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Community Spotlight: Your First Feeling

Posted by MikeB Sunday May 5 2013 at 7:55PM
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In this week's Community Spotlight, we focus on the thread, "How was your very first feeling when you logged in for the first time in a MMORPG?" by Torgrim.

For me It was quite odd, I used to play Quake and other MP games but when I first logged into Ultima Online I felt I didn't belong there.

The chat was going and I the noob was there for the first time in a new world of gaming, I had no qlue what to do and I was scared to even write in chat to ask questions because for me this was a new experience for me, not like Quake.

Still I felt for the first time in my life that this was global, I played with Americans, Kiwis, Germans, French, Canadians in the same world in the same game.

This was really my best experience of MMO gaming, the virgin fruits.

How was your ride for the first time?

DrunkWolf describes his first feelings in the world of Asheron's Call:

It was pretty crazy at first, i got dropped off into Dereth ( asherons call ) with some bread a knife apples and no clue wtf to do. before i knew it i had bodys all over the place, running for my life from wasps and drudges and finally i made my way to a town where i met up with some people and they showed me the ropes.

it was a pretty wild experience to sit back and think that i was playing a character in another world. I could go anywhere and do anything i wanted. hell just traveling to other towns to meet new people was cool, in that game you didnt advance to new areas depending on levels. people actually called the towns home and hung out in them.

Briansho migrated from games like Quake to Ultima Online:

I migrated from Quake TF back in the day to Ultima Online! It was wild logging in for the first time and seeing people run by me! At first everyone was trying to raise fighting skills on dummies throughout town. There were also really long lines and waiting to get reagents for spells. The NPC merchants/server couldn't keep up with the demand.

Stepping outside I quickly learned I needed to get my hiding skill. Reputation was a big thing and people knew who they could trust and who to stay away from. Guilds formed and communities grew stronger. There were very few Grandmasters of any skill on the server. You could remodel your character by letting skills decay and increasing others. No 2 characters were exactly the same. Even bard were a playable class. I GMed musicianship, peacemaking, and provocation. People would try to attack me but couldn't stand a chance against a provoked wisp.

Eventually whiners infiltrated the UO stratics forums and started making demands to the developers to change the game to fit their playstyles. The developers got spooked and started making changes to try to make them happy and people started leaving.

VastoHorde didn't even know what an MMO truly was when he first logged into Lineage II:

Lineage 2 was my first mmo I logged into and I did not even know what a mmo really was. I thought it was an online game like Diablo or Baldurs Gate. Never did I know it was thousands of players in the same world as me. All I did everday was run outside of town and kill mobs till I got killed and logged off. Did that for the whole trial month and of course I did not sub. It was not till I tried private servers about a year later did I find out what a mmo really was. Did private servers for about a year before I went back to retail and have been there ever since.

Gosh, I remember my first time logging into Star Wars Galaxies. I forget what the actual starting town on Tatooine was, it may have been Mos Eisley. In any case, there were tons of people everywhere and an incredibly confusing interface set in front of me. Anyone who played SWG knows that the controls and interface were something you definitely needed to get used to. But what stuck out most of all was all the gibberish in chat. The different species spoke different languages and I remember people standing around willing to teach other players the languages so that they could all understand each other.

Believe it or not, this notion wasn't actually alien to me (pun intended!). I used to play Star Wars MUDs that also had learnable languages, but I was sure surprised to see this in an MMO. SOE eventually abandoned the concept and I believe all players knew all the languages by default by some point, but it definitely added to the confusion of starting out in a game like that.

What was your first MMO experience like? Share your tales with us in the comments below!

Battlerock writes: I played rolemaster magestorm in the mid to early 90's being able to play with other people had me hooked. There were roles and a 3 factionon pvp battle. Each team could have up to 30 people. I was part of a guild called DoA ( disciplines of apocalypse ) had team members from all over the world. the roles were cleric, mage, arcanist, and elementalists. Each had very unique characteristics. Some of which I dont see much in games anymore. My elementalists could lay a spring down and use it to jump very high. Clerics could make walls and one cleric could hold an entire team off with wood or stone walls. I loved that game. There was leleveling and talent trees. And here is the kicker..... It cost $2 / hour to play. If you ever get some time check out rolemaster magestorm Sun May 05 2013 9:41PM Report
Skullagrim writes: My first mmo I played was WoW. I was a late bloomer when I got into pc gaming. Playing Warcraft Reign of Chaos is what intrigued me to buy it. I fell in love with the lore of the game. The cinematic gave me goosebumps. I always wanted to follow Arthas's path. I created a human paladin. I was just in awe when I seen my character at northshire. It was a  unbelievable transition from rts to mmo. It was a totally perfect intro for me into the mmo universe. Mon May 06 2013 4:59AM Report
Tanemund writes:

My first MMO was DAoC.  I made a Celt Guardian on a server and spawned in Connla, Hibernia.  I remember being impressed with the music for the log in screen.


Once I spawned the first thing I saw was a pointy eared thing carrying a big stick who cast a spell at me.  My friends who I was going to play with had warned me about ganking and griefing in MMOs so I was convinced this guy was trying to kill me.  I started to run away while he chased me saying, "Wait, wait!" in the chat box (which I wasn't exactly sure was the chat box at that time).  Well I sure wasn't going to fall for that and I kept running ... right across the river into the level 12 water badgers who aggroed and killed me.


I respawned at Connla and there was the guy with the stick again casting spells, however this time I noticed he was casting spells on every level 1 toon.  He saw me and explained that he was putting an arms buff on me that would help me level because I'd be able to kill things faster.  Then he gave me a gold piece and a sword and told me to take a horse up to Mag Mel, Hibernia where all the new toons went to level. 


Old school DAoC came with a map in the box that showed the horse routes, but I couldn't find one from Connla to Mag Mel.  Finally someone told me to take the one to Druim Ligen and jump off at Mag Mel.


Once I got to Mag Mel I was amazed that all these toons were people and that we were all citizens of this computer generated world.  It blew me away to be playing a Role Playing Game like Dungeons and Dragons with other people who were experiencing it right along with me.


I'd say my first feeling was dislocation and excitement.

Mon May 06 2013 8:47AM Report
Kylia61 writes: This is actually quite funny. The year 1999. My best friend had just bought the "new" game Everquest. She made an elf and logged into Kelethin. I was sitting beside her watching her play. The first thing I said was, "Why is everybody running?" (LOLOLOL). Then my friend took off running and the next thing I know her little wood elf is screaming and falling to her death. I went out right then, bought my own copy and haven't looked back since. Mon May 06 2013 5:15PM Report
Jaedor writes: I had played some online games so the concept wasn't completely new, yet when the lightbulb moment actually dawned, it was amazing. I remember the jaw-dropping feeling of understanding that these other characters in the game were all players like me, operating an avatar in a shared world. It was a marvelous feeling of wonder, and I was instantly hooked on mmos.  Tue May 07 2013 1:38PM Report writes:
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