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The staff of gets together to bring you some behind the scenes insights on stories, the industry and the site itself.

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Star Wars vs. Warhammer 40k .....

Posted by garrett Monday May 17 2010 at 3:48PM
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Storm Troopers and Jedi vs. Hordes of Orks, Space Marines, and the Chaos Gods...who would win?

This year at E3 we are gearing up for an epic show down in MMO history. Rumors suggest that Star Wars: The Old Republic will have blasters blazing for this E3 (they certainly did last year). Yet, we will also get our first look at THQ's Warhammer 40k MMO...DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA!!

The two massive space epics with, oddly enough, more action taking place on the ground, will clash in four weeks time. News, screenshots, interviews, editorials, speculation, and pure enthusiam will come flying out of E3 like Nurglings from the mouth of Chaos.

So what can we look forward too? That is the big question. I for one think both games will put their best feet forward. Bolters and Blasters ready to wreak havoc on your imaginations. The issue is will the tough questions be answered? Will the devs step up and throw down talk about the ever-changing theories on MMO design? My guess is no.

These two titles are so heavily anticipated that they will drown us in marketing talk and stunning visuals. While hordes of non-believers will be dazzled. The rest of us will be left wondering how these games will truly play out? Will Star War's story driven depth and deep character development win out against, and this is a total guess....the fast paced game play of 40k PvP?

Here at we usually do awards for E3. This year we'll have a full staff at the show and will be sitting down to discuss the awards. Who wins Best of Show 2010?

By June 15th we will finally see for ourselves...and do out best to give you the info as well. If you have serious questions for either of these games...which I am sure you do....kindly post below. We'll try to pick a few that we can ask and get a reasonible answer.  I know I have about a million...

shadout00 writes:

SWTOR will win the show because of its large popularity across multiple genres and platforms.

I do expect 40k to show up, but many people probably won't even notice too much of it. The hype right now belongs to SWTOR, which itself will blow anything Bioware shows into what will be the "best".

Mon May 17 2010 4:31PM Report
Phry writes: not sure that 40k is less known than TOR, each has a cult following, personally, i think Bioware might be in for a bit of a reality check! Mon May 17 2010 4:35PM Report
wzedrin writes:

I doubt it. 40k is still too far away and Bioware has been building a media frenzy with its small tidbits of information. If it shows some real content at E3 and maybe some of the new features it will drown the Internet.

I'm hoping 40k is great and good - but atm there is little to no information about it and E3 at best will offer just a few hints.

Mon May 17 2010 4:39PM Report
DevilXaphan writes:

IMO SWTOR will draw the PvE crowd more while WH40K will draw it's fand and PvP fanatics to it.

Mon May 17 2010 4:47PM Report
BadSpock writes:

Any info on the "end game" PvE content of ToR would be great.

And of course any info on PvP for ToR - specifically types of PvP available.

As for WH40K -

Just ask them if they've learned the lessons of a failed fantasy WH game.

Mon May 17 2010 4:53PM Report
needalife214 writes:

this may be for the sci fi   but watch what Anet brings to the table with gw2.....


but i am much more excited for 40k m problem with any star wars game is how limited the game will be compared to the universe so tbh with the ip i will never fully enjoy it  but tor could always bring me around...but 40k might steal the show...

Mon May 17 2010 4:58PM Report
Brizahd writes:



Do the girly eldar have a battlecry?

I can't wait to find out just what a 40k mmo will be like.  To be honest I can't see how they will do the tabletop wargame any justice. 

Mon May 17 2010 5:30PM Report
Grotar writes:

Not excited about TOR so much we already know classes, we have seen combat and many other things sure there are still more to show.

But about 40k we dont know nothing we have seen only few concept art and thats all. Much more excited about it :)

Oh and btw Vigil has nothing to do with Mythic so as 40k and WAR so they got no lesson to learn. Games will probably be very different.

Mon May 17 2010 6:00PM Report
neonwire writes:

Shoot me for my optimism but I expect both games to be well made. I expect SWTOR will do better than WH40K initially for no other reason than it's Starwars. I'm personally however sick to death of Starwars games and am much more interested in playing a game set in the dark and gritty WH40K universe.

@heerobya: Vigial and THQ had nothing to do with Craphammer Online. Asking them if they learned the lessons of that game is like asking Bioware if they learned the lessons of SWG. Its pointless as they are totally different games.

Mon May 17 2010 6:01PM Report
Grotar writes:

Oh and btw :)

Rejoice Brothers, Your Slavery to the False Emperor Ends Today !

Mon May 17 2010 6:07PM Report
Tardcore writes:

Being a long time Warhammer fan I'm more interested in Vigil's 40k game. From what I've seen of SWTOR so far I don't think I'd enjoy playing it. It most likely will be a big success just not my cup of tea.

As to the question of do the Eldar have a battle cry...

Space Marines : "For the Emperor!"

Imperial Guard: "We are all going to die!!"

Sisters of Battle: "We are so NOT lesbians!!"


The Eldar: "We've dropped our hankies!!"

The Dark Eldar: "We've have also dropped our hankies but we will sew new ones out of your still quivering flesh!!"

The Tau: "We watch too much anime!!"

Chaos Space Marines: "For the OTHER Emperor!!"

The Necrons:" . . . . . . . . . . . . "

The Tyranids: "snarl, drool, belch, gibber gibber, squeek"

Mon May 17 2010 6:29PM Report
KaneBlaireau writes:

Sights set low for both. SWTOR sounds good, but now having seen the game being played...the gameplay looks like every other MMO. Story may change that, but hard to say. 40K we do not know enough about for me to have any feeling about it. Great setting at least.

Mon May 17 2010 6:51PM Report
peacekraft writes:

So how many people are praying to the chaos gods that the 40K MMO has more than three factions if it is a realm vs realm affair?

Mon May 17 2010 7:29PM Report
Yilelien writes:

I think the real differancew here is that Gamers know Warhammer 40k. But EVERYBODY knows starwars.

 E3 is a gaming convention but still i personally feel that SW has a larger base to pull from.


 That said i am very interested in Warhammer :)

Mon May 17 2010 7:37PM Report
Kothoses writes:

E3 will be VERY Strong on the MMO Front and the Bioware front this year.


Tor will have a good showing as will Dragon age and mass effect I think.


However along with those I am watching for


DC universe, Tera, WH 40k, FF XIV and GW2.


Its going to be great, I wish for once and the first time that I was going.

Mon May 17 2010 7:55PM Report
Gruug writes:

While 40k has a strong and large following, Star Wars in general is much better known. In gaming circles, Star Wars wins on the name recognition alone. Considering the poor showing of Mythic/EA's Warhammer, I would say that there is very low expectations for 40k at this point. Same might be said for any Star War MMO considering what was done to the IP with SOE at the helm (NGE), but expectations are much higher simply because Bioware is at the helm of the new title.

Mon May 17 2010 8:08PM Report
severius writes:

While looking forward to the 40k mmo I am hesitant... there is no clue as to what the game will have in it at all.  The RTS games were great and all, but how it will translate to an mmo?  With BioWare we have a better idea of what we have to look forward to, as to how long it can live in the persistence of an mmo will be interesting to say the least.  I, for one, know for sure I will be playing TOR.  For how long is the question..... at least a couple months.... As to whether or not I play the 40k mmo, we will have to see what they have to offer thats different from everyone else, and what is the same that they can do as well if not better.

Mon May 17 2010 8:16PM Report
Draemos writes:

It will translate into an MMO the same way Warcraft 2->3 translated into World of Warcraft.

Mon May 17 2010 8:25PM Report
xaldraxius writes:

Orks in space...

Yeah, I'm on pins and needles...

Mon May 17 2010 8:41PM Report
brostyn writes:

Eldar battlecry - "For the Craftworld!"

Yea, ok, not the best. I still love 'em.

Mon May 17 2010 10:04PM Report
Inktomi writes:

Garrett...hello Garrett...

SWTOR has a budget of over $100,000,000.00

THQ already said that they will be able to profit with under 1,000,000 subs.  That means they might be putting tops  anywhere from $50,000,000 to $60 mil into the game. And that is all really just hypothetical numbers there. Who really knows whats going on behind closed doors at both studios.

With that type of spending going on, who do you think is going to win? You and I both know that it comes down to money.

SWTOR will clearly be the better game, however, in your post you pointed out it will come down to fans. Some people are super-omg-star-wars freaks.

I personally follow WH40K more that Star Wars, played the tabletop and also dealt with GW on a business level. I think that even if THQ/Vigil make a halfway decent rendition of 40K with GW getting out of their way, they will have a good core group of players that will give them reason to keep the game healthy for quite some time.

Again, it all comes down to money. 

Mon May 17 2010 10:38PM Report
cybertrucker writes: Guildwars 2 for the win... I lost all my love for 40k after umpteen million remakes of the tabletop... what a waste of money that game turned out to be. Warmachine is so much better than 40K.. If they run the computer game anything like the tabletop every year instead of getting out an expansion they will bring out the NERF hammer...and make your characters completely obsolete... just like they did with the armies people played. Mon May 17 2010 11:13PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

Questions for Warhammer 40K:

1) Level based or Skill based?

2) How are the various troops types going to be utilized (i.e., for Space Marines, the Scout, Assault Marine, Tactical Marine, Terminator). Will they be "professions or career choices" we pick from start or progress into.

3) Can we expect as players to use vehicles outside of a scripted mission/quest? If so, how extensive is this list of vechicles? Will we have skimmers?

4) How closely are the Army Codexes being used to construct in-game abilities (please give an example)?

5) Will terrain features be factored into the game's combat system to give bonuses (low wall for cover) or penalties (detritus slowing movement)? Will terrain be destroyable?

6) Are the armies going to be traditional in that there are no alliances or are you going to take the path they did in WAR and create alliances?

7) Can we expect more than Space Marine, Eldar, Ork and Chaos at launch? If not launch will the other armies be added in later as an expansion or free content update?

8) Will you use a tradtional monthly subscription or will you use RMT?

9) How detailed/robust is the guild system planned? Will the Guild UI be themed for the army/race? Are you allowing people from different armies  to be in same guild or taking the DAoC approach and having guild membership also attached to being from a given side?

10) This is for Garrett and the rest of Staff: Can I go with you?! I can pay for my flight and hotel, just need pass to get in and follow you guys around. Think of me as your caddy! ;)

Mon May 17 2010 11:33PM Report
UnSub writes:

SWOR has been building hype for a long time now and (as discussed above) has a huge budget.

Warhammer 40K has barely released a screen shot and certainly doesn't have the same money behind it.

It's pretty safe to say that is going to be naming SWOR "Best MMO of E3".

Feel free to ask Vigil, "So, what can you tell us about your game that we know nothing about except for the IP?". For BioWare, you can ask them anything you like and they are only going to tell you the things they've already confirmed (story! voice overs! classes, advanced classes and skill trees!) or authorised to release.

Mon May 17 2010 11:35PM Report
Torak writes:

Warhammer 40K has space know the kiddies go coo-coo for elfie puffs.

Seriously, IMHO SW is a household franchise but the old republic isn't.  The Warhammer brand is also a household name, WAR proved the name recognition is there as it's been around since the early 80's.

A company dropping tens of million on a game doesn't guarantee anything. Countless MMOs have had enormous budgets that have failed hard. Tabula Rasa, Age of Conan and Warhammer jump to mind for big budgets, all flash no bang.

To much hype tends to disappoint and expectations tend to skyrocket to unrealistic levels. 

Technical issues is what kills most MMOs out the door, Bioware doesn't have any experience with MMO's.

ToR as a game will probably be a pretty good video game but I dunno if it is going to necessarily be a good MMORPG.

Mon May 17 2010 11:54PM Report
brostyn writes:

I am glad to hear THQ isn't aiming for a megapopular MMO. We need games that are willing to put some depth back into our MMOs.

My only question is; "Will this be a gear grind/raiding based game?"

Mon May 17 2010 11:55PM Report
Dnomsed writes:

Army lists, army lists, army lists!

No interest in Star Wars, but 40K has me all atwitter.  :D

Also, if we must make blind comparisons between Vigil/THQ's 40K MMO and other games, lets look at THQ's Dawn of War series, which handled the I.P. spectacularly, and not another developer/publishers handling of the fantasy I.P.

Tue May 18 2010 12:41AM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

Look more specifically at teh FIRST Dawn of War. The second DOW was a step in the wrong direction for an RTS. I guess it may have been a step in the direction of an RPG, so it may be better to look at it instead of the first one. Either way, DOW II was not a good Warhammer 40K RTS in my view.

Tue May 18 2010 3:02AM Report
yumpinyimini writes:

I grew up watching and loving the original 3 Star Wars films, and I can't wait for TOR. 

The idea of 40k sounds like it could be a hell of a lot of fun though!  Here's hoping that all the new MMO's being developed turn out to be great.

Guild Wars2, Final Fantasy, DCUO...they all sound great.

...Cryptic still sucks though!

Tue May 18 2010 3:19AM Report
GamerAeon writes:

WH40k MMO Shows up it'll stop the show

GW2 will get a big crowd

Some will flock to FFXIV

and DCUO will get some love as well

SWTOR though unless they have some GROUNDBREAKING announcement it'll be done to death by then.

Tue May 18 2010 4:03AM Report
spookydom writes:

Tell THQ to make the 40k game with more than two playable factions or they will get bolterd in the face........Bolterd......In...The...Face! In all seriousnes I can't wait for either of them.

Tue May 18 2010 4:27AM Report
ork147 writes:

40k universe > starwars universe but mmo wise its too early to tell but bioware will make swtor popular when it comes out no matter what.

Tue May 18 2010 4:53AM Report
Deborion writes:

GW2 seems to be the only mmo atm that is really bringing somthing new to the table.


and i susspect that many many others like myself that have been in the mmo sceen for a while are really tierd of the "tradditional" mmo's out there and want to see and play something new.


and GW2 seems to be the game that is pushing it the furthest... hence my money is on them.!


(sorry for typos in a hurry... and i am dyslexic)

Tue May 18 2010 5:15AM Report
Starbuck1771 writes:

While both are well known franchises I give SWTOR the win due to shear numbers worldwide.

Tue May 18 2010 5:58AM Report
JaggaSpikes writes:

my hope is on Warhammer 40K. tho, i have doubts it will turn into Warhammer Online in space. if THQ manages to turn in it into real MMO, instead of shallow excuse for profit, they will have my money.

tbh, i don't have much interest in SWTOR.

Tue May 18 2010 6:20AM Report
uncletoma writes:

I think that can u have a brand, a lore and so on but i your game is the worst one you have only an epic fail.

Developers must do good games, not looking for the best brand for it. I remember Mythic on DAoC: great game, out to date now, but great for the times. And WAR? Ok, you have Warhammer brand, but where's the fun?

Tue May 18 2010 6:48AM Report
Fdzzaigl writes:

SW:TOR will probably have a new CGI trailer and hopefully more to bring to the table.

WAR or 40K were never popular where I live, so I don't really know or care about that.

Played DoW2 and found it a pretty bland game; though I guess we'll have to see what they show.

Tue May 18 2010 7:00AM Report
Yamota writes:

If we are talking strictly about IPs then I think Warhammer 40k is hands down the better one. Why? Well because Star Wars has become, thanks to the newer movies, more geared towards kids and Warhammer 40k, with its gritty universe, I feel is more suited for adults.

I much rather be a Space Marine decked out in full battle armor fighting gene-mutaded monsters than a cheesy Jedi Master fighting fluffy ewoks or whatever else silly monsters inhabit the SW world.

Tue May 18 2010 8:52AM Report
Azmaria writes:

My hope is that Vigil takes WH40k in a more Global Agenda direction of a PvP-centric FPSMMO.  A traditional MMO style will not fit the general feel of a WH40k in my opinion.


However, that being said, I doubt that Vigil will bring anything groundbreaking to the table.  My hopes for SWTOR aren't that high either.  GW2, however, has already released information that could (if executed properly) obsolete most of the MMO market.  If there is to be a show-stopper at E3, GW2 will probably fill that slot - beautiful rendered artsy world, fantastic game mechanics, and a unique skill system that is all bracketed by the fact that Anet will keep it F2P.  

Tue May 18 2010 10:10AM Report
Morcelll writes:

Aimed at heerobya, THQ is not Mythic!  Mythic failed at bringing the beautiful Warhammer fantasy game to life because they wanted a Wow killer.  The IP is great, the MMO was fail.  THQ is in no way like mythic, they have a following with their Dawn of War games which are epeic.  They are not looking for a WoW killer and have stated they don't need a large ammount of subs, which tells you they aren't worried about producing some clone of WoW so they can get a lot of people.  This game will not be fail, so do research before you leave comments next time.  Because, your comment is almost as fail as WAR was on its opening day, in fact its more fail.  THQ is a complete different entity!

Tue May 18 2010 1:32PM Report
Hodo writes:

40K has to stick to the GW guns, its not a kids game.    It has and had adult themes.    If the devs remember this and make it the dark, bloody, gothic future it will be a smash.    If they make it a theme park like WAR then it will fail.

Tue May 18 2010 2:40PM Report
Honeymoon69 writes:

WH40k=Global Agenda

Tue May 18 2010 4:45PM Report
Khalathwyr writes:

WH40K =/= Global Agenda. And if they want the game to succeed Vigil/THQ most assuredly should not try to mimic Global Agenda. The Warhammer 40K universe has a ton more lore and depth to it than GA and Vigl/THQ would be best served by using that material. If this game turns out to be a glorified MMOFPS it'll not experience the success it could if it was a fully realized MMORPG.

Tue May 18 2010 6:23PM Report
kalanthis writes:

MMO's are like buses! You stick around for ages with nothing, and then 3 or 4 come along at once.

SWTOR and 40K seem likely to be the first time I've ever subscribed to 2 MMO's at once. With DCUO, FFXIV and GW2 also coming along we'll be spoilt for choice (hopefully). Nice to see some variety hitting the shelves as well with different themes, styles and (probably) payment models.

Any info on 40K would be welcome, but as someone above alluded we expect SWTOR to be PVE-based with some PVP and 40K PVP-based with some PVE? A break-down on PVE and PVP components for both, as well as character progression and end-level content would be great.

Tue May 18 2010 8:54PM Report
Fail writes:

I guess TOR will win the show, since W40K is far from getting released, they dont even have any hype... anyway I hope W40K will be dark and bloody as the books and tabletop games are, I was quite disappointed, when they made WAR look like a fairytale for kids

Wed May 19 2010 5:50AM Report
13luerose writes:

It's nice to see so many 40k enthusiasts worked up for E3. Only 26 days from now and we can finally release our breath - whether in disappointment or excitement - and get down to the nittier and grittier (read: grimdark) side of 40k.

That would be all of it then.

TOR will certainly win the show, but 40k has piqued my interest much more than Star Wars, even though I love both settings. Star Wars is almost your standard High Fantasy Sci-Fi escapade while 40k is your average Unholy Hyper-Realistic Nightmare Fuel with added elements.

Wed May 19 2010 3:27PM Report
mrbizarro writes:


If THQ can translate Dawn of War into an MMO, I'll be happy. I think that's the best we can hope for.

However, like I predicted before, I bet it will take place on a world that is trapped in a warpstorm. Cut off from the rest of their race, our characters will be forced to form alliances with other races. And it will suck...(<=lowered expectations)

1. Definately interested in character progression and how/if it relates to different unit types.

2. How are they going to do social areas? If I see a Terminator dancing with an Exarch, my rage will tear a hole in warpspace that will consume the tri-state area.

Wed May 19 2010 9:24PM Report
captloki13 writes:

Warhammer 40k wins hands down for me. Playing DoW blew my head and melted my mind. And with it's varius armament, vehicle, units and factions, there is no reason why not to like an MMO version of  DoW. Playing a Space Marine with a heavy bolter and firing them at Orks from a far is really exciting. And while playing an Orks rippin' 'eads of some hummie gitz in iz awezome.

I like Star Wars too and it's series but with the latest; and hopfully the last; films Gorge Lucas made I was glad I made it atleast to it's disappointing ending.

But one question really bugs me. What is the gameplay of Warhammer 40k Online? Is it a FPS/Third-Person Shooter like Tabula Rasa or an MMO point-and-click game like WoW or an RTS game like from the original DoW games? Well I really hope it is FPS, making the game more exciting to play and really give the fell of a tactical game and a shoot 'em up genre.

Thu May 27 2010 6:58AM Report writes:
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