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SMITE: Closed Beta of Godly Proportions

Posted by BillMurphy Friday June 1 2012 at 12:58PM
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I spent two hours or so last night in SMITE, the new third-person MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) from Hi-Rez (Global Agenda, Tribes: Ascend).  If you’re familiar with League of Legends, imagine that but with MMO-styled combat, without tab-targeting and relying more on skill-shots.  Each match is on the same massive map with three lanes to the other five-person team’s base.  You fight AI creeps that march in a continuous stream throughout, while taking out the enemy towers, other team’s players, and ultimately the enemy’s Minotaur Guardian (think of him like dungeon boss). 

Downing the Minotaur wins the match, but your opponents can surrender if they’re feeling the pressure, and similarly you can just give up as well if you’re getting killed and see no sense in continuing.  I wouldn’t ever surrender, but I’m a little proud.  I see why the option’s there, regardless.  All throughout the match, your chosen god will level from 1 to upwards of 20, gaining new skills, earning gold to buy gear, and generally getting more and more powerful.  SMITE, as you can probably guess is pretty much the MMORPG experience in thirty minute chunks.  It’s fast, uproariously fun, and absolutely addictive.  I’m not great at ARTS like League or Heroes of Newerth, and therefore SMITE is definitely the MOBA I’ve been waiting for to bring me into the genre and show me why people get so amped over these games. Simply put: SMITE is awesome.
I didn't want to stop.  I had to wake up at 5am this morning, but kept watching Kasey and Grak stream the damn thing after Mike and I stopped playing. Watching it was fun, people.  I played solely as Ymir, the Norse frost giant god of awesome tankery.  That's what I'm calling him.  Mike played as Artemis, the pew-pew making goddess of the hunt. We were a team of death, that's for sure.  We lost the first match due to some mid-lane woes, but our second match we forced the other team to surrender so stalwart were our defenses.
I'll admit this right here: I'm a MOBA noob. I never got into them. I appreciate the hell out of the art-form people much better than I have mastered, but I suck too much at RTS to play them competitively like that.  I prefer city-builders.  But SMITE? Well it takes everything awesome about the competitive lust found in LoL and DOTA and smacks it into an MMO-styled arena.  And it simply works with a pure unadulterated zest and vigor.  The visuals are crisp, clean, and smooth.  Like a good IPA... yes, I compared SMITE to beer.  That means I like it a lot, people.
I could gush for hours about this, but really I'm still learning the intricacies of SMITE.  I learned quickly not to be too aggressive, to press B to go back to base and heal/purchase items, and to use the Jungle to surprise people frequently.  I also learned that a giant wall of ice can trap speedy ranged Gods quite well, letting me make them go squish quite easily.  
Overall, I can't speak highly enough of the game. Go spend the measly $20 and get in there this weekend.  If you've ever even had a passing interest in MOBAs, but were turned off by the mechanics like me, this is your game. It's the best parts of an MMORPG condensed into little juicy nuggets of awesome. Eat 'em up, yum. 
Grakulen writes:

I'm not a MOBA fan but I would pay 20 for this game.

Fri Jun 01 2012 4:42PM Report
mcrippins writes:

I'm a moba fan and this game is freaking awesome. So glad they extended the weekend hours for this. 

Fri Jun 01 2012 9:36PM Report
achesoma writes:

Never played a MOBA but this definitely has my eye.  The theme of the game just looks really awesome.  Certainly seems worth the $20.

Sat Jun 02 2012 3:41PM Report
zellmer writes:

I have DOTA 2 and I'm loving it.

If I wanted to play a dumbed down version of it I'd play LoL instead on that point....


Sat Jun 02 2012 5:15PM Report
aslan132 writes:

Im in the same boat here. Ive played LoL and HoN with friends, but i just never could get "into" them. Im a diehard MMOer, and MOBAs just dont do it for me. But i watched the entire time Grak has this streaming, and i have to say im definately interested. This is exactly the type of MOBA experience ive been waiting for. All the fun of the arena PVP but with the MMO "look and feel" im so used to and enjoy.

Sat Jun 02 2012 7:11PM Report
lindenmeyer writes:

look good but 20~30 dollar vs dota 2/LoL/HoN dont will work, imo.

Lets see...



Sat Jun 02 2012 7:50PM Report
Wicoa writes:

Looks awesome.

Sun Jun 03 2012 5:15AM Report
DeadAlliance writes:


I just played my first match.....Wow...

The videos and streams just dont do this game justice...I've played all the MOBA's currently on the market (LoL, HoN, DOTA, DOTA 2, RoI, and SC2) and none have blown me away as much as this game has here.

I didn't have a lot of hope for HiRez after I played Global Agenda, but I did enjoy Tribes, so It was going to be a hit or miss with this game, and I thought it was going to be a large miss, but boy was I mistaken.

If you're on the fence about pre-ordering this game, then I strongly encourage you to purchase it and don't look back. If you can grab it for $20 now, then do it!

I played as Hades who's a heavy Tank with a nasty Kraken like ult (for you HoN fanatics out there) where he constructs a pillar of souls to swarm around you and do damage while sucking you closer within the event horizon. The videos truly don't do it justice here, as it's like being in your favorite MOBA heroes ultimate as he constructs total chaos.

Definately felt more attached to my character in-game as I felt more involved in the process of wining, rather than just "watching" things happen, I was actually "a part" of the actual fights.


TLDR; Buy this game, It's absolutely worth the money, even with so little heroes. Definately is the most underrated MOBA closed beta I've been in.

Sun Jun 03 2012 8:16AM Report
shantideva writes:

Is this like Dwarf Fortress??

Sun Jun 03 2012 10:38AM Report
mcrippins writes:

Agreed this moba is severely underrated right now. This game is so much fun it's crazy. Hope people find it. Most of the people i've talked to doesn't even know it exists.

Sun Jun 03 2012 5:49PM Report
Centhan writes:

I'm really impressed with Hi-Rez.  To me, they really seem to care that the games they create are fun, and aren't in it just for the quick money grab.  Even if they are, they disguise it well because you are having a blast, and they do the microtransaction part of it right.  You can gain experience faster, but there are no unfair advantages DURING the match (I'm looking at you gold ammo from World of Tanks). 

Global Agenda was a nice attempt, and although I thought the overall game was lacking, the actual combat I was done extremely well.

Their recent Tribes game is super for some quick fun, and even made me pay them some money which I don't normally do for these type of games.

From what I've seen from Smite, it looks excellent so far, and I wish them only the best.  They seem to do games for gamers.  We need more studios like this.

Sun Jun 03 2012 7:51PM Report
chalupar writes:

So,there is'n any Beta Key Giveaway?

Mon Jun 04 2012 7:01AM Report
Grakulen writes:

BTW.  The $20 is only if you want to buy a bunch of upgrades that also allows you into the Beta.  You can wait until the games official release and then it will be absolutely free.

Mon Jun 04 2012 12:47PM Report
areb writes:

Played this game over the weekend.  Lots of fun!

Mon Jun 04 2012 9:31PM Report writes:
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