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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Opinions Wanted

Posted by Stradden Friday July 16 2010 at 11:25AM
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I don’t often talk too much about myself here at, and for good reason... I’m really not that interesting. But I wanted to take this opportunity this week to talk a little bit about how proud I am to have been working here at MMORPG for the last five years.

I couldn’t ask for a better place to work, my bosses and co-workers have been nothing short of amazing, whether it’s coming together to get a major feature off the ground, or working tirelessly to keep editorial and advertising apart (something that the management of this site has been very serious about since day one).

Then there’s you all. Sure, there have been days where some of our readers have driven me crazy (and I’ve said things I maybe shouldn’t have), but in the end, it’s the amazing people here, whether they’re praising or being critical that make what we do here worthwhile.

Over the last five years, I feel like we’ve all worked together to build something special in the video game news site space, and I appreciate that.

Now, as you all may or may not be aware, the company behind has started to branch out into the wider world of gaming websites with our most recent addition, covers not only titles for the Mac platform (OSx), but also games put out for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. So, even if you’re a hardcore PC fan, if you’ve ever played a game on Apple’s handheld gaming platform, this site is going to have something for you.  

Now, I don’t know how many of you remember how rough around the edges was when we first launched, and the evolution that happened through the hard work of our staff and countless suggestions from you guys, but we want to make sure that’s younger sister site gets the best possible start.

That’s why I’m asking all of you to head over and check it out. I want to hear your thoughts, your comments, your suggestions, anything that might help to improve GameOnMac the way that you’ve improved  Is there something that you think we’re missing? bugs we haven’t found? Something we’re doing wrong? Anything. I’ll be honest, it’d also help us out if you created an account and rated a few games.

So, that’s it. If you have any thoughts, or suggestions or anything, leave them here, or email me at We honestly do value your input as gaming website users.


Jon Wood
Managing Editor /

MimingsAbs writes:

Well just make  sure  that  reviews  for games  on mac wouldnt be  one sided and   the reviews  would  be  on the  gamers  side not on the   Sponsors/advertisers  side the  wite  would be in good  shape with no worries.

Fri Jul 16 2010 11:36AM Report
Teala writes:

Cool site...hope it does well.   Not much of an Apple person myself and have had my encounters with Mac's and it did not end well.   Anyway...good luck with it.  :)

Fri Jul 16 2010 11:43AM Report
madnessman13 writes:

i hope the site does well and everything and also thanx for your devotion to this web site it really turned out nice

Fri Jul 16 2010 12:31PM Report
Southpaw.Gamer writes:

I grew up on Macs starting out with the power mac 7800... as such the titles available to me gaming wise were few.  I loved and still do love all Macs,  my favorite game of all time is Marathon created by bungie FOR MAC ONLY, back in those days that was a big thing for us because Marathon is pretty well I better game than the original Doom.

Fri Jul 16 2010 12:37PM Report
Butch808 writes:

Whats a mac? lol just kidding, nice site.

Fri Jul 16 2010 12:38PM Report
Ozivois writes:

You guys should come up with a better system for players to rate the games.  I have no real solutions, you experts will have to figure it out

Fri Jul 16 2010 1:54PM Report
Mrbloodworth writes:

Runs better than does.

Fri Jul 16 2010 1:59PM Report
Stradden writes:

Ozlvols, could you be a little bit more specific. What didn't you like about it?

Fri Jul 16 2010 2:27PM Report
kb4blu writes:

Mac... Hmmm let me think. Oh, I know they make trucks.


sorry could not resist.

Fri Jul 16 2010 2:50PM Report
Sovrath writes:

Well, as I mentioned elsewhere, I'm an  avid mac user and only purchased a PC because fewer games that I was interested in were coming out on mac.

If future games that I'm interested in come out for mac I will buy them for my mac.

Couldn't care less about mobile gaming though.

Fri Jul 16 2010 2:57PM Report
eric_w66 writes:

Zork 2 coming out for Mac?

Fri Jul 16 2010 3:48PM Report
Terranah writes:

Could you have a tab to take you to platform specific content?  I have an Ipad and Iphone but I'm not interested in looking at Iphone games. 


On each platform page there would only be games for that platform.  Also, if next to the games reviews if there was an icon to specify if the game is compatible with which platform and if it is HD or not.


I put your new site on my favorites list, but it's ease of use will determine how often I visit.

Fri Jul 16 2010 3:52PM Report
hogscraper writes:

No idea about MMOs but Valve has been advertising pretty hard that all their games on steam have been ported over to Mac. The cool thing I noticed is that if you have a Steam account and buy a game, you get both versions. I've never owned anything made by Apple and see no reason that I might in the future but for people who might own both, you can install both versions for one price. 

I own a pc for gaming. No consoles, no portables. My cell phone is old and was just new enough that it can text. Until it stops working or AT&T stops offering service to it I don't think I'll be buying another. 

Fri Jul 16 2010 4:26PM Report
summitus writes:

Its an ok site but compared to this site it kinda looks a little bland . ( sort of looks a bit like a well done Blog page ). But I guess thats just  personal taste, Kudos for you guys for doing it tho and it is a very good idea too .

Fri Jul 16 2010 4:32PM Report
Amathe writes:

My suggestion is that on the game list, it show whether a game is single player, multiplayer or mmo.

Fri Jul 16 2010 6:50PM Report
Sanguinelust writes:

I'd like to see that my account here got carried over to that "sister site" rather than having to register there.

Fri Jul 16 2010 7:10PM Report
pepsi1028 writes:

Stradden, I USED to not like you.... Especially after calling some people douchebags.  Yet, we all knew they were in fact douches.


Keep doing what your doing, you have proven me wrong, same with this site.  Just have to gain tough skin I guess :)

Fri Jul 16 2010 7:29PM Report
imershon writes:

No interest in Mac's and never will - the company has too many flaws in both their products and their business acumen.

Fri Jul 16 2010 8:01PM Report
Swanea writes:

I'll be blunt.

Upon first getting to the site, it instantly reminded me of the new Fileplanet site.  Colors, style, and look.  I hate the new fileplanet site a lot.

Second, I don't see boobies jumping out at me from all sides for adds for games.  That is both great, and bad.

Forums seem a bit lite, but it is very new.

I have never used a mac, nor do I plan on it.


I think a contest or two or three would help the sites popularity a lot right off the bat.

Good luck to you though! I hope it does well.  You know already I visit this site to much :P.

Fri Jul 16 2010 11:01PM Report
Scot writes:
Sounded like a leaving speech for a bit there, good to see its not.
Sat Jul 17 2010 2:55AM Report
Axewielderx writes:

O.k. I did not read what anyone else posted here, so it is possible that i am repeating something already said by someone else. With that in mind, here are my thoughts from a website designers point of view.

Latest chatter should be moved closer to the top. It is dynamic and therefore likely to change more often.

Screenshots are taking up too much of the left hand side.One single rotating screenshot that pulls pic from the gallery would take up less space and be more dynamic. Not to mention people wanting to view screenshots would spend more time at the site. having to click through into the galleries.:)

I sure there is more,but not really into Mac stuff so not going to spend anymore time on it,lol! It will say this though, the name of the site is going to make people think it is just about macs, you know.

Sat Jul 17 2010 7:48AM Report
brenth writes:

i'm not a mac user but I think you guys do an awesome job here at  we may not agree with every editorial you post  but they are thoughtful well written and your not above rethinking an opinion  or taking another look at an issue.  the interacton with your readers and the feedback is important. you dont just issue a story and then your done.


Sat Jul 17 2010 11:50AM Report
BoudahXL writes:

Now that 90% of major titles on mac are just windows version running through cedega-cidre I don't see you guys reviewing anything but Transgaming work/performance on their tools/engine. I don't see how you can keep a straight face and review a game that runs through a modified "wine" without copying and paste previous windows reviews made 6-18 months ago and warrant paying full price for a game that much late.

As for iPad-iPod, I wish you good luck and a profitable and professional business.

Sat Jul 17 2010 11:59AM Report
Inktomi writes:

Good luck with the new site Jon. Good to see that mac is finally being embraced as a gaming platform. 

Sat Jul 17 2010 1:13PM Report
Sasami writes:

I don't really understand point reviewing "Mac" games, they are bunch PC games coming late and running poorly(FACT). I do understand reviewing mobile games which I was hoping however since Android is much popular platform (FACT) and Microsoft bringing WP7 which will have lot of games thanks to XNA targeting just iPhone and iPad seems dull. Well I'm sure Mac fanbois will like site since they always gather on own clubs.

Sat Jul 17 2010 1:41PM Report
Synthetick writes:

My post on the other thread about this:



I seen the site originally linked at the top of a few months back, and checked it out. There were no content updates and the forums were pretty dead so today is the first time I've checked the site out since then.

A lot more content now, forums are still pretty dead, but the community will build itself up with time. However, the actual layout of the main page is too cluttered. There are far too many columns in the content area of the page, the "Latest Screens" column should be completely removed and located elsewhere. The logo is kind of generic, but that's pretty much whatever.

All in all, I think the site has started coming together quite nicely. Looking forward to being part of the community as an avid Mac user. I just don't care for their mobile products; I'll stay with my Droid :)

Sat Jul 17 2010 2:49PM Report
tabarjack writes:

1. The most annoying hits me first, it takes over 3 seconds to load.

2. Let us separate the game types! More filter options in the gamelist would be nicer than just 2 buttons. Also, order by release date, only upcoming releases, etc.

3. Show only OSX games by default, as the iphone is technically not a mac. It is only made by Apple.

4. [BUG] Clicking on the Only OSX games at the top right, the games list still seems to show iphone games to me according to the game list.

5. Add outline: none; in your CSS for anchors <a>.

Sat Jul 17 2010 3:41PM Report
Toxilium writes:

I think it's a bit pointless for a whole site on MAC games to be frank. They're all PC games...just ported to Mac. Personally, if you are doing this, add iPod, iPhone, and iPad sections as well. Not a lot of sites have good app reviews

Sat Jul 17 2010 10:14PM Report
biplex writes:

i think iPhone and Mac gaming should be keep separate coz those are 2 separate world.

Sun Jul 18 2010 2:48AM Report
drel writes: thanks for the great website! I enjoy the game reviews, comments on games, and the forums! Sun Jul 18 2010 3:32AM Report
Bunnyking writes:

No interest in Mac at all, so I guess Im not the target audience :)

Sun Jul 18 2010 10:50AM Report
KaoRyx writes: After a quick look around and a created account, the site seems to functioning just fine. I'm not a huge fan of the UI. The font isn't flattering, the color scheme and overall presentation feels impersonal and uncreative. Part of what makes so great is the iconic view and layout. feels like it's a port of but with an impersonal, boring scheme. I think a design tweak would make the site appear more homely. Sun Jul 18 2010 12:49PM Report
littlemonkey writes:

Integrity. Make it priority. A glaring weakness of this site is the perception that the editorials and ratings are manipulated and advertising driven. It's a real weakness. Make your new site a site that can be trusted for an attempt at unbiased information. Truth is adds real value. Try it.


Sun Jul 18 2010 3:06PM Report
Jamkull writes:

Pretty cool site, seen one big mistake though, I see Neverwinter Night 2 listed as a Mac game and it is not.  Atari and Obsidian mentioned they were not going to make a mac client for it, mainly because it was specific to DX 10 developement.  NWN 2 has a server client program that runs on Macs, but there is no game client at all for it, It's for Windows XP/Vista/7.  So i'd suggest you remove that game or at least notate that it can only be ran as a server.

Sun Jul 18 2010 8:01PM Report
Kwansei writes:
Looks nice overall. One key point is to find good people (specifically writers) to keep it interesting. I know we are in the middle of an MMORPG recession so to speak, but most of the articles here at have been dumbed down to idiotic top 5/1- good/bad lists for games which are seemingly a Franken-copy/paste of the forums. Having been a long time lurker and infrequent poster here, I can say the writing used to be better and more so interesting. Now I think it’s good for the writers on these sites to embrace the whole Web 2.0 mentality and make the readers more involved in what’s going on, however summaries of what’s going on in a particular game’s forums don’t count worth reading in my book.  Perhaps going beyond the simple polls on the site and finding new and inventive ways of engaging readers would go a long way. Perhaps you could sponsor reader-created FAQs/guides (much as 10 ton hammer does)? I dunno, just a few thoughts. . .
Sun Jul 18 2010 9:19PM Report
Ataaka writes:

After clicking through some interesting articles on GOM.COM, I became a bit side-tracked, always asking myself, "now why did I come here, and where am I??"

The best parts of MMORPG is the in-your-face gaming...the mark is clearly missed there. The site was unbalanced by the plethora of articles versus the gimmick ads and flash gotchas. I felt like I was in a library.

After find the GameList, I felt more at ease and opened my eyes to a wonderful collage of multimedia that I never knew existed. I plan to tell all my 'co's' about the site...they are Apple Junkies.

Other than that one diamond in the rough, the site needs an entire face-lift... get those olive drab colors going with a touch of autumn, cause it's just to darn hot outside to care about the summer anymore.

I would definately put the selling points in the face of the browser, surfer or redirected in order to keep the attention span from expiring before they fail to realize what a wonder place they have landed.

Im critical not cynical...hope this helps!



Sun Jul 18 2010 10:11PM Report
Ataaka writes:

Jon Wood is cool, BTW!!!

Sun Jul 18 2010 10:13PM Report
soponyai writes: That's how it is, and you guys are doing a pretty damn good job. Hope you'll be around for years to come. After all is said and done, the real value comes from people you are interacting with. Asking about our opinion shows that you take things seriously. We appreciate that. For the site itself: I did not find anything that would bother me too much, it seems to be put together well. If I really wanted to find some flaws, I would say perhaps the dark background does not go well with the white box areas, or vice-versa. It hurts my eyes a bit. Apart from that, it's nicely done. Good luck with the new site! Mon Jul 19 2010 3:33AM Report
astoria writes: If you love humans, don’t use Macs. Have you seen the Terminator movies? The Matrices? iRobot? Nothing like that will happen on Microsoft OS. On Unix/Mac OS? Possible. I had a Mac once. I go rid of it because it never crashed, it never got a virus, and did things that were helpful to me. My Microsoft PC could never terminate me. Imagine a terminator running MS. He is chasing you, you move in an unexpected way or just too quickly and his eyes roll over blue. 5 minutes later, another terminator is able to reboot him, but you’re long gone. Tue Jul 20 2010 1:19PM Report writes:
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