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Collector's Editions: Worth It?

Posted by BillMurphy Tuesday July 20 2010 at 6:07PM
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As many of my friends know, I’m a big fan of comic books.  I’ve been reading them and in love with their sequential artistry since I got my tonsils out at age four.  So it only makes sense that I’d start to get excited about DC Universe’s impending November release.  Yesterday SOE announced the pricing of the game and, perhaps more importantly, its collector’s edition.  So rarely are the collector’s editions worth the added price, but sometimes when the price is low the extras packed within seem so incredible it’s hard to say no to paying a little more for a lot of added fluff. 

I am guilty of purchasing the $75 edition of World of Warcraft at launch, and I even shelled out an extra $10 for Auto Assault a long time ago in order to get a cheap pair of headphones (with a mic) because I needed a new pair and they seemed decent enough on my budget.  I bought the CE for WAR, Age of Conan, LotRO, and others.  I bought one for Hellgate: London for crying out loud.  But now that I look back on them all, I’m wondering if they were ever actually worth the extra money spent. 

When I bought the CE for the Lord of the Rings films, I cherished those statues that came with them and have them in and around my house today.  But I’m pretty sure the soundtrack for WoW is collecting dust somewhere or used as a coaster, and the comic book for WAR is similarly holding up a much heavier book at the bottom of a bin in my attic.  

So as I’m faced with another game I’m anticipating offering a pretty meaty collector’s edition at a price double that of the basic game, I’m wondering if the added incentive of the #0 issue of the tie-in comic and the Jim Lee designed statue are really worth it.  I can’t decide, and I might not in time for the game’s release.  And if that happens, I’m pretty sure my life will go on without said statue and comic.  Has my innermost nerd outgrown the need to purchase every collector’s edition he can?  Or am I just becoming more selective? 

How about you.  Have you bought a CE for any game in the past, and if so was it worth it?  Or have your bundled collectibles gone on to serve such morose purposes as my own?

Paragus1 writes:

Considering most of the MMOs in recent years end up going down in history as bombs, having the collector's edition  when the dust settles only means you got burned twice as bad as the other guy.

Tue Jul 20 2010 7:29PM Report
Badem writes:

I brought several CE editions of games

Fallout 3

Aion (never installed the game though!!)


Fable 2


i ahve several games on CE to come

Halo: Reach

Fable 3

Final Fantasy 14

What these games have over several others that i got CE editions for are Material and Physical additions

my GTA4 Safebox holds a plethora of cash, my Duffle bag holds my gym kit, my Master Chiefs Helmet looks cool by my comp station, the Coasters stop me ruining my desk.


I have however made a concious decisons to avoid CE of games were teh bonus are digital, esp after getting burned on STO and APB, the digital bonuses are kinda pointless if the game itself sucks

Wed Jul 21 2010 9:18AM Report
WolfClaws writes:

Every MMO I purchased has been a CE.  I even buy the lifetime subs (Hellgate London, LoTRO, Champions, STO) and it isn't cause I am rich, but it helps me out if I do lose income.  I have like 7 online games I can play right now and not pay a dime.

The best CE items I have seen were not the hardstuff.  The books of concept drawings are nice and all for a once over lookthrough, but utility items like the Fallout Lunchbox and the Bobblehead and nice to have.  The little pewter figurines from EQ2 are very nice as a "look at this".

In game items that can make life useful until you get to the medium levels are gold.  AoC did this, EQ2 also.  Now City of Heroes with the Going Rogue CE gives you 5 enhancements for each new character created.  They don't destroy balance, but they do help out and make the grind less of one.

APB did it good too by not only providing some clothing options but the two cars that given out.  Not only are they cars, but they have mobile supply units.  Useful.  (That is one game I never have to pay for... 2 years of blueballs from selling stuff in game).

DC Universe.... $100 for Gamestop version... WAY too much money.  I don't care how nice of a bust they have in it, drop the price to $80.  Cause when you start including shipping, (most will do the overnight for obvious reasons to fight for name farming) you are looking at spending $130.  For a game.

It's greed.  Unfortunately, it is also SoE.  And most of all, it's sad that gamers get treated like cash cows instead of followers of the hard work that was placed into the project. I would imagine a dedicated fan base was more valuable than nickel and diming folks.

Wed Jul 21 2010 9:51AM Report
elocke writes:

I have never bought a CE for any game.  Although, I will this year as I regret not getting the Warcraft CEs.  I love Warcraft swag, in all forms.

This year I plan to get the CE for FFXIV, Cataclysm, and next year the STWOR CE and maybe, just maybe the Rift CE.  Other than that, I treat it the same way I do certain movies.  Certain movies I will go to the theatre to see, as they have the special effects worthy of a big screen and the big ticket price.  Otherwise, I'll opt to wait and rent the movie on dvd for a pittance.  

Cost is the issue really.  Second would be quality of the product.  I have more faith in Blizzard, Square and Bioware that they will deliver so that's why I will get those.  Other games though?  Ones I will play but I'm wary of spending too much on?  yeah, games like GW2, anything from Funcom or SOE.  You get the picture.  I hope.

Wed Jul 21 2010 9:56AM Report
Athcear writes:

It just seems like a waste of money to me.  Unless you actually want the overpriced trinkets the game comes with.  I don't, though.  I've never bought a CE and likely never will.

Wed Jul 21 2010 10:07AM Report
cobaltdemon writes:

I have given up on the CE's. These things are supposed to be limited collectables. Every CE I have purchased has had some significant part released for sale to the general public. Or has had a second (or third or more) run released. So much for purchasing that collectable that will gain value over time.

Wed Jul 21 2010 10:20AM Report
lok3183 writes:

Cobaltdemon has a good point. I recently purchased the CE of Lotro for no more than 25 or 30 (I dont remember exactly). With that said, if the game isnt that popular but you still want the items you can wait to get the ce a year later and add the code to your account. Otherwise, games that you love should warrent a CE purchase - enjoy your hobby. Personally, I've already pre-ordered the FF14 CE not only for the in game items but for some of the literature too. Oh yeah, and the week early start is pretty sweet too.

Wed Jul 21 2010 10:27AM Report
Spinalcore writes:

I bought all 3 WoW and Tabula Rasa for mmo Collectors because of the extras and enjoyed playing the betas. Helgate Lodon the collector's edition was the same priece for the last copy at the one store as they had the 5 copies of the regular  version and Lineage 2 I saw the collector's for Half the price of the regular So I bought both of those. I am willing to Shell out the extra Cash for Collector's editions of any Bioware, or Blizzard game without much thought. I Bought the Halo 3 ODST collector's edition purely for the Unique controller that none of my Brothers or cousins had since they had their 360s first when I had the Sony systems instead (PS3 and PSP).

Wed Jul 21 2010 10:39AM Report
JeyNyce writes:

I like buying some CE, but at times they are not worth it.  I wanted to get the CE of Moria (LOTRO) but did have the cash, so I got the regular ed.  A few months later I find a stack of them lying around at BestBuy for $10.  Also look at Halo 3 CE, it started out at $130, now you can find it for $39.99

Wed Jul 21 2010 10:51AM Report
adaml writes:

for me , they are only worth it if you are getting something unique in the real world (not an ingame item)

example: there was a none CE game i bought once.. i remember it perfectly because it had the most amazing reward for me.. a somewhat leather map of the world, it was a neverwinter nights (1) normal edition which after a few years ended up at my friend's hands but im still happy for buying it..

i dont really care about ingame stuff and i wouldnt want to buy a CE digital edition.. thats just throwing your money out of the window..

the box + special "gifts".. especially maps etc..

i bought my lotro (eu) from i think and i got a normal copy but amazingly designed. when i could have just got the digital copy instantly and it was totally worth the wait.. still have it and from time to time i look check it out.

wow's normal copy wasnt much for me because i had wow before i got my first copy (bought keys from ebay) and when i got my copy i got it in spanish because they ran out of english (lol :P).

i also bought 2/3 swg copies.. one of them wasnt much but the box one was good, i enjoyed it although most of the info in it was useless :)

i guess im saying im a box gamer (although, latly im buying digital only because the boxes arent that much), if the boxes were better i would just wait for the game..

i think there is only a SINGLE game im waiting for to come out in a pre-order CE that you will be able to buy it in europe and still get a "pre order" status..

i hope SWTOR will have a pre order option on its CE.. and i hope there will be some unique gifts inside (i dont like miniature etcs..)

Wed Jul 21 2010 11:11AM Report
Bl4ckSh33p writes:

I love my WoW CE's (got all of them so far) but I wanted to get the StarCraft 2 CE and decided that I will not buy it today. The little WoW Pet is nice and StarCraft + Broodwar on USB Stick and so on.. but I need to save some money for a new PC and WoW Cataclysm so StarCraft has to wait. :-/

I think not all CE's are worth it, but the WoW CEs I have so far are good. :)

Wed Jul 21 2010 11:50AM Report
DKWFirstborn writes:

Only reason i'd buy a CE is supporting game company, however the CEs aren't really that profitable for game developers either, so it's just love for the game... (o'rly?)


But I am not person that wishes/needs materia to obtain happiness and to get me excited, hot girl, good music, good food, good competition, a good fight, a good game those ignite me.

Buying collectors edition is no for me. I mean i could prolly buy pretty much every single CE game that comes out, however i got better things to spend my money on. So i leave other golums to obtain their precious CEs, I rather obtain shiny memories.

Wed Jul 21 2010 12:01PM Report
Forsakerr writes:

I've bought a few CE; WoW, Age of Conan, Hellgate London, Fallout 3, Assassin's Creed to name a few.

 And my last one who i felt cheated was Splinter Cell Conviction which was supposed to come with a comic book (on the box it never says it s digital btw) but it was coming on an exclusive credit card thumb drive that was supposed to be compatible with xbox 360 which for one was a lie since it was only 512mb big and second it never worked since i had pre ordered it i had no idea to go check on the website to see that they were defective and no i did nt get their 10$ rebate when i bought it so i had to bug gamestop to get it , you guessed it my thumb drive was defective and my computer could not read it so what they did they made all the supposably exclusive stuff available for everyone on their website i was so mad about it that i did nt download it, some people had their thumbdrive working others did not and they didm't wanted to replace them so i ve got a echelon plastic thing somewhere under a pile of things doing nothing  

Wed Jul 21 2010 12:54PM Report
ZoeMcCloskey writes:

I bought CE for Age of Conan and Warhammer.  For Age of Conan it is because I really do love the Conan universe and lore and I really wanted to love the game.  Alas I only liked the game and I drift in and out of it playing it a month here or there.

I bought the Warhammer CE because I like the IP also, but mostly because it said you got to have extra heads to choose from and I am nothing if not umm enticed by fluff, hehe.

I think the CE's are worth it and worth the lil extras if is a game you are really hyped for.  Why not just dive in and enjoy the moment even if later you end up saying DOH shouldn't have spent those extra $$!  Not like you get to take your $$ with you to the grave so you might as well spread them around, heh.

Wed Jul 21 2010 1:30PM Report
Unlight writes:

To echo DKWFirstborn, I'd only buy a CE if my intent was to throw some additional support to developer that I liked.  I was burned badly with AoC and singed slightly with WAR, so I'm very wary of going for another CE.  However, I've already decided to do just that with the release of Guild Wars 2 since, even after 5 years, I still respect the franchise and how it has evolved and been supported over it's life time.  For me, throwing extra money at a CE for GW2 is basically saying "I like what I've seen, please keep it coming".  Whatever swag comes with the package is gravy.

Wed Jul 21 2010 1:52PM Report
Kwansei writes:

The AoC collectors set makes a wonderful doorstop /shudder. Actually having won the VG collectors box from some silly RP event I have to say that I love the actualy box it's in and it has a nice smaller size to it asthetically. Most of the other CE's won't make it with us when we move next year.

Wed Jul 21 2010 7:04PM Report
Sanguinelust writes:

If I like the IP and the game I'll throw a little extra cash at it to get the goodies.

I too bought the CE's for the LOTR films and they were well worth it. I love the figures!

Wed Jul 21 2010 7:23PM Report
Dwarvish writes:

In a word, YES!  The additional cost is only $10-$15$ .  Thats not gonna break the bank.

 Some were worthwhile, others not, but the dif in price isn't going to change my life.

Wed Jul 21 2010 9:02PM Report
Tarsidous writes:

Lets see, for me, it depends on if the game is something I've been looking forward to or not, if I've played any prequels of it, or the IP is something I know something about. WAR, I would have gotten the CE for because of the IP, but because by the time I had a computer that could run it, the game was falling apart, I didn't. Now, I could kick myself for that one. Not an MMO but any Elder Scrolls game, I WILL get the CE for, again, IP and I LOVED Redguard. STO, got the CE *hides his Vulcan ears*. I'm getting the StarCraft 2 CE because you get SC1 with it and I've lost my disks. If/when Guild Wars 2 comes out... that will most certainly be a CE game. TOR, I might not get the CE for... it depends on what is being offered and how much extra. AoC, I was set up to get the CE for that, but when I got into the open beta, I realized that the game sucked and canceled three days later. So... yeah... it depends for me. 

Fri Jul 23 2010 4:36PM Report
Gikku writes:

Well the only  CE I have bought was LotR.  I didn't pay some unholy price for it and I have no complaints.

I play WoW as well,  but I have yet to feel the high price for those is worth it.

I suppose some of the things are nice to have but honestly I think the price is just  too high for them.

I have to ask though why would someone buy a CE and never install the game? I surely wouldn't pay for something I have no intentions of playing. /scratches head and shurgs  to each their own just me.

Fri Jul 23 2010 4:44PM Report
ashfallen writes:

its a good marketing tool.....

Tue Jul 27 2010 2:56PM Report
kilun writes:

Always wait a few months, the CE edition will be cut in half if not more.

Thu Aug 05 2010 1:34PM Report
delvenar writes:

I've gotten a CE for every WoW expansion and the original, but mostly because i know an employee and get them for a discount. If i had to pay full retail i probably wouldnt have gotten the last one for sure, might have gotten the original or BC, hard to say.

Beyond wow though, i did get the Age of Conan CE, and i was quite happy with it. The art books in CEs are usually one of the biggest draws for me. Most of the concept artists at game companies are amazing, so those books alone are usually worth $20-50 depending on size and binding style.

Outside of the MMO realm, i've gotten a few for my 360. Original Mass Effect, and was quite pleased with it. Although the art book that came with the game CE wasnt that good, i did grab the CE strategy guide because for only 10 bucks extra i think, it had one of those 20-30 dollar valued art books, full size and hard bound. Didn't bother with the CE for the 2nd ME, though i did pre-order and play the hell out of it, the bonus stuff just didnt do it for me.

I also have the Halo Legendary version with the helmet, but those were overproduced and sold at ridiculous prices, friend actually bought mine for less than the full price of game at release, not too long after it came out.

CE movies, i have a few, including all 3 LoTR films, for the same reason the writer of the article likes them, the statues are actually still used to this day. Alien Octology is pretty awesome, though it really didnt have anything extra, just two versions of all 4 original alien films.

Can't think of much else i have CEs for - though i probably do have some, they must not be that great =P.

As far as the value of a CE it boils down to how much extra it is, and what all is in it. If money wasnt so tight, i'd definitely be throwing down full price for FF14 and Guild Wars 2 CEs, no question. Both have some AWESOME stuff in them. That Birth Certificate thing from FF14 looks pretty sweet. Not to mention the really nice looking leather bound book, not sure if that's the art book or not. 

Usually its about soundtracks/scores, art books, and what kind of in game items there are. With mmos, sometimes the guest pass type deals are nice too, for getting friends to try out a game when they cant afford to buy it right away, (not without playing) but getting to play it might convince them.

Fri Aug 20 2010 1:21AM Report writes:
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