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NCSoft and GW2 Makes Money... Who knew?

Posted by Grakulen Friday February 14 2014 at 12:20AM
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Earlier today Suzie posted over in the news section how NCSoft beat the street and made more than they expected too. 

Some highlights are below:


NCSoft has published its Q4 2013 financial results that show overall growth, with Guild Wars 2 exceeding expectations by generating $115.9M over the course of 2013. Lineage continued its growth in the Korean market and revenue surged after the release of Blade & Soul in China.

As posted in this forum thread (by Meowhead):

Today the NCsoft released their Q4 report here are some points

  • Lineage grew significantly in Korea while GW2 remained solid in US/EU.
  • Royalty revenues surged with Blade and Soul China kicking in.
  • GW2 was strong on the back of end of year sales promotions.
  • Contribution from Korea increased with Lineage reaching a new all time high
  • Guild Wars 2 became the 2nd biggest revenue sources along with well settled in-game item sales model
  • Guild Wars 2 earned 33.6 Billion Won = 31.58 Million USD up from Q3s 22.94 Million USD and exceeding sales expectations for Q4
  • Next step for GW2 China will be announced in the near future
  • Wildstar is expected to launch some time in Mid 2014
  • No decision has been made for GW2 expansion for now the focus is provide the LW updates and bring GW2 to China they will update when they have more visibility on the issue of an expansion
  • For 2013 GW2 Made 123.3 Billion Won = 115.9 Million USD also exceeding sales expectations
Love them or not love them NCSoft has had one heck of a year and it looks like they are poised to make a run at another good one based upon early feedback on WildStar. That being said while the Buy 2 Play / Microtransaction Business model is paying off big for NCSoft it remains to be seen if they can strike gold with an original tied together with a subscription model.
Torval writes: I just wish they would throw us a bone and reopen the 3 servers, or at least the Lands of Aden and the Ken Rahuel servers for Lineage again. It's fun game. Fri Feb 14 2014 2:42AM Report
flizzer writes: Of course none of this matters for the Gw2 haters on here. They will give us lengthy posts "determining" GW2 is failing and there are no players in the game.  Fri Feb 14 2014 7:05AM Report
geremady writes:

Capitalism at its finest?

GW2 made money so it is a good game?

If it makes more money is it a better game then?

At a guess I would think people saying a game fails are meaning it is not fun for them.

I am getting pretty tired of the countless times of the term hater (and fanboi) being thrown around lately just to prove you are better than the other. I am sure there are people on every side who are provocative but you dont NEED to reply in kind.

Especially with ESO it is ridiculous.

It isnt the worst game ever made but people are nitpicking every little thing to invalidate the others opinion instead of trying to listen. It is laughable how many times they <counter> the complete wrong point and go all righteous that they now have won the debate.

On a sidenote: ESO-questing can be mechanically pretty bad sometimes; if for 1 (story-)quest I have to talk to a npc,zone and click 2 things,zone again and click 4 things then zone again and kill a mob and go back to the npc: that is 6 loading screens in less than 5 minutes.Of course that is an exception (I hope) but people who have problems with the questing are not haters who are clueless.


BTW I am playing GW2 at the moment; not decided on ESO yet mostly because I am not into pvp and the factionlock/CE shenanigans

Fri Feb 14 2014 7:44AM Report
dontadow writes:

Haters and fanbois are folk who critique game with a bias approach. That's a fact of the forums. THere are people who will hate GW2 even if it gave you a million dollars for playing. There are people who will defend GW2 if it killed your 1st born child.  Same with ESO and any other game.

I have learned to be unbiased. I love GW2 but its lack of a "strong" story about the dragons has me wishing forsomething more story oriented. ESO was an initial turnoff as it stressed PVP and such, things i weren't interested in. Then, playing it, it was refreshing to actually do quests that had stories. I didnt care about the load screens or what not, i cared about completing the quest. It also was highly customizable. I have to see how things progress, but its something i would consider. That said, i am still teetering because 30 dollars a month is a new bill for me that i am not interested in paying, despite averaging 10 to 20 dollars on gw2.  I like the option.

Fri Feb 14 2014 8:05AM Report
BadSpock writes: Not surprised. I'm debating dropping some more coin in GW2 to expand my bank slots... Fri Feb 14 2014 8:11AM Report
Gaia_Hunter writes:

People that say and want a game to fail just can't accept a game that do not cater to their preferences can cater to someone else. Not only that but they seem to take offense that someone actually spent resources to do that game instead of a game that it is for them.

So I don't agree with you Geremady, when you say that they only mean the game just isn't fun for them.

I don't particularly like WoW, Rift or SWOTOR (of the 3 the only I actually paid to play was WoW and it was also the only I played for months) and I can give you a bunch of reasons I don't like them but I can accept other people don't care for those reasons or even like the game for the reasons I dislike.

I could care less if a game I personally didn't enjoy fails or succeeds.

People that enjoy a game have all the reasons to be happy when the game that they enjoy is financially viable,

Fri Feb 14 2014 9:04AM Report
Lorimar writes:

Ah... so I guess you'd rather pay a sub to access your bank at all, right?


I personally think that there's still room to grow for GW2 (especially on the dynamic living world content) but I'm a happy customer.

Fri Feb 14 2014 10:14AM Report
bill4747 writes:

All that cash and they had to murder City of Heroes.

Bah Humbug.


Fri Feb 14 2014 12:17PM Report
Renoaku writes:

Just remember if your Lineage 2 account gets hacked the (GM) do absolutely nothing, all they did for my account was give me a +0 set of bound gear that wasn't even for my sorcerer but a priest instead.

Also if you look at Aion, its Pay 2 Enjoy, rather than charge a single flat fee for unlimited housing, and re-customization they make it Pay 2 Enjoy.

I honestly advise people to stay away from NCsoft only game worth playing in GW2, but even after maxing out a single character on GW2, and the game being nowhere like GW1 after awhile the game just gets boring no point in playing anymore, no good housing or anything.

I would still recommend DarkFall, EVE,FFXIV, Rift over these games.

Sat Feb 15 2014 2:34AM Report
Spawnblade writes: Ahhh it all makes sense now.  They're too focused on expanding their msrket to fix the broken balance of the game. Sat Feb 15 2014 8:03AM Report
Barnivere writes: Now where the hell is Blade and Soul? Fuck that wow in space game :/ Sat Feb 15 2014 3:45PM Report
Talinthis writes: who would have thunked it. i thought they were in it just for the lulz Mon Feb 17 2014 3:51PM Report
Thessik_Irontail writes:

GW2 made 115M over a year and that exceeds their expectations? 

So that is like 1 or 2 months of WoW subscription revenue alone? Yeah.. F2P is definately not the way to go if you want proper support for your game. 

Now WoW has another expansion out this year and GW2 is still in limbo unsure if they want an expansion or not.

Lesson learned I think.

Wed Feb 19 2014 8:06AM Report
JJ82 writes: Who knew? I did and I don't even play it, stopped after a few months because its not my kind of game. I do however have a lot of guildmates that play it and they rave on about how many people are playing. The idea that games like this don't make money are only from people who hate F2P/B2P because of their indoctrination by having to pay every month. So they don't WANT to know this can be successful, it would mean admitting they are getting suckered out of money by other games. Thu Feb 20 2014 9:34AM Report writes:
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