is a daily! And he's a fan!:

Honestly one of the cooler things TSW did (which also fits with their progression system) is to make every single quest a daily.  So instead of being forced to do some narrow part of content each day or feeling like you've run out of quests to do (AOC's problem) you can always go back and hit quests just below you to help turbo charge your advancement.

Granted it's still not at the ideal spot where Quest Challenge influences Quest Reward (turbo charging my advancement with very easy quests is actually a bad thing), but the idea that I can do a huge variety of things on any given day is great.

Panther2103 recalls the not-so-fun times doing dailies in World of Warcraft:

I have only done Dailies in WoW and that was to get a mount. I hated every second of them. I haven't ever done a daily in any other game. Or a repeat of a quest for that matter. I do each quest once, and if I have to I grind when I run out of normal quests to do. Theres no point in repeating the same task for the same rewards in a game in my opinion.

I hadn't encountered much in the way of dailies until DC Universe Online and Star Wars: The Old Republic and I can tell you that I am definitely not a fan. Having something to do every day is fine, but it begins to feel like an obligation once you start doing them and that becomes a downer real quick. It gets worse when more are added in, as well. In DCUO or SWTOR, I often felt like I had so many to do it became overwhelming to think about doing them every day. I ended up focusing on the Ilum dailies as far as SWTOR goes, and even that was a nightmare.

Sure, it gets people logging in, which is what the developers are going for, but they're not really playing, they're just doing work. Dailies certainly aren't fun, I'll tell you that!

Do you agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments below!

fenistil writes:

Dailies are awful mechanic that should disappear.

Sun Jul 15 2012 7:03PM Report
Freezzo writes:

To take SWTOR as example (and because I'm playing it) I think dailies are a bore. The first time they're okay, but after that it's more of the same. There's 3 or 4 places to do dailies, so if you want you can rotate them, and if you want to get the fun stuff for your legacy (for those not familiar: unlocks you pay for with credits, the in-game currency) you HAVE to do the dailies, as the unlocks cost a lot of credits and dailies is the only/best way to get those.

This system is just a bore and the main reason why I don't do the geargrind: the repeating. The solution to everything in SWTOR is grinding. PvP rank, PvE gear, Credits, Social points, Commendations... I want anything I have to grind for it. Oh and even wanting your custom gear set to have end-game stats costs tons and tons of credits, as well as repairs, companion missions and everything else they can think of...

And before people start saying working towards a goal is good, I have to say I do like a challenge and a long quest chain to get something, but doing the same stuff over and over isn't why I play the game.

As to the TSW approach I can just say that's totally different. Dailies are certain quests that are made available to repeat to get certain rewards after a while. This can be done with granting tokens, currency or reputation. In TSW it's just possible to repeat all content without having to make an alt, which is a great way of doing things.

tl;dr: All together I am against dailies, but in favor of the possibility to repeat all content.

Sun Jul 15 2012 8:30PM Report
Athcear writes:

Dailies are just another grind, and an extremely static and boring grind at that.  Day 1 of a grind via daily quests is the same as day 50.  MMOs should not be about doing the exact same thing over and over.  Similar things, maybe.  But not the exact same damn thing.

Mon Jul 16 2012 12:04AM Report
Flirt writes:

Aye I don't want to 'work' in a game I play. If the dailies would have some random generator in them so that you wouldn't do the same, I'd be fine with it.

Mon Jul 16 2012 12:23AM Report
Palebane writes: Dailies are mostly pretty optional, at least to me. And that is part of the appeal. I can see how feeling like a person 'has' to do something might seem like a drag, but even Pacman had to eat some of the little pebbles before he got to eat the ghosts. Its kind of silly hearing people complain about such things. These games have always had some kind of a grind or another. What makes them fun for me is doing them with other people. Mon Jul 16 2012 4:18AM Report
Pivotelite writes:

Honestly I don't find TERA dailies that bad, especially because they aren't essential, the things you get from dailies are mostly tradeable or there's an equivalent to that drops from dungeons, even most of the cosmetic items you get from dailies are tradeable with the exception of a few.


So I go outlaw everyday, do my dailies, PK people I see while doing them and turn them in for gold and crystals I can sell on the trade broker.

Mon Jul 16 2012 5:14AM Report
Callesson writes:

GW2 is going to deal with that. And, hopefully,  set a new standard in MMOs.

Mon Jul 16 2012 9:10AM Report
Jaedor writes:

"Dailies" was the WoW word that introduced me to the grind. Hated them then, hate them now. And refuse to do them.


Though as Axelhilt mentioned, the make-every-quest-repeatable method in TSW definitely makes a daily more palatable.

Mon Jul 16 2012 12:20PM Report
Ahnog writes:

In SWTOR dailies are the best way to make cash for those who have maxed out their characters. I love them. Right now I'm saving up 5million so I can get a GTM put on all my ships (which, along with mail and vendor on the ships, means goodbye fleet). Love that Legacy, and the dailies.

Sun Jul 22 2012 7:45AM Report writes:
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