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Community Spotlight: Your Most Played MMOs

Posted by MikeB Sunday June 1 2014 at 10:23PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "Your best mmos/most time played, of all time?" by slowpoke68:

Thought this would be interesting.  List your favorite mmos/most time you spent playing of all time.  

For me it would go:

EQ1, Loved this game and spent more time playing it I think than any other.  All this time later and still my favorite.  Played from launch for a couple of years, went back for a progression server, then went back again for a few months last year.

WoW, Great pve and great pvp.  Questing was a fresh idea, loved the instances, the bgs, and the polish of the game.  Played on and off for quite some time.

DAoC, PvE was meh, but loads of classes and races to choose from.  Of course the three faction RvR still remains the gold standard which noone else seems to have been able to duplicate.  

UO, By time played this may be higher.  I didn't like a lot about this game, the complete and absolutely unchecked open world griefing in particular.  Also the bugs, crashes and sever roll backs, and playing on dial-up haha.  But it was first and it was great and I spent a ton of time with it.  The sandbox in its purest form.

LOTRO, Not a big fan of solotastic mmos and this is one of the worst on that score, but due to the IP, a great community and the beautiful world, I spent quite a bit of time with this game.

What are yours?

Read on for some highlights from the thread!

imsoenthused is definitely enthusiastic about Guild Wars:

Guild Wars, easily. Played basically continuously through the entire release cycle, so that's 3 years right there, and continued to play it heavily for a couple years after that. Even after slowing down, I still play it at least once a month to this day. That said, it suffered when the second expansion made it so much more solo friendly. It's still a great game, but if I don't HAVE to team up to complete anything, it doesn't really feel like a multiplayer game anymore. Still superior, even its current state, to every other MMORPG I've tried since, including its sequel.

Roguewiz has a couple of favorites:

Most time played is probably Everquest.  Spent a lot of time between Torvonnilous and Cazic-Thule.  It was also my best experience.  Which makes sense; it was my first MMO.

WOW is a close 2nd in terms of time spent playing.  More or less played from Vanilla to WOTLK (with some breaks).  CATA was hit and miss.  The expansion wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either.  I quit for good right before MOP.

Shadowbane was my best PVP game.  I have fond memories of infiltrating towns, causing ruckus, and just having fun.  All hail the Mountain Giant Alliance on Mourning! :)

Dungeons and Dragons Online is another of my fond experiences and is pretty close to EQ in that regard.  Did a lot of stuff that most people were like "WTF".  The best experience is when I changed the mind of a player who thought Rogues were worthless.

Warhammer Online was my fun disappointment.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the game, for the most part.  However, it was incomplete and unbalanced.  Would have lasted longer if they released a finished product.

jdizzle2k13 started out in WoW as many others have, but has since put in even more hours into Guild Wars 2:

My most time spent in any MMO was in WoW, but that makes sense because it was my first.

Started about 3 years ago, now with about 150+ days played time and had a bunch of fun when my guildies were on.

My most fun experiences though have been in Guild Wars 2, which I've now played about 1000+ hours (about 800+ on my main, elementalist).  World vs World sieges, the crazy pvp, or just going around and two manning stuff with a friend in Cursed Shore.

My two longest played MMOs are Star Wars Galaxies (3 years) and City of Heroes (5 years). Since then, I haven't really found many games I've been able to stick with for more than a couple of months, with the only exceptions being Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning and SWTOR.

I played WAR for about a year to a year and a half and SWTOR on and off since launch. Of all my long term MMO experiences, however, it's really a toss up between SWG and City of Heroes in terms of my favorites. I imagine if SWG never experienced the dreaded 'NGE' update, I might have played it all the way up until they closed down the servers.

What about you? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

Gravarg writes: My top 3 are WoW (since launch), DAoC (about 7 years), and FFXI ( about 5 years). Sun Jun 01 2014 11:35PM Report
DocBrody writes:

Age of Conan - SWTOR - SecretWorld


still playing mostly these three 

Mon Jun 02 2014 12:22AM Report
Po_gg writes:

Been (and still am) always a hopper, so it's not easy to sum it up, but the most played would be obviously LotRO.

Never been "hopped off" the game more than 3 months at once during in the sub era, and I think the "off-time" would be less than a week now that it's f2p. Easily my most /played one.


Second would be AoC. Third is shared between STO and TSW (TSW is younger than STO, but I play it heavily :) ). The next step would be CoH and CO with similar shared place as above, I've played CoH on and off, and played CO in shorter but massive amounts.


Then a big pause, the next group is falling behind by numerous days /played... (DCUO, Neverwinter and TOR)

Mon Jun 02 2014 3:47AM Report
Fdzzaigl writes:

WoW definitely stands alone on top of my "most played" list.

Played it for 5 years, next up is EQ2 which I played for just under 2 years (concurrently with WoW for a while).

Although I'm always looking for different experiences, nothing has recently been able to keep me over for more than 6 months to a year.

Mon Jun 02 2014 7:02AM Report
angerbeaver writes:

Lotro played since 2007 and stopped around 2012. If my guild was still active I would have stuck around even though I felt it went downhill from Moria expansion. I loved the community and the scenery of the environments.


FFXIV (6 months). I played to help the guild. 

Mon Jun 02 2014 10:35AM Report
Sevala writes: SWG pre-cu was #1 for years. Only other thing came close to consistant was DDO for quite along time from launch til they started messing with core mechanics and adding the stupid epic crap and trying to force it down people's throats on and off for years. Mon Jun 02 2014 1:56PM Report
Jeger_Wulf writes:




Mon Jun 02 2014 4:23PM Report
Mirasta writes:

Still playing TSW and AoC both since closed beta


WoW from launch until 2010

Tue Jun 03 2014 6:50AM Report
McBobber writes:

AoC > Tera > SWtOR > GW2

AoC by far the most, almost 4 years altogether.

Tue Jun 03 2014 10:47AM Report
tantraonline writes: I played Tantra Online for almost 10 years now. Been playing since it was release and now I have my own server Mon Aug 18 2014 1:42AM Report
Konfess writes: SWG, WoW, and MxO. Thu Jan 07 2016 6:41PM Report writes:
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