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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Community Spotlight: Squandered Potential

Posted by MikeB Sunday May 12 2013 at 10:41PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "What MMO do you believe had the best potential but failed in execution?" by Esorono.

This is the thread of the MMOs that could have been. Some MMOs out on the market had great potentials, they promised great mechanics, fluid combat, great graphics, ect. But then you log in and just notice the game fell flat on their face and never recover years later because the developers just don't seem to care. The games that make you say "This game could have been a lot of fun if the developers decided to save it." What MMO do you believe had the most potential but failed in execution?

Read on below for a couple of highlights from the thread!

Martinmas notes the failure of MXO:

I will say the Matrix Online just because of the IP alone. Talk about a  setting that just seems like a no-brainer for the perfect MMOG.

Tholdornas brings up the short-lived The Chronicles of Spellborn:

I´d say Chronicles of Spellborn. I only played it shortly due to the 2-week-trial when it launched, but lost interest ... I don´t even know why, exactly. I always thought the skill system was brilliant and PVP was fun as hell (coming from a non-PVP player). On the other hand, combat looked quite unspectacular and most of the endgame was politics and stuff, controlling different parts of the world. My lucky guess is that it wasn´t the right time back then (2006, if i remember right) to introduce a sandboxy themepark that TCoS was. Such a shame, had a stunning graphical style, too (second best imho, only beaten by Shin Megami Tensei:Imagine).

Gorwe echoes many others in the thread with his WAR pick:

WAR-I didn't even expect RvR(or even knew what it was back in the day), but it felt good. Art was awesome as were some of stories there and ToK and RvR. It also introduced me to Warhammer fantasy(prior to playing WAR I thought that WHFB sucked donkey ass and after playing it, I fel in love with WHFB). Anyhow, this game fails on so many levels that it is ridiculous. It could've been DAoC 2 in Warhammer. It could have been WoW in Warhammer. It wasn't either. It was some strange mix with only marketing(banner ads) directed towards Hardcore PvP player, instead of all of us Warhammer fans. Not to mention bugs, weird working atmosphere in Mythic, blatant lies from mr.Barnett and so forth. You can say whatever you want about Tor/Vanguard/GW 2/AoC-but all of those games are rather playable and FUN right now. WAR never left its hellhole.

I could probably be here all night going through our Game List and picking MMOs that would be a great fit for this topic, but I am going to go ahead and limit myself to one:

The Matrix Online: Echoing what Martinmas essentially said, The Matrix IP fit the MMO genre like a glove. After all, what is the Matrix itself if not the ultimate MMO? Sure, it wasn't voluntary, but it was basically an example of the best virtual reality one could ever dream of. The MMO was a huge favorite of mine for a number of reasons. Unfortunately, due to the game's undercooked state and the fact the studio didn't capitalize on getting this game out before the Wachowskis' ruined the series with the sequels, the game just fell flat with most of the MMO populace.

What are your picks? Share 'em with us in the comments below!

Grakulen writes: WAR gets my vote. Mon May 13 2013 5:48AM Report
Roxtarr writes: I agree with Rob ... I was going to leave everything behind for WAR. Mon May 13 2013 7:50AM Report
Battlerock writes: I think all games could be a bit better, but the ones that come up with thier own ip and dont just build off of what already is are the ones that really fall short of what they could have been. Self made ip have the advantage to be as creative as they want. Mon May 13 2013 10:24AM Report
gaeanprayer writes:

Neverwinter. Had the potential for amazing storytelling through quests, of a caliber established from prior D&D/FR games, and failed to do so. Had the potential to play better than the typical f2p quest grinder, but didn't, and had the potential to create a combat system revolving around strategy and thought, but instead ended up a spam-fest of button mashing exceeding the most monotonous of f2p MMOs. Very disappointed in the game. About the only thing they did right was the Foundry, but with players using it for all the reasons and all the nerfs it has had/will have, that will go downhill as well.

Should have left it a co-op RPG like NWN and fleshed it out to become what everyone really wanted; NWN3.

Mon May 13 2013 10:52AM Report writes:
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