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Guild Wars 2 Is Getting Hard to Ignore

Posted by BillMurphy Wednesday July 14 2010 at 6:17PM
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After Warhammer’s hype, a game I still play but felt greatly disappointed by, I promised I’d never let myself get too hyped up by an upcoming product ever again.  Even in face of all the news and talk of BioWare’s The Old Republic, I’m trying to keep a level head (as evidenced by my last two List articles about TOR).  For everything good I hear about a new game, I try to balance it out with potential pratfalls.  It’s my way of not getting burned.  It’s like playing the lottery, but not expecting you’ll ever win so you don’t plunge yourself directly into an abyss of depression when you’re on your deathbed and realize you wasted a crap-ton of money on lotto tickets.

But Guild Wars 2?  Well, with Guild Wars 2 it’s getting harder and harder to stop myself from swooning like a little girl (or over-ripe mother) in front the newest Taylor Lautner poster.  The best I’ve been able to muster so far is that so far… all of GW2’s promises are just that.  For now at least, the cool features of ArenaNet’s sequel are just talk.  But it won’t be long now until we hear reports from people who have actually had hands-on time with the game.  Gamescom will bring said impressions, and hopefully I’ll do the same a little bit later at PAX come the beginning of September.  Then we’ll at least have something tangible to go by.

For now though, all the stuff the folks at ArenaNet are sharing is the kind of PR spin that I think many gamers are finding very difficult to ignore.  They’re coming off (and I don’t mean this in a bad way necessarily) as MMORPG evangelists, bent on bringing us under their tent.  To say that the collective attitude on the internet toward MMOs and gaming in general is one of cynicism and angst isn’t really a stretch.  Players of this genre of games are looking for someone to come in and not only do something special, but to do it really well.  And while at this point the news from ArenaNet is purely PR, it won’t be long until demos are shown and beta goes live… and then we’ll all find out if this really is a title worth hanging our hopes on.  We’ll start to really be able to discern whether or not it’s a true game-changer.

As Tycho of Penny-Arcade puts it: “I don't care if they ever launch the game at this point. It's already contributed to the health of the genre simply by being a judging, omnipresent force.”

Lord.Bachus writes:

On paper the game looks almost to perfect...


But i will not judge it before i playtested it, i have learned that lesson well, playtestig/hands on is the only way to get  a good opinion of a game.


I have high hopes tough this might be the game we all/many of us where waiting for

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:19AM Report
reni writes:

So hyped to actually start hearing reports of the game, just really wish we had an idea of a release date.

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:26AM Report
fatboy21007 writes:

if gw2 goes the way i think itll go. The arena net is the next big company. and their style of selling the game. to me is freakin awsome. i said ages ago n ill say it now i plan to buy gw2 n all spiffies that come out for it. WHy? simply because gw1 had so much content n fun added with it that it is just that good.

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:27AM Report
3DG.E writes:

There is just clearly something different in GW2. One of the things I look back on now is how many people have their own ideas on how an MMO should be run, but they were all focused on this same boring content that we didn't even know we were in. All the fail MMO's that have plauged the genre recently have brought little innovation, and instead were just spinoffs of other MMO's, just in the version of different people.


Guild Wars 2 is casting off the shackles and striking players where they don't expect it, you read some of their stuff and it's like "why didn't I think of that?". What's even more striking is that it makes sense.

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:28AM Report
Alberel writes:

Whilst everything I've heard of GW2 so far really does sound incredible I'm aware that, as you say, it is actually the PR spin that has me getting hyped for it. ArenaNet's articles on their features are all hooking into the things that have disappointed players so much in the last few years, as well as areas of particular interest to different types of players.


Their marketing is targetting individual player types and suggesting that these features have been made especially for them rather than the common MMO mistake of having a mish-mash of features somehow intended to please everybody. Whether the game actually accomplishes any of this is something still to be seen, but I'm hopeful.

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:34AM Report
Palebane writes:

Here's hoping they get th open world PvP right. All for one and one for all.

Thu Jul 15 2010 10:18AM Report
Warband writes:

We'll see whether the hype is justified during the hands-on but I must admit A-Net has done a dam fine job in advertising of this game while being pretty based.

Most of their critisms about the mmo genre as a whole are pretty true and commonly accepted some of course could argued over well into the night but overall they do seem to have a good grasp at what gamers are waiting for in an mmo and hopefully they can come true with their promises.

Thu Jul 15 2010 12:07PM Report
eLdritchZ writes:

not really sure about the whole "they know what gamers want" point anymore...

Is there really such a big part of the MMO gamer faction that doesn't like healers and tanks? don't think so... but yeah we'll see how it plays out.... I'm also not gonna get hyped over an MMO again since WAR ^^

Thu Jul 15 2010 1:04PM Report
Warband writes:

Wasn't talking particularily about that more about their attempt at creating a truly dynamic world that you can in some way affect, personalised stories and backgrounds the players actually choose themselves instead of being generic warrior number 534, visible representations of the skill mechanics and general reduction of calculation wars, the ability to play the game without having a negative effect on other players experience, the ability to team up with any player anywhere and work towards a common goal. 

Most people I've come across have wanted most of these things in some shape or form. I'm not saying the majority but most I've seen have wanted these types of things in an mmo.

Thu Jul 15 2010 1:52PM Report
silkakc writes:

I'm psyched to buy it too:) Never played GW 1 but I'm always looking for another game for when I get antsy in LoTRO.

You know that new car smell we all love? Well, I love to feast my eyes on a sparkiling new world on launch day :) Very much looking forward to this game and their interesting classes. I hope I can get my daughter and her boyfriend to join me because  it'll be a great game for college students on tight budgets

I think this game will be HUGE. As in, insanely successful:)

Thu Jul 15 2010 2:50PM Report
Mariouz writes:

If anyone is hitting ComicCon they are suppose to have a playable demo I think, could be wrong. But ArenaNet is suppose to be there showing it off. I was going to go but I have to go on a trip that weekend, might go on Sunday but not sure.

Thu Jul 15 2010 3:07PM Report
Leechx writes:

Holy crap I agree with you 100%.  I am sure ANet is doing the right thing here.  I have faith in what they are doing and I am sure they will provide the best MMO experience that they can to all players.  From a diehard GW2 follower, I can't wait either. ;]

Thu Jul 15 2010 4:45PM Report
0theri0n writes:

Im flippin excited. I love GW, And i think ANet has done a pretty good job of running it. All i play now is gw and im looking forward to starting fresh in the lore but with a revamped world and play style.

Thu Jul 15 2010 5:46PM Report
illyana writes:

the last thing you want to do is ignore GW2

i hope that the rest of the world takes notice

Thu Jul 15 2010 7:34PM Report
Nasa writes:

@Mariouz: At ComicCon they will not have a playable demo. First time for a playable demo is at gamescom (August 19-22)

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:05PM Report
nathanebht writes:

PR is talking something up with no backing material to show behind it.

You can read about the the races, skills, traits and other interesting things.  Those skill use video's must be from in game. I don't see how whats been released so far about GW2 is pure PR.

Thu Jul 15 2010 9:53PM Report
Strap writes:

Completely agree. I find myself looking forward to the next GW2 reveal or article every week because they are always really fun or thought provoking and it all feels quite fresh.


The feelings from the reveals for SWTOR are, in contrast, almost painfully underwhelming and too drawn out.


Will be a bit tense when the first reports of the playable demo come out! Exciting stuff.

Fri Jul 16 2010 5:29AM Report
Hawklord725 writes:

I think all the experiments and mistakes they made with the first game payed off in the end. It allowed them to really design an MMO from a different perspective. And hey, 7 million copies of the original series sold says something.

They don't plan on being some almighty WOW killer/copier that so many other MMOs try to achieve, therefore sacrificing uniqueness and any sense of charm.

Arenanet is simply trying to create it's own niche away from all the other games, quite content and willing to invite anyone else that shares their ideals- and those who don't.

Sat Jul 17 2010 12:16AM Report
Hedeon writes:

for sure looking forward to see how this game work on hands.

as for PR, well yea till you tried it and got the systems explained from a gamers perspective, it will just be that. but the system they talk about they claim to already be in game and working as they intend it to.

now if its working from a players perspective, then am certain this will change how future MMOs are produced, so many great new ideas, within the shape of what you d expect of an MMO. 

< fanboy for now :P

Sat Jul 17 2010 3:55AM Report
MurlockDance writes:

I hope that this game is good.

I played GW but never really really was blown away by it. I do respect it for having brought new stuff to the genre. There are no other games quite like GW out on the market.

I just hope that NCSoft is not the publisher this time round.

Sat Jul 17 2010 10:29AM Report
Shinami writes:

People loved Guild Wars I for the same reason they hated Guild Wars I. I remember back then when everyone tried to convince me that it was JUSTIFIED to spend money on a Subscription Fee...

Then GW came out..Every game out there lost some population for GW I and then companies spent millions of dollars to try to supress the idea that it was possible to actually Launch a game that did not require a subscription fee.

I see ArenaNet as being "different" and rather than create a "clone" of every other game out there, they seem to be trying. Every company tries to act like Evangelists in their own Genre along with their marketting Hype.

RPGs came because the market wanted to cater to geeks and nerds back then and create Dungeons and Dragon's like games and bring them to Comps and Consoles. RPGs were supposed to be about solving problems...But today RPGs just give you a character with a weapon of some kind and you always play the role of some Martial-Character with the focus on killing anything.

Truth is that "Roleplaying" means "To act out" and original roleplayers acted everything out tabletop while everything else became slowly overtime more about powergaming to be as powerful as possible. We already have a group of professional roleplayers in this world. They are called "actors" and "actresses" and that is what Theater Arts Majors are for.

Guild Wars II seems to be focusing a lot more on actual RP elements to characters and environment interraction.

I feel strange in my next words, but Singleplayer RPGs destroy mortality by actually making characters so strong they can kill armies while MMORPGs make characters so weak that one character is helpless against the top enemies out there...requiring killing parties to make the kill...

Without a sense of mortality, one escapes the boundaries of the world and it doesnt feel like Roleplaying. Today people in shooters have more environment interraction and think more about life and death than most in point and click RPGs.

I hope Guild Wars II finally makes every other game obsolete and forces the genre to move forward...

Its exactly what the genre actually needs. :(

but between you and me, I still see what they claim as marketting Hype. I do not believe things until I see them with my own eyes or someone like a Subcommander or Superior I trust tells me.

Sat Jul 17 2010 5:27PM Report
rockin_ufo writes:

Very nice write-up. I agree, GW2 isn't just something you can ignore. I read all over the internet how many MMOs gamers want innovation, not just another WoWclone. Yet, they keep on ranting, because they probably have never heard of Guild Wars 2. If they have, they probably haven't read every interview, article, and every other scrap of info that this game has.

When this game gets released, I think something big happens. ANet has shown they can break the mold (in GW1) and they are going to continue this to a greater extent in GW2.

Sat Jul 17 2010 5:31PM Report
Snaylor47 writes:

If its anything like the first one then I am not going to be all to impressed. 


Bought Guild Wars on an impulse buy for $20, fun for about a month, Took it out of the drive and have yet to touch it for a year. There is a reason its free after you buy it, and I think that is because its not worth $15 a months.


Chances are, it being free I will play it along side an actual MMO, Ex: WoW, Swtor, Tera.


So am I stoked for this game? No not really. Will I play it when it comes out? Yeah more then likely.

Sat Jul 17 2010 6:14PM Report
rockin_ufo writes:

@Snaylor. So just because you subscribe to an MMO it's a real MMO? I guess I'm not a real MMO gamer then...

Sun Jul 18 2010 1:03PM Report
Deewe writes:

Never played GW but the more it goes the more it's difficult to ignore it.

Contrary to TOR I try to stay away from most infos on this game and funny thing is I might end playing this over TOR due the VO and the required companions in the latter.

Sun Jul 18 2010 2:10PM Report
Borks writes:


Please do not judge Guild Wars 2 based on the original Guild Wars. There are vast differences between the two. Persistent world, higher level cap, less skills, a new skill system that will be more approachable for new and casual players, etc. Those are just a few ways how it is different from the original. On top of that ArenaNet is making changes to get away from things they think are wrong with the standard MMORPG model. There is a ton of information out there on both Anets blog and the official Guild Wars 2 site. I urge people that know nothing about the game currently the read up and find out why people are excited.

In regards to the article I just want to say that everything they are talking about and showing is finalized at this point and if it's just an idea they make sure to state that it isn't implemented. However I understand that some people don't want to get their hopes up.

Anets blog:

Official Guild Wars 2 website:

Sun Jul 18 2010 3:32PM Report
MephPotato writes:

I wasen't able to read it to the end, and it's pretty short also but the blant remarcs are just creepy.

Sun Jul 18 2010 3:55PM Report
MumboJumbo writes:

Best thing about GW2: It looks like easily the best Fantasy MMO in development. Which seems like a tautology but it's still an achievement even so far: Amazing art, lore/story-driven game, graphics, races, professions show-cased.


Biggest things it needs to overcome: Fantasy genre has been beaten like a dead horse, majorly reworking some of the paradigms of this genre of mmos, ensuring the combat mechanic has enough dynamic repeat-value to guarantee longevity for players, a huge number of play-modes that are all integrated with each other.

They seem to be tacking the first 2 challenges like grappling a raging bull by it's horns, but no evidence of the last two so far, and until then just eye-candy.

Sun Jul 18 2010 6:02PM Report
Vaettir writes:

Regardless of whether or not it actually pans out, I'm very impressed with the marketing department. At risk of sounding like a geek, they've managed to score a 'critical hit' against the dull and overused aspect of most MMOs in each of their articles. And they brought in the guys from PvPonline to do it. This makes me happy.

Arenanet has always impressed me, with its insane concept art, tendency towards innovation, and almost complete shunning of the typical D&D-based fantasy fare. (I wouldn't dream of bashing D&D, but honestly, it's time for a little change.)

We'll have to see, but at this point, GW@ has me thorougly impressed.

Mon Jul 19 2010 4:13AM Report
TweFoju writes:

i cant wait for the hands on, and then i can finally say "This is the WoW Killer"

Mon Jul 19 2010 10:55PM Report
TheHelper writes:

@TweFoju haha yea if it is anything like they say it is on paper, I'm going to cry tears of happyness. No monthly fee and ALL those unique design features? hell yeah.

Tue Jul 20 2010 5:53AM Report
Snaylor47 writes:

@TweFoju Doubt it, It a B2P game, and then its free. This could be a great MMO, However I don't think people will leave their current MMO's for a free game, when they could play both.


In a nutshell, its the cures of being a F2P game.

Tue Jul 20 2010 5:27PM Report
MasonIce191 writes:

Having no problem ignoring it.  GW1 was very ho hum for me.  I look at the videos submitted for some of the combat classes and again I say ho hum.  Just my 2 cents

Wed Jul 21 2010 3:35PM Report
jdilling00 writes:

gw1 wasnt much of a design, but with the expansions they brought in jeff grubb. he was one of the designers at tsr during the golden age of table top gaming, and I feel he has brought to arena net the idea that a role playing game needs to provide a world that reacts to the players. that is the essence of what real role playing is. if they do what they are saying for gw2 we might begin to see a world that reacts again.

 The real question is to what extent does the world react and reset, react and reset. that would be about as bad as the questing we already have. How much of what they do will move time forward? To what extent will events happen and then be talked about as history? My expectation is theat everything will constantly repeat as that is the standard we have seen, and the most economical way to do it. However, if there is even a small part of the game that moves time forward involving players in an epic that streaches forward with victorys, defeats, epic events that determin the futrure of the world and the content of the next paid expansion that would be a move in the right direction. 

Mon Aug 02 2010 4:39PM Report writes:
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